Tommy is awesome! He is personable, responsive, and knowledgeable about the home inspection. I highly recommend him to everyone who look for a qualified and professional inspector. Great experience. Thank you always!
- C.S., Duluth GA, May 2023
Your service was great. However, if there is something I want more, I hope I can get a rough estimate of repairing or replacing every single issues about that house.
- E.L., Duluth GA, March 2023
Tommy Kim is excellent! This was my first time receiving the inspection from him, and I am more than satisfied with his inspection report. Remember, this is my fourth time buying the house. He has been the most honest and thorough inspector, finding the essential problems that must be addressed before closing but can be overlooked easily by many inspectors. His level of knowledge and manners made me and my family feel at ease, knowing that the inspection of our new house is in good hands. I would recommend him to any buyer any day. Thank you so much, Mr. Kim!
- Y.K., Pendergrass GA, February 2023
Tommy was fantastic when it came to inspecting the property. He was meticulously detail oriented and no stone seemed to go unturned. I'm very grateful for the genuine report and exhaustive list of even minor issues that we plan to immediately act on after purchase.
- R.J., February 2023
Tommy was very thorough and provided a detailed walk through of his findings. Excellent work.
- H.S., November 2022
Mr. Kim was very professional since my first call with him. The final report was very detailed and informative. He was courteous and patient while explaining the reports. He is highly recommended.
- D.N., August 2022
Professional, friendly and prompt, can't ask for more. Thank you.
- S.H., Johns Creek GA, July 2022
Personable. Explains thoroughly. Has great ability to build rapport and I knew I was in good hands. Glad I got Tommy!
- M.D., July 2022
Two thumbs up !
- S.S., Suwanee GA, June 2022
Tommy did awesome job again. He never disappointed my clients. Thanks again Tommy! You are the keeper. J
- G.H., Duluth GA, May 2022
He is the professional.
- S.C., chamblee GA, April 2022
NEW HOUSE INSPECTION. I was a little skeptical whether an inspection was necessary since I was buying a new construction but after getting TOMMY's verbal orientation and inspection report I was glad I did. TOMMY was very professional and knew exactly what he was talking about. I instantly knew that the kind of knowledge he had was based on many years of experience. On top of catching things that I would have never even thought of, he also provided very useful advises when doing the 'walk through' with the builder. I would strongly recommend TOMMY. Thank you!
- C.R., April 2022
Another great job !!
- S.L., Buford GA, March 2022
Tommy is my first call when I put in an offer. There is no one in the business better!
- B.M., Johns Creek GA, February 2022
He is a very knowledgeable, informative and professional person at the work. Having him as a inspector or personal relationship, It is a one of wonderful thing.
- B.K., Duluth GA, December 2021
A heartfelt thank you to Tommy for the inspection during Thanksgiving Week. Happy Thanksgiving!!
- G.H., Duluth GA, November 2021
Tommy is a detailed and perfect inspector. The buyer was also very satisfied.
- D.R., Duluth GA, November 2021
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- C.K., October 2021
Tommy arrived early, was very friendly, and thorough throughout the whole process. Thank you for your time.
- A.G., September 2021
Tommy, Thanks so much for taking the time to perform a thorough home inspection with my client last Saturday. The knowledge you imparted to us in the process was invaluable. I?ll be sure to recommend your services to anyone I know in need of a home inspection and home education!
- C.S., Duluth GA, August 2021
He was kind.
- Y.H., July 2021
Tommy has been my primary inspector for several years now. He does a very thorough job and I love the layout of his reports. He is always available to and willing to answer questions or to explain in more detail issues I may not understand. Best of, my clients always seem to love working with him.
- S.L., Buford GA, July 2021
Mr. Kim was professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him for an inspection.
- J.L., July 2021
I sincerely thank the Inspectors Tommy Kim for cooperating with me in the highly competitive current real estate market. Thank you so much for allowing me the time to inspect my buyer's new construction homes even on a tight schedule. You are and have been always #1 inspector. Once again, I greatly appreciate your work and customer care.
- G.H., Duluth GA, May 2021
He did a great job inspecting my new house. If you are plan to have a new or old house, I def. recommend.
- H.S., May 2021
Tommy is my default inspector. Always early, very polite, great with clients and very detailed oriented. He's the first one I call with every inspection.
- B.M., Johns Creek GA, April 2021
Tommy Kim recently inspected my new home for me. He was very professional and thorough. I highly recommend him.
- N.E., April 2021
I was very please with the inspection that was done by Tommy Lee. At the end of his inspection he took as much time that we needed to go over the inspection nd answered any question we may have had. I would recommend anyone to use his services and if the time comes and we move again I would be calling him to do my home inspection. Bernie Blake
- B.B., March 2021
I was quite pleased with the very thorough inspection performed by Tommy. Afterwards, he went through his findings , explaining possible causes and solutions and answering any questions I had.
- S.C., Sugar Hill GA, March 2021
Tommy Kim is an outstanding inspector. He reviewed and explained to every meticulous item to be fixed. He made sure to find the slightest items a normal person would have missed. I will be sure to call Tommy Kim for my future inspections.
- D.K., March 2021
I absolutely recommend Tommy! He is extremely thorough and takes the time to review the report and provide recommendations. Best inspection experience I have had
- C.H., February 2021
Mr. Kim was knowledgable, informative and "common-sense". Well done.
- B.O., Alpharetta GA, February 2021
Absolutely! He did a thorough inspection!
