Greg is very competent and efficient. I highly recommend using Hub City Home Inspections to first time home buyers. He took the time after the inspection to explain in detail his findings with amble patience, and I received the inspection report same day. The pictures and explanations gave me exactly what I needed to do additional research on anything found that made me uneasy in my purchase. Very helpful experience and worth every penny!
- k.W., April 2024
Greg was very professional and to the point. He did a great job with our inspection, and I would recommend him to anyone.
- B.D., November 2023
We were extremely happy with our service from Greg. He was timely, professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. He was great to quickly get back with us on anything, and answer any and all of our questions. We highly recommend…and would use him again in the future. Thank you so much! The Spriggs Big Bay Lake
- S.S., November 2023
Very professional and thorough, highly recommended and extremely knowledgeable. Will definitely be using him again. Beyond glad we got an inspection.
- D.H., September 2022
Greg was pleasant to be around and very clear in his explanation of troublesome items and areas where I didn't have to be concerned. Incredibly efficient and thorough. I know where I stand with this house and am quite pleased with his efforts. I would recommend Greg in a heart beat.
- G.L., December 2021
Greg Porcello was a professional and an expert in his field. He was on time, went straight to work and was extremely thorough. When buying a home, this is exactly what you want. Someone who does not glaze over issues that could later become a huge problem. Greg has inspected 2 homes for us and on both occasions he found things that were important to us moving forward. I can not say strongly enough what a great job Greg did for us. I hate doing reviews, but was happy to take the time in this instance. Trust me when I tell you, he is not biased, works hard, and if there are issues with the home, he will find them! Great experience and happy we found him. A+++++++++++ service. Paul & Rachael P.
- P.P., November 2021
It was really nice having Greg to inspect our née home, he really went above and beyond finding things that we needed to be aware of. And his report was so very well detailed along with having pictures so that we understood everything without question. I definitely recommend Hub street to anyone buying a home, he’s gonna go above and beyond for their inspections!
- S.E., October 2021
We had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Porcello for our recent home inspection. He was thorough, professional & extremely knowledgeable. He went over his report in detail & took the time to explain everything to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Excellent work.
- C.P., October 2021
Greg Porcello is outstanding! He was always professional and responsive to our questions. He has great knowledge of the inspection process and the construction of homes. Mr. Porcello completed a thorough inspection and wrote a report that clearly explained his findings. I highly recommend Mr. Porcello!
- R.H., October 2021
Greg had an inspection set up extremely quickly and was very friendly, professional, and helpful! Would highly recommend!
- A.C., September 2021
Greg was very professional and thorough. He explained necessary repairs and what may have caused issues and the reason they were needed. He explained all this in a way that I understood. Also, his report was very detailed and timely. I especially appreciated the photos. I would definitely recommend him to others. Pam Hernandez
- P.H., September 2021
Greg did an excellent job inspecting the home at 37 Stonegate. He was very thorough in his inspection, he left no stone unturned!!! I would highly recommend this company to anyone!!!
- J.W., August 2021
Greg is amazing especially if it's your first time purchasing I highly recommend his services he got things done in a timely manner and took the time out to explain things he's very helpful and if you don't understand something don't hesitate to ask him.
- A.S., July 2021
Greg was very thorough and put forth the effort anyone having an inspection done would want to have. His inspection review was easy to understand and very organized. He kept it straight to the point and was very professional. Thank you for going above and beyond for my family and I in our home buying process. Highly recommend Greg Porcello for your home inspections!!!
- J.L., July 2021
Greg was great. He came out fast, took his time, and was extremely thorough. He gave me a lot of information about things around my house in addition to his inspection. I learned more from Greg than I did from the builders or sellers.
- D.A., July 2021
Greg is a fantastic inspector and is very thorough! I highly recommend him for any home inspection! Thanks Greg!
- D.T., June 2021
Greg was an ABSOLUTE pleasure and professional. Extremely thorough with the details of my new home inside and out. I wouldn't have felt at ease without having his walk-through and critiques that I might have missed in my home buying journey. I would recommend Greg 100%, especially for veterans and first-time buyers, like myself. I greatly appreciate him for coming out. It was the ugliest day with the weather being awful with thunderstorms and weather warnings -- but it didn't stop him from missing any details and the meticulous attention to detail to the smallest blemish on my new home. Thank you so much! You've made my family and me very happy! I can't thank you enough for your service! God Bless! -The Christophers
- C.C., May 2021
I would definitely recommend Greg Porcello service he is very professional and detailed with the finished report.
