Kyle arrived on time and was very thorough and professional. He seemed very knowledgeable when we had any questions. We were very pleased with the detailed report that he provided us with.
- B.G., Flemington NJ, November 2018
George was thoughtful thorough and knowledgeable
- J.C., Marlboro NJ, November 2018
Very thorough! Very good at his job, honest and reliable!
- A.B., Bayville NJ, November 2018
I've purchased homes an the past and had a home inspection each time. George is by far the best inspector we've ever dealt with. He is extremely thorough and explains everything as he goes along.
- A.L., November 2018
George McFaulds will be highly recommended by me to my fellow agents and personal sphere. He is thorough, professional & a pleasure to work with. :-)
- H.M., October 2018
I am truly impressed by George. This house was my first time meeting him & I will forever refer him & McFaulds Home Inspectors! He was very informative & educated my prospective buyer on things he can do to make this house even better! I truly appreciate people who take pride in the field they work in... George & Kyle definitely fit that mold!!!!
- E.C., Brick NJ, October 2018
Kyle arrived on time and immediately began the home inspection. Kyle was personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and informed me of the what and why of what he was inspecting. Kyle was in my opinion, honest and candid in answering the many questions I posed to him. I was surprised to learn that the home inspection did not include the operation of appliances, as I recently had two different home inspectors include this inspection at each of my daughters homes prior to their recent purchase. Even though the appliances were not included in the inspection, I believe I received a very thorough inspection. Which provided me the information to make an educated decision on the condition of the property and assisting me in my decision on purchasing the property in question. Thanks Kyle.
- J.N., Nanuet NY, October 2018
I am a Realtor & have worked with many different home inspctors. When I met George covering for another agent I was instantly impressed! George has knowledge & educated himself in soooo many fields of inspecting houses & will go speak to the potential buyer regarding any issues while he inspects & how to rectify any issues. I have now become an Agent who will only refer this inspector because I know he will never disappoint! Thank you George & Team :)
- E.C., Brick NJ, October 2018
Kyle did a great job. Very professional and informative. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a through home inspection. -
- M.H., Neptune NJ, October 2018
George did an excellent job. Very knowledgeable! A quick turn around on the report. Thank you!
- T.N., Randolph NJ, October 2018
George was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable and communicated very well also was very aware and careful not to dirty or damage anthing down to the oaper booties he put on everytime he enterrd the home... 5 star for sure
- F.F., October 2018
McFaulds inspections was extremely thorough! Our inspector, Kyle, took his time in each area of the house. He explained each area and gave us an idea of level of importance. We had a great experience.
- A.L., Manahawkin NJ, October 2018
all i can say is what an excellent job very observant kyle was the best inspector i had the chance to inspect my home he didnt miss anything thank you so much
- J.R., October 2018
Very thorough. He answered all my questions and explained everything to me. I am not very house savy and he was able to clarify things in a clear and digestible way for me.
- A.C., Jackson NJ, September 2018
George was extremely thorough, friendly and patient. His report is spot on and included in-depth explanations as well as detailed photos. Awesome job!
- J.T., Seaside Park NJ, August 2018
Very thorough inspection and fast turnaround time.
- T.S., Weehawkin NJ, August 2018
Kyle Kudelin is amazing.
- M.M., August 2018
Loved working with George. He was thorough & explained the things he was finding & what we should be looking out for in his report.
- D.R., August 2018
I have to admit, I have purchased several homes before and have never had an inspector as good , as knowledgeable , as professional and as thorough as Kyle Kudelin was!! In fact we have moved on from that house and are presently shopping a new one and we will undoubtedly use George McFaulds Company, (Kyle in particular) to perform the next inspection. A good inspector is crucial to your home buying process!
- J.M., Brick NJ, August 2018
Thank you for everything! We were happy to learn so much about our home and how to keep it in great condition! :)
- S.B., Turnersville NJ, August 2018
Kyle was professional, thorough, and personable. It's unfortunately becoming harder and harder in today's world to find someone who cares about and takes their job seriously. That's what made today's experience so refreshing. Thank you for the help, and I can guarantee you that I will be quick to recommend Kyle to my friends and family.
- M.F., Toms River NJ, July 2018
Inspector was very professional and just generally a nice guy and easy to work with. He was very thorough. We are very thankful for his work.
- M.M., Toms River NJ, July 2018
The inspectors from MIC are always professional and conscientious of the home owners personal property.
- J.M., Toms River NJ, July 2018
Only good things to say....everything I wanted in a home evaluation....George explained the process and answered all of my questions.....had some follow up questions which George answered in a timely manner....
- M.B., Toms River NJ, July 2018
George is through, gives a very clear account of everything in the home and is very pleasant to work with. I'm a Realtor and I recommend his company to all my clients and had him do the inspection on the home that I am buying.
