Does a great job on home inspections, thourough and goes over entire report and is able to answer questions and guide in the right directions for additional help if ever needed. His team sets up the entire process and you get a report w/i 24 hours.
- T.R., Fort Mill SC, July 2020
It's always a pleasure working with Starmark. They are quick to respond, are very professional, and do an excellent job of reporting.
- P.B., Charlotte NC, December 2019
John was great. Really took his time and I felt like he was truly looking out for my best interest. Will do business again.
- A.J., October 2019
Very thorough, very informative when going over report with Buyer and myself. Good report with illustrations, easy to comprehend areas of issue. Thank you.
- J.P., Charlotte NC, July 2019
Derek was great and spent his time on each tiny detail. he was really thorough and would definitely recommend him for future need.
- M.M., October 2018
thanks again for such a nice inspection done
- S.N., July 2018
John is a thorough Home Inspector. He went over the house with a fine tooth comb. Things I couldn't even thought of was pointed out to me. I highly recommend him to get the job done.
- C.A., June 2017
John is a thorough Home Inspector. He went over the house with a fine tooth comb. Things I couldn't even thought of was pointed out to me. I highly recommend him to get the job done.
- , June 2017
John is a thorough Home Inspector. He went over the house with a fine tooth comb. Things I couldn't even thought of was pointed out to me. I highly recommend him to get the job done.
- , June 2017
John is a thorough Home Inspector. He went over the house with a fine tooth comb. Things I couldn't even thought of was pointed out to me. I highly recommend him to get the job done.
- , June 2017
I Already have recommended John. You should get a call from Rich Engelder. I think you did a great job. Certainly uncovered enough items that I would have overlooked and the builder wouldn't have noticed. Money well spent! John: when you visit Rich's house ( next door to mine) .. Please take a look at the roof penetration for the furnace. I KNOW that the boots were put on after it was shingled and I don't think the shingles cover the flashing as good as they should. I admit that I'm looking at it from a distance. Would appreciate your comments if you get out there again. Thanks...for your expertise! My biggest concern is the wet crawl space .. And I've put them " on notice" - hope that does some good! Dan
- D.D., May 2017
What a great job by this company and by this inspector. They came through for us in a time crunch and did a thorough, detailed inspection and still got it to us quicker than is normally ever possible!
- C.M., February 2017
Wonderful job John. Thank you for composing such a comprehensive and detailed report. It was so thorough and easy to understand. You long experience and deep insight in construction reflects in your work.
- V.R., Concord NC, July 2016
I'm absolutely satisfied with Starmark Home Inspections. I had John do a pre drywall inspection on a Lennar home I'm building. He found things I absolutely would not have found. I was able to hand the report to the construction manager and we walked through everything on site. John was already working in the area near my home and was able to inspect my home the same day I called! Robin was absolutely wonderful as well. She's very responsive and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Starmark.
- D.R., January 2016
John did a great job with his inspection and explaining all of his findings.
- W.D., July 2015
John It was a pleasure working with you and your partner. You were 100% thorough and did an excellent job explaining details in terms that made sense to us. We appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. I will be an advocate for Starmark Home Inspections! Thank You
- T.H., July 2015
Thank you for the very complete report. We just need the Termite inspectors report now. We appreciate your comments nad suggestions.
- K.N., June 2015
He is neat and thorough. Explains everything clearly and answers all the questions. I have recommended him to my friends and they are also satisfied with his service.
- V.K., April 2015
Very nice guy to work with. Will recommend John to anyone for inspection.
- R.A., March 2015
John, It was very nice to work with John. He is awesome and did great work and very thorough. Patrick Lowder
- P.L., March 2015
Everything was really great!!!
- V.G., January 2015
Very satisfied with John Hill.
- E.R., Iron Station NC, December 2014
John went above and beyond any inspector we have dealt with before. He was extremely professional and went over every detail no matter how small. In a day and age where home inspectors are in and out and just hand you a sheet of paper he even took the time to get to know us. In addition he and his wife followed up with us several times just to make sure we did not have any questions. If there was an All-Star team for Home Inspectors this guy would be the MVP. Personable, professional, and knowledgeable. I'd highly recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.
- R.H., November 2014
This was our first home inspection; and John provided great service and explanations for any issues found during the inspection. John is friendly, and provided excellent customer service! Very knowledgable and was able to answer all my questions with the upmost professionalism. I would definitely use his service and recommend in the future!!
