Jacob was an incredible inspector. As a first-time home buyer, I needed a lot of guidance in the process and I felt like Jacob was the perfect ally. He understood my needs and requests, and took time and care to see to each one. His detailed inspection made me confident that I was buying a great home. I would highly recommend Total Inspections and Jacob Babin to anyone!
- K.M., May 2024
Jacob and his team are true professionals and very thorough inspectors. We have worked with Jacob for over 10 years and trust his opinion and appreciate his clear and concise explanations to our clients. The report program he uses is great for making an easy repair list with comments and estimates. Jacob makes our job as real estate agents easier.
- R.C., May 2024
Jacob and his team of inspectors are awesome. This was for a home my parents are buying and he did a fantastic job. His report and wrap up with us made them feel so comfortable about moving forward.
- S.G., May 2023
Thank you Jacob, job well done! Jacob did a very detailed inspection of our home, he is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and more. I will definitely recommend him. Sincerely, Andres and Maribel
- A.R., September 2021
Jacob and his team are the absolute best! We just completed an inspection two days ago and my client loved Jacob. He said Jacob knows everything about homes. He is right. Total Inspections is the only inspection company I use. He has done over 34 inspections for me. His team is very thorough, professional and positive. They are the very best!
- L.B., July 2021
Jacob Babin was very congenial, professional and thorough. The report was very detailed in the write-up with text and pictures including suggestions. The walk through was also excellent. All was so useful for a new home buyer after remaining in the same home for 31 years. I believe Mike Holmes has a strong contender in Phoenix.
- P.S., May 2021
I would absolutely recommend Jacob Babin. He did a fantastic job on my home inspection. He was professional and patient about answering all my questions about his findings. His report makes me much more comfortable about my home purchase. I know what to expect. Thanks Jacob. Nancy R
- N.R., November 2020
I hired Jacob and his team to inspect homes, for my clients, almost dozen of times at this point. They never failed me. I love getting compliments from my client what a great inspector I got for them. Jacob and his team are very professional, always on time, very accommodating in scheduling, they are detail oriented and their reports are easy to read and understand and delivered very fast right after the inspection. They are pleasure to work with.
- G.H., September 2020
Jacob is absolutely the best around! He has inspected 3 homes for me over the years, is always extremely professional, timely, considerate and well versed with every topic I ask. I would never call anyone else, and have referred him to everyone I know! Truly a pleasure to work with!
- K.T., May 2020
Jacob has now completed three telephonic inspections for my clients and all have gone exceptionally well. My clients were thankful to complete the inspection summary meeting from the comfort of their own home. Jacob took the time to walk through each inspection item and highlight the photos. The calls varied in length depending on client questions, but he didn't conclude the meeting until each question was answered and my clients were completely satisfied with what they learned. My clients appreciated Jacob's respect for their health and safety. Client care like that goes a long way. I would highly recommend Jacob's telephonic home inspection summaries to any buyer!
- G.J., April 2020
Jacob and Benjamin, once again did an amazing job for my clients. As we are in the midst of this Corona Virus situation, the home summary was done via phone, but we all had the completed report in our hands prior to the call. Every detail and question was explained so that my clients felt very comfortable moving forward with their purchase. Thank you so much!
- G.M., March 2020
Very thorough inspection and Jacob was a pleasure to work with. Thank you!!
- D.S., March 2020
It was definitely an awesome experience using Jacob Babin with Total Inspections. Jacob was very thorough and knowledgeable with his inspections. We were very satisfied with his work. We are definitely going to refer his name to other friends and family.
- J.J., November 2019
Jacob is a pleasure to work with, he is efficient, thorough and takes the time to explain his findings in detail. I strongly recommend Jacob for your home inspection needs!
- C.H., October 2019
We found Jacob to be very professional and thorough in his reporting of the inspection. He was knowledgeable of the inspection requirements and was very honest in his perspective of the condition of the property. If we were to buy another property in Arizona, we would request Jacob for the inspection!
- A.C., July 2019
Incredible work by Jacob Babin, as usual. He created a comfortable, professional environment to review the home and ensured the client had complete understanding of the home needs. Jacob always makes himself available after the inspection to answer follow up questions. My clients very much appreciated his work.
- G.J., June 2019
Ben did a really great job speaking to my client about the inspection!
