Mr Newell promptly inspected the property after we had placed a contract on it. He was willing to meet with us personally at the property and explain his findings. The final report was thorough with photo documentation of all significant findings and suggested remedies.
- J.B., July 2023
Geoff was very thorough and professional, taking the time to document problem areas with clear photos and also explain them to us in layman’s terms. His turnaround time on the inspection report was impressive. Wholeheartedly recommend!
- D.I., January 2023
I can't say enough good things about Geoff. He is responsive and thorough. He goes over his findings onsite and his reports are easy to understand. I highly recommend Digs Doctor Home Inspections.
- R.S., November 2022
Geoff does a very complete inspection. He is available to answer my questions on anything he found. I have used him numerous times and would use him for any future inspection without hesitation.
- C.H., May 2022
Great to work with Geoff and the team. Always thorough and professional .
- S.R., May 2022
I have used Geoff Newell at Digs Doctor for several years now. He is always on time and does a very through job explaining to the Client what the issues were that he found on his inspection. He also takes his time in explaining to the Client how to correct those issues. All my clients really liked him! Thanks Geoff! Cherie Burris REMAX Executive
- C.B., January 2022
Thank you Geoff for your services.
- S.S., January 2022
Geoff does an awesome and extensive job . He is timely and turns his reports quickly. He explains things well for the buyers . I highly recommend Geoff with Digs Doctor KK Skaar Keller Williams Ballantyne
- K.S., May 2021
I have used Digs Doctor Geoff Newell to inspect several houses that I have considered for purchased or purchased. His work is outstanding and his reports are some of the best in the industry. Highly recommend Geoff.
- R.F., May 2021
Geoff Newell was very professional and did a very thorough inspection. After the inspection was completed, he took time to review all his findings with us and made certain recommendations that we should address. I would highly recommend him for your next inspection.
- T.G., March 2021
Geoff was extremely thorough, which is what you want when you’re purchasing a forever home. From the screws that should be 16d penny nails.. to the way windows were mounted, even a basement vent that didn’t have a complete screen (would allow small pests to come in). He did an awesome job and everything was photographed so each issue was documented verbally and photographically. The icing on the cake you ask? He finished the inspection and our report was uploaded that evening. With the way the housing market is down here.. if you need quality inspections AND an amazing turn around time.. and just one heck of a nice guy... use Geoff.
- E.C., October 2020
Geoff exceeded our expectations from our referral. He was extremely thorough and professional. The report he gave us was very detailed and easy to understand. I highly recommend this company for any inspection needs
- I.S., July 2020
He was very thorough
- L.W., March 2020
He was very thorough
- L.W., March 2020
Geoff arrive on time for my clients inspection. He was through and knowledgeable. I enjoyed that he didn't alarm my clients but ensured they had all the information. He was very fair priced and we had the report less than 10 hours after the inspection was complete. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great home inspector.
- A.H., February 2020
Geoff was very thorough, checking each item with great detail. The report was very clear, calling out each item to be addressed complete with photos of the issue. Geoff listened to our requests and adjusted his approach to meet our needs.
- B.A., February 2020
Geoff was thorough, and both explained and showed us everything in detail. He was polite and professional. I will certainly recommend him and his company if I have the opportunity. Thank you Geoff.
- B.T., January 2020
Best inspector I have ever used!!!
- S.P., October 2019
Great experience. Geoff was very thorough and provided a detail report of all issues found during the inspection. Would definitely recommend.
- A.P., March 2019
Thank you for taking the time to ensure me, my daughter and Bo have a very safe and happy home. It was a pleasure meeting you today. 😁
- L.W., York SC, December 2018
Extremely thorough! Highly recommend!
- M.R., November 2018
Geoff was EXCELLENT! He did a thorough job and found a lot of important items. He answered all of our questions. I would definitely use Geoff Newell again for my home inspections and refer him to others. Thank you Geoff!
- C.A., July 2018
Thanks for the thorough inspection and report Geoff. Really appreciate the informative, honest feedback and also recommendations for similar services through your network of contacts.
