On time , doing a complete and detailed report, Also very social and keeping me informed every step of the way. Will hire him for any and all upcoming inspections I may need done.
- R.R., October 2023
I can't thank you enough Manass. I appreciate your kindness, expertise, thoroughness as well as your promptness in publishing the inspection report. Thank you sir!
- G.H., Warsaw IN, September 2022
Appreciated the thoroughness of the inspection. Clearly explained issues and recommendations. would definitely recommend Manass for a home inspection.
- T.V., Mishawaka IN, September 2019
Such a great guy, has knowledge and he is open to share it answering all the questions you have for him, he explains and make suggestions as well, he was highly recommended and now I know why, so I absolutely recommend him!
- J.G., Goshen IN, June 2019
My wife and I really appreciated your thoroughness and kindness. We thank you for walking us through the house and telling us what you see and explaining it so we could understand it. I would definitely recommend.
- F.S., Goshen IN, April 2019
Manass was professional, kind, thorough, and accessible. We would confidently recommend him to any other family.
- C.W., November 2018
Best in the business. An honest guy who leaves no stone unturned! A++
- T.A., September 2018
Manass did a great job and went above and beyond for me! Thank you!
- S.C., August 2018
Thank you for your expertise and amazing customer service. Although I opted not to purchase the property, I have found another property and will contact you to schedule another inspection. Thanks again!
- V.R., Altamonte Springs FL, June 2018
Manass does and excellent job
- M.C., Elkhart IN, August 2017
Mannass was very professional and I will recommend his services to everyone.
- M.K., Goshen IN, July 2017
Manass, We were so impressed with your attention to detail and level of thoroughness. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone looking to buy a house in the area. Thank you for taking the time to explain the findings in detail and answer any questions we had.
- B.U., November 2016
Manass is always professional and courteous, also accommodating when scheduling inspection appointments.
- S.B., Elkhart IN, October 2016
Very thorough, yet not over the top and keeps it real by knowing a lot of these repairs can be done by a knowledgeable handy man, or the owner, and not require a professional, which freaks out the buyer when everything is noted that way, and the seller gets stuck having to hire expensive repair work where it can be done well by an otherwise talented person. On the other hand the items that did need a professional to repair or replace certain things were noted. Thank you for your promptness too.
- N.T., Elkhart IN, June 2016
Great sense of humer and very knowledgeable. Did a great job.
- A.H., Elkhart IN, April 2016
- M.P., February 2016
Always comfortable with the thoroughness you take at inspections
- G.L., December 2015
Awesome awesome service, willing to work with you, and knows his stuff . Much appreciated.
- M.M., November 2015
Very thorough, willing to answer any and all questions! Will absolutely recommend Manass!
- E.C., Elkhart IN, June 2015
I have been in the RE industry for over 25 years. I really enjoy when I have the opportunity to work with a professional such as your self!
- G.W., May 2015
We are currently looking to buy our first home which is the biggest investment in someone's life, & to be honest is a little scary! We are so grateful & appreciate what a great job you did for us Manass, you were worth every penny! Because of the outcome of my home inspection I will not be buying the home we thought was the one for us & I disappointed that it didn't work out, a little bit..but not as disappointed as we would be if we got into our first home & had thousands of dollars in home repairs. Thank God for good guys like you to help home buyers make an informed decision in the process. This wasn't the home for us, but we are trusting in God to lead us to the right one, for He already has our home picked out for us! You will be hearing from us again in the very near future because we are still on the house hunting journey. Thank you so much, I would highly recommend you to others without a doubt! Just thankful God led me to you in this process. The Crawford's
- M.C., Goshen IN, February 2015
You did a great and thorough job, Thanks, Brian Balentine
- B.B., Lakeville IN, January 2015
Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate your prompt service and simple, clear explanation of what you were doing and all that was involved.
- K.B., December 2014
This was the second inspection Manass has done for us, and both times he was painstakingly thorough and extremely professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone purchasing a new home.
- J.P., October 2014
Very personable and helpful! Will be recommending him to everyone!!
- E.M., Bremen IN, August 2014
Thanks for your through review. John Littler
- J.L., Green Valley AZ, May 2014
You were very helpful and made it very easy for first time home buyers to understand what the problems were.
- J.J., May 2014
excellent service
- E.M., Goshen IN, April 2014
Manass did a great job! He had answered all our questions.
- A.S., Goshen IN, December 2013
Very helpful when I had questions. Patient with explaining. Kind.
- A.H., GOSHEN IN, December 2013
Mr. Hochstetler, Thank you for spending the morning with us. Also, thank you for the prompt report and all the useful maintenance information you provided us with. It is greatly appreciated and your pointers will put to use as soon we get moved in!!! :-) Tom & Hillary White
- T.W., GOSHEN IN, July 2013
I would recommend Manass to everyone. He is very professional, kind, and helped us with our concerns. He was on time and he works very hard for his customer. We are very pleased with the outcome. He is top notch all the way. Thank you Manass...
- L.B., Elkhart IN, May 2013
I cannot thank you sufficiently for the kindness you bestowed on Dawn and Joel Neary. I don't know what we would have done without you. You are a treasure and I words will never convey how much we appreciate your knowledge and your indepth inspection. Needless to say, I am not purchasing the Arrowood home. Take good care and many, many blessings. Fay Brown
- D.N., Elkhart IN, February 2013
Very thorough, polite, and knowledgeable. Would recommend highly. Quality workmanship and really like the way the final report is rendered.
- , June 2012
This is not our first time at the rodeo, so we've been through several inspections as both buyers and sellers. Never have we been so impressed by the thoroughness of the inspection, the urgency of timing or the quality of the output. Being out-of-state buyers who had a relative represent us at the inspection, we were anxious about picking the right inspector. We did that! Thank you, Manass!!