- A.T., March 2021
Greg was very knowledgeable and friendly. He gave a very thorough inspection and I would definitely recommend him to friends and colleagues!
- S.P., February 2021
Very thorough and professional. I was very impressed with both the degree of inspection as well as the completeness of report.
- C.W., February 2021
he is amazing Thank you so much
- M.O., February 2021
We researched many home inspection companies, and decided to work with Greg, the Inspector/owner. We're so glad we did! Greg was friendly and responsive during the initial contact. He provided the service agreement in a timely manner through an easy-to-use online process. We set the inspection date and found Greg to be prompt in his arrival and thorough in his inspection. We have no complaints, and not even a suggestion to provide better service.
- J.C., November 2020
Greg was very professional and thorough in my home inspection. I was very impressed with the detailed information he gave me in report. After comparing prices with other inspectors, I found the price to be very fair. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone needing a home inspection.
- F.F., October 2020
We are looking for a second home, on a limited budget, and have used Greg to do inspections on two possible purchases. The inspections that Greg has done have been the determining factors in our decisions. His reports are comprehensive and complete. The report format is clear and his use of photographs illustrating his findings is really helpful. I would highly recommend using Greg for your inspections, with full confidence that your report will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your property purchase. Than You for your expertise and professionalism.
- W.M., September 2020
As a first time home buyer, he made the inspection process so stress free for me which is so important. He is was helpful, informative, and really cared about doing the job right. His professionalism is is top notch, and I would definitely use his services again and recommend him to anyone else in need. He came highly recommend to me by someone that has used his services in the past, and I could not have been more pleased. He was easy to get in touch with, responded quicker than I imagined, and I can't express how detailed oriented and attentive he was to my potential home. He will take care of you.
- B.M., August 2020
Highly recommend! Inspected every detail inside, and out. Sent report shortly after, with pics, and written details of issues, or non issues of property.
- K.C., August 2020
Definitely would recommend Greg to anyone purchasing a new job. He did an excellent job inspecting our home and didn't cut any corners and took it very seriously. He was able to answer any questions I had and will definitely use him on whatever future endeavors.
- K.B., April 2020
We’ve moved a handful of times over the last 20 years as part of company job transfers and have repeatedly endured the home sell/purchase cycle. In my experience, home inspectors are the under-rated, unsung heroes of the home buying process. Greg P is precisely the professional inspector I’d recommend to friends and family. He completed outstanding reviews of homes for us in our most recent move, specifically: Complete walk through of key items, in person at the end of the onsite inspection Detailed and comprehensive report of all findings with thorough documentation & imagery Responsive to after-hours call for follow up questions on the report Excellent communicator both in the written report & in multiple calls/meetings. Extremely knowledgable in home building codes and key features that can make a home easy or expensive to maintain. Bottom line, we’re thankful to have met Greg P and appreciate his assistance in inspecting our future home. Because of his comprehensive inspection we will rest easy knowing that we’ve made the right decision and have not invested in a money pit.
- J.S., January 2020
Mr. Greg Porcello did an outstanding job on the house inspection. He was very professional and answered all of our questions. I was impressed by the quality of the report I received from him. It was very informative and detailed. I strongly recommend his services to future home buyers.
- Z.X., January 2020
Greg performs a very thorough home inspection. He is professional and attentive. He takes great care to make sure his clients have the information they need to make good decisions concerning their purchase. I would recommend him time and time again!
- N.H., Lucedale MS, December 2019
Greg performs a very thorough home inspection. He is professional and attentive. He takes great care to make sure his clients have the information they need to make good decisions concerning their purchase. I would recommend him time and time again!
- N.H., December 2019
Thorough, diligent, courteous, and efficient inspection. Greg was very helpful in identifying and explaining areas of concern found in the inspection, and made time to come do the inspection quickly after my call to him. If I ever need another inspection we will certainly rely on Greg.
