Brian was great. He took his time to explain all the gotchas in my older condo I'm purchasing.. and he was really attentive to detail! I enjoyed working with him, and would do so again for sure.
- J.O., Salem MA, December 2022
This was the first opportunity we had to work with Brian as our home inspector. We could not have been happier, he was very thorough, very patient and took his time to explain the process. We will recommend Brian to more of our clients.
- R.V., October 2022
Brian was professional and timely in every way with his work and explained clearly all aspects of the inspection. His evaluation went beyond expectations in making sure that we had the most complete information possible about the house.
- J.S., October 2022
Can't say enough great things about Brian; professional, thorough, personable, and beyond helpful. Brian takes the time to explain everything he's looking for, what everything means, and solutions to the problems a house presents. I learned so much in the few hours we spent together, it was like attending Home School. Even took the time the next day to go back over the report with me. I will be recommending Brian to everyone I know.
- D.H., SOMERVILLE MA, October 2022
Thanks, Brian, for the thorough inspection and for the careful explanation of each system and item as we went. I very much appreciated being able to understand what you were looking for and why.
- L.C., August 2022
I have had 2 inspections done by Brian, and I could not be happier with his service. He is professional, friendly, and goes above and beyond to explain what he's looking for, why, and give little tips about home maintenance too. He made the process easy for me, and I feel way more confident about the place I'm taking, knowing he's had his eyes on it.
- S.v., June 2022
Brian was fantastic! He was extremely knowledgeable and great at explaining everything that he was seeing. We feel confident that he did an thorough and complete home inspection and that we now know a lot more about our new home thanks to him. In addition to his professionalism, Brian was a really kind and friendly guy! It was a pleasure working with him.
- L.N., Baton Rouge LA, June 2022
Brian went above and beyond. We were incredibly impressed.
- C.J., April 2022
Brian was very knowledgable, honest, and concise. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a home inspection!!!
- S.D., March 2022
Brian's inspection was a tutorial for me in how to look at a prospective home for purchase. He noted things that I would never have considered, had specific advice about HVAC and utility life expectancy, and gave a very detailed and informative report at the end of the process. Highly recommended to anyone needing an inspection.
- R.C., February 2022
Brian is great! Very thorough. Very communicative. Easy to work with.
- D.F., Needham MA, October 2021
Brian did a great work. I was really lucky and blessed for working with him!!!!
- C.M., Dorchester MA, October 2021
I've used Brian for 2 home inspections now. The first one was more memorable, and proves his worth to any potential customer. On the first inspection, Brian discovered the duplex had not one...but TWO crawl-spaces. He had to crawl through some really tight spots, and had to contend with some hazards that were left behind. He went far beyond the minimum to create a very thorough report, which saved me from a potential money pit. On the second inspection, he was just as thorough, as well as his son, Patrick...but he was totally geeking out on my place's features. I learned something new about windows, HVAC systems, and electrical paneling. Brian knows his stuff, and is worth every cent. You won't be disappointed.
- C.M., September 2021
I am glad we got to work with Brian as our inspection specialist. Brian thorough, detail oriented and makes the whole process much less stressful than it should be for us first time home buyers. He took the time to go all around the property with us, taking detail pictures to be used later on in his report, explaining us in detail what needs to be repaired, improved or maintained, and what should be prioritized. He gave lots of tips and ideas about different repair and maintenance options in and around the house, which proved his knowledge also as a contractor. He is a fun person to be around, makes the whole inspection process enjoyable and educating. Brian did not shy away from crawling into deep crawlspaces in the basement when needed, and even gave us a long instruction on how to use and maintain a furnace/boiler. I would absolutely recommend Mr. O'Boyle as an inspector and am looking forward to working with him in the future on different contracting projects. Alp Cigman
- A.C., July 2021
This was the second time using Brian as a home inspector (first was for a pre offer inspection). Brian did a fantastic job of giving me a thorough inspection of my pending property while also explaining everything in layman's terms. I felt comfortable asking questions, and Brian gave me thought out answers. I learned a lot about the property being inspected but also a good lesson on homes in general. I've had home inspections in the past and this was by far the best experience. I highly recommend Brian and his son (apprentice) Patrick for your home inspection.
