Mr. Goff walked us through the entire home and put all of his explanations in a very easy to understand format. We sincerely appreciated his guidance and thoroughness during the inspection.
- J.K., May 2018
Loved your approach: inspection first, then meet with the buyer. Genius way of doing inspections, have not had anyone do it this way in 8 years of my experience but I love the approach, saves my time & my client!!
- B.J., January 2018
Thank you so very much for your thorough inspection.
- A.T., December 2017
Awesome inspection! Very detailed. Thanks again Kevin.
- J.M., January 2017
Kevin was very informative and walked me through everything.
- J.E., February 2016
Very professional and knowledgeable.
- J.M., November 2015
Very thorough, felt like I knew the home I was purchasing inside and out. Kevin's presentation to the client at the end of inspection is very thoughtful and well done.
- M.L., September 2015
He will be the only inspector we ever call! He was way beyond helpful and patient with us as first time home buyers!
- M.F., March 2015
Always does a very thorough inspection. Buyers walk away with the knowledge of what they are buying. Excellent inspector!
- A.K., December 2014
His inspection was above and beyond what I expected. His written report was very comprehensive and detail oriented. I will call him again for any future inspections. I highly recommend Kevin.
- J.K., November 2014
Kevin, You are exceptional at explaining details to my Clients. You always make sure that my Clients understand the process of the inspection and ask several times if they have any questions. Your reports contain detailed and important information about the currant state of the home and future maintenance.
- S.G., October 2014
Kevin Goof is a wonderful inspector! He is very thorough, answers questions without being intimidating and just a pleasure to work with. I will recommend Kevin Goff to anyone looking for an inspector.
- M.K., September 2014
Very plaesed with inspections and how thoughough he was and informative as well.
- D.S., July 2014
Kevin was very thorough and professional, pointing out even very minor deficiencies. I noticed that he was careful to put "footies" on over his shoes, every time he went indoors.
- F.B., June 2014
Fantastic job. Very pleased with the results.
- L.P., May 2014
I wouldn't choose anyone else. Thank you Kevin for the walk through and for being patient with me with all my questions. You really care!
- A.G., April 2014
Kevin, I greatly appreeciated your thoroughness as well how clearly you explained everything. Also, bringing bootes to cover your shoes while in the house was not only thoughtful but really showed your professionalizm. Thank you, Ed Reeser
- E.R., March 2014
Having dealt with numerous professionals over the course of owning a number of homes, we were extremely impressed with Mr. Goff. He is definitely a professional in the truest sense of the word and we would highly recommend him. Not only does he "know his stuff", but he is sensitive to the clients' need to know -- and remember -- everything he said about the home. Thus, the written report, which was received within 3 hours of the time he completed the inspection -- was thorough and covered every area he inspected-providing photos as reminders. His suggestions on how to proceed will guide us as we make sure that all his recommendations are carried out. We would highly recommend him, and if needed, use his services in the future. He is a professional in every sense of the word. We intend to follow every one of his recommendations. John and Geraldine Cherney
- J.C., March 2014
As a Housing counselor I get asked for referrals all the time, as we can pay for inspections on MSHDA Mortgage purchases. I WILL be referring Kevin in the future.
- J.B., February 2014
Thanks Kevin! Very professional, very thorough. Will recommend.
- A.P., February 2014
Kevin does an outstanding Job! I always use Kwvin if he's available.
- D.B., Lansing MI, January 2014
Kevin you are amazing and very thorough and detailed. Not only do you have a great personality and the fact you talk with us as if we are your equal made us feel good and as if we were friends for a while instead of just clients
- C.J., January 2014
Holy smokes, what a Home Inspection! I've been involved with several over the years, done by different companies, and there is NO comparison when it comes to timeliness, professionalism, thoroughness, quality and value. Mr. Goff's final presentation is amazing - beautifully laid out, extremely detailed and clear, and full of photos so there is no question what issue he was addressing. Electronic format and online access is unique and very user-friendly. The home I'm purchasing needs a lot of work, and Mr. Goff's inspection report will serve as a perfect checklist for all that needs to be done, in order of priority. I would recommend Kevin Goff without hesitation. I only wish he'd been around when I bought my first home!
- L.E., January 2014
Kevin did and outstanding job on this property. Very impressed by his report and professionalism. I would highly recommend him.
- E.K., December 2013
Kevin, is one of the best and most thorough inspectors I've used. I would highly recommend his services.
- A.S., November 2013
Thank you for your professionalism and quick response time!
- L.D., July 2013
I am very pleased with Kevin Goff's inspection. He was on time (a little early, actually!), was professional, and very knowledgeable. I will absolutely recommend Kevin and will request his services again in the future.
- J.S., May 2013
Mr.Goff & Co were very punctual and efficient, they did a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of my newly built house. Mr.Goff made the walk thru of my home very simple and easy to understand not to mention the email internet inspection documentation was easy to access, print and understand. I will definitely recommend Mr.Goff to my family, friends, coworkers, etc Thanks again
- A.S., March 2013
Kevin it was a pleasure meeting you today. Being in the building industry for over 30 years I am impressed with your inspection and Inspection Report.