- M.S., December 2019
Greg was so friendly and professional. He was very fast to respond and felt like we were there every step of the way. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!! Thank you Greg!!
- N.B., December 2019
Our inspector, Greg Porcello, was very thorough in his report, both inside and outside of home. He seemed very knowledgeable about everything on the property. He was very patient in answering our questions and concerns and made sure we understood all aspects of the inspection. Also, his fee was better that fair. We would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. Terry & Tammy Boykin
- T.B., Gulfport MS, November 2019
Greg was very thorough in his inspection of the property we are purchasing in Gulfport.
- J.C., November 2019
Greg was thorough and walked through the house with my family as he inspected. He explained what he thought was the reason behind some of the iffy things. He is very knowledgeable and knows his limits and didn?t hesitate to let us know when he felt that a contractor or electrician should definitely come in to assess more. And I thought that was exceptional. He had the report ready for us in less than 24 hours. I wasn?t able to make it due to prior obligations, but he was open to discussing his findings in a nonbiased way over the phone. And I appreciated that too.
- A.S., October 2019
Very professional job done by Greg. Report was very user friendly and easy to share. I will be using Greg for any future inspections.
- C.L., September 2019
He was on time very helpful from big things to even the smallest things you would probably never notice liked that he took the time to not only do a report with pictures of things that was wrong and needed to be fix but he also walked me through the house showing me hands on was a very nice guy as well thanks again
- B.C., September 2019
I was extremely pleased with the work ethic of Greg Porcello of Hub City Home Inspection! He was very thorough, attentive, and patient to explain to me what the inspection detailed via phone first and then he promptly prepared the inspection and explained what each section was on the report. Everything was purposefully explicated to me and he even stated if I or my realtor had further questions to not hesitate to contact him. I would definitely recommend Hub City Inspection! ??
- J.R., August 2019
Excellent service, follow through and follow up! Greg was amazing. Would absolutely recommend!!
- A.M., August 2019
Pleasant to work with. Thank you!
- G.J., August 2019
Great job. Thank you
- E.M., July 2019
Greg Porcello, Hub City Home Inspections, LLC, inspected my newly constructed house in Hattiesburg. He responded to my phone message quickly, scheduled the inspection in the same week, and had me meet with him when he finished to go over in detail his findings. He was thorough, very knowledgeable, and patient. Greg made sure I understood the terms he used. His online/downloadable written report was available within hours. I paid his advertised rate with no add-on surprises. The builder responded immediately and began the process of correcting some of the findings on the same day. If you are unsure who to use to inspect your house, I highly recommend Greg Porcello.
- M.P., June 2019
I highly recommend Greg Porcello and HubCity Home inspections. Greg was incredibly thorough and provided us with an in depth report on our home. Greg even Worded his report in a way we could understand, not being contractors ourselves. After viewing our report, I feel we have a much better understanding of the state our home is currently in. Greg filed his report the very next day after the inspection and was so easy to work with! Greg viewed every inch of our home and we will definitely work with him and again and will recommend him to others! Thank you!
- K.N., June 2019
Very pleasant to talk with and explained each item very well. he did not hesitate to re-explained something when needed.
- B.K., June 2019
He?s friendly and listens to concerns also very knowledgeable. He did a great job finding potential problems to bring to seller attention to fix before closing the deal. Mr Porcella thanks a million for looking out for your customer(s) 😃
- C.C., May 2019
Greg did an amazing job inspecting my perspective new home. He was very thorough and took the time to explain his major concerns with me. I would definitely use him in the future and will recommend him to anyone!
- R.N., April 2019
Mr. Porcello is an amazing inspector. He?s extremely efficient, knowledgeable, professional, and proficient! I?m a first time home buyer and I learned a lot of new things to look out for thanks to Mr. Porcello?s report. I?d definitely recommend him to any!
- D.M., April 2019
Very courteous and no nonsense inspector, with high degree of knowledge and experience, straight talking and not a fence walker, ask him a question and you get a well reasoned answer, goes the extra mile to ensure you get a professional response to all of your questions !
- J.A., April 2019
Very professional and Informative!
- D.O., March 2019
Greg was very thorough in his inspection and took the extra time to go through our report and explain in ?Layman?s Terms?, so we had a clear understanding of everything. Awesome Job and Highly Recommended!
