David is simply put the best. He's the most professional and a very personable inspector. It was really cool to have been able to walk around with him and ask some questions. He did an extremely thorough inspection and it was definitely worth every minute that it took and every penny that it cost. Come to think of it, you can't put a price on this kind of inspection. I'd very much recommend him to anyone.
- D.N., October 2021
Thanks, David, for being thorough and treating the inspection as if it were your own home!!
- B.H., Hillsborough NJ, August 2020
Easy to schedule and work with. On-time, thorough inspection. Quite knowledgeable.
- C.M., August 2020
David was great during the inspection. he finished the inspection on time was very through and explained everything very well step by step at the end. his report that he sent after the inspection was well explained and clear to understand for anyone , even someone like my self a first time home buyer. his prices are also very reasonable compared to other home inspectors. i would recommend his services to anyone that needs one and i would use him again
- K.P., November 2019
I highly recommend David. He took the time to go over all of our questions (which were many) and patiently explained every concern and made it an enjoyable learning experience throughout the inspection process.
- J.T., July 2019
Dave was extremely thorough and professional and also very friendly. He answered all our questions satisfactorily and in terms we easily understood.
- K.D., March 2019
Dave is a knowledgeable, courteous, thorough inspector. I have worked with him many times in the past and look forward to working with him again in the future.
- M.Z., Bridgewater NJ, November 2018
Extremely impressed with David-both his demeanor and thoroughness.
- M.M., November 2018
Dave is as professional as they come. Best in the business. Highly recommended.
- T.M., October 2018
Best in the business
- T.M., October 2018
Could not be more pleased with David.
- D.M., July 2018
He did a great job looking at every detail and answered every question I had! My whole family has used David for home inspections in the past and we have never been disappointed!
- L.S., July 2018
Very professional, a pleasure to work with and extremely thorough!
- B.B., June 2018
I?ve worked with David in the past and he is amazing. Very thorough and trustworthy. I?d recommend him to anyone!!
- T.S., April 2018
We are very pleased with the service David provided. My wife and I found David to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He was more then willing to answer any follow-up questions we had. We will not hesitate to recommend David to friends and family.
- C.T., November 2017
Polite; courteous; professional and thorough.. Caring as well - great representative!!!
- T.P., April 2017
The inspection was very thorough. The report was completed by the end of the same day. David explained everything as he went through the process and answered all of my questions. I would recommend him to everyone.
- J.E., March 2017
Dave is a great guy to work with. Very knowledgeable and up front. He is very through and points out ever area that needs attention. His report is comprehensive, in addition he helped me to learn about what I expect to be my new home. I learned about the mechanical systems as well as the structure details. Dave earned his money and I felt like a learned so much from his detailed inspection of the home. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an inspector they can trust.
- D.S., January 2017
Dave is highly knowledgeable, accommodating, thorough, and friendly. He takes a lot of time to do his job and has a great attitude while doing it. This is the second home he has inspected for me, and I was once again highly impressed with his performance. I highly recommend Dave Haigh for any of your home inspection needs.
- M.F., October 2016
David was extremely detail oriented and was able to answer any questions I had.
- J.G., June 2016
This is our first time buying a home. Dave was so helpful and informative, taking the time to thoroughly inspect all elements of the home and also educate us about basic home maintenance along the way. I HIGHLY recommend him!
- A.D., June 2016
Professional, knowledgeable, and thorough.
- M.G., April 2016
Nice job Dave - very thorough report and appreciated your professionalism and knowledge base. I just sent an email, not sure if will get to you but my last name isn't spelled correctly on report - it's suppose to be Nevola. Thanks, Glenn
- G.E., March 2016
David Haigh was a wonderful inspector. He was very thorough and his knowledge base was exceptional. I would recommend him highly to anyone and David would be my only choice if I was doing another inspection in the future.
- O.F., February 2016
David: Thank you! Excellent job! Jerry
- M.B., November 2015
very knowledgeable patient polite always ready to explain anything anytime during the inspection VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!
- M.F., July 2015
I just want to say thank you for letting my son walk around with you during the inspection so he could see what needs to be addressed. He enjoyed it and learned a lot from you.
