Don is great! Very knowledgable and educates the buyer. Not alarmist but informative. Truthful about what is a real problem and what is normal in a New England Home Inspection. Thank you!
- C.C., February 2021
Don did a great job here!
- M.Z., August 2020
Donald is a great home inspector. He explains everything in every details. and he also double checks to see what else needs repairs.
- S.M., July 2019
Very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Highly recommended
- E.R., June 2019
We were a little panicked when the home inspector we'd worked with in the past was unavailable for our current home inspection, but when he referred us to Don Bissex, we really lucked out. Don responded almost instantly to our inquiry and worked patiently to schedule our inspection in a very tight window of time. He made himself available to field our questions even before the inspection, and on the day of the inspection itself, he was incredibly patient and helpful, managing to evaluate everything with a sophisticated professional eye while taking the time to explain things clearly to us as he went along. Don was incredibly personable, too, which not only made it pleasant to spend the hours of the inspection with him: it also meant that he got along well with the seller and the building management (this was a condo), making not just the inspection but the whole home-buying process a little easier on us. His report came promptly and was full of clear explanations, suggestions, and of course excellent photos. Even when it was all done, he made himself available once again for any follow-up questions. I don't think I'm saying anything in this review that Don's other very satisfied clients haven't already said, but I can at least add to the rave reviews: we felt very fortunate to find Don. Thank you!
- E.S., December 2018
Great home inspection, would not change a thing - appreciated having the apprentice there as well
- S.B., January 2018
very profecional, did a great job !!
- T.L., January 2018
Outstanding, thorough, and comprehensive home inspection! No stone left unturned. Thank you!
- P.J., September 2017
Great inspection. Don is thorough and extremely helpful especially as a first-time homebuyer his additional information on things to be aware of was a great help to the inspection and he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty in checking every inch of the house. Will definitely use him again for any inspections I need in the future!
- M.D., February 2016
Felt like we had a true advocate with Don.
- V.C., July 2015
Don inspected a log home for us, and was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and personable. The real estate agent who is selling us this home was very impressed as well, having been in the business for several decades. His services are not cheap, but we certainly got our money's worth.
- A.W., July 2015
The home inspection process can seem overwhelming and confusing to the average house-buyer. Even though we have lived in our current rental for three years and thought we knew all of it's secrets and areas of concern, Don's thorough inspection yielded many new issues and provided us with suggestions on how to address them. He also provided keen insight into the known problem areas and also comments on what systems were currently in good shape. He also provided guidance on how to mitigate various issues should we move ahead with the purchase. We can't imagine purchasing a home without fully knowing what you are getting. The value of Don's report and advice cannot be understated. As a bonus, Don is easy to work with, very personable, and makes the 3+ hour inspection a pleasurable and educational experience. He is also very familiar with the Melrose area and all of it's old houses -- and that local knowledge is much appreciated!
- T.T., May 2015
Just wanted to express our gratitude for your patience and expertise today. Bridgett and I are lost in these matters (as we plainly demonstrated), and you made us feel very comfortable. It was a three and a half hour master class. Also, thank you for your professionalism and the book!
- K.M., October 2014
You were so great! Thanks for all your help!!!!
- L.C., August 2014
Don was fantastic! He made the inspection of our future home fun and very informative. His report was extremely thorough and easy to understand, giving us a great guide for any future work that might be necessary. We could not be more pleased with our experience with Don, and recommend him highly!!
- C.P., June 2014
Don was very professional, thorough and provided a comprehensive report.
- K.D., March 2014
- M.H., March 2014
I liked your style of inspecting and also hearing the different ways that issues could be dealt with. I appreciated the interest that you showed in the home and felt that you were very thorough. Thanks!
- N.R., June 2013
Don was a pleasure to meet. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and gave a good overview of what to look for after moving in during the inspection, especially for me who will be a first time home buyer. He had the report ready earlier the next morning.
- D.M., June 2013
Jake and I greatly appreciate all you have done for us. You are an incredible professional and have a wonderful humanistic approach with your clients. Thank you for keeping us informed and explaining everything as you went through the property.You've helped us to see what needs to be done and how to get assistance. Bless you.
- J.G., April 2013
Awesome! Very thorough, patient, and detailed.