- J.B., February 2021
Thank you for always doing your best!
- G.H., Duluth GA, January 2021
Tommy Kim was one of the most detailed inspectors I have ever had! I felt as the he was inspecting my home as if it were his own. I would highly recommend him.
- C.F., December 2020
very good job, review even the smallest detail, good job Mr. Kim
- I.P., December 2020
kind explanations and detailed report
- J.C., Duluth GA, December 2020
Very detailed inspection, Thank You Tommy for such a professional work! Definitely will keep working with you with future clients.
- A.M., Duluth GA, September 2020
As home buyer, Tommy Kim was looked every details and looked everything. Which is very important to home buyer. Even my real estate agent said that Tommy Kim was good even price was higher then other companies. Thank you and keep up the good job...
- E.H., Grayson GA, September 2020
Superb service and expertise. A very thorough inspection and prompt report followed by a phone call to discuss any concerns. Would definitely retain his service next time as well. High recommended!!!
- S.K., July 2020
Great work, very professional. Highly recommend. Thank you.
- L.C., June 2020
It was my second-time inspection with Tommy, and I am satisfied as the first time. I will definitely call him again for my next inspection. He points every small details that can cause the problems.
- J.P., Duluth GA, June 2020
I never seen a guy who would take so much attention to the house during the inspection. He was extremely through during his inspection process. He was also kind to explain all the details of the inspection in great depth but also offered his advises on area where it needed attention of me. Overall, I am grateful that Tommy was my inspector and if I have to be involved in another inspection for house, I would use him as my inspector again.
- I.A., March 2020
It was pleasure to have you as our inspector. No question needed during the inspection. He provided everything that we should know about. Checked everything meticulously and professionally.
- J.P., Duluth GA, March 2020
Thank you for your hard work.
- R.K., Duluth GA, March 2020
Tommy Kim as an inspector has work expertise but most of all I appreciate the excellence in communicating with agents and clients all the time. Tommy is more reliable as a person who knows the importance of communication about services. It is hard to find these days like a man with a humble and kindness personality. Thanks Tommy!!
- G.H., Duluth GA, February 2020
Thanks you for your professionalism, friendly service and consideration for my clients from the begging to the end. Lately I am greatly appreciated for your sincerity and integrity. I am so happy to have you as an inspector. You are absolutely the one to keep. Thanks Tommy!
- G.H., Duluth GA, January 2020
He is best job for inspection with a very details & notes. I'm strongly recommended his jobs and he speak korean language very well. thanks a lot, explain details.
- I.K., December 2019
He is very detail and professional on his job.
- S.K., Duluth GA, October 2019
True professionals! Tommy completed his report (same day of inspection) and the talked me thru the issues/highlights. I will definitely use him again and I highly recommend using him as a professional home inspector.
- M.M., August 2019
Overall was great service!
- M.M., August 2019
As a Real Estate Agent, Tommy has become my prefer option to recommend to my clients. He gives my clients the most accurate and complete inspection to the property.He is very knowledgeable and professional .He includes at no extra cost the Thermal imaging scan which gives my clients a peace of mind, I love the tools that he provides to me and my clients for negotiation after the inspection, as the estimate for repairs , and best all it is included , my clients don't have to pay extra for that !!! He is very easy to work with and always available if you have questions or if you need to accommodate an emergency inspection, he will find the way. Thank You Tommy !!!!
- N.C., Alpharetta GA, August 2019
The inspection took about 3.5 hours to complete and was worth every minute. As a result of this experience I feel much more clear on what issues we have to take care of first and what can wait awhile. I would completely recommend his service to anyone considering having an inspection done. Because of him I felt a lot more comfortable with the whole home buying experience. Thank you so much Tommy! You?re great at what you do!
- Y.W., July 2019
We appreciated so much for taking the time to meet with us and do our first home inspection! Todd and I really appreciated all of the care you took for inspection. Your advice and knowledge really impressed us, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a great certified home inspector and just an all-round great person. Sincerely, Thank you!
- C.C., July 2019
Tommy, THANK YOU! We greatly appreciate your expertise and take comfort in once again having you re-inspect our future home. Please don't change your business ethics. You are indeed a rare find when it comes to a home inspector.
- J.R., July 2019
Excellent inspection. Thank you.
- T.F., July 2019
Tommy is the best home inspector. He was professional and knowledgeable. His work was very thorough. I would highly recommend him!
- C.S., Duluth GA, June 2019
Tommy did a great job for us and always listen to and answer all our question.
- T.F., May 2019
Tommy was very friendly and so knowledgeable.
- T.K., Duluth GA, May 2019
Tommy is professional and his report on the home is comprehensive. Very detailed and thorough.
- M.B., Suwanee GA, May 2019
I am satisfied with all the process of inspection and way he treats client. Thanks to Tommy!!
- G.H., Duluth GA, April 2019
Great job. Very thorough and informative. Tommy doesn?t miss anything.
- D.M., Suwanee GA, March 2019
I hired AllSouth Home Inspections to inspect the home that I but an offer on. Tommy showed up on time for the appointment. He was friendly and professional and inspected every part of the home. I was impressed from how he performed the inspection. He was very thorough from top to bottom. When he finished, report was emailed within 24 hrs. I thought I would get the report a day or two afterwards. Tommy found a few things that I had no idea that needed to be addressed. AllSouth Home Inspections save me a lot of money in repairs that I was not aware of! Now I know why you need home inspections. I am very happy home buyer! Thank You!
- J.R., February 2019