- P.S., Toms River NJ, July 2018
I was more than pleased with the job completed by McFaulds. Gave cards to my realtor for her to share with new clients. Thank you George and Kyle!
- P.K., Toms River NJ, July 2018
Mr. McFaulds was professional, impressive and knowledgeable and was patient and courteous and took the time to answer any questions we asked. We were very impressed with the whole process of the inspection starting with Mr. McFaulds he is a very patient and pleasant person to talk with and also with the online inspection report was so thorough, and you have made it very easy to forward our repair requests through email to whom ever necessary. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that will be needing a home inspection. Thank you once again, Rich and Liz Lombardi
- R.L., Bayville NJ, June 2018
If it were not for Kyle from McFaulds Inspection Consultants, I would never have realized that previous inspections done on my properties were seriously flawed. Kyle looked at every inch, inside and out, of the house I'm looking to purchase. He explained everything in a manner I could understand and answered all of my many questions. Kyle worked continuously in 95 degree weather for nearly three hours. He documented and took photos of everything that needed to be replaced or repaired. I am deeply appreciative of his service and skills and would recommend him in a heartbeat.
- D.P., Piscataway NJ, June 2018
I highly recommend George McFaulds for an inspection. He was responsive, efficient, courteous, knowledgeable, and very helpful - everything a professional should be. Thank you, George!
- M.M., Astoria NY, June 2018
The home inspector did a first rate job, supplying me with valuable information about the home I was purchasing. It was a pleasure to do business with Mr. McFaulds company.
- L.T., Hackettstown NJ, June 2018
It was a pleasure to have him as our inspector. George did a excellent inspection. He went over everything and explained in simple terms what he advised should be done to correct conditions noted. A true professional. Joe & Marge Cardile
- M.C., Woodland Park NJ, June 2018
We were extremely pleased with the home inspection service George McFaulds provided. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. He inspected the outside of the house first, before moving on to the inside. He even climbed onto the roof. He encouraged us to follow along, and he described everything that he was doing, inspecting, or testing. He answered all of our questions, and was very knowledgeable on the topics. He took pictures of the defects and included them in his report. Highly recommend!
- S.I., Springfield NJ, June 2018
I’ve been involved in real estate in some fashion all my life and have bought some houses along the way. Your home inspector, Kyle Kudlin, is the best inspector I have dealt with in my life. He’s professional, knowledgeable, personable and has a maturity that is past mine. And I’m no youngster. The amount of issues that he found was staggering. I have I guess a better than average knowledge of home construction and the obvious items to him were completely overlooked by me. If I do purchase this house I fully intend to use him again to verify that the repairs were made correctly and satisfying the building codes of Brick. Thank you so much for the use of his talent.
- P.C., Paramus NJ, June 2018
George was very professional and did a great job on our inspection. The use of photos to show what he is talking about is a great idea. I would definitely recommend him to others for home inspections.
- J.K., Bayville NJ, June 2018
Kyle Kudelin was our inspector and he did a stellar job. He performed a very thorough inspection, was knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant. We will use your service again and recommend you to others without hesitation.
- A.S., Lawrenceville NJ, May 2018
Kyle was very professional and thorough. He seemed extremely knowledgeable in his profession, as was evidenced by the answers he provided to our questions. I would definitely recommend him to anybody.
- J.S., May 2018
After years of recommending George to my clients, I was able to hire him for my own home inspection. Always goes above and beyond - simply the best! Thanks George!
- G.T., Forked River NJ, May 2018
I am extremely pleased with the thoroughness and ease of use for the report. The format and repair request service is great. Thanks!
- P.M., Toms River NJ, May 2018
Kyle did our home inspection last Saturday, he was on time, very professional and extremely thorough. He answered any questions we had and was very polite. We are very impressed with the report he sent and will definitely use him and your company again!
- W.D., Freehold NJ, May 2018
We've had the pleasure of working with both Kyle and George. They both do a sufficient job. They are very thorough and detailed with each inspection they have done for us. They provide answers and specific detail any questions you have as they are doing the inspection. Thank you so much for the work you have provided us with. We will pass the name along!
- B.D., May 2018
Kyle was extremely thorough, He took the time to explain each thing that he found so that we could understand .He was professional and made us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a house inspection. Thank you for your service.
- S.J., Toms River NJ, May 2018
Kyle was extremely thorough, He took the time to explain each thing that he found so that we could understand .He was professional and made us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a house inspection. Thank you for your service.
- S.J., Toms River NJ, May 2018
Very thorough and informative.
- C.M., Toms River NJ, April 2018
George was an excellent inspector and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a thorough home inspection. It was great to not only have so much information regarding the condition of my prospective home, but George made sure to take pictures of all items so I was able to see the condition for myself. I would highly recommend Mc Fauld's Home Inspection Services.
