Exceptional service & Knowledge!
- M.M., July 2021
Mark was very friendly and thorough with our home inspection. We we were happy to discover the very few things that needed attention immediately so that we would be able to prevent a lot of long term potential hazards. Would totally use them again at a future inspection.
- C.M., July 2021
I have used HG Home Inspections three (3) times within the past year and they are unquestionably the best home inspector. The first inspection was for an investment property, the second for a home we really loved but discovered via the inspection it had stucco issues and, lastly, a home we are currently in the process of purchasing. In each case we used MARK LITTLE. Mark is awesome and brutally thorough. If there is a problem with the property he is going to find it. Using HG Home Inspection is peace of mind and worth every penny. The online interface used to see past appraisals is great, the young ladies who answer the phone (Sam and Ashley) are wonderful to work with and the speed you get the inspection (same day) is priceless particularly when you are operating under the deadline of an option period. What can I say...it is a great company and inspector Mark Little rocks! My wife and I joking say, "If it does not have Mark's blessing chances are we are not going to buy it." How did we discover HG, you ask. When we sold our old home a few years ago one prospective buyer had HG inspect our home and found a couple of issues. When we saw the report the prospective buyer shared with us to negotiate the sales price we were blown away by the quality of the report, how granular the inspection was, and how easy it was to read. From that moment we realized that if we were to undertake any purchases we would use HG...and we have! Thank you for the excellent and thorough work you do! Ramon
- R.L., Houston TX, July 2021
Mark was professional and done everything on time, thanks again for everything
- Q.A., June 2021
Our experience with HG Inspection from beginning to end was a very professional. They kept you informed every step of the way and made it very easy to keep track of the appointment and make a payment. Our inspector Mark was very professional and took the time to answer all of our questions. His inspection was very thorough and gave us a clear picture about the house we were interested in buying. I would highly recommend him to other clients in the future.
- J.J., June 2021
Our experience with HG Inspection from beginning to end was a very professional. They kept you informed every step of the way and made it very easy to keep track of the appointment and make a payment. Our inspector Mark was very professional and took the time to answer all of our questions. His inspection was very thorough and gave us a clear picture about the house we were interested in buying. I would highly recommend him to other clients in the future.
- J.J., June 2021
Very through, and the price wasn't bad either.
- M.M., May 2021
Very professional and informative. He took his time and thoroughly explained everything in detail.
- G.C., Willis TX, May 2021
Friendly, professional and very thorough. Love the professional reports.
- S.H., May 2021
Mark was great. He was very helpful and detailed.
- J.I., April 2021
Thanks Mark for the detailed report. Highly recommend to anyone.
- N.S., Sugar Land TX, April 2021
Mark has done a commendable job with the inspection. He was professional and respectful during our conversations regarding the inspection and provided helpful guidance. I would definitely recommend mark for an inspection.
- S.N., April 2021
Very detailed and did a good job explaining his findings!
- B.V., April 2021
Mark was very thorough and very friendly. He answered all of our questions and was ready to explain anything we needed more info on. I would definitely recommend to anyone!
- M.W., March 2021
From the little that we know about home inspection, Mark was very thorough with the process. Apart from the written report that he provided, he took the time to go over the major findings with us, allowing us to prioritize what needs to be done with the property, and giving us the necessary information to go back to the bargaining table with the seller to fix the deficiencies and/or consider reduction in the sale price of the property. He was very professional and objective.
- L.T., March 2021
From the little that we know about home inspection, Mark was very thorough with the process. Apart from the written report that he provided, he took the time to go over the major findings with us, allowing us to prioritize what needs to be done with the property, and giving us the necessary information to go back to the bargaining table with the seller to fix the deficiencies and/or consider reduction in the sale price of the property. He was very professional and objective.
- L.T., March 2021
Our inspector did such a good job with this inspection. His work is so thorough, which is exactly what you want when buying a home. The report was easy to understand, detailed, and of good quality. It was also delivered promptly after the inspection.
- S.D., March 2021
Mark is great! We have been going through the home buying process a while trying to find the right one and have had the pleasure of working with Mark 3 times. We ask for him specifically. He's super thorough, detailed, and customer service oriented. We attended all our inspections and he is great about making sure you understand the entire process, his findings, and makes himself available for follow up questions. I would recommend him to anyone.
