Great service provided. Pictures, videos and detailed descriptions.
- J.M., April 2021
Great job!. Quick turnaround and excellent report detail. Many benefits to this service: 1. allowed me to purchase RV with confidence sight unseen. 2. made the purchase / delivery process go quickly as I did not have to re-check functionality of systems. 3. allowed me to negotiate additional savings on purchase price to cover potential minor repairs (just about paid for the inspection). Would highly recommend Bobby and Gwynne.
- M.W., Boerne TX, October 2020
Bob and Gwynne went above and beyond for us! Being that we live in Henderson Nevada and the RV was in Colorado, we needed someone who could really be our eyes and give us a detailed report on what we were getting ourselves into. Amayzin RV did exactly that! They helped us every step of the way and the report they presented to us was beyond anything we could have imagined. Thank you both!
- M.G., Henderson NV, August 2020
They were very detailed and exact. They found issues that we would never have either thought of or found. This is our first RV and it was recommended to hire an inspector. Best recommendation ever and worth every penny!
- C.T., Broomfield CO, March 2020
Thank you so much for your very thorough and well documented inspection. It really gives peace of mind as well as areas noted for concern that is invaluable to me...
- D.H., March 2020
Great team! My wife and I were very pleased with how thorough they were. Extremely professional, very knowledgeable, thoughtful, courteous, and accommodating. We highly recommend them for your RV inspection. Thank you, Phil & Suzanne Polderdyke
- P.P., January 2020
You are absolutely aMAYzing. Even upon talking to Gwynne the first time, you didn't hold any information back and told me what the inspection would include. To be honest, this report is so detailed, far more than I expected it to be. The photos and videos were so great in demonstrating what needed to be fixed otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to visualize it myself. I love how you included what's "normal" so we could further understand what we were looking at. I love how you separate it into life-safety, major and minor issues - it helps us prioritize what we need to get fixed. Your support through this has been incredible so far. Thank you both for being so flexible with the date as well when the truck broke down! Thank you!!!
- M.S., October 2019