He is very efficient and thorough. Job well done !!!!
- M.S., February 2023
I have purchased two homes in the past and none of the inspectors had an eye and attention for details that can compare to Bill's. He is more thorough than I could imagine. He saved us from buying a disaster 2 years ago and I will use no one else other than Bill. I recommend him as often as I can and demand that he is involved in any real estate we consider. Thank you for your service to this country and for the service you provide now. Simply put "Impressive".
- C.R., June 2020
Bill was thorough and methodical in his inspection. No stone was left unturned and suggestions were made for the required repairs. I would highly recommend Bill's services.
- E.R., April 2020
I choose Bill for thorough inspections, quick scheduling and fast reports.
- C.H., Henderson NV, October 2019
Bill was very professional, friendly, and thorough with the inspection! He knows what he's doing and was kind enough to provide tips and and preventive measures for house maintenance. We are first time home buyers so we truly appreciated him going above and beyond!
- R.S., June 2019
Bill is a MASTER INSPECTOR and an A+ person.
- J.T., June 2019
Bill is truly a Master Inspector, saved my bacon on this one!
- J.T., January 2019
Bill is extremely thorough and provides a valuable assessment to determine real costs associated with a home considering for purchase. His inspection will save heartache and hardship later. His inspections prevent the buyer from saying: "if only I knew that before I purchased the home!"
- J.L., Las Vegas NV, September 2018
Mr. Bill Thomas is a true professional and extremely well knowledged in his craft. He is the only master home inspector I will ever go to. I 100% recommend Mr. Thomas to anyone looking to purchase a home!
- M.V., August 2018
Thanks for the great job, it was a pleasure meeting you. Patti and Wayne Buck
- P.B., July 2018
I can not express how grateful I am to Bill Thomas for his expertise, time, patience and extensive knowledge. Bill is extremely thorough with his inspections. He takes the time evaluate the entire property, as well as explain any issues it may have. Bill will be the only master inspector I will ever use and 100% recommend him to anyone purchasing a property! Sincerely, Mike Valdez
- M.V., June 2018
Bill is super-thorough - highly recommended!!!
- D.F., July 2017
Bill was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks to Bill I feel very confident buying my new home and what repairs/maintenance I?m facing as a homeowner. I would highly recommend him to my clients, friends, and family.
- R.H., May 2017
The best inspector ever !! He was taking his time and check every small detail
- D.A., May 2017
Very detailed and professional! Felt like he knew what he was talking about, and pointed out important issues from a buyers perspective.
- L.K., May 2017
The Master Inspector was Profession and thorough. He was friendly and also took the time to explain each potential issue and gave recommendations.
- R.G., May 2017
Spent literally hours in order to provide thorough inspection, as well as detailed explanations and suggestions for repairs/upgrades. No shortcuts!
- R.L., March 2017
Bill was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable, ethical and competent and took a lot of time to explain things to us.
- J.L., February 2017
Be careful of unlocked doors
- E.B., September 2016
Thank you Bill.
- E.S., June 2016
Thanks for being thourough and honest, I almost bought a lemon.
- A.G., February 2016
Very thorough.
- R.E., September 2015
very thorough with his home inspection.
- R.E., August 2015
Two inspections so far, I will use Bill every time. Bill is an expert and master, he represented me and looked out for my best interests. Thank You Bill ~ Dean B.
- M.B., August 2015
Bill is extremely friendly, knowledgable. Nice to find someone that takes pride in his work. Thorough and I was able to ask every question I possibly could.
- M.L., July 2015
Quality act all the way. Wouldn't consider buying a property without using Bill Thomas.
- J.S., June 2015
Bill always do an amazing job. Thank you Bill.
- O.W., June 2015
Thank you for your honesty and instruction and direction. It is apparent that you take great pride in your job and only want the best for the new home owner. In this situation, you put me at ease and was relieved that the repairs are minor in nature. Thank you - I would recommend your services to others and I will be calling you for direction to solve problems in the future. Martin Gurewitz
- M.G., June 2015
Professional, new what he was doing, completed exactly what I was looking for.
- D.F., April 2015
I found Bill Thomas to be very professional. He was responsive to all communication in a timely manner, professional and accommodating, and the report he sent was thorough and impressive. I especially appreciate that he took the time to take readings of the temperature of the refrigerator (including supporting photographs), and took the time to photograph the working stove. I have never seen a home inspection contain this level of detail and as someone purchasing a home sight unseen from out of state, his report went above and beyond to make me feel like I was getting a true representation of the house. He not only listed the components of the hvac as working, but explained the measurements that he took to determine adequate functionality. Again, another way Bill Thomas with FYI inspections added value to his inspection report. Thanks to Bill Thomas for his professionalism, and for taking pride in his work. It was not lost on me. Sincerely Liz Waring
- L.W., March 2015
It is refreshing to find honest people that are still available in the construction industry. Thank you Mr. Thomas for all your input and unbiased help.
- S.M., March 2015
Thank you sir, nice job
- S.M., February 2015
Bill is very thorough, friendly and knowledgeable. I have used him twice and would use his service again!
