Darren was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. I’d definitely recommend and/or use him again!!!
- D.S., March 2024
Darren was thorough, reliable, and did a great job explaining his findings.
- K.F., January 2024
We were very impressed with Darren and the inspection he completed for us. He was very professional and extremely thorough. As first time home-buyers, he made sure all of our many questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. Could not recommend more!
- J.D., July 2023
He did an amazing job! Very thorough
- N.D., July 2023
Darren is a true 100% great inspector, did a fantastic inspection of my property very thorough and professional and did a great clear understandable.report. I very very highly recommend Darren if anyone needs a 100% great inspection. Thanks Darren
- J.V., January 2023
Mr.Darren was an awesome person took care of buisness never had an issue with me talking to him and had an answer for every question I gave him professional guy with a good attitude
- C.L., September 2022
Darren always does a great job for me and his reports and photos are excellent! Thanks again Darren!
- K.S., July 2022
Very knowledgeable and thorough. I felt very satisfied with his results and input.
- C.L., June 2022
Darren was timely, informative and listened to our concerns. His report was complete and informative.
- S.E., June 2022
Excelent inspector , I will never know the problems that a new house can have without all the points he show me that need the constructor attention , I will recomend him to anyone that is buying a house regardless if is a new construction
- D.B., April 2022
Excellent service and Darren is great, explained everything clearly. Quality of the Inspection reports is very high. He is very professional, timely and very pleasant to work with. He is thorough about the inspection. I would definitely use and refer him
- S.K., February 2022
Darren is always very thorough and explains everything with patience to the buyers!
- G.M., McKinney TX, December 2021
I have reviewed a lot of inspections and Darren is the most comprehensive with the most experience I have seen yet. The best part is he provides a summary that highlights all the trouble spots with his opinion. This saves so much time from wading through the main report and pulling all that needed info yourself. I had two houses inspected and his report saved be from buying a real lemon and showed me a solid worthy house on the second try.
- L.C., December 2021
My clients like Darren. He is fair and honest with every inspection. I trust Darren with my clients. Thank you!
- B.A., November 2021
Very responsive and the report was thorough and very well done
- J.H., November 2021
Darren has been excellent so far. He’s always available when we need him or available for question. His reports have been very detailed. We are thankful to have our as our inspector. Very thorough.
- R.R., October 2021
Darren did a great job on our new home inspection. He was thorough and very prompt in returning the results of the inspection.
- M.M., October 2021
Mr. Darren took the time to go step by step in his inspection and in explaining his findings. Being a new home buyer this is a new experience however Mr. Darren took the time to further explain what I would expect in the home building process. 100% recommended!
- C.G., September 2021
Wonderful service and great work!
- C.H., September 2021
We are glad we contact Darren for our new construction home inspection! 100% Recommend. Detail report, super friendly and knowledgable if any questions regarding your home.
- E.M., September 2021
Darren Henley always does a great job at taking care of my clients, he is very thorough in his inspections and my clients really like him. Great inspector! Ginny TheRiot Keller Williams Professionals
- G.T., Cypress TX, August 2021
He truly cares about helping clients understand their inspection reports.
- G.T., Cypress TX, August 2021
Darren made us feel comfortable from the get go. He was very thorough and helped us through the whole process. He found a quite a few things that were missed. I will definitely refer him to anyone that needs an inspection. Thanks Darren
- T.P., August 2021
Darren is one of my preferred Inspection Professionals. He is professional, timely, and responsive. Thanks Darren!
- B.A., July 2021
Darren was very thorough and professional and his report was delivered within 12 hours of completion. He knew we had to get the report to our home builder in time for the builder to review it before our meeting with him two days later. The builder reviewed all the items in the report and commented that the inspector had a thorough knowledge of the county building codes. Darren was also flexible in his scheduling to push the inspection back a week as a result of the builder running behind on a couple of things. I would highly recommend Darren for home inspections …. He will be doing our final inspection later in the year.
- D.P., July 2021
I would totally recommend Darren, He has always been very detailed and seems to find ALL the loopholes that need to be addressed to the other party!! He will go over every inch of the inspection report and will always have an explanation to why it's on there. Call Darren if you want someone that KNOWS his stuff, he has been around....CALL HIM FOR NEW BUILD or RESALE, he has done it all!!
- S.M., Houston TX, June 2021
Inspector was courteous and professional. Report was returned to us in a very timely manner. Would recommend Rock River Inspections.
- L.H., May 2021
Darren is great at explaining the inspection report to clients!
