Nate was knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and extremely thorough. He exceeded my expectations and provided us a lot of important data points on various aspects of our new home. The home inspection report Nate provided was well worth the coasts. I would do it again on any property I was looking at. Thanks so much!
- W.H., May 2024
Very thorough and professional in executing the home inspection. The provided report and video conference ensured all relevant items of concern were addressed and understood!
- D.A., April 2024
Nate is a true professional and did an amazing job on how new construction home. Very detail oriented and found issue that definitely need to be addressed by the builder. His report was very thorough with pictures and videos.
- A.G., February 2024
My husband and I are building a new construction home and we engaged Nate to do a first inspection before the drywall was installed, a first for us. Nate was incredibly thorough and inspected every inch of that property. He found a handful of issues that on paper looked concerning but walked us through what each meant so we were armed with the proper information. We are grateful for his impressive knowledge and professionalism and heartily recommend him to anybody looking to buy a home!
- M.B., February 2024
Nate was awesome! Nate demonstrated exceptional communication, responding promptly. His comprehensive report showcased a high level of thoroughness, and he displayed flexibility by accommodating my request with less than a week's notice. I highly recommend his services to others.
- M.M., Dumfries VA, February 2024
Highly professional and knowledgeable.
- J.B., Spotsylvania VA, January 2024
Nathan was extremely flexible, helpful, detailed and thorough in his inspection and report. He found numerous things that were critical that required builder attention/correction. We would never have found or noticed most, if not almost all of what he discovered. It was the perfect set of eyes for a new home owner
- T.R., July 2023
We highly recommend Nate! He is the best! Someone recommended him to us, and we were so glad. Nate arrived earlier than we expected, very friendly, professional, and knowledgable. He took his time during the inspection, very detail oriented, and answered questions even after the inspection. He spotted things that we would’ve never thought of and was able to get the seller to pay and fix the electrical violations he found. The inspection report was 95 pages long, not to mention the numerous videos that he took and posted on our account. Amazing professional work. Thanks Nate! As long as he is in business, we will not use anyone else but Nate!
- S.H., July 2023
Professional, precise, and trustworthy! We ended up requiring two inspections after our first house fell through. We didn't know anyone, but Nate came highly recommended for the first house. We jumped on the chance to use him again for the second! His reports are extremely detailed with pictures and videos and he is unbelievably fast - having report in hand the same day. His feedback is honest and gave us just the leverage we needed, (in our case), to walk away from a house in need of much more work than we wanted to take on when the seller refused to reduce the price. Furthermore, I now have a starting "to-do" list after we close on this house. I cannot recommend Nate enough.
- O.Q., February 2023
Nate was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. We've worked with many inspectors over the years, and he is definitely the best. His final report was exceptionally detailed and included lots of photos and videos clearly explaining all issues found. It was exactly what we needed to coordinate final punch list items with our builder. Strongly recommend working with Nate.
- S.M., January 2023
Nathan was SO efficient with his inspection and communication was great with him. He’s also so kind and we loved working with him. Thank you again, Nathan!
- T.C., January 2023
I received a detailed and thorough home inspection and I am above satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Nathan Williams, he is professional and has a clear communication with his clients.
- P.S., October 2022
Mr. Williams was professional, courteous. knowledgeable, and very informative. He pointed out things I would have never noticed or considered. He stressed importance and time frame of issues to be addressed.
- M.C., October 2022
I have used Grey Dog Home Inspections twice. The reports are excellent, Nathan is knowledgeable and very professional. His reports are very detailed, showing, in some cases, major problems with the property.
- D.T., Fairfax VA, September 2022
Extremely thorough and professional. Took the time to explain the process before the initiation of the home inspection, and then explained his findings upon conclusion. VERY satisfied with the provided home inspection, and would highly recommend Mr. Williams and Grey Dog Home Inspections!
- M.T., September 2022
Nate was very thorough and clear. Besides inspecting obvious items, he also discussed less common items that are very important to the buyer. I highly recommend his services.