- S.A., January 2015
I have worked with Bill/FYI for many years and he is absolutely Awesome! I wouldn't depend on anyone else...
- V.B., Las Vegas NV, December 2014
Great, total professional, answered all my questions, very happy!
- D.H., October 2014
I have bought several houses and Bill is definitely the best inspector I've seen.
- J.J., September 2014
Ya gotta get used to his humor, but he really knows what he's talking about. His inspections take forever, but they are well worth the wait.
- M.M., July 2014
great job
- P.B., June 2014
Thank you once again for a very thorough inspection and report. Can always count on you.
- J.N., June 2014
Fantastic and thorough.
- G.L., June 2014
Bill Thomas is the absolute most thorough, competent, meticulous, and professional inspector I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. I only choose Bill when advising any client to have a home inspection done, and I advise all clients to utilize his services and expertise. I and my clients are extremely grateful to have access to Bill and his inspection services... Thanks Bill, once again, for protecting my clients...
- E.V., April 2014
Bill has been performing my inspections for years. He always makes himself accessible when I need to schedule an inspection. His knowledge of the field is extensive and his inspection techniques are very thorough. I will continue to use Bill for my inspections time and time again.
- T.H., Las Vegas NV, March 2014
Bill is the best. We cannot ask for a better inspector. we are very thankful for all his help.
- O.W., February 2014
John and I are very pleased with the inspection, you are very through and we appreciate that. I would tell my friends and any one I know who is buying, what a great job you did......... Erma and John Roberts
- E.R., February 2014
He was simply amazing
- J.C., February 2014
bill you were awesome thanks for everything
- P.H., January 2014
Thank you Bill, you are the World's Greatest!
- G.A., November 2013
Mr. Thomas is an OUTSTANDING inspector!!! He is an Honorable man who has his client's interest in mind. He inspected the property as if we were Family. I walked away retracting my offer based on problem areas he pointed out. He saved us many thousands of dollars in repairs and upgrades. I will request Bill's services for ANY property I am interested in, and I will recommend him to everyone I know!!! Absolutely THE BEST!!
- S.M., November 2013
Bill was a true professional with lots of experience and was very detailed with explaining ( in detail) every observation he has and that made me feel at ease with his findings. I would recommend Bill. Great job!!
- T.P., October 2013
Bill, you are amazing! Thank you so much for your honesty and expertise! I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I hear is buyiong a home. *Brooke
- B.S., September 2013
Bill's expertise saved me from purchasing a home that was not in the condition it was advertised to be. I would recommend Bill to every person looking to purchase a home in Nevada.
- S.B., September 2013
he is the best inspector ,he knows what all about houses from top to bottom.he inspected my house he told me what i really need to know. all in all he is best i recommend him strongly
- U.M., August 2013
Thanks for the thorough and professional inspection.
- H.D., July 2013
Wouldn't go with anyone else! The best!!
- K.B., June 2013
This is the best and most complete report i have ever reviewed..if u want it done correctly..Bill is the man..he will always be part of my team
- B.G., June 2013
Most thorough gentleman I have ever dealt with. Went above and beyond expected duties.Overall knowledge of fixtures led me to believe he has intimate knoweldge of every detail needed. 5 STARS
- D.R., May 2013
Good home inspector........Hard to find Great home inspector.......Even harder to find Bill Thomas.......Priceless
- R.K., May 2013
Bill is very thorough and well worth every cent. He also talks to you and explain items in a way you can understand. I would 100% recommend him as a master inspector.
- T.M., May 2013
above and beyond most inspections I have had in the past from different companies.
- T.S., May 2013
It was great to meet you Bill. You did an awesome job inspecting my new home and will surely use you again with any future home purchase. Thanks again!!!
- S.N., March 2013
Excellent work ethic and experience. Thank you very much for your service.
- D.N., February 2013
After about 6 years of my clients using your services, it finally dawned on me to tout your superior talents on Angie's List. I love every inspection report you submit. Thanks for always being so thorough (for better or worse) and taking the stress and responsibility off my shoulders. Donna Venet Realty Executives 373-2315
- D.V., Henderson NV, January 2013
Very thorough. Answered all my questions and explained everything in detail as we went through the inspection. I would highly recommend. Also provides an outstanding detailed report. Thanks Bill.
- , January 2013
Bill, we really appreciated all the time you took with us and all the amazing explanation you gave per the trouble spots. It was a pleasure getting to know you a bit and receiving a thorough inspection at the same time. Thanks again!
- K.H., January 2013
Great service. Great price. Great guy. Will highly recommend to others. Thanks Bill!
- J.W., December 2012
Bill was very informative and went into great detail when answering questions on his inspection.
- M.C., November 2012
Good Job Bill.
- M.L., October 2012
- J.A., October 2012
Thanks SgtMajor for taking the time to explain the inspection process and the specific areas that need attention to both myself and my son. Semper Fi -George
- G.M., May 2012
Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!
- K.B., April 2012
Thank you so much!!
