Best in the business. I would not purchase a house without having Derl inspect it first.
- B.W., April 2019
Derl was very professional and thorough. He was great to work with for our first home buying experience. We will refer him to our friends/family in the future.
- E.T., January 2019
Mr. Nelson accommodated a rush request making time to do my inspection. I am very impressed with his inspection and quick turn around of the report.
- L.B., November 2018
Derl performed my home inspection and I couldn't be more satisfied. He was thorough in his work, but still made sure to stop and explain his findings to me in detail. Previous companies I've worked with were stiff and vague, while Derl was approachable and professional. I learned a great deal from our meeting and look forward to implementing some of the tips he gave me in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest Derl and AQI inspection services to anyone looking for a reputable home inspector.
- A.R., September 2018
Derl's work is top quality and thorough. There's no question he will be the only person I call or recommend for this service. Highly recommended
- A.J., July 2018
Thank you for doing a great inspection of the condo. It was very nice to meet you and hear all about your findings of my new home. I need all the help I can get and it was great to have been given your name as a great inspector and someone I could count on. You can thank Emily Wood at realty south for that vote. Thank you again, Vicki Fadlevich
- V.F., February 2018
Derl Nelson and I spent about five hours going through the house and I can say it was money well spent. He found a lot of things that I didn't notice at first and also helped investigate problems that we saw. I would definitely use him again.
- F.C., January 2018
Very detailed and professional. Will highly recommend to friends and family.
- I.A., November 2017
Very detailed report on my home inspection. I was very pleased with Derl's report.
- V.C., August 2017
Mr. Nelson was a pleasure to work with. He was there early to work and very friendly and professional. I felt at ease having him examine the house. He answered my questions with great detail and did not make me feel as if my questions were not valid. all of my concerns were addressed in a professional manner. Mr. Nelson was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him and your company to others. Robert M. Haynes 07-03-2017
- R.H., July 2017
Derl strives for excellence in what he does and that is very apparent in his work product. I followed Derl while he conducted the inspection of our new home, and I can say with certainty that I trust his work because of the process he undertakes. He was thorough, meticulous and knowledgeable. It would be difficult to find a better inspector in the region and I would highly recommend him.
- M.D., May 2017
We appreciate the detailed and thorough report. Derl sat down with us at the end of the inspection and clearly explained issues that he saw. We appreciate his clear explanations to help us understand. We had an excellent experience and appreciate all Derl did.
- D.T., May 2017
Mr. Derl Nelson was hired by us to inspect the house that we are buying. He was very knowledgeable and professional. During his thorough inspection, he took time to clearly explain the defects he found in the house and even offered some suggestions to fix them. The inspection report was very comprehensive and easy to understand. He is a great home inspector as well as a great person. I would highly recommend him. Kumudu M.
- K.M., February 2017
Thank you for your thorough inspection! I appreciate you going through and explaining all of your findings to me in person.
- R.S., December 2016
Derl is a true professional and takes pride in his work. He evaluates the home just lIke he would if it was his. Derl is honest and trustworthy and gives his clients a comfort level during a stressful time. We will use Derl on all future purchases.
- D.R., October 2016
- L.S., August 2016
My wife and I are first time home buyers, and we found Derl to be personable, knowledgeable, and helpful. I was impressed with his thoroughness and honesty. He came highly recommended, and I would highly recommend him to others seeking a home inspection.
- J.H., July 2016
Derl's services were top notch. He is thorough, accurate, and very easy to work with. His friendly demeanour and ease of communication make the home buying process a lot less daunting. I highly recommend Derl!
- R.K., June 2016
Derl did a wonderful job on our inspection. He was very thorough in the report and informative. We are first time home buyers, and Derl made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire inspection. He went above and beyond to ensure we knew everything we needed to about our future home!
- M.J., June 2016
Derl did a fantastic and thorough job. He spent the time necessary to inspect the home and explain the issues in simple and easy to understand manner. I would definitely recommend him to others.