- G.M., McKinney TX, April 2021
Darren is a very professional inspector with a lot of details and recommendations on the instruction report and usually keep the buyers in the loop for any questions or concerns.
- Q.A., April 2021
Darren Henley is currently doing our home inspection in 3 phases and we completed the first phase with his recommendations to send to our contractor of what needed to be corrected. Mr. Henley is a true professional and expert with 30 years in the business as a former home builder. So, combined his extensive knowledge mixed with his expertise in the home building process you can rest assure you are in good hands.
- F.B., April 2021
Darren was great throughout the inspection process and very thorough. He was on point and knows his work. I highly recommend him for your inspection needs.
- E.T., April 2021
Darren was very thorough, I will definitely be referring him to my friends and family.
- N.C., April 2021
Great work. Thank you!
- B.A., April 2021
Darren did a wonderful job with our home inspection. We were able to fly from NJ to attend the inspection and to also view the house and he was very accommodating. Although he was working hard, he gave us his time and attention whenever we had a question about something or were curious if he checked a certain thing. He had a lot of patience for us as first-time home buyers and we really appreciated his time. Although his appointment was scheduled at 3 PM, he stuck with us until almost 8 pm answering all questions and concerns, and also summarizing his major findings of the house. We were extremely thankful for his time. When we did get his report (it was the next morning that we received it) it was extremely detailed and discussed anything and everything we had concerns about the night before. He didn't leave a single detail out. His service is very quick and very thorough and we would definitely recommend him again.
- S.G., March 2021
As a new Realtor, I wanted to experience the home inspection process and chose to be present. I knew I needed to observe at a distance and let Darren do his best, but he was so accommodating and patient with my questions. His kind but confident demeanor was an absolute indication of the type of service we received, and the attention to detail in his report was a clear display of his expertise. He will be my "go to" inspector in the future! Kim S.
- K.S., March 2021
Absolutely amazingly thorough inspection. My father is not easy to impress but he was so very impressed with the meticulous nature of this inspection. I would recommend Darren to anyone and am so grateful for the job he did.
- A.B., February 2021
I am a first-time homebuyer and was very interested in learning more about the inspection process. Darren allowed me to ask questions during the inspection and was super helpful in teaching me about some of the various issues with the home I am buying. He is very knowledgeable, and the pictures/descriptions were extremely helpful! I would definitely recommend his services to anyone purchasing a home.
- S.J., January 2021
Darren was very thorough and was very detailed in his findings when creating my inspection report. The additional pictures along with a summary of repairs suggested was especially helpful!
- K.B., January 2021
A very professional and thorough service. Being new to the US House Market process Darren was able to schedule the inspection within 24hrs. The detail provided in the report and photographs was excellent and thankfully my builder has addressed the deficiencies Darren highlighted! Definitely recommend
- P.B., January 2021
Very professional and experienced, gave us great advises with findings and very thorough...very happy with service.
- C.C., December 2020
I highly recommend Darren for your home inspection needs! He was very supportive not only during the inspection operations, but also before and after. Thank you again for your high standard and professional service provided definitely delivers quality work and knows exactly what he is doing. If I ever need another inspection this is the guy I will be asking to do it. Thank you very much Darren for a job well done! Darren identified items that I would never have noticed. He explained them thoroughly and provided a very easy to read detailed report. He took his time checking everthing and was very efficient. I am recommending Darren to all my neighbors and Family! Darren was very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of the house.
- Y.H., November 2020
Daren was quick to respond to my request. He did a very detail inspection gonig the extra step to insure even the smallest detail was covered. His written response came in two days. He proved he is one of the best inspectors in the business. WELL DONE!
- J.M., November 2020
Darren was willing and able to perform an inspection on short notice. He arrived on time and was very thorough. My buyer believed he was patient explaining his findings and was honest in his explanations. I will contact Darren again for future business.
- B.A., October 2020
Darren is a professional with a great eye for details. His inspection report is thorough & easy to read. Great communication during the home inspection process, highly recommended!
- L.C., October 2020
Darren was great! Very professional, thorough and efficient. Explained everything very well and answered any questions I had. Would highly recommend him to anyone needing inspection services.
- D.J., Houston TX, October 2020
Great as always!
- S.K., Cypress TX, October 2020
Perfect details and accuracy .
- L.S., October 2020
Darren is very professional and knowledgeable. Since he was a builder, he knows more than the average inspector. He is very easy to work with and affordable. His report is very detailed and easy to read. He will answer all questions truthfully. I would hire Darren to inspect a future property I am selling or buying. Bert C.
