Absolutely recommendable. Very professional in his work. Of course I would hire him again if I had to do another inspection. Thank you Mario Neira for your good service.
- E.C., June 2023
Mario is very thorough and very professional when it comes to inspecting your potential future home. I went there while he was there just to kind of look around myself and he was able to provide clarification on all my inquiries and was a true gentleman throughout the visit. Would highly recommend Mario to anyone looking for the right home for their loved ones.
- W.R., Spring Hill FL, May 2021
Mario was very thorough. I tagged along at first, mainly out of curiosity as to how he approached the inspection, but I quickly found that we didn't need two of us doing the same thing, so I used my time at the home we intend to buy doing other things. The report generated was so complete, we initially thought the summary report was the full report! Then when we saw the full report, we were extremely glad we found Mario and employed him to do this important job for us.
- M.H., May 2021
Thanks so much. You always make me look good Mario. Important for me as a realtor to be able to recommend a good inspector.
- C.W., March 2021
Easy to work with. Very thorough job. Thanks.
- L.K., October 2019
Great service and help. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of a home. I wouldn't only recommend Mario, but I will definitely be using him again.
- S.S., August 2019
Mario provided a far more encompassing and complete report than any previous home inspections. The report was well thought out, accurate and very professional. He was able to explain the results clearly and answer any questions I had after it was submitted. I will use Mario again when required and recommend him to friends and associates that are looking for a well qualified inspector.
- J.B., May 2019
Thank you Mario for being so accommodating to my needs. I appreciated your thoroughness and the way you explained everything in a way that I could understand easily. Great job and wonderful person! I will definitely recommend you to others.
- A.S., April 2019
We appreciate the service, friendliness, quality and thoroughness of Mario's work ethic. The report he generated did an excellent job of identifying and explaining problems and deficiencies with the house we were purchasing. Lots of pictures and videos were a big help. The only suggestion I'd make is that Mario comment on what he's videoing as he's doing it, so the viewer can be more clearly made aware of what he's looking at and what issues the viewer should be focusing on. He was wearing a mask, so it's understandable that the audio wouldn't be great, but it couldn't hurt. But all in all, we are very pleased with Mario's work product and recommend him highly.
- C.I., March 2019
I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the home inspection you performed for us as well as your attentive communication. The many photos, which included your comments, arrows and other annotations, gave us a very clear picture of the areas in need of attention. Owing to your meticulous services, I am confident we will not experience any unexpected disappointments after moving into our new home. In addition, I feel confident the impressive repair report we created with your software program and submitted to the sellers will result in a favorable outcome for us.
- S.M., July 2018
Excellent and diligent inspector!
- E.W., Saint Petersburg FL, May 2018
Mario, I really appreciate your time on a Saturday to inspect my home. You were able to adapt to my time constraints and complete a high quality home inspection report on short notice. Thank you, Zane
- Z.W., February 2018
Mario was referred by a friend of mine, and I am very thankful for the great referral. I am a first time home buyer and I was a little bit overwhelmed of the inspection process. Not only that Mario took the time to answer all of my questions but he also was very patient to walk me through all of the necessary steps before the inspection and before closing. Mario was polite, courteous, and very professional. Mario explained everything to me into great details before the inspection and also after the inspection was completed. I would highly recommend Mario for his services and I am sure that I will definitely use his services again. Thank you Mario for everything and thank for the opportunity to provide a little feedback about you.
- H.M., October 2012
Great Job. Well beyond what our company expected.
- M.M., Tampa FL, October 2009
Very prompt, courteous, and always professional. Mario was detailed oriented, and very thorough during the on-site walk through and in his reporting.
- J.C., Clearwater FL, October 2009
thanks for a very complete job and timely report -appreciate your professionalism and efforts
- M.L., Tampa FL, September 2009