- R.C., Birmingham AL, May 2016
Derl was very thorough and did a great job explaining all of the things we should/shouldn't be concerned about. He also strongly recommended a sewer inspection, given the age of the home, and it resulted in us catching a major issue. Would highly recommend Derl Nelson and AQI
- M.S., May 2016
Very thorough, professional, and helpful!
- R.P., May 2016
Derl is very thorough, professional, and courteous. This is the second time we have hired Derl, and we couldn't recommend him any more highly.
- C.D., May 2016
Derl was very informative and professional. He did a thorough job on our inspection and was also very kind. I liked that he sat down and explained his findings. Would definitely refer!
- B.B., April 2016
Derl did a wonderful job and was extremely thorough. He was very professional and polite and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend him and will use him on any future home inspection!
- M.F., April 2016
I have used Mr. Nelson for 2 inspections. One was a brand new construction, and the other an older home. He takes the time and has the knowledge to make a thorough and meticulous assessment. I have seen other inspection reports that are over 100 pages long that aren't much more than glorified check lists and generic information. Mr. Nelson's reports are both detailed and clearly illustrated, which gives you the vital information you need when purchasing a home.
- P.H., November 2015
Very professional, friendly, and thorough. My father, who is also a professional engineer, watched him conduct the inspection and had nothing but laudatory comments for his thoroughness and professionalism.
- C.T., October 2015
Last year, Derl did a home inspection for the buyers of our parents' home. We were so impressed with the professional job he did that we called him to do the home inspection on a house that we are now buying. As expected, Derl did a thorough, professional job. He is very knowledgeable, patient and explains things so that you can understand his findings. I would recommend Derl to anyone who wants their home inspection done thoroughly and professionally.
- K.M., September 2015
It gave us peace of mind to have Derl Nelson as our inspector because of his reputation for thoroughness and honesty. He certainly lives up to that reputation. He also provided a complete and detailed report the very next day. We have complete confidence as we move into our new home that nothing has been overlooked and all is in working order. Thank you,Derl!
- D.T., August 2015
We enjoyed working with you, Mr. Nelson! Thank you for taking the time to perform such a thorough inspection, and for explaining each concern you had in detail with us. We would highly recommend anyone use your services and will definitely keep you in mind in the future. - JW
- J.W., August 2015
Derl was extremely thorough and a pleasure to work with! He left nothing unchecked and gave us very helpful information for the items that needed to be addressed.
- A.S., June 2015
Thank you, Derl. I deeply appreciate your professionalism, and the thoroughness of your inspection, as well as the degree of information you have provided in your report so promptly. Your report, and especially the time you spent with me today, will help me immensely as I move forward. I feel like I have a solid understanding of the condition of this property. Also, I learned a lot from you about areas to monitor and troubleshoot in the future. Barbara Brewster
- B.B., May 2015
We recently had a house inspected by Derl Nelson from AQI Home Inspection Services. My wife and I both attended most parts of the inspection and we were absolutely impressed by Derls' professionalism and willingness to explain in detail each step of this lengthy process. We were both very impressed by his thoroughness and careful examination of each area of the house. This took more than half a day, including the time he took to explain to us the major repair issues. We received his report the same evening and again, were utmost impressed with his expertise and thoroughness. His report and documentation were very helpful in our contract negotiations and we definitely recommend Derl for an inspection to any potential buyer.
- A.P., April 2015
Derl, Thanks for the thorough inspection and the timeliness of the inspection as well as the report. Chris
- C.Z., December 2014
Derl is the best inspector! He is very precise and does not miss anything. We used him for our second home purchase and he continue to amaze us with how good he is. Blessed to know him as a person and a professional!!! My husband and I would not use any other to inspect our home.