- M.L., Hattiesburg MS, March 2019
Greg did a very thorough inspection and took the time to go over the major points with us before the final report was even prepared. He is well versed in most aspects of home construction and repair, and not hesitant to recommend a specialist where further investigation is warranted. Not only well worth the price, but an enjoyable time as well.
- R.M., February 2019
Greg was very professional, friendly, helpful, thorough, and quick. I would highly recommend him.
- M.H., February 2019
Greg was extremely helpful, and took the time to answer all of my questions.
- C.L., New Orleans LA, February 2019
Great guy who performs a very thorough and detailed inspection.
- B.M., February 2019
Greg was friendly, thorough, and answered all of our questions. I could tell he hadn't missed any areas because there was no hesitation in his replies. We especially appreciated his honesty regarding questionable issues. Our report arrived in less than 24 hours and couldn't have been easier to understand. Perfect layout! Would definitely recommend Greg.
- J.C., February 2019
Greg was very thorough with his inspection and very helpful explaining everything that he found. This is money well spent to guarantee you know what you're getting.
- R.P., January 2019
Mr. Porcello did a very thorough job. I especially appreciated the pictures of the areas that needed attention.
- P.A., January 2019
Greg was very professional, thorough, informative, and accommodating. He went out of his way to work with my schedule and explained everything so I could understand. If I need another home inspection I will definitely call Greg!!
- S.A., November 2018
Greg did an excellent and thorough job of inspecting the home we hope to purchase. We live out of town and weren't able to be there, but it felt like we had walked through with him after reviewing the report. I especially love the ability to create a request list of repairs directly from the summary of the report findings. We were able to accept each item as is or request that it be repaired or replaced, as well as add comments to the seller. What an excellent experience! This is our third home purchase and by far the best inspection report we have received. Thanks Greg!
- A.J., November 2018
Thank you for the thorough inspection and detailed information!
- A.J., November 2018
As I told my agent... I don't think we could have found a better home inspector! I truly appreciate the time you took to answer all of my questions. I could tell you had our best interest in mind which made our decision to buy much easier! Thank you!
- J.B., November 2018
Mr. Porcello, Our experience was amazing. You did such a thorough job I feel more at ease purchasing this home. You literly left no stone unturned. The final report was professional, easy to read and complete in such a timely manner. Thank you
- M.C., November 2018
I am a first time home buyer and all of this is so new and foreign to me. Greg went through my entire inspection and explained the things I didn't understand further in detail. I appreciate your help Greg. Thank you for contributing to my journey of being a homeowner.
- B.N., November 2018
I would highly recommend Greg for a home inspection. The inspection report was very detailed and having pictures to follow along with helped me to better understand everything that he mentioned of concern in the report.
- K.R., November 2018
Greg with Hub City conducted a thorough and professional inspection on the property that we were looking at to purchase. Even though we were over 700 miles away, Greg made us feel very comfortable with the property when he took the time to call us and give us the highlights and items that we should look at further. When we received the complete report by email it was extremely detailed with clear and concise pictures and descriptions for every facet of the inspection. I could not be happier with their professional services. I highly recommend them.
- J.M., October 2018
Very professional and though in completing the inspection.
- J.Y., October 2018
My experience with Greg was great. Very smooth process. Definitely would use jim again if needed.
- M.E., October 2018
You were extremely helpful and very through which I greatly appreciate.
- R.T., October 2018
Ty for the great job and being honest,
- B.L., October 2018
I was out of town and in need of inspector to check out a new build we had a contract on. I received Greg's info as a referral and he was able to work us into his schedule the next day. We could not be happier about the inspection. The seller was present for the inspection and commented on Greg's thoroughness. He said in his experience with building and selling homes that it was one of the most detailed inspections he has ever seen. We will definitely call Greg on the next one!
- A.B., September 2018
Greg's inspection report was extremely thorough, and was a great investment. He made himself available to answer questions both before and after the inspection. The report format was easy to follow and gave detailed, useful information. I would recommend his service to anyone who is purchasing a home.
- R.B., September 2018
Very professional and thorough. explained all of his findings in great detail.