- C.K., September 2022
Nathan at Grey Dog Inspections was absolutely amazing! He was so incredibly through and detailed, and we received the most incredible, user-friendly inspection report possible. He truly went above and beyond in capturing detailed notes, along with supporting pictures and videos, that left us with no questions unanswered. He was timely, professional and courteous, and we would utilize his services again and again, and absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of a top-notch home inspector!
- C.F., August 2022
Absolutely will recommend Grey Dog. Fantastic job
- N.S., Fredericksburg VA, August 2022
Nate was very through and explained everything. He has been available for explanations.
- J.L., Stafford VA, August 2022
Very thorough Great job Thanks
- C.B., July 2022
Nate was extraordinarily professional and thorough in his inspection of our property. He completed his inspection and reported all of his findings at the property and followed up with a written report as promised. We are very pleased and would not hesitate to utilize his services again and would recommend him to anyone needing a reputable home inspector.
- S.T., July 2022
Nate was very professional and did a very thorough home inspection for our 1 year warranty information to give to our builder. Almost everything he found is going to be addressed by the builder. I would highly recommend using Nate for your home inspection.
- B.B., June 2022
Nathan was extremely professional and thorough. He took the time to explain the indications he was looking for on each item. We left after awhile for an appointment, and he called after he completed the inspection and after he sent the report to go over it. I would contract Grey Dog again for any future home inspections.
- D.A., Ruther Glen VA, March 2022
Nate was punctual, professional and thorough. He took time to review critical issues with us and provided guidance on how to address them.
- H.J., March 2022
Mr. Willimas, I appreciate your professional approach to my inspection. I'm glad I was able to make it out and be involved in the process. You answered all of my questions and were an absolute professional at all times. I am also glad to know that drone footage was used to check the wear on the roof, impressive. I would definitely recommend you to a college.
- C.L., March 2022
Buying a home or even building a home is a daunting feat. But Mr Nate puts the worry of how you home is built to rest. He walks you through every aspect of his inspection. Any and all questions are answered. You walk away knowing that your home received a thorough inspection. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you.
- A.M., January 2022
Nate did a very thorough job of inspecting our new house. The deficiencies he found, which we were able to get the sellers to fix, more than covered the cost of the inspection itself. He also identified things that we should watch in the future and recommended methods of maintaining other items (paint, caulk, etc.).
- J.M., November 2021
Nate does a fantastic job!
- S.H., November 2021
Nate did a fantastic job. The report was thorough and provided myself and my agent with exactly what we needed when we did our walkthrough. The report was also quite clear. It was quite easy to see exactly what was written up in the report when we walked through the home. There were no ambiguities. I would fully recommend him to anyone looking for an inspector in the future.
- F.M., October 2021
Nate was extremely knowledgeable, through and helpful. Would highly recommend.
- M.B., October 2021
Nate came by to do home & radon inspections for my 1-year new build. He’s very knowledgeable, thorough & friendly. I would highly recommend.
- V.B., October 2021
Nate did a VERY THOROUGH job inspecting our home during both the pre-drywall and final inspection. He pointed things out that we would have never caught ourself, allowing plenty of time to be repair/ installed prior to our closing. Especially when we were living in another state and not being able to be at our pre-drywall. We also received a report including pictures and even some video. Nate gave us the confidence needed when purchasing a new home. Thank so much!
- T.R., September 2021
Nate has done an excellent job. I am a former contractor. His inspections are complete and thorough. Didn't miss a thing. He made all sections of the report crystal clear. The use of the drone for roof inspection made even the areas most difficult to access (too steep to walk) easy to see and understand. I recommend Nate without hesitation.
- B.S., August 2021
very likely, was very pleased with everything.
- T.A., August 2021
I would recommend Grey Dog Home Inspections to everyone. Nate, thank you for the AWESOME inspection done on our home on such a short notice. We appreciated all that was done to ensure our inspection was completed. Your service is the best!!! Jess
- J.C., August 2021
We definitely look forward to using Nathan for future home inspections needs - he's very prompt, thorough, and detailed. He's a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
- C.B., July 2021
He was very knowledgeable & pointed out things that we may not have noticed. He was very professional, in fact we are planning to use him for the final inspection.