- P.G., May 2021
Brian was extremely thorough, professional, and helped us through our first home inspection. I would highly recommend him!
- M.H., February 2021
Brain was fantastic: very thorough, patient, and outgoing. He took time to discuss what he was seeing and what it meant. He'd make recommendation, when needed. Encouraged questions and answered them all. I'd definitely use him in the future.
- S.G., Arlington MA, July 2020
Brian and his team are the best in the business! So far I have used Brian TWICE and will continue to use him for future purchases. Brian has a wealth of knowledge and an expert eye. He was able to point out things that needed attention and didn't mind slowing down and explaining in detail exactly what we were looking at. As a first time home buyer I was a little uneasy but having Brian on my team made me feel comfortable that I knew exactly what I was getting into. In the end, I decided that the first house I looked at needed too much work. I ended up calling Brian two months later and the second house we looked at together was a much better fit. I feel confident that with Brian's help I am making a smart investment. Brian also includes a detailed report and because of the amazing job he did with my purchase; even my lawyer was impressed and is recommending the Five Stars Home Inspection team to all his other clients! Highly recommend for your next inspection!
- J.R., May 2020
Brian is the best inspector. He take his time to explain and educate you. I recommend any first time home buyer to give him a call. You will not regret it.
- N.A., November 2019
Very professional and thorough, would highly recommend
- B.R., October 2019
Brian came all the way across the city on short notice to inspect our house, and on a Saturday to boot. Our walkthrough was enjoyable and informative. We left feeling like we could trust his assessment, and more importantly, trust that the condition of our purchase was what we'd hoped it was. Thanks Brian!
- T.W., September 2019
Brian came through for me last minute when I was in a pinch, and I couldn't be more grateful! He did a fantastic job and was incredibly thorough in his inspection. He took the time to explain what he was seeing and answered every one of my questions. His inspection report was very detailed with his notes and pictures. I now have peace of mind! I highly recommend Brian!
- K.G., July 2019
Brian was amazing and made the home inspection process a breeze! He was able to book an appointment next day after I called, and as I had work was able to meet with others on the mortgage and immediately put them at ease with the process. He caught things we had missed in our own viewing, and even recommended what type of professional we should contact to address. Highly professional and thorough!
- S.O., June 2019
Brian was on time, very professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding the inspection. He was extremely thorough, answered all of our questions and concerns, spent a lot of time going through everything , things we would never even consider. He left no stone unturned. He gave us good advice and suggestions. I would highly recommend Brian to do your home inspection. We fell very confident going forward with the purchase.
- P.S., June 2019
I've been working with Brian for a few years now. He is my go to inspector. Professional, responsive, informative and fun to spend what can often be a few stressful hours with. His knowledge and background is unparallel and prepares buyers thoroughly for the home inspection process. thanks Brian!
- M.R., May 2019
My husband and I are first time homebuyers. Brian was incredibly thorough, he answered all of our questions, and made me fee comfortable enough to ask him anything. I did not feel like I had any dumb questions though I am sure I was asking very basic one. He was nice, on time (early), and the final product was a massive/thorough document with pictures and full descriptions. If we get to the point where we are ready to make some updates (and can afford it)I will definitly reach out to him, he's also a general contractor!
- E.B., May 2019
Brian was great to work with for our home inspection. He was thorough and took the time to explain everything we were looking at. As a first time home-buyer I appreciated the learning experience through all the different areas of a home.
- K.M., May 2019
Brian O'Boyle is a professional and takes his job serious. He does a good job and also takes the time to explain why and how the procedures are done. He also answered to questions ask and looks into details. I will highly recommend he for anyone in need of a good home inspection. Thanks Brian for a job well done.
- E.E., May 2019