- V.R., October 2014
Thanks for your work, John. As a first time homebuyer I had several questions and I was very pleased with the detail and time you gave me. I thought you did a very thorough job and gave good recommendations for any issues you found. It was very reassuring to hear you say you work for the homebuyer and will do what's in my best interest. I will give you references whenever possible and will use you the next time I purchase a home. Thanks again.
- G.P., June 2014
John was very thorough with his inspection. I was very pleased with his service!! I would recommend him to anyone purchasing a home or even doing home improvement. Thanks again John great work!!!
- J.K., May 2014
It was a pleasure working with you and I can see why Karen recommended you. Your professional work and reports are of a high standard that I will also recommend you to others and will continue to work with you
- T.W., February 2014
John was not only a great inspector, he also took the time to thoroughly explain all of his findings in an easy to understand manner. He's obviously there to make the buyer comfortable and aware of any and all issues that he finds and has done a great job of helping us feel comfortable with making a major purchase. I will be recommending John to anyone I know who is buying a home, new or old.
- B.B., January 2014
Highly recommend. We used him appr 3years ago when purchasing a home and requested him again on the purchase of another home.
- J.J., December 2013
John was thorough and very friendly. He was very pleasant to do business with.
- C.P., November 2013
The most thorough inspector in Charlotte. So many inspectors alarm the buyer with issues that are simple fixes. John is always cheerful and respectful of the homeowner while explaing issues to the buyer in an understandable way and without alarming them.
- S.B., November 2013
John was a great pleasure to work with. He is easy going and not an alarmist regarding less important issues. I felt very confident with John's technical abilities and advice. Highly recommended!!
- D.C., October 2013
Thanks so much! You were wonderful. Will definitely call you in the future!
- S.K., October 2013
John and Robin are professional and very personable. They will try to work with your schedule and produce high integrity results!
- H.H., June 2013
Excellent inspector, I have no reservations about recommending his services to any of my clients. Very thorough, patient, accommodating, and knowledgeable.
- V.M., Charlotte NC, May 2013
Excellent service and no doubt its very hard to find dedicated person like John.
- A.D., April 2013
John Hill is the best! John and Robin are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional, reliable. It is always a pleasure dealing with them both.
- S.W., March 2013
It is wonderful to have John do my inspections. He treats the buyers and sellers well but is very professional about why he is there. I appreciate him very much. Cindy French
- C.F., Monroe NC, March 2013
This is very seem less and looks very accurate. Although i am 600 miles away, i have nothing to worry as John had inspected in every details.
- V.P., March 2013
Thank you for taking the fear out of inspections! You have a wonderful, calm, sensible manner and clearly explain what is and is not a concern. Denise Chavanne
- D.C., February 2013
Very dependable with telephone and email contact, appointment scheduling and follow-through; Very thorough and outstandng inspection regimen; Well-documented report that is easy-to-understand.
- M.J., December 2012
Thank you for being available, even on Saturday and Sunday. You and Robin are wonderful. Thanks so much. Jerry and Sharon Ward.
- S.W., September 2012
John is the best. Always does a wonderful job and my clients love him.
- R.W., June 2012
Excellent job, very thorough, much appreciated.
- C.Y., June 2012
John was very professional and friendly. He was very thorough. We feel very comfortable going to through the home purchasing process after Johnâ??s inspection. Thanks John!
- N.C., May 2012
John, I thought your inspection was very thorough. Even though issues found are minor having the piece of mind is worth having done the inspection.
- R.W., February 2012
John was completely honest, helpful and a pleasure doing business with! Would recommend to others! I feel at ease with our purchase at his inspection!
- J.M., February 2012
John is the best inspector I have work with in my 35 year career. I will continue to send my clients to John.
- R.W., January 2012
John arranged for the inspection in a timely manner. He performed a thorough inspection and fully discussed his findings.
- M.H., December 2011
John Hill is very professional and detail oriented. I have used his services on more that one occasion. I highly recommend using his company.
- L.M., December 2011
Always reliable and knowledgeable.
- S.R., Charlotte NC, December 2011
John was very friendly and polite. He did an excellent job inspecting the house. Also very helpful in coordinating the other inspections for the home such as well/septic and termites.
- S.C., June 2011
John Hill was very knowledgeable about the home inspection process. I would strongly recommend to other home owners interested in a home inspection.