- D.A., July 2021
Awesome job! Nate was very thorough. I’m confident that I won’t encounter any surprises once I move in. Thanks Nate.
- J.T., Ft. Knox KY, July 2021
Our son hired Grey Dog home Inspections to examine the house he was purchasing and we just happened to stop by during part of the process and met Nathan Williams and found him to be very thorough and professional so decided to hire him to do an inspection on the home we were going to purchase. When the time for the inspection came Nathan methodically conducted an exemplary examination of the property and covered all the necessary points. Following the physical inspection he delivered a detailed and thorough report with images of the related areas. Overall we found Nathan to very personable and professional and would highly recommend him to anyone.
- R.J., June 2021
If you are buying a new home, whether it’s a fixer upper, resale, or new construction, I recommend using Grey Dog Inspection. Nate did an amazing job! He is very professional and thorough. I recently purchased a new construction home, and Nate did a pre-drywall inspection to ensure that there were no structural imperfections. He disclosed all the corrections that were needed in a report. Once I addressed my concerns with the builders, Nate revisited the property to make sure that all the repairs were corrected. I am definitely using him again to do my final inspection!
- L.A., June 2021
Home inspection ordered for a house we are buying. Very thorough report. Prioritized checklist enables a prioritized to do list for both seller and buyer. Get it done early in the process and you'll be ahead of costs analysis and benefits of needed repairs. Nate is very good at not only explaining the condition of the property but also explaining his limitations on what his inspection can provide so you're aware of any further actions you need to take to get that information. His report is also a reminder to keep your receipts, warranties and information on any company that did repair work to your home or business, even if it's the neighborhood handy man. This report also gave an added bonus of showing us some of the things we need to look at before selling our house. Very satisfied.
- K.C., May 2021
Nate was great. Very patient and thorough. Answered all my questions very helpful and the report is very detailed.
- A.S., May 2021
Mr. Williams was very polite, professional, thorough, and prompt. After an almost clear inspection, he uncovered some very troubling foundation issues with the house we were preparing to buy. Although we relayed this to the seller as something they'd have to address, we ultimately decided to pull out of the home purchase. Had Mr. Williams not been so thorough, we would have invested in a home that would have cost us tens of thousands to repair. Couldn't be more grateful for his work.
- W.K., April 2021
Was very thorough and explained the process of what was found during the inspection. Highly recommend and will be during Nate for future transactions in the future.
- H.V., April 2021
Mr. Williams is a product from the "Old School" He is very professional, knowledgeable, and very thorough. He definitely gave us the feeling that he was working for us and not the realtor. It is very refreshing to know that Mr. Williams knows the meaning of providing a quality service. Well done Mr. Willaims.
- J.J., April 2021
Nate is extremely thorough and his attention to detail is outstanding. He didn’t mind me hovering and asking questions along the way. Very knowledgeable and informative. We received our detailed inspection report in a quick and timely manner. Enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend Grey Dog Home Inspections. Sincerely, Matthew Nelson
- M.N., April 2021
Nate was very thorough in inspecting our new construction home! He took the time to explain things, and answer any questions we had.
- C.L., March 2021
Nate performed a home inspection on a home that we are under contract to purchase. He did a very thorough inspection and provided a detailed report (with pictures) that included the condition of the structure, plumbing, HVAC, interior, exterior and many more things. He explained the findings to us afterwards which will be very helpful in making decisions on moving forward on needed repairs etc. Nate is very professional and it was a pleasure to work with him. My husband and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- S.D., March 2021
Nathan was very thorough, he took the time to really look around the house and check everything. His reports are very detailed and they give you everything need. Nathan was also very courteous and it was great to work with him.
- J.C., March 2021
We were very happy with Nate's inspection. He took his time and went through the whole house and then spent time with us explaining what he found and any questions we had, whether they were about a finding or just general maintenance and home care. Nate's report is also very useful. It details what was found, but also recommends mitigation strategies and reminders for maintenance of machinery/utility equipment. Overall, a great experience.