- A.G., Spring TX, March 2021
The inspection was thorough and detailed. Mark accessed all areas of concern and the use of a drone for rooftop areas that were impossible to reach was impressive. We have not had inspectors use such technology previously. Two thumbs up from us!
- B.G., Hideaway TX, February 2021
Mark was great! Very professional, very detailed, and willing to go over any questions and explain all his findings.
- E.D., Houston TX, February 2021
Mark was AMAZING. Very thorough in his inspection and explaining things to me as we go. He spent 2 hours just on the outside of the house in freezing 32 degree weather checking every aspect with an awesome attitude. I'd absolutely recommend him to be your inspector.
- W.W., February 2021
Mark made it a very seamless and easy experience. He was very personable, friendly, professional and patient. Being a first time home buyer that was just what I needed. Spot on service!
- N.N., February 2021
Mark is incredible! I love working with him as he is professional, down to earth, and very good at explaining his findings. Can't say enough about this guy!!
- K.H., January 2021
Was thorough with inspection explained everything very well
- A.G., January 2021
Mark is an exceptional inspector. We have had two of our houses inspected with him. Mark found some hidden damage that would have been a catastrophic investment for our family. Mark is exceptionally through, hardworking, and down to Earth. We are blessed to have his honesty and line by line precision and detail. My family will always be in good hands.
- K.T., January 2021
Really detailed inspector. like to work with him again
- R.B., December 2020
Knowledgeable and very detailed
- O.V., November 2020
Mark was courteous and thorough with the inspection. Very Attentive to detail and his explanation of the report very clear. He made the Home Buyer very comfortable. Thanks again Mark
- N.W., November 2020
Mark is an absolute pleasure to work with. He always goes above and beyond to help out. He is very patient with clients' questions and helps my clients understand what the inspection is about. He has always been easy to work with and he knows his stuff! He is one of the reasons why we keep coming back to Hilsher Group!
- M.N., Houston TX, November 2020
Mark was super knowledgeable and patiently to the extra time to discuss the concerns of all my first time home buyers questions.
- M.C., October 2020
Mark was very through and wanted to make sure we knew and understood what he had found. He was coueteous and very professional.
- D.W., October 2020
Mark little done my home inspection he has a very good eye and done it very professionally im so pleased with his service plus he is full of patience and answered all my concerns even after few months whenever i have any questions he answered right away thank you mark for giving me such a great service
- U.H., October 2020
Absolutely amazing! Very thorough, and professional. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank you so much.
- J.H., October 2020
I was very pleased with Mark Little who was very cooperative and helpful. I would use him again as well as recommend him to others.
- J.M., October 2020
Mark's professionalism is impressive. He was polite, detailed and patient. It was a nice working with him.
- A.I., September 2020
He did a great job. He was thorough and answered all our questions. I am glad to have the list of areas our property can improve...it is my new honey-do-list
- C.P., September 2020
Inspection report was clear and informative.
- R.G., September 2020
He was very thorough and professional. He took time to explain the results to me, answer my questions and even walked me through parts of the house to show me what he had found. Nice guy as well.
- B.B., Houston TX, September 2020
Great service. Will definitely use again.
- R.G., September 2020
Mark is very informative and helpful. He helps my clients feel at ease anytime they have questions. He every knowledgeable and takes care when he goes through a home. Thanks Mark! Enjoy working with you!
- M.N., Houston TX, August 2020
Mr Little is very professional and knowledgeable. He took time to go over the systems carefully and answered questions we had about the report. I would highly recommend him.
- K.M., Houston TX, August 2020
Absolutely! Mark was very knowledgeable and thorough on the inspection. This is a great piece of mind when looking at purchasing an investment as large as a new home! He took his time and we feel that nothing was missed. Mark answered all questions that we had. I will for sure recommend him to anyone that I know looking for a home inspection! Thank you for your help and hard work!
- J.C., July 2020
Very thorough and knowledgable. He assisted and stepped away for any questions I had. I highly recommend and will request to use Mark if needed int he future.
- A.D., July 2020
He was nice, courteous, friendly and asked if I had any concerns or questions which I appreciated.
- T.C., June 2020
Mark was absolutely amazing ! He was friendly , knowledgeable, and so very thorough . I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will be recommending him to friends , family , and realtors . Thank you all for providing such amazing staff and quality work.
- D.D., June 2020
Always efficient for my clients who are usually under a short option period. Also, they do not create "drama" with the buyers - they state the facts and explanations are always very well received!