- T.D., February 2013
From David L. to Kevin Goff: Great job Kevin, very concise report, very professional service. Thank you.
- R.L., February 2013
Kevin, You were very professional, efficient and very thorough. Thank you for job well done. Dennis Hoppe
- D.H., December 2012
Thank you very much for the detailed report. I appreciate your service!
- A.R., December 2012
Kevin is very thorough and his home inspections are very detailed with photos, thereby giving a complete and accurate portrayal of the areas identified.
- K.M., November 2012
Awesome inspector, punctual, gives especifics and explanations as much as it is needed, very patient, and shows a lot of knoweldge. Will recomend to everyone.
- M.G., September 2012
I have no suggestions, you have a very professionally run business, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
- D.S., September 2012
Great report. Very thorough. It was a pleasure working with you.
- T.W., September 2012
I would absolutely recommend Kevin Goff for an inspector. He was prompt(was there before I got there). Very professional with lots of information regarding the condo I am interested in buying. I feel confident with his findings and appreciate the recommendations. He answered all my questions and I was very satisfied with the results of his inspection.
- M.M., Lansing MI, September 2012
Kevin you are fabulous to work with! Clients are impressed with professionalism and honesty. Thanks!
- C.B., Lansing MI, August 2012
A lot of good information, and well documented. The well documented report is very important. There was too much information given to remember without it.
- D.H., August 2012
Kevin explained the process when I arrived so I knew what to expect. He efficiently inspected the house and then did a walk through and pointed out areas that needed both major and minor attention. The inspection report was on-line within the time frame and is detailed on what is recommended. All in all: very professional
- J.W., August 2012
Kevin is very professional, always on time and relates well to my clients and I really like the reports.
- T.L., July 2012
Thank you Kevin for a very thorough inspection and high quality presentation of the results
- K.M., June 2012
Most comprehensive home inspection I have ever seen or heard of. Many inspectors just use check lists. Kevin Goff was very thorough, informative,and his explanations/comments were easy to understand. The pictures are extremely helpful and make it easy to see exactly what needs to be done. I am very impressed and highly recommend Kevin Goff!
- K.W., May 2012
I appreciate your professionalism, from your knowledgeable answering of questions to the helpful list of service providers you furnish. Wish everyone did business like this!
- S.P., April 2012
I can always count on Kevin to give my clients an unbiased straight forward home inspection. His written reports are comprehensive and show my clients not only items that should be addressed immediately, but suggest timeline to follow for future repairs and maintenance.
- S.G., April 2012
Thank you for being so thorough with the inspection and very helpful! I appreciate you taking the time to go over every part of the inspection.
- J.C., March 2012
Goes over every inch of the home and is very knowledgeable of his job. He checks everything then goes back and walks the would be home owner through everything he did. I highly recommend Kevin Goff to inspect your home.
- B.G., March 2012
Kevin was very thorough and was willing & able to clearly explain any recommendations. We will definitely use Kevin again in the future.
- K.B., March 2012
Knowledgeable, focused, thorough, etc. I was impressed, as were the people I forwarded the results to. Thanks!
- W.K., March 2012
Mr. Goff was extremely professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He offered solutions to the minor issues that he found at the house, stated his personal opinions and kept moving. He stayed on task, arrived early and completed the job in a timely manor. I will recommend Mr. Goff time and time again. He reminded me a Marine Colonel I served with, he was straight and to the point.
- J.T., January 2012
Kevin, what can I say you were awesome! You were so honest and personable. You made us feel good about making our first home secure for the future. Thank you so much!
- E.K., June 2011
Very professional. Did a great job of explaining things to us!
- R.F., May 2011
I want to thank Kavin for making our home inspection process the best experience. He reort is very detailed and he will always answer any question you have
- A.A., April 2011
he was personable, easy to relate to and understand. and extremely thorough. he was fantastic.
- J.K., April 2011
Kevin is very thorough and does a great job explaining everything to the client. He is my favorite inspector!
- T.L., Okemos MI, March 2011
Excellent job, very professional and thorough. Thanks again
- N.E., February 2011
I would highly recommend Kevin Goff for house inspection. His service is very thorough and professional. He knows His business!!!
- M.M., January 2011
- J.M., January 2011
Very professionally done.
- E.S., November 2010
I have used Kevin for two home inspections he is very reliable
- J.P., November 2010
Thanks, Kevin, for the prompt turn around on the report and the excellent customer service. Not only did you inspect the house and provide a prompt report but you spent time with us to explain in detail what you inspected, your findings and suggestions for repairs and improvements. We plan to take you advice on every item. Continued success in your business! Chris and Steve McBride
- W.M., October 2010
We really thought you did a great job. We were very impressed on how very thorough your inspection is. Next time though take the shower at your own home lol!!!
- L.J., October 2010
Thanks Kevin for inspecting Ella's Court today. You made Patrick feel very confident in pursuing this house.