- J.P., Tega cay SC, February 2018
Very professional service. Great to do business with.
- J.M., October 2017
Geoff Newell with Digs Doctor always does a great job and gives timely and well written reports . I highly recommend Digs Doctor for all of your inspection needs Karen Skaar Broker Allen Tate SouthPark
- K.S., July 2017
Digs Doctor is an great inspection company .Geoff Newell explains things very well to buyers and is always on time and provides detailed , timely reports . I highly recommend Digs Doctor for all of your home inspection needs ! Karen Skaar , Broker . The Allen Tate Company
- K.S., May 2017
super recommended, best inspector ever, hes aced it again
- M.D., May 2017
THE best Home Inspector in this area. Thorough, professional, NOT alarmist, fantastic experience. Thank you Geoff!
- S.W., Fort Mill SC, May 2017
As always Digs Doctor does an incredible job with inspections . He is efficient ,timely and gives highly detailed reports . I highly recommend Geoff Newell and Digs Doctor for all of your inspection needs ! Karen Skaar , Broker Allen Tate Company
- K.S., April 2017
Geoff Newell was great. He was very thorough, knowledgeable and explained everything to us at the end. I would highly recommend him. If we can be a referral, let us know.
- T.D., March 2017
Very pleased with your services!!!
- H.G., January 2017
Great service and wonderful detail.
- K.H., December 2016
As always Geoff Newell with Digs Doctor provides detailed reports , answers questions for clients very well and is always on time to the job and providing reports . I highly suggest Digs Doctor for your home inspection needs ! Karen Skaar Allen Tate Realtors
- K.S., November 2016
I highly recommend Geoff Newell with Digs Doctor . He does all the inspections for my personal and investment properties also . He is timely and professional and gives great detailed reports . Karen Skaar Allen Tate Realtors
- K.S., June 2016
As always Geoff Newel with Digs Doctor does an incredible job .He explains things very well to the client and is timely in his reports . I highly recommend this company for all of your inspection needs ! Karen Skaar Broker Allen Tate Realtors
- K.S., May 2016
Digs Doctor is an incredible home inspection company The owner is always on time and gives a great report in a very timely manner . I highly recommend Digs Doctor for all of your home inspection needs .Karen Skaar Allen Tate Realtor
- K.S., May 2016
Geoff, Thanks for a thorough inspection report; I would not hesitate to recommend you to other home owners. You services were prompt, courteous and very thorough. Thank you, I will await the revised copy upon the completion of your inspection.
- L.F., May 2016
Will absolutely recommend Geoff to future clients for inspection needs!
- L.R., March 2016
Geoff is always on time and very professional and explains things well to the buyers . I highly recommend Digs Doctor for all of your inspection needs !
- K.S., September 2015
What a great jon Geoff does . Always ontime and has great customer service with clients and agents . I highly recommend Geoff with Digs Doctor .
- K.S., July 2015
very professional and very thorough!
- T.W., July 2015
very happy.
- J.B., February 2015
Thank you so much!! Very detailed and honest!!!
- J.L., January 2015
Geoff was very flexible and provided a detailed and timely response including clear pictures which enhanced the inspection report greatly. Great experience.
- S.J., August 2014
Geoff does a wonderful job , He is very knowledgeable, efficient and timely . He takes the time to explain things to the buyers and makes them feel very informed about their buying decision . I highly recommend Geoff for your inspection needs ! Karen Skaar Allen Tate Company Broker
- K.S., January 2014
Geoff was amazingly thorough and found items we never would have found. He took his time and was very helpful and professional, even meeting with us on the weekend. We have had several inspections done in the past and Geoff Newell was by far the the best inspector we have ever had. We definitely recommend him! - Mark Morgan
- M.M., December 2013
Thank you! The report is very user friendly, professional and thorough.
- L.L., March 2010
He was AwSOME! He really took his time explaining things to me about my home! Great pointers and recommendation for me to keep my home in good shape! Thxs! Geoff!
- E.M., December 2009
Thanks for your excellent report Geoff!
- D.B., August 2009