- K.B., April 2012
Hi Bill, Thanks so much for the inspection yesterday. You were very thorough and knowledgeable. I will recommend you to my future clients. Thanks, Amanda Young Prudential Americana Group
- A.Y., April 2012
We could not thank Bill Thomas enough for the recent home inspection he did on our new home. He was extremely thorough and detail-oriented in the inspection. If it were not for Bill's important findings we would not have been able to renegotiate our purchase offer. He is a true professional and we highly recommend him. Ricardo & Celia Sanchez
- C.S., March 2012
Very knowledgable, professional, and efficent.
- D.D., LAS VEGAS NV, December 2011
Bill is an excellent thorough Inspector. I have continued to let my clients know about Bill since I first met Bill 2.5 years ago. Bill has performed a number of inspections for me and I have never had a disappointed client.
- D.P., October 2011
HI BILL Thanks for the great job. I really appreaciate your expertise. DEBRA
- D.N., October 2011
You do your job to the max and care about your customers I will recommend you to everyone thank you so much.Also your caring attitude makes people feel at ease.
- V.D., September 2011
Thank you for the best, most thorough, detailed, clear report that is a result of your expertise derived from many years of experience. It is invaluable! The many bright, color photos with the addition of arrows make it easy to see what is described.
- B.D., May 2011
Well Informed Inspection WOW!!! What an experience. If you choose someone else, then you're a fool. He was worth every penny. I am a 1st time home buyer and chose him based on other reviews and didn't want to go with the inspector my agent chose. I was VERY impressed. He showed me everything he was looking at, explained everything to me, answered every single one of my questions and was informative about the things I plan on doing to the house after I move in. I never felt stupid or talked down to. He was funny, friendly and he knew his job. The things that needed to be done were minor and he explained how I can easily do it myself and if I had queestions later on months from now that I can call him anytime and he'd be happy to help and answer anything I need and will even stop by if I need to have something looked at. Money well spent and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone, I can easily see why he's a master inspector. He has a lifetime of knowledge in his field, and when he talks you should listen. Thanks Again Bill - Ryan
- R.H., April 2011
Great job, will call you about attic problem. You are a great inspector and pleasure to know!! June and Igor
- V.S., March 2011
Bill is very personable and exceptionally knowledgeable. I am grateful for his expertise and thoroughness.
- C.J., March 2011
Bill, Just wanted to thank you for being extremely thorough and honest. I will definitely keep you in mind for any future inspections I, or any of my friends, may need.
- V.F., March 2011
very informative and well knowledge
- T.L., March 2011
I got B. Thomas's website fr the internet about 3 years ago when I was buying investment properties and to date, I have no regrets using his expertise in conducting house inspection. He is sincere and honest in his reports. I have been recommending his services to acquaintance.
- C.R., February 2011
Thank you for being so thorough, it was nice meeting you! Kari
- K.T., February 2011
He is a little crazy but Bill is the best home inspector in town without a doubt. He is very thorough, timely, and knowledgeable.
- R.P., Las Vegas NV, February 2011
Thank you Bill, we enjoyed getting to know you and helping us with the house. Good bless you and your family. Arnold & Darlene Scott
- D.S., January 2011
Bill did a top notch job. He exceeded my expectations. Spent twice as much time as I was told to expect. He answered all my questions in detail. Because I have not owned a home in Southern Nevada there were questions that I needed answered and he took the time to answer all of them and make recommendations. He was honest , dependable and resonably priced. I received the report the same day.
- T.H., December 2010
Very informative and extremely thorough
- S.U., December 2010
Dear Bill Thomas- Your work is outstanding, thorough, precise and extremely detail oriented. I look forward to working with you again n the future and would recommend your services to anyone! Bernie McGrenahan Bernie@ComedyistheCure.com
- B.M., December 2010
Bill, It was a pleasure meeting you and a pleasure working with you during the home inspection on the 2 properties. You are professional, informative to the buyer and always available to answer questions. Thank you again.
- D.M., November 2010
Highly recommend Bill Thomas for home inspections! He has integrity and excellent customer service. Thanks Bill H. Weigert
- H.W., November 2010
Bill was a fantastic inspector. He arrived on time and was very, very thorough. He took the time to explain everything and I do mean everything to me. He answered all of my questions and was insistent that I ask questions if I was not sure of something. I highly reccomend Bill if you need a home inspection and will use him again.
- S.D., November 2010
Without hesitation, I would recommend Bill to anyone who needs a home inspection. He was thorough, professional and most of all, he made it clear to my husband and I that he was representing our interests.
- B.B., September 2010
Very thorough. I learned a lot about the southern nevada house market just watching the inspection.
- C.H., September 2010
I suggest you stay the way your are. Your great!!! I really had fun going through the inspection and learned a lot. Thanks a bunch for your great work. Have a great day.
- A.G., September 2010
Great Master Inspector. Knowledge Performance Personality We appreciate his service. Dania and Oberto Alvarez
- D.A., September 2010
Thank you Bill for your very thorough inspection. As an out of town home buyer, I really appreciated the time you spent on the phone with me to explain your findings. I also very much appreciated your advise and good councel.
- M.C., September 2010
Very through inspection. Response to questions was detailed. I had sense of what needed to be noted on "punch list" of repairs as well as overview of the house.
- B.A., August 2010
save me from been cheated by ignorance.
- A.S., August 2010