- C.B., Lansing MI, September 2010
We were so impressed with your thoroughness and how well you explained and prioritized the issues that needed to be addressed immediately and those that could wait.Our daughter is still young and home ownership is a new world. You did a nice job at letting her know the worth of the property and putting her at ease as to its condition.
- J.L., September 2010
Kevin, thank you so much for the thorough and informative inspection. I very much appreciate the effort you made to education me about the process. I learned a lot about the home and about how to keep it in good condition. Best of luck in the future, and thanks again. John
- J.C., August 2010
Thanks Kevin, I am very happy to have had you walk me through this process. I felt very informed and apprdciated your attention to detail. I am even more excited how good of condition the home is in. I thank you.
- N.F., July 2010
Kevin is the most professional and detailed home inspector you will find in the State! I recommend not only home owner use him, but Realtors as well, especially if you want to impress your clients. You cannot go wrong with Goff Home Inspections!
- D.M., June 2010
Absolutely professional and thorough job! Thanks Kevin!
- M.K., June 2010
You are really great inspector and I will recommend you to anyone I hear of in need of an inspection. Thanks again: Mike Olsen
- M.O., June 2010
Very pleased with Kevin's professionalism. We appreciated the fact that Kevin walked us step by step thru each phase of the inspection. Kevin explained everything in a manner that we understood and answered all questions that we had. It is very helpful that Kevin's Company is very modernized with recorders for notes, pictures for refreshers. His website with the actual inpection is fantastic, as it is very easy to understand. We would recommend Kevin to any potential homebuyers. Tammie Moore & Mark Lewandowsky
- T.M., May 2010
A very thorough report. Thank you!
- E.P., May 2010
We were very happy with the inspection Kevin did for us. Kevin's inspection was very detailed and he explained everything as he went.
- D.B., May 2010
You're the greatest!
- S.G., April 2010
Kevin was very professional and thorough. He was patient and explained things without making you feel like an idiot. His quality of work is commendable. I would recommend him for your home inspection.
- W.P., April 2010
- S.G., March 2010
You were very through and explained everything clearly. I appreciated that very much.
- J.B., March 2010
I love your reports and the way you present yourself and the results to my clients, Kevin. It puts everyone at ease during a stressful time, but gives them the news they need to know to make a wise decision. Thank you so much!
- K.L., Lansing MI, February 2010
Wow. What a thorough report. We'd definitely recommend you to others. THank you!
- M.S., January 2010
Kevin was very helpful. i would recommend him highly!!!!!!
- G.H., December 2009
Kevin did a great job. He looked at everything and walked us around and showed use everything that he had issues with. The report he send was great, it had everything that he told us during the inspection and it went into even more detail. I would definitely recommend his survices!
- E.C., November 2009
Kevin Goff and Goff Home Inspections is the very BEST! We recommend Kevin with no hesitation to all of our clients. Kevin is timely and thorough. Most importantly he is patient when explaining the inspection process and findings to each client. We appreciate all he does to take a lot of the fear out of the process for our clients (especially first time buyers). Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- D.C., November 2009
Very informative inspection report. Very well done and very quick on getting the report to me. I like to ability to access report online. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of an inspection.
- D.S., November 2009
He did an amazing, thorough job. Very Helpful!
- K.H., October 2009
This is the first home inspection I have had so I was not sure what to expect. Kevin seemed to be very thorough and was good at explaining to me how the inspection works. The pictures are extremely helpful in explaining everything that was in the report. Since this was my first inspection, I have nothing to compare to. However, I feel that everything was covered and in this type of situation, more IS better. Thanks !!
- M.V., September 2009
Kevin was on time very knowledgeable and friendly to work with. His report was generated the same day and available for my viewing.
- F.T., September 2009
Thank you for everything yesterday. You made us feel very comfortable and confident in the purchase of our new home.
- J.B., August 2009
Thanks Kevin, I am very confident in my decision to buy this property after your thorough inspection. Lisa.
- L.F., August 2009
Thank you for all the great information you were able to provide. I was a little nervous about getting an home inspection because I was not sure how qualified the individual would be, but you put me at ease with your complete inspesction and knowledege of your job. Thanks again and I will recommend you to anyone looking to have an inspection done. Shaionte Kelley
- S.K., July 2009
I would definitely recommend Kevin. He was very thorough and professional. He also took the time to answer all of the questions that we had to our satisfaction.
- J.B., July 2009
Thanks Kevin, I really appreciated your honesty and expertise during the inspection process. I also appreciated your prompt reporting. Thanks again!
- S.A., June 2009
I felt very comfortable with you Kevin and appreciated your professionalism, and your sensitivity to my situation. I would definitely recommend you 100% to anyone needing these services. The report is excellent and I appreciate the pictures and full detail. That is immensely helpful in getting estimates or selling or whatever I decide to do from here. Thank you Kevin Goff!
- M.C., June 2009
I am very impressed, what a great job. I have had several homes inspected and this by far is the best of the best. Thank you Nancy
- N.P., June 2009