Curtis was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. answered any and all questions that i had.
- T.K., March 2021
Great service
- H.S., Roanoke VA, November 2019
Curtis Blevins is thorough and professional. I appreciated the inspection details he provided so much that I called him to inspect the home that I am buying. I will definitely recommend him.
- C.S., October 2019
Thank you very much for your time and accommodating my time line. I hope to talk to you again soon. John
- J.S., August 2019
I really appreciate the knowledgeable commentary and explanations about the house, and suggestions for preventative maintenance, and possible fixes for the minor issues. Its genuinely a great help for those like myself who are not in the industry. Thank you.
- R.W., July 2019
Mr. Blevins was very professional, thorough, and informative. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Throughout the inspection, he took time to explain the process and gave recommendations for improvements. Thankfully, he found a fireplace gas leak and the need for adjusting the garage door spring. He was great to work with. He came highly recommended and more than lived up to his reputation.
- E.H., July 2019
Curtis is absolutely my go-to home inspector, professional, thorough, prompt, and trustworthy.
- A.C., June 2019
Thank you Curtis! Very thorough inspection and detailed report. Have co-workers looking for a new house and will recommend.
- P.P., March 2019
Curtis is a great home inspector, with many years of experience.
- R.W., Daleville VA, February 2019
Another fine inspection as usual. Thank you for your honesty and professionalism. Sincerely, Pam Smith
- P.S., Roanoke VA, November 2018
Curtis does an exceptionally indepth and professional inspection. They clearly explains any issues or deficiencies he find, and provides a very detailed report. This is the second inspection he has done for me and I would definitely recommend him.
- T.S., February 2018
It did an AWESOME job on my home inspection!!
- S.L., August 2017
Curtis does a very thorough inspection and was timely in the report write-up.
- J.M., January 2017
Thank you so much Curtis for the home inspection. You explained things so I understood and took lots of time with me!! Thanks again Robin Patrick
- R.P., September 2016
Thanks for the thorough inspection. Your honest assessment was very helpful.
- J.S., February 2016
Excellent Job. Thorough and detailed in report. Thanks!
- M.V., June 2015
I appreciate your promptness and professionalism in performing the Home Inspection. The report was thorough and the accompanying pictures clarified the statements in your report.
- L.H., June 2015
Thorough and complete.
- K.F., November 2014
very thorough and professional!
- S.D., November 2014
very thorough and professional!
- S.D., November 2014
Thanks for everything Curtis. I appreciate how detailed you were and hated I had to cut the meeting short but work was calling. Thanks again, Anita
- A.M., October 2014
Curtis was very professional, punctual and very prompt is furnishing the report. The report was also very detailed.
- S.S., September 2014
Very professional and explained problems and what repairs might be needed.
- K.S., September 2014
Very Kind and Thorough. Did a good job
- S.B., April 2014
Totally pleased with Curtis as he is the best we have worked with. Rick & Judy Hillman
- R.H., September 2013
Exceptionally professional and very thorough, I highly recommend Mr. Blevins services. In addition to completing the home inspection he answered all my questions and provided detail instructions on equipment I was not familiar with.
- S.B., Williamsburg VA, August 2013
Mr. Blevins arrived to the site early and was very helpful and patient in answering questions. It was obvious from interacting with him and from the inspection report that he is very knowledgeable. We would recommend Mr. Blevins and would use him again.
- J.J., Radford VA, July 2013
Thanks Curtis for your very thorough inspection and quick report. I especially appreciated your taking the time to point out the little things that matter to a homeowner and that I wouldn't have thought to ask (like what the mysterious switch that doesn't seem to do anything is actually supposed to do). You were very patient with a first-time homeowner! I'd be happy to recommend you to anyone. Thanks again!
- P.H., ROANOKE VA, July 2013
I want to thank you for the thoroughness of the inspection and the time you took with me on-site to go over your preliminary findings. I believe that we received a great value in your service and will be recommending you to anyone we come in contact with needing a home inspection.
- B.D., Roanoke VA, July 2013
Friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough! No one else I'd want to do a home inspection for me.
- C.S., Newport News VA, April 2013
Curtis was very focused and thorough. He was polite and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a home inspection.
- G.H., Roanoke VA, January 2013
Great Job Curtis!!! Hope you didn't kill the sale. LOL LOL Just kidding! If there is a problem, I want you to find it. Thanks
- P.S., Roanoke VA, December 2012
Curtis is our go to guy as he is extremely thorough and knowledgeable.
