Carlyn did a great job for us. Having bought and sold at least 30 homes in my lifetime, there is zero chance I will ever use another inspector that does not use HomeGauge as Carlyn does as part of her reporting process. By Carlyns use of Homegauge as part of her inspection process, we were able to utilize it's online system to request repairs and/or monetary consideration from the seller. This has become an intergral part of my buying and selling process. We most recently used Carlyn to purchase a motorhome. It was probably one of the best decisions we ever made as buyers as she advised us on issues we would have never know about until after purchase. This resulted in us unfortunately having to walk away from some very nice sellers, but also resulted in us purchasing the exact model for much less money and virtually no defects. A year later, we love it and no regrets. Thanks again Carlyn.
- D.J., October 2021
Thank you so very much, Carlyn! I found Carlyn and the report to be very well done, detailed, complete, professional, punctual, prompt, informative and instructional. Since this was my first RV I learned SOOOOOO much by just following, watching and eventually asking and getting my questions resolved. Pinnacle RV Inspections went above and beyond my expectations. I would HIGHLY recommend Carlyn for your (or my next) RV Inspection. On a scale of 1 to 10, Carlyn gets an 11.
- L.G., August 2021
Very impressed! I would recommend very highly.
- B.B., November 2020