A Trustworthy Professional. We consider ourselves fortunate that Joyson was referred for our Inspection. 4 stars out of 4!
- R.T., December 2018
Joyson Dass was outstanding! He showed up early for our prescheduled visit. His inspection was incredibly detailed. Throughout his inspection, he took time to let me know what he had found and what he planned to look at next. He kept me in the loop during the entire process. At the end of his inspection, Joyson performed an exit meeting. He was very clear on his findings. He then provided me with a timeline to complete the formal write up for my inspection. He exceeded is own promised time line and delivered my report early. Not only will I use him again, but I will recommend Joyson Dass to anyone who is in need of a property inspection. ---Kim Lewis, RN
- K.L., March 2018
I had some doubts about moving forward with my house purchase due to some seller uncertainties and delays. Thank you Mr. Dass for your flexibility with my uncertain schedule. And also thank you for making me feel more secure about my home purchase.
- C.W., February 2018
I selected Joyson Dass because of his decades of experience in engineering inspections, home inspections and the academic degree in construction technology and engineering. His inspection report contained the details of deficiencies with photos. He took detailed walk through with me, so I could understand what needs to be done to rectify the deficiencies and problems. The report reflects the code of practice, state regulations, his experience, qualification and professionalism. I am highly pleased with the quality of work he has produced, and will highly recommend anyone who likes to hire a professional inspector.
- E.J., August 2017
Joyson Dass is an experienced and efficient home inspector. His report was very detailed and shows professionalism. I will highly recommend him to anyone buying or building a house .I was very pleased with his work.
- D.J., Suger Land TX, August 2017