- A.B., Manchester NJ, April 2018
As a first time home buyer, I felt that Mr. McFauld's really took his time to explain things thoroughly. He helped me understand the difference between potential concerns and things that could be negotiated in purchasing my home. I feel more confident in making my decision after reviewing his detail-oriented report; and for that I am grateful. I would definitely recommend Mr. McFauld's to anyone of my friends and family. Martha
- M.A., Rutherford NJ, April 2018
As a first time home buyer, I felt that Mr. McFauld's really took his time to explain things thoroughly. He helped me understand the difference between potential concerns and things that could be negotiated in purchasing my home. I feel more confident in making my decision after reviewing his detail-oriented report; and for that I am grateful. I would definitely recommend Mr. McFauld's to anyone of my friends and family. Martha
- M.A., Rutherford NJ, April 2018
I would recommend George absolutely! Great job, very through and knowledgeable. Thank you so much.
- L.B., Lakewood NJ, April 2018
Excellent job once again. This is the second home George has inspected for me within the past six months. I would not hesitate to use him again.
- R.K., Holmdel NJ, March 2018
Thank you George for the thorough and professional way in which you conducted the inspection of our potential new home. You provided a wealth of information and your report will be a valuable resource that I am sure I will refer to on a regular basis going forward. There is no question that Patti and i will refer you and your company to any and all friend and acquaintances that we find to be in need of your services in the future. Your company definitely differentiates itself from the others that I have observed in this space. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service! Kevin Schroeder
- K.S., Englewood NJ, March 2018
I highly recommend George McFaulds to do your home inspection. He is professional, knowledgable, courteous and offered helpful advice about various house repairs. I made the right decision in calling George!
- K.N., Bridgewater NJ, March 2018
George was great to work with A first rate professional who was both informative and courteous throughout the entire inspection. Thanks George! Joe and Jackie Marino
- J.M., Belleview NJ, March 2018
Kyle could not have been more thorough and professional.
- D.W., March 2018
Great job. Professional and explained in layman's terms.
- J.D., Farmingdale NJ, March 2018
Kyle was excellent! He explained his findings and was very patient and professional
- M.C., Brick NJ, February 2018
Quick and professional, great attention to detail. I would definitely recommend his family run business.
- , February 2018
Quick and professional, great attention to detail. I would definitely recommend his family run business.
- M.F., Netcong NJ, February 2018
Very extensive, professional. A pleasure to do business with.
- J.K., Toms River NJ, February 2018
Kyle was a true professional, very personable and informational during the entire inspection process. He truly admirably represents your excellent and I highly recommend your company. Thanks again, Ariel Villarreal
- J.V., Port Saint Lucie NJ, February 2018
Kyle was very thorough and kept me informed and included me every step of the way through the inspection process.
- J.A., Brick NJ, February 2018
George McFaulds came highly recommended and far exceeded my expectations! He was patient and very knowledgeable, walking my son through the complete inspection. His attention to detail was noticed and appreciated. I would recommend him with total confidence. Warm regards, Lucy R.
- L.R., Manchester NJ, January 2018
Kyle was extremely kind,knowledgeable and very professional !
- M.H., January 2018
Hi George Kyle was great he did a excellent job.
- D.L., Lakewood NJ, January 2018
George was professional and very detailed in his inspection. He was great at explaining and answering questions about the home along the way. His report was timely and well written. I would definitely recommend him to a friend or family.
- T.H., Red Bank NJ, January 2018
George is very detailed and takes his time to ensure any questions and concerns are answered. The turn around on receiving the report is excellent.
- S.F., Toms River NJ, January 2018
Punctual, reasonably priced, and thorough.
- B.L., Beauford SC, December 2017
Kyle was my inspector, he was super friendly and very thorough. Answered every question I had and I was very happy with the service that was provided!
- A.H., Lakehurst NJ, December 2017
George was pleasant to deal with and answered all our questions and took the time to explain in detail all our concerns. He was diligent and took his time with the inspection. We couldn't have been more satisfied. PC & NC 12/20/17
- P.C., Butler NJ, December 2017
Very thorough inspection. Easy to understand. Great communication.
- J.G., Toms River NJ, December 2017
George provided a detailed report, in layman's terms, which gave me confidence in the property's condition. Also, the report provided me with a to-do list of items that I might not have been aware of.
- J.S., Monroe NY, December 2017
George McFaulds and team did an exceptional and professional inspection. They provided pictures and narratives to support their findings and conclusions. I would recommend them to anyone needing a home inspection.
- G.B., Beverly Hills FL, December 2017
Use George for all my investment properties, wouldnt think of using anyone else. Always does a great job!
- D.P., Lavalette NJ, December 2017
Your inspection was excellent and the consumer can feel confident in making a decision on the house.
- J.Z., Toms River NJ, November 2017
Very thorough and informative. Would like George to put some numbers to the major work that needs to done.