- H.J., October 2014
Mr. Nelson has inspected two seperate houses for me. Both times his assessments have been thorough, informative, comprehensive, and complete. He is very knowledgeable and articulate. He notices small details which I believe most inspectors would miss. He clearly explains why he includes items in the report. He points out positive items during the inspection and again explains why these seemingly small things are important. I highly recommend him and will use him and his company in the future.
- D.H., September 2014
Derl was great to work with and very thorough in his inspection. We are so thankful for his careful observations and feel confident in his findings. Thank you, Derl!
- D.S., August 2014
Derl was very professional. He seemed very knowledgable and thorough. I would definitely call him on future inspections.
- A.U., August 2014
Derl did an excellent job and was extremely thorough. The information he provided is invaluable.
- J.G., July 2014
Derl encompasses everything that you want in a home inspector. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and pragmatic. This is the second time that we have hired him for a home inspection, and we were not disappointed.
- L.D., June 2014
Thank you Derl! I was very pleased with how thorough you were and also took the time to walk with me inside and out and showed me all issues you found during the inspection!
- J.R., May 2014
Derl has inspected at least three properties for us and he is VERY professional, efficient and thorough. Would use his services again in a heartbeat.
- S.T., May 2014
Derl is extremely personable & an excellent communicator; Expectations were clearly given in advance; Inspection done with exceptional detail; evaluations were clear and understandable & easily accessible on line & on time; process was explained via phone conversation (in addition to written) & completed as promised, following the exact procedure as described; Very pleased with the work & highly recommend Derl!
- R.L., April 2014
Very thorough and informative.
- M.L., April 2014
Derl was very thorough and pleasant to work with. He patiently gave detailed explanations of his findings. Very honest and trustworthy. Highly recommend. BM
- B.M., March 2014
Very thorough.
- D.R., March 2014
Derl Nelson is thorough, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. His contractor referrals are an invaluable resource for specific systems or elements that require an outside specialist for inspection. His inspection allowed us to be confident that there would be few if any surprises after a purchase. We highly recommend him for home inspections.
- L.W., February 2014
I thought Derl did a good job. He is very personal and takes time to explain to the purchaser the things he finds and provides recommendations.
- J.V., November 2013
I was highly impressed with Mr. Nelson. He was thorough, professional, helpful, and fully committed to the inspection. I certainly appreciated his endeavor and would use his services in the future.
- L.H., September 2013
Derl Nelson did a very thorough job. His report was clear and concise. His inspection gives us the peace of mind that the house we are purchasing will be a quality home.
- G.A., September 2013
Derl, outstanding work! I am most grateful for the time and care you took with the home inspection and your clear explanations of the issues found. Your knowledge and attention to detail are greatly appreciated! I will definitely recommend you. Ted
- W.C., Birmingham AL, August 2013
Derl's inspection and report of the property we were looking was very professional,thorough and easy to understand. He has a very easy going personality but knows what he is doing. We received his report back same day he inspected the house which was very helpful to us. DG
- L.W., July 2013
Derl Nelson thoroughly checked the systems mentioned in the contract and was extremely patient in answering all my questions as we went through the house together. I am so impressed by the level of professionalism and attention to detail of the home inspection provided by Derl that I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who truly wants to know the status of a property under consideration for purchase.
- R.P., July 2013
Thank you for being so professional and thorough. I appreciate the additional time you took to make certain everything was covered and explained, as well as the same-day turnaround on the report. I also appreciate the fact that your office assistants demonatrate the same professionalism and excellent communication before, during, and after the inspection. Thank you!
- C.J., July 2013
Derl was very detailed in all aspects of the inspection. He took the time to explain to me what he was doing or what he may be looking at. Overall, very impressed with the job that he did and well worth the expense.
- J.P., May 2013
Derl is very professional and thorough in his inspection. He takes the time to point out items that that need attention and also things a homeowner would want to know such as where the water shutoff is located. Great job.
