101% recommend Rene to everyone who needs an inspection done. He is timely, thorough, and most importantly a person you can trust. In today's house market, you need someone who can do the job right and on time. Both of which, Rene went above my expectations. Called him on a weekend and he showed up the next morning before I can even arrive! For a first-time homebuyer, he will be your ultimate guide to your new home. He has great work ethics and is extremely knowledgeable! He walked through the house with me and explained things that I had not been aware of. He showed me where things were (valves, boxes, etc) and what I should do in case things happen. He is a person with great attention to detail. He checked every single corner and spent an ample amount of time to assess the place. No shortcuts with this person. His is well equipped with numerous tools to ensure your new home is properly inspected. It took us a couple of hours to inspect everything and have my questions answered. Right after, in less than 24 hours, he had delivered me the inspection report! Extremely quick turnaround time but very thorough with his work! He is truly the best person you can get. Not only has he proved himself by doing home inspections for decades already, but he is certainly qualified with all his certifications to back him up! I know I can trust him as he truly worked for the best of my interests and no one else. And the catch? He gave me the utmost quality of work with an extremely competitive price and rate.
- M.C., May 2023
You did a very thorough job on my home inspection. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you! Thank you!
- M.G., Spring TX, December 2020
Great Inspector! Always on time and very professional.
- S.R., April 2019
Rene has done 3 inspections and will do one more for me. I did NOT BUY 2 house's because of Rene's report. I am so glad that I did not go into those house's. To many issue's for the money they wanted !
- P.R., July 2013