Rich is a true professional and does an excellent job.
- A.F., October 2021
Rich was very professional and found things that we were not even realized. He provided suggestions. We really liked the job he performed on the inspection of the house.
- E.S., September 2021
Rich is always very responsive, detail oriented, and professional. I trust Rich to give my clients a fair, fast and thorough home inspection.
- K.M., August 2021
He is knowledgeable and efficient. I love his no-nonsense approach. Very responsive and puts out an easy to understand report.
- L.H., April 2021
Rich did an excellent job with my home inspection.
- B.D., February 2021
Rich was professional and did an exceptional job inspecting our future home! He explained everything in detail and in ways that I could understand as a first-time homebuyer, and he was so patient with answering all of my questions. I will be recommending him to all of my family/friends!
- K.S., Stafford VA, January 2021
We met Rich at the home and felt comfortable with him and his work from the get go. Rich is very knowledgeable at his job and was very thorough in explaining each step. We highly recommend Rich to anyone needing a home inspection...he made this part of our home buying process very easy. Thank you so much, Rich! The Gallaghers
- S.G., September 2020
Rich did a wonderful job completing a home inspection for my new home. He was very through and patient with all my new-home-buyer questions and even offered me a lot of information that I didn't even know I should be looking for! He did a great job, I would highly recommend him and his team!
- M.W., March 2020
Rich Hall performed a detail inspection and report of the property my wife and I are purchasing. His report was thorough, including the loose board on the railing to the higher operating frequency the Well Water Pressure switch was running, noting a bigger tank and a better switch with a longer duration (on and off cycle) would help efficiency and increase longevity of the Well Water pump. His report provided recommendations on each item found to be an issue with the house along with suggested repairs for each. I would recommend Rich to my friends and family if and when they needed an excellent Home Inspector! Thanks, HM
- E.M., February 2020
Rich you were great! You found a lot of things I wouldn’t have even thought about. Very professional! 10/10 would recommend
- K.G., February 2020
Mr. Hall did a great job at inspecting the property we are purchasing. He found things we would have never notice until it may have been too late. We appreciate the good service.
- P.R., June 2019
Good Job Rich.
- C.S., August 2018
We were so pleased with your excellent communication and the thorough home inspection. We would definitely recommend you to anyone we know who might need a future home inspection!
- C.M., June 2018
Rich, Quick response, easy scheduling of inspection, excellent report with timely feedback provided on the same day as inspection. I appreciate the time spent with Angela and me going over appliances and answering all our questions.
- T.M., January 2018
Rich Hall was very detailed in his inspection of the house and very helpful/forth coming in explaining all of his findings. He also provided information/assistance by explaining how certain systems in the house worked/functioned. Extremely courteous and professional.
- L.H., January 2018
Rich is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain key functions of the home as well as identify issues and recommended solutions. I've used him for two home now and refer my friend and family to him only.
- S.F., September 2017
Prompt, thorough and inspiring great confidence are first things that come to mind to describe Rich Hall. His dedication to making sure I understood all of the information he was conveying is a standout distinguishing quality. His patience and the ability to explain complex workings in a way a lay person would grasp were outstanding. The level of care and attention he delivered throughout make it obvious why he was so highly recommended to me. I'm now a huge fan too and recommend him with strongest confidence!
- M.B., July 2017
Great job Rich. It is always a pleasure to work with a professional like you.
- E.H., June 2017
Rich Hall was very professional and he explained every detail I needed to know. He also answered questions that I would of never thought to of ask. He is a great inspector and would refer him to anybody and everybody
- C.J., April 2017
Thanks, Rich you did a great job on my home inspection on 124 Sandy Ridge Rd. Roger Fields
- R.F., March 2017
Very knowledgable and took the time to explain how the systems in the house work and recommended how to maintain them. Made my wife and I feel confident that the house had been thoroughly examined and that we were given an honest assessment of its condition.
- C.F., February 2017
Thank you so much for your thoroughness! We will definitely use your services again if we have to keep looking at houses and will refer you to others, too. God bless!
- D.W., February 2017
Rich is the consummate professional! He leaves no stone unturned because he is just that thorough and is very patient and detailed with clients in his explanations. When it comes to quality in home inspections, there is Rich and then there are the others. Rich is truly the best.
- B.M., August 2015
He was absolutely awesome! He was extremely thorough and made sure we didn't leave with any questions unanswered. He is a very personable guy who really cares about the buyers. I am very happy with the service he provided and would absolutely recommend him to anybody in need of an inspection
- R.W., July 2015
Excellent work and very detailed/professional.
- J.R., June 2015
Thank you Rich for your services. You have been efficient and thorough in inspecting my house inside and outside. Yes, I would refer other interested homeowners to you for their home inspections. Thanks again, Linda
- L.S., June 2015
Your're among the best!
- B.M., May 2015
Nice report layout. Easy to read and understand.
- J.W., April 2015
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! I'll definitely be saving your number and referring you to all my friends and family.
- A.O., April 2015
Great job!! Rich is very helpful at explaining key items in the home.
- P.G., April 2015
Really appreciated the way you took time to explain things to my clients. It made them feel involved, comfortable and well informed. Thanks!