- M.S., May 2013
I highly recommend Mr. Nelson. There are few things more significant in life than the purchase of a new home, and certainly an inspection of the potential home is critical to that process. I have purchased 4 homes and this is by far the most comprehensive evaluation that I have received for a home inspection. The report was easy to read and understand and highlighted any areas of concern. You can't reasonably ask for more from an inspection: comprehensive, readable, evaluative, and understandable.
- D.H., May 2013
Derl was very thorough and professional. The inspection report was detailed and clear with photos identifying each area inspected. He also went out of his way to answer questions, even calling outside expertise to get clarification.
- K.D., April 2013
Mr. Nelson prepared a very thorough and professional report. I would recommend him to anyone.
- L.H., April 2013
Very thorough and detailed. Appreciate his advice. Deryl made me aware of some codes and needed repairs that I did not know about. Photographs most helpful as well (not all inspectors take photos). Very professional, yet I felt comfortable in asking questions. I would highly recommend Derl to others.
- B.R., February 2013
Very fast and very professional and detailed!
- A.B., February 2013
I've never met a man like Derl! I wouldn't consider using anyone else and I can't imagine anyone else not using him.
- G.M., February 2013
Derl was thorough, professional, incredibly nice, and absolutely knowledgable. In my new home inspection, he knew the building codes and standards inside and out, and he took the time to explain the most important points and structure features that he was inspecting. I now feel more confident in my purchase. I definitely recommend Derl to anyone who may need a home inspection!
- M.H., January 2013
Derl did a very thorough, professional inspection. It was obvious the he is well-qualified for the job. He took the time to look throughout the house, inside and out, in the attic, basement รข?? every area. He identified issues that I would not have thought about and was very helpful in explaining what he found. I would certainly recommend Derl to others and would hire him again if the opportunity arises.
- K.P., December 2012
Thanks for the thorough report. It will be a great help toward my decision to purchase the building.
- C.A., December 2012
Thank you so much for doing my home inspection. Your customer service and professionalism is awesome.
- A.E., October 2012
Derl was very professional, informative and thorough. Very pleased with his service.
- B.N., September 2012
well done!! (i'm sorry i'm so late with this.)...i appreciate your professionalism.
- O.K., September 2012
Extremely thorough, prompt, good customer service. Helpful and pleasure to do business with.
- A.W., September 2012
This is the third house Derl has inspected for us, and he has done a great job every time. He is extremely thorough and friendly. We have enjoyed working with him.
- C.N., September 2012
Derl was VERY thorough, knowledgeable, and gave a complete report of the house I was purchasing.
- J.S., August 2012
Derl did a great job. I was very pleased. He was far more thorough than I thought an inspector was going to be and helped us understand his report and the items he found. I will most definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone I know that will need an inspection.
- J.W., August 2012
Derl has been an absolute professional. He was very thorough in his inspection and provided detailed information on his report and in person. Highly recommend!
- D.P., June 2012
Very thorough and professional in every way. All of my questions were addressed and answered at the time of the inspection. If necessary we revisited items or issues to obtain a more in-depth analysis. The report was easy to understand and well laid out. Photos were of a good quality and well marked. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Derl Nelson.
- M.M., June 2012
Derl was extremely thorough in his inspection, which I appreciate very much. Purchasing a home is a big investment and you want to know exactly what you are getting. I have owned 4 other homes in the past, but this was by far the best inspection I have had done. Would recommend Derl without hesitation to anyone buying a home.
- P.S., May 2012
Very likeable inspector who did a very thorough job. His report was easy to access and very organized. Would highly recommend to others.
- S.M., May 2012
Following my recent home inspection I can enthusiastically recommend Derl Nelson. He thoroughly examined every indicated component of my prospective home in an extremely professional manner and discovered several highly important potential issues. He invited questions and provided excellent advice on all aspects of both the inspection and the house. Additionally, he was very kind and enjoyable to interact with. If I am ever in need of another home inspection in the surrounding area I will unquestionably work with Derl Nelson again. Daniel Israel
- D.I., April 2012
Derl Nelson was very thorough, detailed, and professional. He explained everything as we progressed through the inspection. I reccomend him to anyone desirng a home inspection.
