Nate did a very thorough and honest inspection. His reports were done quickly, and he went over every part of them with me. He was professional during the entire experience. A colleague recommended Nate to me, and I'd definitely recommend him to others.
- A.H., April 2019
Nate was extremely professional and thorough. The report he generated was easy to read and very detailed. I would definitely recommend him to others.
- A.M., April 2019
Mr. Williams thoroughly inspected our future home. He went above and beyond in his inspection. He was professional and couteous. He explained the areas of concern that he found in a manner that was easy to understand for the average homeowner. His report is thorough in a tiered level of concerning areas and he further noted areas that may need addressing in the future. He is a top-notch home inspector and we fully recommend his services for your home inspection needs!
- M.R., April 2019
Nate is very knowledgable and thorough.
- K.R., April 2019
Nate did a great inspection and report.
- J.R., April 2019
Nathan Williams completed an extremely thorough inspection of the property. Afterwards he reviewed the inspection with me, answered my questions and addressed my concerns. I would highly recommend him for home inspections.
- C.L., April 2019
Nate was extremely professional and thorough. He took his time to inspect our whole home and answered all the questions we had along the process.
- J.E., March 2019
Nathan Williams completed a thorough inspection. Afterwards, he went over the report and explained everything to me. He was extremely professional and helpful. I fully recommend him for home inspections.
- C.L., March 2019
He did a very thourough job. I can go into the ourchase of this home without the fear of the unknown. He came out quickly and did not delay in getting us the needed report.
- C.V., February 2019
Nate was awesome! We came to the house inspection and he explained everything to us in a very easy to understand manner. Everything he explained to us was also easy to read and complete on the report. The report was completed the same day and in a very detailed and orderly report. There was a great sense of expertise and professionalism with Nate. I highly recommend him and Grey Dog to anyone needing a home inspection!
- C.B., February 2019
This was be far the most comprehensive and insightful home inspection I have ever had. It's one thing to know how to do an inspection, it's entirely different to also have a professional desire to apply that knowledge in the most advantageous manner. Attention to detail, the ability to communicate and inform and being so very responsive are the hallmarks of his service.
- P.L., February 2019
Nathan explained in detail the process of the inspection and provided a very detailed report with photos and recommendations. Very user friendly.
- M.B., February 2019
Nate was very professional and thorough. He not only provided useful and vital information upfront but was extremely patient with the excessive follow-up questions; he also walked us through every stage of the inspection process and software. As first-time home buyers, we were put at ease with this part of the process due to Nate?s calm and informative demeanor. We will absolutely use him for our next home purchase.
- F.S., January 2019
I am a first-time home buyer with a tight budget for my house. I wanted to know exactly what to expect with regard to present and future problems with my house. Nate's report was so thorough and clearly written that I was confident in moving forward, and I am so grateful to Nate for his hard work! This was one of the most difficult tasks in my life, and I felt like I had someone looking out for me.
- A.K., January 2019
Was a real pleasure to work with Nathan. As first time homebuyers, we weren't completely sure how everything worked, what we should be looking for, etc. Nathan explained very clearly what he was doing, why he was doing it, and walked us through each issue that we found. He was very helpful in gauging the severity of each issue, letting us know if it was something that we might be able to fix or what level of expertise we would need to ensure it was properly resolved. On the whole it was a great experience, my wife and I learned a lot about home maintenance and the various quirks of our home and were very confident that we knew everything we needed to be aware of before moving forward.
- E.O., January 2019
Nate is incredibly focused on doing the job right. Our property had multiple buildings, multiple systems and several significant issues. He documents everything - everything - in a manner easy to understand and refer back to. He's easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, friendly. You can't do better than having him inspect your home.
- P.L., January 2019
Thank you for your prompt availability for our home inspection, as part of our contract process for our new home. The report was thorough, and comprehensive, which allowed us to effectively negotiate repairs to be completed by the seller. Since the report included photos, as well as detailed explanations for each issue with the home, I believe it helped the seller to understand what was needed. The report will also give us a good baseline for prioritizing what we will plan to address, once we become the home owners. It was as if you were inspecting a home you, yourself, were planning to buy! Thank you so much! The military discount was a nice touch, as well!
- K.W., January 2019
Great home inspection!!! Very knowledgeable. Honest and diligent. Would absolutely use again.
- K.L., January 2019
Nathan was great, extremely thorough and easy to work with. Provided a detailed report with pictures and videos and made sure to touch base and report his findings. Highly recommend!
- L.R., January 2019
Nathan was great to work with and made our home inspection process easy. All forms were available for electronically and easy to sign and return. Nathan met us at the home the day of the inspection and walked us through the process as well as pointed out any areas of concerns to include potential resolutions. Once we received the detailed report, Nathan walked us through each item with great detail. The report included pictures and videos and was easy to digest. Would recommend to anyone requiring a home inspection or radon test. Thanks, Ian
- I.R., January 2019
Great home inspector and answered all Our questions with clarity and very responsive
- J.R., December 2018
Awesome service provided by Nate. You went above and beyond by walking through everything over the phone since I could not be there in person. The amount of detail provided was superior to anything I expected. Thank you again.
- J.F., December 2018
Nate professional, knowledgable, and thorough. He not only takes the time to explain things, he also makes sure you understand. It gives you confidence in the decision you are making.
- R.P., December 2018
Nate is an extremely professional and punctual person. He explained everything to us during the inspection that we had questions about and walked us through any issues at the end. His report was very detailed with pictures and videos included and suggestions for maintenance. He worked us into his schedule at the last minute, so we could be present during the inspection and we are extremely grateful. I absolutely recommend Grey Dog for your next home inspection!
- T.G., Hixson TN, November 2018
Nate is extremely thorough and meticulous. He spent a lot of time explaining many aspects of the home inspection as it was happening and teaching us about our new home. After he prepared the inspection report and sent it to us, he spent about an hour going over it in detail on the phone. He has also been in touch with my husband by text to answer any additional questions about our radon inspection. He is friendly, courteous, and respectful. We can't recommend him highly enough.
- B.S., November 2018
Outstanding job. Your report gave us a lot of confidence in our home purchase. Thank you!
- M.G., October 2018
Very thorough and personable! I recommend Nate for your Home Inspection!
- C.K., September 2018
Mate took the time to not only provide a thorough inspection in a matter of hours, he also answered every question posed by myself and the realtor. The report you get is the most useful I?ve seen. And after all if that he took the time to walk me through the report to ensure I fully understood everything he addressed.
- J.B., August 2018
Thanks Nate. Excellent work. The best I've seen. Keep up the good work and you'll have more business than you can handle. Dale
- D.W., July 2018