- R.H., August 2012
Curtis, thanks for you time and expertise. You were very sweet to answer our many questions. Take care, Tammy and Roger McDaniel
- R.M., Roanoke VA, April 2012
I always recommend Curtis! I know he has the reputation for being too picky, but when you are the buyer, "That's a good thing". He's a good guy. He's very knowledgeable and does a good job explaining any problems that he finds without freaking the buyers out. He is also a Christian and not only answers to his clients, but to God. I've used Curtis for years and will continue. Sincerely, Pam Smith, Gwyn & Harmon, Realtors
- P.S., Roanoke VA, February 2012
Curtis was very detailed and thorough in his inspection and went above and beyond our expectations by taking the time to explain how the equipment in the house functioned and advising us of potential concerns with the house that might arise years down the road. We wholeheartedly recommend Curtis!!
- J.R., Leesburg VA, October 2011
Curtis was very professional and honest and I would reccomend his services to anyone.
- D.O., Roanoke VA, October 2011
Thank you. I really appreciate your time and effort in the extreme heat. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Rhonda Parks
- R.P., Roanoke VA, July 2011
Curtis, Thanks for being so thorough and explaining your findings on premise in understandable terms. Dayna and Rob were are the best!
- P.B., Roanoke VA, May 2011
Thank you very much for a very professional and thorough job!
- S.O., Roanoke VA, May 2011
Very friendly and documents everything he does. A+
- P.P., Roanoke VA, March 2011
thank you very easy to understand and aswerers question throughly
- D.C., Salem VA, February 2011
Thank you very much for the inspection. The report and accompanying pictures were very helpful. I appreciate the effort and detail you put into this inspection. I will certainly recommend you.
- J.W., Roanoke VA, February 2011
Really takes time to explain problems and give suggestions.
- R.S., Roanoke VA, January 2011
Very professional and thorough. Explained everything clearly.
- N.S., Roanoke VA, November 2010
He was really great with explaining things to me as well as being available for follow up as repairs are done. I highly recommend him! Johannah Echevarria
- J.E., October 2010
My name is Roberto Reyes and my brother, Carlos, made the appointment and showed you around my home, and I am truly grateful he did. Your inspection was head and shoulders above that of the previous inspector's and so many issues were revealed that I had no idea about and which the previous inspector did not inform me about. I apologize for just writing this comment, I did not notice it the first time I printed a copy, and as I was getting ready to print another copy I noticed it and decided that you definitely merit the time to devote a commentary. Thank you for doing an outstanding job, now I know what to work on to have a safe and long lasting home. Sincerely, Roberto Reyes
- C.R., New York NY, August 2010
Fast, Courteous, Professional, Responsive, & Efficient. What more can you ask for? Thank you very much for delivering peace of is much appreciated! Whitney
- W.J., Roanoke VA, August 2010
Thanks for taking the time to be thurough in your inspection. Your professionalism and demenor was supurb. I appreciated you taking the time to answer my questions with clear and presice answers.
- J.P., Daleville VA, July 2010
No suggestions, just continue the great work.
- T.S., Roanoke VA, May 2010
Great job on the report and the pictures. Very clear and will certainly recommend if possible in the future.
- S.D., Roanoke VA, May 2010
Curtis, you rock, thanks for helping us with choosing our home.
- M.T., Morganville NJ, March 2010
Thanks for the detail in which you do your job!
- J.S., Roanoke VA, March 2010
Curtis did a fantastic job and was incredibly polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs an inspector.
- A.C., Roanoke VA, March 2010
Thank you for working around our schedule. Your inspection really set Shirley's mind at ease. Thank you so much. See you next time.
- P.S., Roanoke VA, February 2010
Mr. Blevins was very thorough and took the time to answer all of my questions. Shirley Massey
- S.M., Shady Springs WV, January 2010
Mr. Blevins is a very professional and detailed inspector that I would not hesitate to highly recommend. I have had the opportunity to work with him on two houses, and on each occasion, he inspected the homes with a fine tooth comb, clearly indicating deficiencies and taking time to personally explain his findings and recommendations.
- E.T., Roanoke VA, November 2009
Curtis was very professional and helpful. I am pleased with his work!
- G.L., Roanoke VA, October 2009
I was absolutely completely satisfied with the throughness of this inspection. Mr. Blevins was professional, curteous, and obviously knowlegeable and experienced. The actual inspection report is written in plain language so the average person can understand all summarizations and recommendations. Mr. Blevins is at the top of his field.
- A.B., Vinton VA, August 2009
Curtis, We are really grateful for your thorough and timely inspection services! We heard about you through a recommendation and will pass along that wonderful advice to our next home buyer friends! Thanks again.
- M.B., New Castle VA, August 2009
I was satisfied with Curtis. He took his time and explained what he was inspecting. I felt very comfortable with is approach and method.
- R.S., Roanoke VA, August 2009
The reason I suggest Valley Home Inspections is, he does not show favortism. He inspects every home the same regardless of the individuals involved in the transaction. He is thorough and inspects the home as if he were to purchase it himself.
- D.B., Roanoke VA, June 2009