- G.M., March 2019
I have used Jacob twice now, both times exceptional. Usually your throwing your money away with an inspector. Not in this case. Phemonal joba nd thourough report.
- J.N., March 2019
Excellent job I?ve worked with Jacob several times and he is always a true and thorough professional!
- J.O., February 2019
Jacob was very thorough and professional. He explained all of the items that where on his report and made me comfortable with understanding the issues. I would definitely recommend him.
- N.L., January 2019
Jacob inspected two homes for me. He was very professional and very thorough. He walks you through everything he found and explains everything very clearly. I would highly recommend him!!!
- C.B., November 2018
Jacob went over every detail of our home and was very informative and helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector they can feel confident in.
- T.L., October 2018
Jacob was very thorough in the inspection of the home. He walked us thru each of the items he found that may need repair now or in the future. When we had questions, he answered them thoroughly and pointed out to the areas we asked about. He is definitely one of the best home inspectors I have dealt with.
- J.B., October 2018
Thank you for your guidance on my home inspection. I was already stressed out but your knowledge and expertise helped ease that. Thank you!
- K.H., September 2018
Jacob was amazing! He went through and answered every question my client or I asked. Thank you again!
- R.K., September 2018
Professional and thorough. All that you need in a home inspector.
- L.G., September 2018
Jacob is very thorough, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. This is the second inspection that we have done with him and the previous experience equally great. The explanation of each finding is detailed and the report is easy to read and understand. He took the time to go over his findings and answer any questions my husband had. Their website is also very user friendly from payment to receiving the report. We will definitely use him again!
- J.O., September 2018
My friend wanted to come with to hear my inspection since she had a bad experience with hers. She caught things the inspector didn't. She was so impressed by how thorough, organized, and nice you were!
- K.M., September 2018
Jacob was very upfront and honest. The explanation of each finding was detailed. I appreciated the time he took for my questions and concerns as well.
- F.O., September 2018
The best in the business! Thanks for always squeezing us in and making sure my client's feel comfortable and informed. Also loving the new "Repair List" feature and all attached to the website. It makes everything so much easier for everyone involved.
- K.L., September 2018
Jacob is very personable. Explained the inspection thoroughly and answered all of our questions.
- K.L., September 2018
Thank you for your assessment and for explaining everything in simple terms I can understand.
- J.B., September 2018
I absolutely recommend Jacob as home inspector . He is very thorough and made excellent recommendations.The inspection was well worth the very reasonable fee that was charged. Nobody should buy a house without having an inspection done by somebody like Jacob Chris V.
- C.V., September 2018
Very very knowledgeable! Answered all of our questions and there were a lot! Extremely friendly!
- M.S., September 2018
Thanks again for getting the inspection done while I was still in town Cathy Bailey
- C.B., August 2018
Jacob did a great job of walking us through each section of the report and included items not on the report that we need to know as homeowners. We were very pleased with Jacob and will recommend him in the future.
- K.G., August 2018
very thorough, friendly, easy to work with, and quick to turn around the report! thank you very much.
- K., August 2018
Thank you for the BEST Home Inspection I have had, through and professional my clients were impressed, thanks again!
- M.v., August 2018
I was very impressed with this inspection. As the sellers agent I quake at inspections with inspectors I am not familiar with. Jacob did an excellent job of detailing true problems and only noting cosmetic problems.
- J.I., August 2018
Amazing, this was my first home sale and Jacob , his website and report helped make it an awesome experience to remember for a lifetime!
- M.B., August 2018
Great job inspecting home and reviewing the home with clients. Jacob was very thorough in explaining details not only of report, but also pointing out key functions of home. He took his time to answer their questions in terms they could understand. Afterwards my clients stated how confident they were in Jacob's inspection and the results he delivered!
- M.T., Phoenix AZ, August 2018
A competent thorough informative report was obtained from Mr. Babin on our home inspection. He provided us with various instruction on questions we presented during the inspection. Jacob presents with a friendly personality that allows questions,, from the homeowner, conducted with ease.
- J.M., August 2018
Jacob came highly recommended and he did not dissapoint. He was thorough, meticulous , and took his time walking around the house to show us the few things that were noted. Thank you Jacob. And thank you to he gentleman that was with you - I can?t think of his name at the moment!
- C.R., August 2018
Great job, as always! You are thorough and patient, and clients always give good feedback.