- J.S., March 2021
I Artie, Love the friendly, comfortable, and confident that Nate William makes you feel while in his present and in his absence, conveying details about his plans to ensure trust that create satisfying experience. I would recommend him to anyone who need an inspector who practice integrity, who do not cut corners and is very reliable.
- A.B., February 2021
We met Nate when he performed the inspection for the buyers of our old home. Even though he was inspecting our home, he was very pleasant and professional. In our opinion his report was thorough. When we settled on a new location, we decided to ask him to inspect our new home (new construction). The site was somewhat out of his area, but he was gracious enough to agree. He kept us apprised of any issues he encountered. To get the job done he had to make two trips because, initially, the home was not ready for an inspection. We recommend him highly and would use his services again if warranted.
- P.B., February 2021
Nate was fantastic! He knew I was a first time home buyer so he took the time to go through the entire house with me. Show me the major things he found with the inspection as well as the steps I would need to take to get them fixed. His report was easy to read and follow. The entire process was flawless.
- N.B., February 2021
This is the eighth house that my wife and I have purchased during our 27 years of marriage. Nate has been the best inspector. He is second to none. Nate is friendly and easy to work with. His inspections are thorough, and he explains issues in an understandable way. Nate also educates the buyer. We are moving from Los Angeles to Spotsylvania, so he took the time to educate us about the various systems in the house and what to do in the winter to properly maintain the house and manage heating costs. His reports are easy to read, follow and understand. This helps during negotiation with the seller on items that need repair. We will be using Nate again for further home purchases. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a highly quality home inspector. Thank you, Nate! Adam M.
- A.M., January 2021
Very great and pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything.
- Q.B., November 2020
Nate was professional and thorough and we would absolutely use him again if ever needed and will highly recommend him to family and friends. From the start he communicated openly with us. We received the entire report the first day! He took his time, explained every detail big and small, and was very reassuring since it can be a stressful situation at times. He works hard to make sure the customer is comfortable and is customer service focused. I can’t thank him enough for his honesty and professionalism. He helped reassure us as homebuyers and make an informed decision. Highly recommended! Thanks, Nate! Ben and Kelli Chenault
- B.C., October 2020
We were so glad Nate inspected the property. We got a detailed report that helped us to make an informed decision. Nate is very thorough and professional! He took the time to talk to us and informed us of this and that as fyi that we wouldn't necessarily think of or know. Thank you Nate, and if we ever need a home inspected again, we would definitely use your service.
- H.N., October 2020
My husband and I have had seven home inspections on properties in Northern Virginia during the last few years, and this is the most thorough inspection I have seen. I very much appreciate the timely, detailed, and well-written inspection report, and I am extremely impressed with the overall quality of service. I hope to use Nate for all future inspections.
- N.B., September 2020
His knowledge and attention to detail was impeccable. I only recommend Nate! His thoroughness through the whole process gave us the right actions to take during our home buying process. Thank you again!!!!
- C.S., September 2020
Nate is on of the most reliable people I have ever met, here's why. During our home inspection on a Thursday, Nate unfortunately fell off the roof! Once he was given the "OKAY" to return to work, Nate was at our potential home once again completing our home inspection. He understood, like all home buyers, that we were on a timeline. He did everything to deliver a timely and intricate home inspection report. After completing the home inspection, we met with Nate at the home to go over a few things. Nate went though all the major concerns in the home and showed us the photos he took. He answered all of our questions we had. Later that night, Nate sent us our report that was detailed and straightforward. It was easy for my husband and I to decide to either move forward with the home process or to pull out our offer. I highly recommend Grey Dog Home Inspections as your first choice when buying a home. Very thorough, comprehensible and comforting!
- H.K., September 2020
Very thorough and explained everything in detail
- T.A., September 2020
Nathan was wonderful!! He took the time to go over the report findings with me. He has an excellent eye for detail . He really took the time to talk to me and explain anything that I didn’t understand. I would highly recommend him as a home inspector!