- S.M., June 2020
Very pleased with the service, Thank you. Mark was very thorough, friendly, and offered great advice. Even had a drone to take detailed photos of the roof, down to the nail! Would recommend. Thanks again.
- J.S., June 2020
Mark was very responsive and did a great job answering our questions thoroughly. Thank you for the excellent service.
- J.J., May 2020
Mark was great throughout the entire inspection. He explained everything in detail and answered all of our questions and concerns about the house. Highly recommend Mark if you ever need an inspection.
- M.W., May 2020
Mark did a fantastic and thorough job inspecting our future home. He was very friendly, and he took the time to explain to us the major problematic items he found during his inspection. We would recommend him 100%.
- K.C., May 2020
He did an incredible job!
- L.H., May 2020
Mark did a great job, he is very thorough but at the same time, he made sure my buyer stayed calm, it can be scary when an inspector finds a lot of "little things". He made himself available for any questions and we got the report back really quickly which is so important with a short option window!
- S.S., May 2020
Mark was great, respectful, patient & educational. I’m glad he was the inspector that I got. Thank you very much for all your work. Keep being awesome!????
- R.R., Houston TX, May 2020
Absolutely - appreciate you, your company and all the hard work and detail in the reports. Wonderful!
- K.H., Conroe TX, May 2020
I had Mark come out and perform a inspection of my home so that I could find out if there were any underlying issues with my house before listing it. Mark was very thorough and explained everything in great detail, so that i understood exactly what issues i needed to address. I will definitely use HG Home Inspection again for whenever I need an inspector for future housing.
- R.L., April 2020
Inspection was very detailed, really put into perspective what the home really needed and home much work would need to be done. It helped to break down the major things and make a decision on what to point out to our seller.
- E.O., April 2020
Mr. Mark, was awesome. Mark has excellent communication skills, he provided detailed feedback on-site to my client and myself. My overall experience with him was superb!!!
- E.L., March 2020
He is friendly. Keeps a smile on your face and gives you the opportunity to ask questions if needed.
- L.G., Houston TX, March 2020
Thanks Mark for answering all the questions for my first time buyer.
- V.H., February 2020
Mark did an excellent job of communicating with all parties involved and his report was excellent.
- M.H., January 2020
Mark was very knowledgeable in what he was doing, he also answered our questions with great detail. He made sure we had all our questions answered and was very professional.
- D.H., Houston TX, December 2019
Great Professional. Expressed his concerns.
- C.G., Katy TX, November 2019
Very professional and detailed!
- K.H., Spring TX, November 2019
Mark was very kind and professional. He gave us a very thorough overview of his findings and walked us around the property to show us things. I would definitely recommend him!
- C.W., Houston TX, November 2019
You did great! Thank you for explaining everything for me!
- K.S., Spring TX, October 2019
Mark spent some extra time with the first time buyer going over the report. Good service by him and the company overall. It is nice that you supply a foundation analysis as part of the inspection. Mike
- M.Y., October 2019
The thermal imaging information is new to me... How neat! Mark was very thorough and let me follow along throughout the inspection. This is not my first purchase or inspection, but it was definitely the most informative!
- J.D., October 2019
Mark was very detailed and thorough. After I received the report he returned my call, even late after hours, and spent almost an hour explaining and answering all my questions. Thank you Mark for making my inspection a little less stressful.
- K.H., Dickinson TX, October 2019
Mark is always great to work with. He is very patient and professional in helping my clients understand the components of all the various systems, like the HVAC, plumbing, etc.
- K.H., Spring TX, October 2019
Very thorough
- T.H., Cypress TX, September 2019
Mark was FANTASTIC!!!!! He is very knowledgeable about homes took his time and did a very thorough job with the investigation. He is personable and Technical. Exceptional inspector! The sellers and the buyers were extremely impressed and happy with the job done. Thank you!
- S.D., September 2019
Mark went out of his way to show me a few items that he was going to add to my report with a visual in addition to what he was going to actually type up on the report later. He was very pleasant and personable. I will be using this company again for my next home purchase and hope I get Mark as my inspector once more!
- A.M., Katy TX, August 2019
Great job, I just need someone to explain everything to me.
- C.G., Houston TX, August 2019
Report was very detailed. All my family that looked at it was very impressed. Will definitely use again.