- D.R., Stafford VA, March 2015
Quick and efficient. Competitive pricing also and can do Radon Test at the same time.
- C.K., February 2015
Thanks for a great inspection. My wife and I (and hopefully, the sellers) are excited that not many problems were found during your professional and thorough inspection. The final report was prompt and fully covered all of the issues found.
- T.Y., Manassas VA, January 2015
very professional
- J.W., September 2014
Mr. Hall's attention to detail was impeccable. Even though my home was newly constructed, Mr. Hall was still able to find minor and overlooked faults on behalf of the builder that would have led to major consequences in the future if not addressed. Mr. Hall provided me with a very thorough and well detailed report of his findings and I am very pleased. I highly recommend Mr. Hall for anyone who desires a piece of mind when purchasing a home. If there is a deficiency, Mr. Hall will find it. "A.H., August 12, 2014"
- A.H., August 2014
Rich was very clear in all his explanations. He did a very thorough job. We appreciated that he answered all our questions and used layman's terms that we could understand. Thank you Rich.
- P.T., April 2014
Thanks Rich for being prompt and making sure that this inspection was taken care of for me. Your explaining everything to me step by step sure put my mind at ease. Even though we've lived in this house for 3yrs, this inspection helped put to rest any concerns about what may lie ahead! I won't hesitate about recommending you! May you continue to prosper and ease the concerns that others may have so that they too will have peace of mind when buying their future home! God bless you!
- , January 2014
Very thorough and informative! Took pictures and provided us with a very detailed report.
- R.D., January 2014
Rich is the best!
- D.D., September 2013
Rich was a delight! He was thorough, friendly and upfront with disclosing all information of his findings. I will use his services again and definitely recommend him to all of my friends.
- K.R., September 2013
Rich Hall: Extremely knowledgeable and professional with helpful suggestions. Was very methodical and thorough.Look forward to working with him again whenever I need another home inspection. Isaiah Wilson 3 Wallace Lane Stafford Va
- I.W., August 2013
Excellent inspector. Showed up ahead of time and was very thorough and patient in answering questions for the buyers.
- T.U., August 2013
Thank you very much for conducting a thorough inspection of the property I am purchasing. It was a pleasure accompanying you on the inspection. I appreciate your professionalism. Working with you exceeded my expectations. I would gladly recommend you.
- C.T., July 2013
I was to finally have an opportunity to work with Rich on a recent inspection. I was impressed with his professionalism and his interaction with the Purchaser. I am looking forward to working with Rich again.
- D.J., July 2013
Very professional and knowledgable.
- L.F., July 2013
I had the pleasure of working with Rich recently for my first home purchase and all I can say is AMAZING! Rich made this process and easy and explained every process of what he was doing in terms I could understand. He was very patient with me and really made me feel like he cared about the work he was doing. I would use Rich again for my next home inspection in another 3-5 years as long as he is still in business.
- A.L., April 2013
Rich is an excellent inspector. Very professional and knowledgeable. He takes his time to explain to the client what his findings are and what would be entailed to remedy them. Highly Recommend his services.
- D.C., March 2013
He is a professional, friendly and very thurow in the work he does. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgable home inspector. Thanks, Prince
- P.A., March 2013
Mr. Hall was very professional and thorough. He responded quickly to all my emails and was availabe when we needed. Thank you!
- C.P., March 2013
Mr. Rich Hall is such a reliable and experience inspector with a moderate price for his services. I strongly recommend him for anybody that need his services.
- G.O., August 2012
Hi Rich, I appreciate you coming on a Holiday! That made a big difference, I recommend your service to anyone. Thank you for a great job and same day report. Ione Cooper Keller Williams Realty 703-981-5087
- I.C., May 2012
Thorough, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I am quite certain that he saved me two or even three times what he charged. What else could you ask for? I would recommend him to anyone who asked.
- P.K., April 2012
I was quite pleased with the services that Rich performed. He was professional and very easy to talk to. He effectively explained everything to me!I would definally recommend him to a friend or family member. Again, great job!! Robert
- R.F., September 2011
Outstanding, very thorough from start to finsh was professional and courteous. Had a very good knowledge of his profession.
- E.B., April 2011
Rich did a great job explaining the condition of the house being inspected.
- D.T., April 2011
Thank you for your time and effort. You worked diligent and checked every square inch of the house to ensure that we were buying a good home.
- R.R., March 2011
Nice job and love the website.
- D.D., August 2010
Great Guy love your expertise and will recommend you to friends and family
- M.D., February 2010
Rich Hall is a professional of great standards. I recommend him to my clients.
- T.H., Woodbridge VA, January 2010
Rich Hall was very responsive in scheduling the home inspection. It was conducted in a through and professional manner. I recommend his company for anyone looking for quality home inspection service.
- V.D., Fredericksburg VA, September 2009
You are very efficient, and did a great job! I appreciate the time you took to explain everything to me, and answer all my questions. Thank you!!
- M.W., June 2009
Rich, Your inspection was fantastic and very informative and patient, and your report exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much. Joe & Meghan Dmytriw
- J.D., June 2009