- L.R., September 2018
Mr. Porcello was Very knowledgeable and and left no stone unturned during the inspection and made sure we were well aware of any possible complications with the home.
- E.B., September 2018
Very thorough - found all items we noticed and many we had not. Very valuable report! -April Mitchell
- J.M., September 2018
Greg was very courteous, professional, and informative. I would highly recommend Greg to any friends or family needing a home inspection.
- M.C., August 2018
This is the second house Greg has inspected for me and he always does a very thorough job
- L.M., August 2018
Greg was very professional throughout the inspection. He was thorough and even checked in the attic. All areas were tested to see if they were up to code. I would definitely recommend Greg to anyone who wanted an excellent home inspection.
- J.C., August 2018
Greg was very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend him. GW
- G.W., August 2018
Did a good job with the inspection. Broke it all down, showed you, and didn?t mind answering all the questions you may have about certain things.
- Y.J., July 2018
Highly knowledgeable and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. In fact, he actually wants and encourages questions. Report is complete and easy to understand with lots of pictures and even some videos. I would definitely use Greg again and would encourage anyone in the market for a home inspection to use him also. Thanks again, Greg.
- T.F., July 2018
Greg took the time to go over the home inspection report with me, answering any questions I had and explained things thoroughly. I very much appreciated the time he took to this. We feel very confident in the quality of his inspection and would highly recommend Greg to anyone we know needing a home inspection.
- J.P., July 2018
Very professional. Very nice person . very informative. He explains so that anyone can understand what he is saying. If i needed I would definitelytley use again. He was awesome.
- R.G., July 2018
Greg did a very thorough job on my inspection and I highly recommend his services!
- M.W., June 2018
Absolutely and completely professionally. Greg met us at the home site and walked us through his findings and made us very comfortable throughout the home inspection process. My wife and I appreciated Greg's suggestions and advice after the report.
- M.L., June 2018
Greg was very professional, friendly and personable.
- E.C., May 2018
Greg is very thorough, professional, and personable! I would recommend Hub City!
- S.A., May 2018
Greg did an amazing job inspecting our potential home. He was very professional, thorough, and informative. He got the report to us on the same day as our inspection. I would highly recommend his services.
- D.D., May 2018
Awesome job with helping us with our first home. Greg was very patient and helped to thoroughly explain the house. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- K.C., May 2018
Greg did an excellent job and was very thorough. I like that he took the time to explain to me what he was doing and what the real issues were. He is also a really nice guy.
- M.B., April 2018
Very proffesional and knowledgeable service. I feel a lot more knowledgeable and comfortable about the home I?m buying after Greg?s thorough report. Highly recommend
- S.M., April 2018
Thank you so much Greg for doing such a great job. You where very thorough with your inspection . You simplified everything to me so that I could understand it all . I can now rest peacefully knowing that our home is safe and we made a good decision. Thank you so much .
- D.R., April 2018
Top-shelf inspection! Greg was highly recommended to me and and I was not disappointed. He did a very thorough job and explained the inspection results with aplomb. His in-depth home inspection knowledge and "can do" attitude are refreshing!
- B.L., April 2018
The home inspection done by Greg was very thorough! He explained the findings in great detail! He was very professional, and the inspection report was sent to us in a very timely manner! We would definitely recommend Greg for anyone needing a home inspection!
- T.K., April 2018
Greg was extremely thorough and explained each finding in a way that was easy to comprehend. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a home inspector.
- P.N., Winder GA, April 2018
I appreciate the quality and detailed inspection of my future home.
- T.U., March 2018
I think Greg did a great inspection was very thorough in the report and explaining he's findings highly recommended
- S.M., March 2018
He was very professional and had my report to me very quick. Answered all my questions and concerns as this was my first house to buy. Would definitely recommend Greg to anyone else
- P.R., March 2018
We were very pleased with Greg. He was very thorough and explained everything to us. He gave us the opportunity to ask questions, and he didn't rush through the inspection. He was very professional and courteous. We highly recommend him.
- A.M., March 2018
Greg was very professional, knowledgeable, and detsiled with his inspection. he was happy to answer any questions we had we couldnt of had a better experience. Reports and photos where detailed, descriptive, and easy to read. Outstanding work.
- A.H., March 2018