- R.G., La Marque TX, July 2019
Mark was extremely thorough throughout the inspection, taking the time to provide my wife and I anecdotes of findings, including positive notes on our house. Further, he took the time for detailed walk through and explanation upon completion, prior to publishing the formal survey. We would certainly turn to Mark in any future inspection requirements.
- J.H., The Woodlands TX, July 2019
Mark was very helpful and explained everything in detail. I would highly recommend.
- R.C., The Woodlands TX, July 2019
As a buyer I was extremely satisfied with the professional, detailed home inspection report rendered by Mark Little, home inspector for HomeGauge. Mark prepared a written report with photos that were easy to understand. I would strongly recommend HomeGauge and Mark Little to anyone considering having a home inspection. Terry F.
- T.F., Willis TX, July 2019
Mark did a great job.
- C.M., July 2019
Mark was great! He took the time to go through everything with me and answered all questions I had. He explained everything really well and was very kind, polite and professional.
- B.F., Rosharon TX, July 2019
Wanted to Thank , Mark Little, He was punctual, Courteous, very Informative, very thorough and welcomed any questions that we had!!! Will absolutely refer anyone to HG Inspections services in the future
- O.M., Spring TX, July 2019
Very nice job I recommend 100%
- A.R., Houston TX, June 2019
very thorough, patient and good customer service skills
- A.L., June 2019
Mark Little was friendly, courteous, and professional. He was thorough in the inspection of the new house and explained all of his findings very clearly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!
- L.C., Spring TX, June 2019
Mark was super nice and professional. He didn?t mind me tagging along and asking a ton of questions. I had a very good experience with him
- L.K., Pasadena TX, May 2019
He was very thorough with the inspection. Took his time to go over things and suggested necessary recommendations on improvements. Definitely will recommend him to other people.
- C.G., Houston TX, May 2019
Mark was amazing! He was extremely thorough with his inspection. He was friendly, knowledgeable, very easy to work with and took the time to explain everything to us and answer all of our questions. I highly recommend him!
- L.M., Houston TX, May 2019
He was extremely thorough. Took the time to sit down with us and review everything in great detail. Even physically walked through the property with us to address our concerns.
- R.C., Houston TX, April 2019
I'm the Buyer's Rep. I never met with Mark, but his report was detailed and thorough. My client had only good things to say. Mark answered all of the Buyer's questions. I will add HG Home Inspection to my contacts so that I can forward your contact info on to my next client. :)
- A.C., April 2019
Great job again!! I can always count on y'all!
- J.A., April 2019
Mark did a wonderful job! He was courteous and very thorough. He explained his findings and answered any and all questions I had pertaining to his findings. I will definitely recommend his service to others and will use again myself if needed in the future.
- V.N., Cypress TX, March 2019
Mark did an excellent job. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He made sure that everyone understood the process and had clarity.
- B.H., March 2019
Thank you for calling when you saw issue with the heater.
- J.H., March 2019
Mark was thorough, efficient and explained everything. He noted things for us in the final talk with the computer presentation. He was polite and spoke to us on a level that we really appreciated. So many younger folk condescend to elders is similar situations. We would recommend him to anyone.Sincerely, Paul and Callie Hutsell
- C.H., Houston TX, March 2019
Mark was professional and friendly. His report was thorough. I very much appreciated the detailed report. Good job!
- M.L., Houston TX, March 2019
Mark, it was great meeting you. You really went out of your way to show us what your methods and observations were. We feel like you turned over every stone to make sure you made a complete assessment. You were very approachable and did not make us feel like we were in the way, though I'm sure we may have been a couple of times. Keep up the good work! We're sure to ask for you if we ever need your services again. Thanks again.
- J.P., Houston TX, February 2019
He did a great job. And he paid attention to detail during the inspection.
- A.L., Texas City TX, February 2019
Mark was very thourough, in-depth. Explained every details. I will defenitely recommend Mark for another inspection. Very satisfy.
- E.E., Kingwood TX, January 2019
Thanks for an awesome, thorough job and for explaining things so I could understand! Keep up the good work
- Z.A., Rosenberg TX, January 2019
Thank you Mark. You were highly recommended and did not disappoint. We appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. You were on time and spent a great deal of time with us explaining and addressing our areas of concern.
- J.M., Conroe TX, December 2018
Mark was friendly, efficient, and flexible.
- M.M., Houston TX, December 2018