- D.J., June 2015
AWESOME! Dave was great! I was able to walk through the entire house while Dave inspected everything top to bottom and see what he saw. He definitely knows his stuff and found issues I would have never seen, since he is a professional after all! The report was very thorough and everything was explained in detail along with photos. I will and am recommending Garden State Inspectors to anyone I meet who is buying or selling a house.
- C.L., April 2015
great guy, very knowledgeable. would use him again.
- E.A., April 2015
Dave was very professional and thorough in performing our house inspection. He explained everything in detail and was able to answer all of our questions. We would definitely recommend Dave and use his services in the future. Thank you!
- K.O., October 2014
David was wonderful. He was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to us. I would highly recommend him!
- B.W., September 2014
very friendly, helpful and informative.
- M.B., March 2014
Thanks David for a very thorough job. I appreciated your professionalism and knowledge in answering all of my questions and having explanations for the areas I was concerned about. I feel much better about my home purchase after your visit. Regards, Bill M.
- B.M., August 2013
Very well done. It is a pleasure to hire and work with someone like Dave. No wonder he is successful at what he does. Would strongly recommend!
- M.M., May 2013
David was very thorough and observant with this inspection and I would highly recommend him.
- I.W., October 2012
Dave, I think you performed a great inspection of our home. You answered any questions we had and gave us piece of mind on what needs to be repaired for our move in.
- E.B., September 2012
David was very professional and very thorough. I would highly recommend the use of his services.
- K.P., September 2012
An excellent & professional job. Very knowledgeable & thorough.
- G.V., September 2012
Very friendly and informative. Answered all of our questions in a way we understood.
- D.D., May 2012
Fantastic, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Dave has my highest recommendation!
- W.S., April 2011
David was very professional. He took his time and looked over everything. He took the time to give us pointers and lessions during the inspection. We would give him a 5 star rating! Would use him again and again! Baker Family
- K.B., April 2011
David is a highly professional and knowledgable individual who provided us with peace of mind throughout the home inspection process. We know the ins and outs of our new home better than our current home. David took his time, answered our questions and did not make us feel like a question was silly. Thank you David!!!!
- B.G., April 2011
Great Inspection! I would recomend Garden State Home Inspectors and David Haigh to anybody! David was great to work with and a detailed report was available very quickly! Thanks again!
- B.A., February 2011
Thanks for everything Dave, the inspection was very thorough and informative. I couldn't believe it when the report was available online the same day. Plus, you sound like Vince Vaughn and that was cool.
- M.P., January 2011
Dave, Thanks. You did a thorough and professional assessment of the property. In spite of its problems, I intend to buy and live in this house. Deborah G.
- D.G., January 2011
This is the second inspection David did for me, second because the first house had problems he identified. He takes his time going through each room and is knowledgeable about codes. My family have also used David and have been happy with his results.
- C.W., October 2010
David was very professional. We left our inspection feeling confident. David is very knowledgeable in all areas of home construction/maintance. He was very thorough even thought it was a fairly new home...he didn't leave any area uncovered. Would definitely recommend Garden State Home Inspectors to friends/family
- J.G., October 2010
Dave was a highly professional inspector and very informative. Best experience I've had with home inspections to date.
- M.M., October 2010
David did perfect job, I'm glad that I picked him up for my inspection.
- P.R., August 2010
Thank you, David, your report is very professional and comprehensive.
- G.L., August 2010
Professional and very thorough. I've bought and sold many homes, best inspector yet!
- M.D., Bridgewater NJ, June 2010
David Haigh was a great home inspector! We have gone thru four home inspections in the last two years. This one with David was by far the best! Very through and friendly.
- M.R., April 2010
Professiona, efficient, timely and jknows his stuff.
- E.A., April 2010
Dave did a great job on our future home. We are first time buyer and don't have much experience. Dave took a great effort to explain everything to us. We feel much relieved after the inspection. Thanks, Dave!
- T.M., Plainfield NJ, March 2010
If anyone can make a buyer feel safe in this time of real estate risk, Dave can and will. This is my second home inspection using David Haigh and could not have been more satisfied with his thorough inspection of my future home
- C.S., Piscataway NJ, October 2009
Very Professional and great attention to detail.
- T.T., May 2009