Really great, thorough inspection. Thank you!
- K.M., August 2022
We would absolutely recommend Phil Kaznowski for a home inspection. He was very thorough and professional and gave us very clear explanations regarding his findings. Thank you, Phil, for a great job!
- R.R., Graeagle, CA, June 2022
Phil is an outstanding inspector. He is really thorough and takes as much time as you need to explain all his findings and answer your questions. He also responded quickly to every question I had after reviewing the inspection. He has extensive knowledge from his years of inspecting in the area. I wouldn't use anyone else!
- J.Z., June 2022
Very competent. Final product is timely, comprehensive and clear. Will recommend as the go to in White Hawk, Grizzly, Gold Mtn, Tahoe Donner, Martis, etc.
- D.C., April 2022
Phil is very thorough and detailed. Also does a great job meeting afterwards and explaining the callouts. Highly recommend!
- D.S., truckee CA, March 2022
Phil Kaznowski did a great, thorough job on our Home Inspection. I was only surprised how quickly he was able to it! Definitely recommended!
- Q.J., Taylorsville CA, March 2022
Phil did a very thorough inspection on my new house, even thought he had inspected the house 4 months prior he still acted like he hadn’t and went through every little detail over again!
- G.G., Meadow Vista CA, February 2022
Thank you Phil. You are incredibly knowledgeable from you background in building. You explained your whole report once you got done with my clients and me. That is going above and beyond on a home inspection. Thank you again!
- D.T., Truckee CA, January 2022
Phil was awesome! Very thorough, professional, and went through all the highlights of concern when he was finished. Answered all of our questions. Knows his stuff!! Would most definitely recommend.
- S.R., January 2022
Phil is fantastic at inspection a d thorough investigation report. Phil is thorough, very detailed, and exceptional customer support skills. Thank you Phil for your hard work and diligence on my recent inspection at Eagle Feather in Nakoma. I so appreciated it! Sincerely, Susie Scholpp
- L.S., January 2022
Thank you! Will definitely refer and use again for Plumas county.
- K.D., CHICO CA, December 2021
Phil's inspection was very thorough and he was very helpful at the inspection. I highly recommend him for home inspection services.
- R.M., November 2021
Phil did a fantastic job. He was very thorough in the inspection. His report was detailed and called out the issues accurately with the appropriate amount of detail. Phil did a great job in presenting his finding and giving issues the appropriate amount of attention without alarming or minimizing findings. I would highly recommend Phil!
- B.V., November 2021
Phil was thorough with his inspections and very clear with his explanations of what was going on with the house. Good follow up as well, the report was clear and easy to work with after he was done. A1 job!
- M.H., August 2021
Phil spent a significant amount of time explaining his findings, in person. This was hugely helpful for my buyer!
- J.H., July 2021
Very thorough and knowledgeable and patient and responsive to my questions.
- G.N., Granite Bay, CA, July 2021
A very thorough inspection with helpful safety tips and a convenient summary. It's worth the reasonable price just to discover potential hazards in the home before they cause problems.
- S.S., May 2021
Appreciated his responsiveness and attention to detail.
- T.V., May 2021
Extremely helpful and overall amazing! Very friendly and willing to talk with prospective buyer. And the inspection report is thorough, to say the least! Thank you so much for all your help, Phil.
- G.W., April 2021
My husband and I really appreciated the detailed inspection report and explanatory photos. Phil did a very thorough job inspecting all of the systems in the property.
- D.M., March 2021
Even with Covid restrictions, Phil made our inspection very easy. His report was complete and precise. He let us know what the specific concerns were and gave a clear explanation. He was great to work with and I highly recommend.
- G.D., March 2021
Phil was professional, straight forward, and thorough. He took the time to issue an impressive report, and he verbally went over with the major points. He offered advice and encouragement and ideas. His performance was - in my mid - top notch!
- R.K., March 2021
Great knowledgeably inspector with a building background!.. can’t go wrong with Phil!!!