- B.G., February 2013
Dear Don: Thank you very much for your time, professionalism, patience and thoroughness. Your candid and professional opinion greatly helped us in understanding the issues regarding the home and the importance of certain repairs. Your home inspection report (including the pictures) and the level of detail is truly amazing. Thanks again - looking forward to seeing you around town! Mike
- M.S., November 2012
Thanks Don. Awesome work..
- B.L., October 2012
Don is easy to work with, reasonable with working out a schedule (I had to cancel twice), provides excellent analysis & a top quality report to cap it off. This is my second home inspected with Don, the first we've lived in for 3 years without any real home issues.
- M.K., September 2012
I was very happy with Don's thoroughness and how well he explained everything. I would absolutely recommend him! Catherine Anderson
- C.R., June 2012
Excellent inspector, very detailed report. Don was extremely helpful, thorough and friendly during the inspection as well.
- M.M., April 2012
Don was very pleasant to work with. He welcomed all questions and addressed all my concerns. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff.
- M.N., March 2012
I appreciated how thorough and forthcoming you were. Thanks for explaining the function of the systems and all the great recommendations for maintaining the property and systems going forward. You were a pleasure to work with.
- J.M., March 2012
Don, it was a pleasure working with you. Very thorough job, and a great report. I'll definitely recommend you.
- R.S., February 2012
Donald is extremely thorough and professional, I learned a lot just tagging along for the inspection. He is clearly passionate about his job and a very pleasant person to work with.
- G.B., January 2012
I am beyond satisfied with Don and the job he did for us. Not only was he thorough, honest and knowledgeable (which I would consider the essential qualities in an inspector), but he's also pleasant, friendly and generous with his knowledge. I had my inspection two days ago, and already I've been telling my friends and coworkers that whenever they need an inspector, I've got a guy they want to call.
- P.C., September 2011
Don was an excellent inspector and exceeded our expectations in just about every way imaginable. We were impressed by his thoroughness, meticulous approach, and his understanding of expected standards for structural, electrical, heating, and plumbing systems. This foundation was evident as he patiently addressed our concerns/questions along the way while teaching us about the systems in the house we are planning to move in to shortly. We really appreciate how much time he dedicated to the inspection process and never seemed to be constrained by the clock. This is our first house and represents the biggest investment of our lives and he treated the subject with that recognition, which we are grateful for. Overall, I don't think you could ask for a better inspector.
- A.N., July 2011
Very thorough,knowledgeable, professional,thoughtful and generous with his time. This is the 3 rd property we have purchased, and no other inspector was as thorough or helpful.
- R.C., May 2011
Great job. Really liked the computerized reports and all the detailed pictures.
- J.L., April 2011
Don, We can't thank you enough. You went above and beyond our expectations! Your knowledge and the detail you put into the inspection shows how much you enjoy what you do. We would not hesitate to recommend you.
- C.B., Brookline MA, April 2011
Don, we loved ye. You're very friendly, approachable, professional, and thorough. Wes
- A.L., January 2011
Don is a great Home Inspector. Not only did he do a very thorough job with his inspection and his reports, he educated us a lot throughout the inspection. I would highly recommend Don for your Home Inspection needs!!
- N.G., December 2010
Donald did a great job on the inspection, explaining the significance of what he was looking for and what he found that was good, or what needed repair. The house he inpsected is older (50+yrs) and had unique features. He was able to provide insight on these variations, such as the basement wall placement, and also noted the houses unusual pluses - cast iron baseboards, potential expansion of heating system based on its size and design. I highly recommend him. Debra Winslow, October 2010
- D.W., October 2010
Don was a true professional and a great person to have inspect our potential home...I will recommend his services to anyone looking for a home inspector, he was great!
- C.L., March 2010
Our buyer's agent wishes you lived out here! She says you are the best inspector she's worked with this season. Thanks so much, Donald.
- P.B., October 2009
Don - not only did you make the event fun and informative, but you made it possible for me to purchase my first home with all the facts and enough information to make sure our new home will be safe and remain sound. That kind of peace of mind made an incredible difference for me. Thank you so much. ~De
- D.B., Melrose MA, September 2009
Donald did a great job. He was efficient and thorough, offered concise recommendations and was pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend him. Beth Van Gelder
- B.V., August 2009
We were so pleased with your inspection of this home. You were thorough, honest, and took the time to explain each issue. Thank you!
- B.S., June 2009