- C.P., June 2012
Great working with you again. We've moved and bought 10 properties over the years and your inspections have been the most thorough. We really feel like we get our money's worth. Very professional. Thanks.
- J.B., Willowbrook IL, June 2012
Would recommend to anybody. Very knowledgeable and well informed. Answered all the questions I had. Great to work with.
- D.S., May 2012
Manass did a wonderful job!! We are so thankful we had his expertise to do our home inspection. We would recommend to anyone! :)
- J.K., Elkhart IN, March 2012
good job
- R.S., GOSHEN IN, March 2012
Thank you for doing such a great job. I feel like I walk away with a manual for maintenance on my house! And thanks for answering all my questions and not even laughing at any of them! :-)
- C.G., February 2012
Thank you for doing a very thorough inspection of the home and getting us the report the next day. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we would recommend you to anyone looking for an inspection for their home-to-be. Thank you again!
- N.B., Middlebury IN, January 2012
Great inspector!
- S.C., November 2011
This inspection was much more detailed than the one I had done on my last home. I greatly appreciate all the detail and recommendations. I feel I could use this report as a step by step repair and maintenance guide. I can also show it to professional plumbers, electricians etc and they'd know exactly what to look for. Excellent job and very patient with all my questions and concerns!
- C.G., August 2011
Great detail and thorough inspection. Thanks for your advice and information about the property we have signed a contract to buy. The report form is also very easy to use.
- P.M., July 2011
Our clients and ourselfs always appreciate your promptness and the professional manor you handle the inspections. Pat and Greg Leksich Coldwell Banker RWG
- G.L., May 2011
Very thorough. Very good.
- J.H., April 2011
Manass was very professional and forward with his inspection results. He took the time to go through his entire report with me and answer several other questions I had. I feel very comfortable with his findings and appreciate how thorough a job he did. Thank you!
- D.C., April 2011
Very thorough! Would recommend.
- R.F., March 2011
I really appreciated your thorough inspection AND your report with detailed recommendations. (I will definitely be using this to plan for maintenance and repair on all of the areas you indicated!) I also VERY MUCH appreciated the patient way you that showed me what you were seeing during the inspection AND answered all of my pesky questions (: And I may well take you up on your offer to look at the roof when it is no longer under the thick snow cover we had this week! Thanks again for doing such a great job.
- L.S., Goshen IN, February 2011
Manass was extremely professioal and courteous. He took time to answer all of my questions and explain himself until I fully understood. A real pleasure to do business with!
- G.C., October 2010
Well done Manass, thanks for getting this turned around so quickly. I appreciated you taking the time to explain things during the walkthrough. Additionally, I was very pleased with the detailed report you provided and will recommend you in the future when the opportunity arises. Thanks again Manass.
- G.W., September 2010
Thanks, Manass for your valuable assistance. You've helped us evaluate the property from out of town with confidence and clarity, and your report has been a useful tool for evaluating potential liabilities.
- P.M., Boulder CO, September 2010
Thanks for courteous business manner and service. Don Strouse
- D.S., June 2010
Manass is very detailed and diligent in his inspections. I appreciate his integrity in presenting the results of his report.
- M.S., Goshen IN, June 2010
Hi Manass - I love the ease of using the your website...One thing that would be really helpful would be if the pages were numbered so I could print only the pages I want. My client really appreciated the job you did and the experience & professionalism you demonstrated during the inspection. Thanks a bunch
- B.N., Goshen IN, June 2010
You did an excellent job and kept me well informed during the entire process. Thank you so much for all your professionalism. Richard Tucker
- R.T., GOSHEN IN, May 2010
Great job, very through !
- J.S., May 2010
Mr Hochstetler is very professional and personable at the same time. He explained everything he was doing and looking for in such a manner that anyone could understand. His experience and knowledge certainly shine through wich, adds to your comfort level. I will deffinitely be refering him to anyone I know who needs this type of service.
- K.G., April 2010
Change nothing on how you do business for people. You are definitely one in a million. I thank you enough for doing your job just as needed. Thank you for everything.
- R.V., April 2010
Very thorough in his inspections, would highly recommend to anyone needing a home inspection. Took his time to explain the results of what he found and was very patient and friendly with us.
- B.M., Elkhart IN, April 2010
You always do such a great job Manass and all of my clients have told me how great of a job you do and how thorough you are. Thanks again for a great job!!
- D.G., January 2010
I have used Manass Hochstetler's services several times in conjunction with my clients real estate needs. He's always professional, quick and thorough. I have no problems referring him to anyone who needs home inspections!
- J.J., January 2010
Thank you so much for your careful inspection and the list of possible service people. We found them very helpful.
- L.M., December 2009
Wow!!! You are thorough. Thank you very much. I feel very comfortable that I know all the existing and possible problems I will encounter.
- B.B., October 2009
You did a great job! Thank you. Alina
- A.A., August 2009
Manass, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did regarding my new home inspection! I was very pleased with your professionalism, knowledge, understanding and patience. I was also very pleased with how quickly I was able to have the home inspected. This will be my first home purchase, and I felt comfortable walking through the inspection with you and asking any and all questions I had. I will gladly be recommending your service to anyone I encounter that is looking for an inspector.
- M.W., July 2009
Mr. Hochstetler was very professional and willing to explain to us the problems he found and how to repair them. We will absolutely use his services again. Dick and Annette Wolfe
- D.W., July 2009
Very professional and thorough.
- B.H., July 2009
he was very knowledgeable and very helpful
- J.R., July 2009
timely, down to earth yet professional,saved us from unwittingly making a mistake worth thousands of dollars, went above and beyond
- J.N., June 2009
You did a very very good job. You were very easy to work with and I would recommend you without any questions to anyone!!!
- K.H., June 2009