- T.G., February 2021
Phil was great! Completely thorough and set me at ease with my home buy. Identified areas which I hadn't even considered and his report was clear and concise on what absolutely needed to be done and items which were okay, but needed to be considered. It gave me a sense of ease knowing that there were items that I needed to be repaired now and what I may be looking at in the future. I would definitely recommend him as he is very responsive and very detailed in his report.
- B.C., February 2021
I'm quite a picky customer and have only great things to say about Phil. We have used him on two buy side inspections. He was extremely responsive, including over the holidays; his inspection was very thorough and clear; he was always willing to talk through the findings carefully and was able to balance 'must fix', 'suggest to fix' and 'optional to fix', which was very helpful to calibrate the report. Please use him; he is great. If you want to speak to me to confirm this was written by an actual customer, reach out to Phil and he can connect us.
- M.H., December 2020
My clients appreciated Phil's thoroughness in inspecting the home and the way in which he answered their questions and explained the inspection process and his findings. Phil obviously takes his job very seriously and is very knowledgeable.
- S.I., December 2020
High level of attention to detail, very easy to communicate with and appreciated his thorough inspection report so much!
- M.C., November 2020
Phil was very professional and thorough. We appreciated his knowledge and suggestions and will use again if the opportunity arises.
- B.F., November 2020
Great job. Very detailed and helpful.
- B.L., July 2020
Phil was very thorough and brought many items to our attention that we had not seen. We were able to address each and every issue with the seller and resolve them. Phil was very willing to discuss the report with us in detail and clarified things we weren't sure about. Great overall experience and would highly recommend.
- T.C., July 2020
The report was extremely thorough, and Phil was both personable and professional. The report was delivered via an online portal within 30 hours of finishing the on-site inspection.
- L.A., Chico CA, July 2020
Phil was knowledgeable, thorough, and super helpful! He explained everything in terms we understood, and did it with a smile. His comfortable demeanor and clear knowledge of the region and everything about home construction, maintenance, etc was really helpful.
- E.V., June 2020
BEST inspection I have EVER had. Phil was incredibly thorough. I appreciated his detailed report. It helped me out tremendously in my real estate transaction.
- J.B., June 2020
The report was quite detailed. After the report Phil took a lot of time to walk us through it and answer all the questions we had, which were many.
- T.S., June 2020
Very happy with the process. Was prompt and thorough!
- M.D., March 2020
Phil was timely, meticulous, and thorough, which was much appreciated by my clients when moving forward with requesting repairs on their new home in Gray's Crossing.
- A.F., March 2020
Phil is my go-to guy! I would wait a long time to get Phil for an inspection. His inspections are thorough and his reports are clear and well documented.
- K.L., March 2020
Very informative, professional, and thorough. Exceptional service and reports.
- M.C., February 2020
Phil was quick and efficient and did a great job
- D.C., Rocklin CA, February 2020
I was not there to meet Phil however in speaking to him on the phone and then getting his report I feel like he is extremely thorough and I would be happy to recommend him
- C.G., February 2020
Phil was a pleasure to deal with! Easy to communicate with and very thorough!
- E.B., January 2020
You were very calm and took extra time explaining things to me. I appreciated not feeling rushed by you. Your inspection was very extensive and detailed. I will be recommending you in the future. Have a great Christmas.
- M.F., December 2019
I rarely give 10's on surveys but over the years I had several home inspections and by far Phil was the most complete and thorough. Phil took the time to explain and answer all questions that I had. I highly recommend Phil.
- B.D., December 2019
Phil, I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting at our proposed new home. Your complete house review was professional and it reflects your knowledge of the building trades and the quality of the work.
- B.B., November 2019
Very thorough! I appreciated the color photos. Details regarding what was inspected and what was not were also very helpful.
- J.O., November 2019
We were out of town and Phil spent time with us on the phone to review the outcome of the inspection. It was much appreciated. Excellent service!
- D.L., October 2019
Phil does a thorough inspection and is very responsive to questions before, during and after. He spent an hour with me on the phone following our inspection and the written report went into great detail including photos. We highly recommend him!
- S.R., October 2019
Very professional and answered all my questions
- J.S., September 2019
Very professional, very thorough.