- M.R., September 2020
Great job awesome inspection one of the best if not the best very happy with the service thanks for everything.
- A.H., August 2020
Thanks a lot Nate for this excellent work. The professionalism in your work is not easy to find. We are very satisfied with it.
- M.S., August 2020
I will recommend Grey Dog to everyone!!!! Nate is very detail oriented, knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. He helped us understand the inspection, what he looks for and then tells us the why behind the inspection report items. Just a great company that knows what they are doing! Thank you Nate!!!
- H.K., July 2020
Mr. Williams was beyond thorough and took time to explain everything to me. As a new home owner this is/was very important to me. He ensured I had everything I needed to make an informed decision. He walked me through the process and paperwork so I became familiar with the process. He supports Veterans and that’s why I felt choosing him and his services. I will definitely use him in the future and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- L.J., July 2020
Nathan did an excellent job during the home inspection of our new home. He was very thorough and had all of the necessary tools with him to do a full home inspection. During the inspection process he explained what he was doing and what he was looking for. He encouraged us to ask questions and let us know if we had questions later we could contact him. He was able to provide us our home inspection results the same day. The report was detailed with numerous pictures. The report was well formatted and easy to understand. We would recommend his services.
- R.H., June 2020
Nate was very thorough and did a wonderful job checking everything we asked for. He was informative and gave great details to his findings. We would highly recommend Nate!
- J.L., June 2020
Nate/Grey Dog Home inspections LLC did an extremely thorough inspection of our property. Professional, knowledgeable, and informative - these are the traits you want for a home inspector, and Nate provided all - hands down! Highly recommended service!!
- R.M., June 2020
Nate did a very thorough job and we are pleased with his attention to details. He spent time explaining the findings and the issues we should be worried about and other issues that were minor. Thank you Nate!
- A.K., June 2020
Nate was thorough and timely. Upon our review he was available by telephone to discuss in detail the report. Very knowledgeable about many aspects of the home.
- K.V., June 2020
Incredible! Super detailed and thorough. Had a wonderful experience.
- K.F., May 2020
Very knowledgeable and explained everything very thoroughly but in a way we both understood! Over great guy!
- S.S., May 2020
Nate Williams was very good at his job. I am completely satisfied with his work. He was very detailed on everything he Inspected on the house. I will recommend him to other people in the future. I hope to work with him again in the future. -N.R. Wolters
- N.W., Spotsylvania VA, April 2020
Very detailed and timely! Nice man and is very professional.
- A.H., March 2020
Nathan did an outstanding job. His knowledge was extremely sound. He took a lot of time explaining the details of the report. He also went over the report immediately following the inspection. I don’t think this is common with other inspectors. My dad was a was the owner of a construction company, and I’ve had experience in construction. I would definitely do business with Nathan again. Thanks! Eric
- E.R., March 2020
New to the area we let our realtor pick our inspector and we could not have been more thrilled with Nathan Williams! He did such a thorough job! Not only were we able to know going in what issues our house had that needed immediate attention, but we are also now able to keep the list of things he generated to work on ourselves after buying the home. He was detail oriented, precise, thorough, and helpful. We are staying put in our new forever home, but Grey Dog Inspections will be who we tell everyone else to use in the future!
- J.C., February 2020
Nathan was very helpful and thorough. He gave us a lot of peace of mind!
- I.D., December 2019
Nate is very thorough with his inspections, he helps my buyer clients understand the process of the inspection and the difference between a major issue and a home maintenance issue, so that they can make an informed decision on what's important to ask the sellers to correct. He is quick with his report turn around time (within the same day of inspection). He's always available to my clients, after the report is received in case they have any additional concerns or questions.
- C.C., Fredericksburg VA, December 2019
My experience working with Nate was outstanding. He's was very professional, patient, and extremely organized. After speaking with Nate i decided to have two inspections (one pre-drywall, and one before closing as well as a radon test on my home of which was a new build. His attention to detail saved me thousands of dollars in the future because he found and recommended that the builder fix major mistakes prior to my purchase. His reports were detailed with pictures referencing his recommendations. I would definitely recommend Nate to anyone considering purchasing a home. He has eased my mind regarding future problem which allows me to sleep comfortably at night.