- P.D., Brick NJ, November 2017
The inspector was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions. Since I'm a new home owner, he was very patient and try to answer all questions. I will highly recommend him to anyone
- R.G., Toms River NJ, November 2017
George is by far the best home inspector I have ever dealt with. His knowledge, experience and advise is bar none. ! I would recommend George to anyone that needs an inspection. He has a thorough understanding of house construction, and spends as much time as needed to do a complete inspection! I called him for a next day inspection and he was there! In our lifetime we have had numerous house inspections and to be quite honestly, George IS the best out there! Martin Bruno
- M.B., Mount Pleasant SC, November 2017
he did great, very thorough with everything and was very personable
- R.B., November 2017
Kyle was both professional and detail oriented in his observations while at the same time making sure he pointed out to me things of relevance. He was patient with my questions and overall did a thorough job , I would definitely use your service again!
- M.Y., Lakewood NJ, October 2017
George was extremely thorough, informative, helpful, and performed an incredibly detailed inspection and inspection report. I would absolutely utilize his services again and recommend his inspection expertise.
- N.S., Pomona NY, October 2017
George is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, informative and an upstanding, honest person. I recommend him to all of my clients and will continue to do so.
- J.S., Point Pleasant Beach NJ, October 2017
George is by far the best inspector and the only person I refer to all my clients. He always makes himself available and gets his easy to read reports back in a day or two. Thanks George!! Toni DeGregorio Diane Turton Realtors
- T.D., Brick NJ, October 2017
George was absolutely thorough and incredibly detailed in the inspection and the inspection report. I would absolutely utilize his services again and recommend his inspection expertise.
- P.F., Mahwah NJ, October 2017
George is very informative and thurough. He answered all my questions and created a detailed report.
- C.S., Beachwood NJ, October 2017
Thank you for your excellent home inspection and quick turn around time on my report. Your service was far superior to any other home inspector I have used in the past. I would recommend you to others without any reservation.
- R.K., Holmdel NJ, September 2017
As a real estate agent, it is invaluable to have a home inspector who is knowledgeable and professional. Kyle embodies both of those qualities.
- M.P., Shrewsbury NJ, September 2017
Very informative and thorough inspection. Highly recommended!
- E.H., Toms River NJ, September 2017
George is amazing, educated, very knowledgeable, and we absolutely found him to be fantastic. We give him a 110 across the board. Best home inspector in life. You can't get any better:) Thank you. Christina and lenny doctor.
- C.D., Boundbrook NJ, September 2017
George is wonderful to work with. He makes the customer very comfortable answers all their questions and addresses all their concerns. Always shows up on time, has never missed an appointment. The reports are done quickly.
- L.s., September 2017
I found George to be exactly what I hoped for as an inspector. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and completely receptive to any questions I had. Also, he had the type of personality that made me relax during the inspection. Finally, he provided insight and suggestions on items I focused on as potential issues
- W.R., North Plainfield NJ, September 2017
I am very happy with your service. Kyle is such a nice man and he was very thorough in his inspection. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Thank you!
- M.S., Kearney NJ, September 2017
Very thorough and professional. Answered all questions simply and understandably. George McFaulds is an excellent choice for a house inspector.
- C.W., September 2017
When I saw and read the inspection report I was amazed at the details and how thorough it was. I had no problem reading and understanding the inspection report. I will definitely use your service again if needed. Thank You
- S.H., Passaic NJ, September 2017
We had Kyle as our inspector and he was completely thorough and professional. We would definitely recommend him and MIC.
- K.D., Brookside NJ, August 2017
Home inspection was 2 hours,45 minutes. Way too long for a two bed,two bath Lakeview on a crawl. I have had very thorough home inspections done here in 90 minutes including termite. Time is money!
- J.B., Toms River NJ, August 2017
great &very well done thank YOU JP
- J.P., Brick NJ, August 2017
Very thorough, explained everything clearly, no surprises in the report
- B.V., Keansburg NJ, August 2017
I found the inspector, Kyle, to be excellent. He explained things as he went along. Seemed to be very educated on all items involved in the inspection. I would highly recommend him. I thought the actual reports were concise and easy to read. Thank you.
- M.S., Kearney NJ, August 2017
Kyle was our inspector and he was wonderful. Thorough, courteous, and professional!
- M.W., Brick NJ, August 2017
Great, detailed work. Save me over $2,000 with repairs the seller agreed to fix. Excellent work.
- D.F., Clifton NJ, August 2017
George, You did an outstanding job with the home inspection. I have purchased many homes and used many inspectors through out the areas where I was reassigned by my company. Your thoroughness and attention to detail where evident in your report. Thank you, B Dutko
- B.D., Toms River NJ, August 2017
Excellent job George
- S.G., Sayreville NJ, August 2017