Great guy, knows his work and very friendly and understanding.
- J.C., May 2019
Very good job. Complete and thorough!
- G.H., September 2017
Excellent service. Very thorough inspection, Blane was easy to work with and gave a comprehensive report following the inspection. I highly recommend him
- J.C., September 2017
Blane did an amazing job inspecting our new home before purchase. He was very thorough, professional, and I highly recommend his services to anyone. This is our first time purchasing and Blane made the process easier and answered all questions quickly. I am very impressed with Blane.
- K.G., August 2017
Did an absolutely amazing job!!!
- K.W., May 2017
Thank you Blane for doing such a great job always.
- D.R., Junction City KS, January 2017
Thank you for providing me with such a detailed report.
- P.K., November 2016
He has truly been a blessing to work with, my "Go-to-Guy". I've used him for most of my home inspections and my clients provide positive feedback as well. He is knowledgeable and good with the buyers. I value his experience and hope to continue working with him.
- D.L., Manhattan KS, October 2016
Great guy and very detailed. I'd recommend his services!
- D.M., September 2016
Blane was very professional, and did a thorough inspection. He was very personable, and answered all the questions we had. He was willing to go the extra mile, and I would highly recommend him to any home buyer.
- D.M., June 2015
Very Professional
- A.G., Junction City KS, June 2015
Very professional, very knowledgeable, very thorough and took the time to ensure excellence in service. I was so impressed with the service provided by Blane that I would recommend his service 100%. Thank you for your commitment to customer service.
- S.C., June 2015
Very diligent, and thorough, will always answer any questions the Customer may have.
- C.D., October 2014
Mr. Hope did a great job showing pointing out good things about the property and explaining what he would change.
- E.S., October 2014
thanks Blane great job
- B.R., May 2014
Great Job. I'm a knowledgeable home buyer and I was very pleased with the level of professional expertise and detail you put into the inspection. I will definitely be passing your name on to anyone I run across looking for a solid, trustworthy, and thorough home inspector. Thanks Blane
- R.R., March 2013
Blane was personable and thorough. The pictures and videos included in the final inspection report showed not only any defects he discovered, but also helpful homeowner information regarding important turn-off and utility points. Even minor flaws or future repairs were included in his verbal and written reports. I would definitely recommend his service to other home buyers.
- J.O., March 2013
Blane went over everything in the home, and was very good explaining things that were found. Plus an excellent report. Looking forward to using Blane in the future.
- M.C., February 2013
Mr Hope did an outstanding job conducting our home inspections. The special video feature put a real time feel to the inspection. His thoroughness helps to be our eyes and helped smooth our decision making process on purchasing this home.
- D.E., February 2013
He was excellent! Really informative and took the time to answer all of our questions!
- A.M., February 2013
Thank you for being so thorough with our home inspection. The pictures are huge visual help in understanding your findings. Your inspection gives us confidence in our future home and investment. We will highly recommend you to anyone we meet in the market for a home.
- C.M., January 2013
I was very surprised at how detailed the inspection was. Also the use of pictures and videos made it really easy for me to see what exactly he was talking about, as I am in Afghanistan right now. Thank you so much for the look at the house, I suppose I'll have a nice list of things to do when I get home. thanks again V/R SGT Pomeroy, Robert W III USA
- M.M., November 2012
I always enjoy seeing you and appreciate you service. Thanks, Phyllis Cable
- P.C., August 2012
I found Blane extremely thorough in his report. I believe he must have touched every square inch of that house! On top of that, he was kind. He treated me like I was important and patiently explained each item. I know little about how a house works, structurally, and he very professionally and sincerely explained everything to me. I would absolutely recommend him.
- J.S., March 2012
Blane is a very thorough inspector and very pleasing to work with!
- A.F., February 2012
Your Pictures with the Report make it easy to see issues. Thanks, Karen
- K.W., May 2011
Blane helped us out of a schedule bind. He was quick and thorough. He is top notch.
- M.D., Manhattan KS, April 2011
Very friendly and easy to work with! Thanks, Blane!
- S.J., March 2011
Blane- You were very helpful and professional during the house inspection today. Thank you for all your help and I would definetly refer you to anyone!
- B.C., Manhattan KS, July 2010
Blane, you did a great job. Not only was I impressed by the thoroughness with which you examined the property, but I was also grateful that you took the time to explain everything to me. Your photos and comments will help us work out a repair plan for our new house if the sale goes through.
- D.D., Manhattan KS, April 2010
Blane is thorough and personable and gives you your moneys worth with is service. Charlie Rich Broker/Owner Little Apple Real Estate
- C.R., Manhattan KS, January 2010
Can you send me a copy of the radon test Thank You Mr Blakes. The inspection was conducted thoroughly and with great knowledge of home maintance.
- T.B., November 2009
Thanks for such a thorough job and the very helpful walk through of the inspection results. As first time home buyers, we really appreciate the time and effort that was put into a very useful document, not only for the buying process, but for future home improvements. I have already told my friends and coworkers that if they ever need an inspection, they should use your services.
- N.S., November 2009
Blane is a great inspector. Very detailed and very professional.
- B.G., September 2009
He's awesome and has jumped through hoops to get me out of a timing jam. He is extremely through and has a great way to present the results. I appreciate Blane.
- J.f., May 2009