Kris was incredibly helpful, patient, and willing to answer my questions. I would definitely recommend him to others.
- E.H., March 2019
Kris was great! He came out last minute, was very thorough, and was also very kind. And his pricing was reasonable. I would definitely recommend him.
- J.D., March 2019
Wishing I could leave 11 stars for this fine individual. I never have any qualms whatsoever recommending Kris for a home inspection, knowing that he is thorough, effective, and has an excellent "bedside manner," if you will. He can explain to a layperson why something is a big issue, or if something that has caught the buyer's eye why it may not be the problem they assume it is, approximately the work involved in remedying said issues and what buyers should expect over the next few years in terms of life of different systems/roofs/decks/plumbing, etc. He's also just an overall, very kind person and someone who I'm always grateful to see, knowing my clients are in the most excellent, capable hands. 11 stars!
- C.N., March 2019
Kris came highly recommended from a coworker of mine and after working with him, it was no surprise why. He was highly knowledgeable, personable, and did a great job explaining everything to us during our walk through. His report was very thorough and easy to understand, which gave us a lot of confidence moving forward. I highly recommend Kris and would gladly work with him again.
- R.B., March 2019
Chris is Efficient, thorough, funny, and patient!
- M.P., January 2019
Thorough inspection with great notes and explanation.
- L.B., January 2019
Best home inspector I have the chance to work with, Very thorough.
- E.W., January 2019
Kris is a true professional with a very delightful demeanor. The inspection was extremely thorough and I know that Kris will be there for me if I run into any issues after I submit my inspection report to the builder. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Kris. Thank you!
- J.D., January 2019
Kris was very thorough in finding all the issues and was very clear about what needed to be fixed. He also provided a great lesson on the various maintenance items I should do on an ongoing basis. He answered questions as I negotiated the final purchase agreement. He provided directions and photos in some cases to help me understand the issue. Everything was prompt and courteous.
- A.K., November 2018
Professional, kind, patient, personable, thorough...... Kris is a delight to work with!
- R.K., October 2018
Kris was very professional. He arrived promptly, provided our client with a detailed report and made himself available any time that our client had any questions or needed clarification. We would absolutely recommend Kris to any of our clients for future inspection needs. Thank you Kris!
- A.M., October 2018
Kris was punctual, fast, kind, and efficient. It was a pleasure to work with him!
- R.C., September 2018
Kris was great! Friendly, courteous, and professional all the way. We had a time crunch that left us needing an inspector within 24 hours. Kris moved his schedule around for us and never made us feel like we were an inconvenience. We will absolutely recommend him to friends and family who need the services of a home inspector.
- M.W., September 2018
Kris is excellent. He is very thorough in his inspections and had a very detail written report along with pictures ready for us to review very quickly. In addition, Kris pointed out both minor and any larger concerns in person as we were present for most of the inspection. We highly recommend Kris and will use him for any future home purchases should we need an inspector.
- J.M., September 2018
The very best!
- R.S., August 2018
Thorough, made great recommendations, and most importantly Kris made great conversation throughout the inspection.
- G.B., August 2018
Kris did a great job inspecting our new construction. He carefully explained what he was looking for and gave tips on future maintenance. His write up was clear and useful for a follow up meeting with our builder.
- J.E., July 2018
Kris was very thorough and explained all my questions. I feel as though Kris is very knowledgeable which showed me he really loves his work. His report is very easy to read and covers a lot of detail about the home I am purchasing.
- T.S., June 2018
I cannot recommend Kris highly enough for a home inspection! Below is a quick overview of why. 1. Detail: Kris was thorough during both the inspection and the write-up. His level of detail was much higher than the seller's inspection and allowed me to negotiate seller credit for some necessary repairs. 2. Patience: Kris spent hours on my inspection (and the home was not huge). He was efficient, but took any extra time he needed to explain his findings to me. I never felt that he was rushing or eager to move on to the next project. 3. Timeliness: While Kris took his time with me and the house, he then turned around and got the report back to me in less than 12 hours without sacrificing quality of the report. Again, this allowed me to negotiate with the seller before signing. In today's fast-paced market, every hour makes a difference. 4. Humor and friendliness: Kris will keep you chuckling throughout the process. He obviously enjoys his job and it shows! Thanks again! Will tell all my friends and family.
- K.G., April 2018
Kris is thorough and organized. Perhaps even more importantly, my clients enjoy being around him. He is patient with all their questions and takes his time. He is extremely personable, while also being completely professional.
- A.M., Seattle WA, April 2018
Kris was excellent and very detailed in examining my own house as well as explaining conditions that I needed to be made aware of. As I am considering selling and wanted to be prepared prior to listing. I am a Real Estate Broker and have been in residential sales since 1974. Definitely will be referring Kris to future Buyers and Sellers. ~Craig Purfeerst Windermere Real Estate 206.714.1241
- R.P., December 2017
Kris is wonderful! He answered all of our questions throughout the inspection and was super thorough. Can't recommend enough.
- J.F., November 2017