- C.M., July 2018
Very detailed inspection and explanation of terms / issues. Highly recommend Jacob! Patrick & Marcie Gavin
- P.M., June 2018
Thank you for being so thorough and taking time to show us your findings and to answer all our questions. Your report was amazing and gave us everything we needed to proceed with confidence. The link in your report that allowed us to list items we felt most important was very helpful as well. You did an awesome job that has been incredibly helpful in our decision on this property. Thank you!
- W.S., June 2018
Thorough and explained things so we could understand.
- R.M., June 2018
Very detail oriented and professional. Thank you
- G.H., June 2018
It was a great experience! Jacob was very helpful and explained everything thoroughly. We would definitely use him again in the future!
- A.C., June 2018
I must say, I was very impressed at how thorough this team was! I have used another company for years and they are very good but getting a bit too expensive, Jacob was detailed and easy to work with. He took the time to show me around the home so I understood his findings. I will certainly use his company again and again. Thank you Jacob! Lavona
- L.B., June 2018
Jacob is a fantastic inspector! Many of my buyers are from out of state and he does a great job explaining his findings so that buyers feel comfortable. Extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Jacob has earned my business for sure!
- J.B., June 2018
Jacob is a wonderful inspector! He really knows what he's doing and how to explain all of the findings to the buyers without setting off alarms for minor typical things. He was very informative and I'll gladly use him again! Thanks Jacob! :)
- S.R., June 2018
Jacob is extremely knowledgeable and communicates very well. He is my go to inspector and always a pleasure to work with.
- T.B., June 2018
Thank you for doing the inspection on our house. I appreciated all the detail in the report and helped me understand what need to be fixed much better by including the pictures. The time frame was great. It put our minds at easy about the decision to buy this house much sooner then I thought it would take. Thank you Nichol
- N.S., June 2018
Thank you inspecting my clients' (Sellers) home. I enjoyed meeting you and respected your knowledge and professionalism.
- J.L., June 2018
Jacob was so professional and did a great job walking us through everything and explaining everything so we had a good understanding of what needed to be fixed. Jacob also respected my client's time and took us though the report in a timely matter. I will definitely use Jacob again!
- C.S., May 2018
Jacob Babin is the BEST home inspector that we have ever encountered in all our home purchases. He is professional, very knowledgable, and thorough in his inspection and report preparation for the buyer.
- C.B., Phoenix AZ, May 2018
Jacob is the very best! Very professional and knows his industry. I've worked with Jacob for several years and he's certainly the best inspector I've had the pleasure of working with. He always catches way more detail than others - he's the professional you want on your side.
- D.A., May 2018
Jacob was very thorough with the inspection and patient with our questions. He seemed to be very experienced and provided great advice about his findings.
- S.V., May 2018
Very professional, thorough and anticipatory work giving me confidence and budgeting how to prioritize areas of home repair and maintenance for the next several years. Excellent customer experience befitting the digital age, allowing me to have a digital folder for years to come.
- P.M., May 2018
I've completed dozens of home inspections with Jacob and continue to be very pleased with his work. He is professional and knowledgeable and interacts in a positive, helpful way with my clients. Jacob makes himself available before and after the inspection appointment for additional and follow up questions. It's very clear that Jacob wants the buyer client to feel comprehension about the condition of the home. He's flexible and communicates in a timely way. I would confidently recommend Jacob's work to others.
- G.J., May 2018
Great job !
- C.K., May 2018
Jacob is awesome - always provides excellent customer service from the initial email out to clients to taking his time to walkthrough and explain the home after the inspections are done! Our clients always feel extremely comfortable with his style of communication and we get rave reviews after each inspection. We highly recommend Jacob and the Total Inspections team!
- J.D., Chandler AZ, May 2018
Jacob was very professional, informative, thoughtful, and helpful! I?ll definitely recommend him or his company to my family and friends!
- B.M., May 2018
Jacob is great for a variety of reasons. 1. We love that he walks our customers through the entire house and shows them how to "use" the house. He tells them where the shut off valves, electrical panels, etc. 2. He is honest- we had a client wanting a new home inspected, but after talking with Jacob, we realized it's best for that to happen right before the 1 year mark in this case. He could have charged our client to do the inspection and then charged her again, but he didn't. 3. We love how fast the reports get back to us. 4. We love that he answers the phone when we need him. Thank you!
- H.O., May 2018