- H.K., April 2012
Thank you for being so thorough in inspecting our new home. We really felt like no stone was left unturned which gave us complete peace of mind in our purchase. Thanks again!
- S.M., March 2012
Thanks for a great job. Your report is very detailed and it is especially helpful to have the photographs.
- B.N., March 2012
Derl, you did a wonderful job. You were more than thorough, easy to ask questions of, great at explaining things, courteous, punctual, bent over backwards to be accomodating. I am most grateful for the work you did!
- K.B., February 2012
Great job Derl, so thorough, and you did such a great job of explaining everything. We will definitely recommend AQI to anyone who asks!
- J.H., February 2012
Derl did a great job! I had called several other inspectors and was quoted a significantly lower price. Derl came highly recommended so I chose his services anyway. He spent nearly 4.5 hours with me answering my questions and thoroughly examining each room of the interior and exterior, as well as the driveway, roof, garage, attic and crawlspace. The next day he gave me a 62 page PDF; it uncovered a myriad of issues that I believe would have been missed by a less detail-oriented person. The house did not require major repairs, yet the report was useful on several fronts. My father has been a general contractor for 20 years. He too was impressed with the report. On the basis of the inspection, I was able to: (a) counter the negotiated purchase price by another 2% on an already heavily discounted foreclosure, and (b) the report will help my father bring the appropriate tools so he can more efficiently help me with repairs [he will be coming from more than 500 miles away]
- W.W., December 2011
As a first-time homeowner, I was very anxious to learn everything I could about my new home, and Derl was incredibly patient with his time, knowledgeable in his profession and thorough in his explanations. He walked me through every part of the inspection and made sure that all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. His careful attention to detail and his conscientious guidance made me feel at ease and thankful to have such a consummate professional to perform my inspection. For a professional inspection and outstanding customer service, Derl Nelson is the best man for the job!
- C.B., December 2011
Derl, Your inspection is very helpful and through. I enjoyed talking with you and you explained things in a way that was understandable. Thank you, AR
- A.R., October 2011
Derl was a pleasure to work with and the electronic communication and payment options made the process quick and seamless. The report was well put together with pictures clearly illustrating comments. Derl promptly corresponded with me following the inspection and answered all my questions thoroughly. The inspection was carried out quickly with the report made available the same day. Great experience.
- A.B., October 2011
A home inspection is an important piece of mind you pay for before you finalize your home purchase. Derl is extremely thorough and personable. Thanks again.
- S.P., August 2011
Darl did a very thorough inspection and would recommend for any inspection.
- K.B., October 2010
Derl was extremely thorough and clearly explained the issues he noted during the inspection. I would highly recommend Derl's services.
- M.C., May 2010
Thanks for the thorough and informative inspection!
- R.D., February 2010
Derl and I have been working together around six years and I highly recommend his services. He is very thorough with his inspections and is great with feedback for my clients.
- K.G., Birmingham AL, February 2010
A wonderful and complete job well done! Thank you so much for your knowledge and experience!
- E.D., January 2010
Professional, informative and done in a timely manner.
- S.E., November 2009
Excellent job. Very professional report. Excellent documentation. Photos with arrows indicating points of interest were very good at clearly illuminating the specifics of the issue.
- D.S., July 2009
one of the best inspections I have had
- B.T., July 2009
Derl was very professional, thorough and extremely helpful!!! Would recommend him to anyone and everyone!!
- A.G., July 2009
Derl did an outstanding job with the inspection and subsequent follow-up questions and concerns. He has been very helpful not only in answering questions about the inspection but also in providing recommendations and resources regarding repairs and other need in the Birmingham area. We would highly recommend Derl to anyone needing a home inspection. Rich and Jan Mandes
- J.M., June 2009