- A.L., May 2011
Very thorough and professional. Have already recommended his service so that others like me can correct issues that would eventually become a barrier to resale of my house.
- C.K., April 2011
John, Thank you again for doing such a thorough inspection our new home. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and taking some of your inspection time to discuss your observations with me and my father. I will defintly recommend you to others in the future. Regards, Robert N
- R.N., March 2011
Thank you for your thorough inspection. It was a pleasure to deal with you. I would recommend your services to anyone buying a home. Thanks
- S.N., February 2011
John, It has been a pleasure conducting business with you. Robin, is a very professional, accomadating, and a friendly person. If we need further information we will contact you. Your company will remain as a resource if further needed. Respectfully, Jackie and Berlin White
- J.W., January 2011
Very happy with the work Mr. Hill have done for us . Very professional and answer all our questions . He know very well what he is doing and have experience.
- C.E., January 2011
My wife and I found Mr. Hill to be very proficient, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. He took the time to answer our questions, make recommendations and demonstrated the acumen in this field that reinforced our decision to hire him. I would speak favorably of hiring Mr. Hill to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- R.K., October 2010
John was professional and extremely easy to work with. We recieved the inspection report quickly. His efficiency and friendliness is greatly appreciated!
- K.H., September 2010
Completely satisfied with Starmark and John's professionalism and expert advice. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have their home professionally inspected.
- D.L., Clover SC, September 2010
John was extremely thorough and highly competent. Once I told the builder I had a home inspection, there was no disputing any result John came up with. I would absolutely recommend John to anyone looking to have a home inspection
- A.R., September 2010
Thorough inspection, John took the time to fully and deeply answer questions.
- G.H., August 2010
We will highly recommend John Hill to anyone who needs an inspection We are very pleased with this report Ed Dever
- E.D., July 2010
Keep up the great work!!! John speaks plain English about the Inspection. Answer questions in a manner that we could understand. Very professional!!!
- J.T., June 2010
We appreciate your attention to our timeframes and your friendly, customer focused, professional attitude. Compared to other inspection reports, yours appears to be very professional in appearance and content. Thank you! Ken & Gerry Ross
- K.R., June 2010
John was helpful and professional.
- J.V., May 2010
Thanks so much! You and Robin are both so polite and honest. I really appreciate your professionalism. Thanks so much for making the inspection on my first home pleasant and not stressful! Take care, Danielle Bryant
- D.B., April 2010
He was detailed, professional and wonderful to work with.
- R.R., March 2010
John was extremely thorough, professional, friendly, and helpful with information and observations. I plan to use John again in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone!
- S.P., March 2010
We really enjoyed working with you. You did a great job combining knowledge and expertise with interpersonal skills. We would highly recommend you to anyone. Feel free to use us for a reference. Cory and Melanie
- C.K., March 2010
John Hill's inspection of my home in Sun City was the most comprehensive, honest and thorough of any inspector I have used over the years. A few code violations were made in the process of building my home and John uncovered them, saving me thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. I am very happy Starmark and John Hill were refered to me by my neighbors. Robert J Millar SCCL
- R.M., February 2010
Thank you so much. We greatly appreciate how thorough your inspection was and the information you provided during your inspection.
- S.H., January 2010
Mr. Hill was extremely knowledgeable and kept us informed while he completed the inspection. He was also very professional and punctual. Thanks again for such great service! Sincerely, Terence and Jether Williams
- T.W., December 2009
John, I am very impressed with the thoroughness of your inspection of my new property at 4026 Amber Leigh Way Drive. I am very sorry you had to make a 2nd trip but I am very appreciative of the fact that you did. I am looking forward to moving into my new hone in Charlotte, NC ASAP knowing that it has been professionally inspected by you. I also appreciate my agent Lorraine Lockett of Keller Williams Realty referring me and my home to one of the best. Barbara McLendon
- B.M., Charlotte NC, October 2009
Very thorough inspection.Clearly defined issues, concerns and recommendations.
- L.B., September 2009
Thanks again John, for taking time to speak with my husband and I since we were not able to be there for the inspection. You really were a big help in explaining everything to us.
- T.S., September 2009
The service was proffesional complete, and John Hill made this part of our buying experiance a walk in the park.
- L.J., August 2009
Wonderful job! Look forward to working with you in the future!
- J.S., July 2009
John was very accomodating , knowledgeable,and pleasant .We were vere very impreesed.
- D.H., June 2009