- R.C., August 2019
This is the second time Phil has done a home inspection for me. I have the highest level of respect for Phil - he's thorough, thoughtful, and he really knows his stuff. What I've found to be particularly useful is Phil's objectivity - he calls it the way he sees it, no matter what. He also can offer practical advice that puts problems in perspective -- that's helped me distinguish what's probably OK even though it might not be "by the book" vs. problems that really should be addressed vs. things that are OK now but present risks for down the road, etc.
- J.G., August 2019
Very thorough, detailed report and when called to ask a few question, very detailed answers.
- K.C., July 2019
A home inspection is an interesting thing, because it gets very detailed in everything that is wrong or not to standard in the home. Phil did a great job and is very knowledgeable. Talking with him at the property at the end of his inspection was a very valuable piece of this puzzle and I recommend doing that for every one. The report is laid out well with priority issues and so on. I feel the need to take this report to a contractor to get a better understanding of what I need to do in order to fix the issues. I think it would be good for Phil to remember that most people who receive these reports probably do not have the same understanding of code, or proper building techniques, so keeping the explanations easy and understandable is a big help. Otherwise Phil knows what he is doing. I rated him a 9 only because I don't have much to compare him to.
- D.L., July 2019
Phil was thorough and great to work with. I appreciated the overview he provided me at the end of the inspection on the day of inspection.
- J.M., April 2019
Thorough and knowledgeable! Thank you!
- T.R., April 2019
Thank you Phil for putting my clients at ease and providing them with the information they needed to move forward. Much appreciated!
- M.L., April 2019
Would definitely use Phil for any home inspection - he is thorough, honest and provides a great detailed report.
- S.P., April 2019
Very thorough
- S.C., January 2019
Thank you Phil! We know everything we need to fix on this home. We really appreciate your candor and detailed explanations. You are so personable!
- D.A., December 2018
I feel very confident in Phil Kaznowski?s expertise. He is prompt, thorough and professional.
- H.O., Truckee CA, November 2018
Thanks Phil, you were very professional, friendly, thorough, and explained everything so that we could understand. We would highly recommend you.
- R.M., October 2018
Phil did a fabulous job - found existing problems we hadn't even considered. I would definitely and highly recommend him. Donna Vaughan
- B.V., September 2018
Phil was amazing! On time, friendly and detailed. I would recommend Phil on any home inspection needs!
- R.D., September 2018
Phil was very thorough and took his time to explain things clearly to us! Very helpful.
- S.H., September 2018
Phil was great to work with. He was punctual to the appointment, thorough in his inspection, and very accommodating in reviewing his findings!!!
- J.M., September 2018
Phil: very thorough, professional and very easy to talk to. He explained problems completely and made us feel as if he cares about his work and our understanding of any issues on our potential vacation home. Great with kids!
- M.G., August 2018
Phil was very professional. The report he furnished to us was very helpful. I would recommend him to others.
- H.O., July 2018
Phil did an amazing job on our home inspection. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. He's super nice, very thorough and easy to understand. THANKS PHIL!!!
- G.C., July 2018
Phil, A few years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting you when you conducted a home inspection for us. We found you to be quite knowledgeable, very thorough, and professional. Our valued opinion of you lead to our re-contacting you to conduct yet another inspection on our new home build. Once again, we couldn?t be more pleased! We appreciate your continuous efforts in striving for a higher level of excellence when conducting a structural inspection. It will always be our pleasure to refer your services! Sincerely, The Gordon and Corrine Zack
- G.Z., June 2018
Very pleased with Phil! He was detail oriented and we feel comfortable purchasing this home knowing nothing was missed! I would recommend him every time!!
- M.A., June 2018
Phil was fantastic to work with and took the time to explain any concerns! I felt very comfortable working with Phil and confident in his quality of work.
- J.M., May 2018
Phil was prompt, thorough, and very helpful and professional. We would definitely use him again!