- B.C., September 2020
Darren is just the best. I really enjoyed working with him and having the pleasure of letting him inspect my future home. He is punctual and responds very quickly to any questions that I had. He was also very curtious and understanding when I had to cancel and reschedule an appointment. He definitely delivers quality work and knows exactly what he is doing. If I ever need another inspection this is the guy I will be asking to do it. Thank you very much Mr. Henley for a job well done.
- J.D., September 2020
Darren was eager to share his knowledge with me regarding the systems for the new house. Very thorough inspection and very insightful - highly recommended!
- M.P., August 2020
Great job as always!
- S.K., Cypress TX, July 2020
Darren does an excellent job inspecting homes and pools. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- R.B., June 2020
Darren was very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of the house. He was quick and efficient. Darren identified items that I would never have noticed. He explained them thoroughly and provided a very easy to read detailed report. I am recommending Darren to all my neighbors.
- T.A., June 2020
Darren did a great job as always!!
- S.K., Cypress TX, May 2020
Great job again Darren, 5 Stars all around
- S.K., Cypress TX, May 2020
Very thorough inspector a pleasure to work with and would recommend him to anyone.
- T.W., April 2020
Darren did a great & thorough job, was easy & a pleasure to work with. Recommended to anyone!
- S.K., Cypress TX, February 2020
Darren was great with our inspection. He took his time and laid out the whole process for us before we got started. Then he would bring to our attention any major/minor things he saw. He answered all of our questions in detail. His report was so easy to go through and the pictures were very helpful. He went over everything on his report and recommended repairs. He made our first time buying even easier.
- S.G., February 2020
Mr. Henley came as a suggestion from my realtor, and it wasn't a disappointment. He communicated with me up to the inspection date, detailed everything he noted as a concern or just a "Hey, check this out." kind of thing. He explained things that I would never have thought to look for and even things I had never encountered (Pex system for the water). He informed me of what to look for in the future and how to navigate it if necessary. Well worth the visit. Thank you.
- M.O., February 2020
Darren I first want to express my gratitude for responding to my request n such short notice specially during the Holidays, I value your expertice and more than anything your professionalism. My clienst were super pleased with with how you work and how you were able to explain them all. I appreciate that your work gave them a peace of mind, becouse they are now well infomed about the home they want to purchase, the fact that you also can inspect pools came so handy! TOTALLY RECOMEND YOUR SERVICES!!
- L.V., January 2020
I highly recommend Darren W Henley for your home inspection needs! He was very supportive not only during the inspection operations, but also before and after. Thank you again for your high standard and professional service provided. Alberto Gaudio
- A.G., Jersey Village TX, November 2019
Darren has done a very professional and thorough inspection for my client. We were very satisfied.
- A.H., Cypress TX, September 2019
Darren is quite knowledgeable, thorough and provides timely feedback. We have confidence in his evaluations and recommendations.
- E.B., Katy TX, September 2019
Thank you for your timely report!
- J.F., August 2019
Darren was very thorough and disciplined in doing the home inspection. He answered my questions on report items as well as some questions on home improvement ideas. He's dedicated, accommodating and pleasant to work with. I will absolutely recommend Darren to others for their home inspection needs.
- T.A., July 2019
Darren was available on short notice and did a great job explaining the report to my clients.
- G.M., McKinney TX, July 2019
Mr. Henley did a great job and was flexible adjusting his schedule due to last minute delays. Very thorough and responded quickly to any and all communications.
- D.B., June 2019
Mr. Henley, I am very appreciative of how accommodating you were in scheduling my inspection. Very professional, and knowledgeable which is comforting as a first-time home buyer. Thank you for your thoroughness and amazing turn-around time in providing the inspection report. Needless to say I will definitely recommend your services!
- L.W., June 2019
Darren did a great job explaining the inspection report to the client!
- G.M., McKinney TX, June 2019
Darren was courteous, professional and through.
- S.D., Cypress TX, May 2019
Darren did a great job checking every inch of the house for things needing to be worked on! The report was very thorough and easy to read. I definitely recommend Darren as an inspector! J.H.
- J.H., Cypress TX, March 2019
The inspection went great! Darren was well prepared and very thorough as well as very professional. As a customer I was beyond pleased with the customer service I received! I highly recommend to anyone looking for an inspector.
- A.B., March 2019
Darren helped us out in very short notice and performed a thorough inspection. He took our call after the inspection was done and helped us out over the weekend. We are very satisfied with his services and recommend him to anyone who'd like a reasonable and meaningful buyers home inspection service.
- O.B., March 2019