- E.H., December 2019
My experience working with Nate was outstanding. He's was very professional, patient, and extremely organized. After speaking with Nate i decided to have two inspections (one pre-drywall, and one before closing as well as a radon test on my home of which was a new build. His attention to detail saved me thousands of dollars in the future because he found and recommended that the builder fix major mistakes prior to my purchase. His reports were detailed with pictures referencing his recommendations. I would definitely recommend Nate to anyone considering purchasing a home. He has eased my mind regarding future problem which allows me to sleep comfortably at night.
- E.H., December 2019
He was very confident on his inspection. And went through each and every details
- K.S., November 2019
Thank you so much for giving us our piece of mind, and for being so flexible!
- D.O., November 2019
So far I have only had my pre-drywall home inspection, but Mr. Williams was very detailed in his inspection and his report. He was able to see minor things that most would have bypassed.
- A.Z., November 2019
Greydog was amazing. Not only did i get an extremely thorough report for my house purchase but the items i didnt negotiate for change are my new honey do list! Will def be using and recommending in the future!
- C.B., November 2019
You did a great job of the inspection. I would recommend you highly. Thank you so very much. Unfortunately I didn?t get the house
- J.B., October 2019
Nate is very patient and respectful person. He is more than willing to go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with his work. He will break his report down so everyone can understand the issues you have and how severe they are. Very detail oriented and thorough. Great quality of work. Can uncover problems that may not have been seen earlier. I highly recommend him for family, friends and everyone else.
- L.L., October 2019
Nathan was great. He was on time and did a thorough inspection. He provided great feedback during the inspection and provides a detail inspection report back the same day within hours after the completion of inspection. I would recommend him to my friends. Thanks for the help Nathan. Great job.
- M.J., October 2019
The service was great and Nathan Williams was very professional. He did a thorough job and checked every nook and cranny. I?m glad he inspected the house for me.
- J.B., October 2019
We had such a wonderful experience with Nathan. He explained everything and answered all the questioned we had. He gave us our peace of mind, and we look forward to him doing our last inspection before we move into our forever home. Thank you again!
- D.O., September 2019
I will be going to him again if we decide to buy again! He's very thorough with his inspection. My realtor spoke highly of him when we were searching for a home inspector, and I will too should anyone I know need a home inspection! Thanks, Mr. Williams!
- G.B., September 2019
Nate was obviously knowledgeable and paid considerable attention to detail. We are very happy with the service he provided. I would recommend him and Grey Dog to anyone buying a home.
- R.B., September 2019
Nate is as nice and professional as they come. He was very meticulous and provided us a detailed report of our home inspection. Thank you and if we are ever in need of his services again, we're definitely calling!
- D.T., September 2019
Nate was extremely thorough in his inspection and pointed out several things that we certainly would have missed as new homeowners. He also made suggestions for solutions to some of the problems. Nate is a true professional, and I will certainly recommend him to friends/family in the future!
- J.B., September 2019
Thanks Nate! Very satisfied with the service you provided for our home inspection. Would highly recommend you to anyone looking for an inspector!
- R.J., August 2019
I have bought and sold 5 homes over the last 20 years. Nate, by far, is the most thorough home inspector I have ever used. His response to my initial inquiry was prompt, he was on time, he did an extremely thorough job, his report was in my hands the same day of the inspection, the report itself was easy to read and understand. I was present for the home inspection and Nate did a great job of going over everything, with me. I would use Nate for any further home purchases and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good home inspector.
- A.N., August 2019
Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Nate did an awesome job!
- D.C., August 2019
Continue providing top quality work.
- L.C., August 2019
Keep up the good work!
- E.H., July 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Explained everything to me right then and there. I've bought and sold 3 houses and I would easy say he is the best home inspector I've seen. Price's are very reasonable plus you get your money's worth with having a great inspector.
- C.Y., June 2019