- B.S., May 2018
I'm a real estate agent. I had a fast moving sale that needed a quick response to satisfy a required home inspection. Phil bent over backward to accommodate the request and got the job done. Not only that, he does superb work. His inspection was thorough, insightful, and well explained. The report is delivered online, a great feature. In addition to all of that, he's just a nice guy. Highly recommended.
- K.L., May 2018
Phil thank you for doing the inspection on my home. I found the inspection to be even more detailed and helpful then I first expected. It contains very precise documentation and will be very helpful in the selling of my home.
- J.M., March 2018
Phil was prompt, thorough, professional and very easy to work with. Would definitely use him again!
- J.C., February 2018
Thank you for answering our questions and doing such a through job on the inspection. We are grateful to have this information, and Scott and I want to thank you for helping us make informed decisions as we move forward in this process! Thank you! If we find ourselves purchasing another home in the future we will definitely choose you, and we will recommend you to anyone we know considering buying or selling a home.
- K.L., February 2018
Phil always does an amazing job and is so good with my clients and taking the time to explain thanks. Thanks as always Phil!
- S.J., February 2018
As always, Phil's work is exceptional.
- J.D., February 2018
Great job.
- B.T., clio CA, July 2017
Awesome! Great work again, Phil.
- A.W., Tahoe City CA, July 2013
Phil was great...accommodating, explained everything, welcomed our questions, took pictures of areas for repair/replace, easy to read report, and a nice person.
- L.F., April 2012
Phil was very thorough and professional. He also took the time to explain anything we had questions about. He was a pleasure to work with.
- E.L., January 2012
Thanks, Phil. Great work as usual! Aaron Wilson
- A.W., Tahoe City CA, December 2011
Phil did a fantastic job. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and professional, and he answered all our questions. It was crystal clear that he knew his stuff and that he cared about doing excellent work. His inspection report was detailed (37 pages!), included photos of areas of concern, and was objective in tone throughout. Thanks Phil!
- M.B., San Jose CA, April 2011
Did a VERY thorough job. We really appreciate his professionalism, prompt inspection and same-day reporting. HIghly recommend.
- P.M., March 2011
Phil did a great job and really explained things well. We defiantly recommend him.
- M.S., March 2011
Phil was very professional and informative. Highly recommend his service.
- B.M., January 2011
As a Real Estate professional for more than 30 years I have yet to find a more comprehensive and detailed whole house inspection report. Thank you Phil. Maureen "Mo" Tarantino BHG Real Estate Mason-McDuffie
- M.T., December 2010
Phil was thorough, helpful, and friendly. I would enthusiastically recommend him, and hope to work with Phil again in the future.
- A.G., November 2010
Phil, Thanks for doing our isnspection and letting me see what you do. I look forward to working with you again. And of course referals are appreciated! I'll gladly recommend you for home inspections. Aaron Wilson
- A.N., November 2010
Phil: Thanks so much for your quick repsonse to our inspection request ... I am confident that you provided a comprehensive inspection and report in a manner that allowed my clients the time necessary to analyze their purchase. Craig Cooper
- C.C., November 2010
Thanks for taking the time to explain everything to me. I really appreciate your knowledge, expertise, and patience.
- E.P., Sunnyvale CA, August 2010
Great Service!
- J.K., August 2010
Thanks for the help. Grat job!
- J.P., Fallon NV, June 2010
Really appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism. Thanks for the great inspections!
- H.D., Truckee CA, June 2010
Great job...thank you very much
- W.W., June 2010
Phil was very professional & thorough. I appreciated his ability to articulate issues, problem areas & explain logically how things worked.
- J.C., June 2010
Thank you Phil for the excellent job! Always a pleasure working with you.
- J.W., graeagle CA, March 2010
Thank you, Phil, for your timeliness, thoroughness, realistic observations, and understandable explanations of potential issues.
- M.B., Truckee CA, December 2009
Phil is very pleasant and extremely thorough. Clients appreciate the time he spends with them explaining each of his findings in detail. I will recommend Phil to all of my buyers.
- C.M., portola CA, August 2009
Really appreciate your effort Phil; great job.
- J.S., Walnut Creek CA, August 2009