Houston was very thorough and even spent time at the end of his inspection going over his findings with my client. I will highly recommend his work to others and will use him for future inspections.
- S.B., August 2020
Houston always does a thorough inspection. I highly recommend him to clients buying and/or selling a property.
- J.T., Brentwood TN, January 2020
Houston was remarkable! My realtor highly recommended him and I am thankful she did. Houston was affordable, meticulous and took time to answer all of of our questions. He also discussed the rationale behind his recommendations, which allowed us to feel confident in our home choice moving forward.
- J.S., May 2019
Thank you for your thorough and careful treatment of our home inspection. It was very encouraging to hear an inspector affirm the quality of the home.
- D.W., Antioch TN, May 2019
Thank you for the thorough inspection and attention to detail. Highly recommend you to anyone purchasing a home.
- B.M., April 2019
Our Realtor recommended Houston, and we have utilized his services more than once as a Property Inspector. We would not be able to make a decision on a purchase without Houston and Nashville Property Consultants home inspection.
- J.H., July 2015
Houston was very knowledgeable and took time to go over all parts of the town home with me slowly. He was patient with me despite the fact that I was 45 min. late arriving to my appointment. It was a great experience and I'd highly recommend him and the company!
- C.L., March 2015
Houston was exceptional. I highly recommend Houston for any home buyer seeking a clear, thorough home inspection.
- C.M., July 2014
Houston was very thorough and greatly helped us through our first home buying experience. Great work! Thanks for all of your help!
- R.A., November 2013
Appreciate the help!!I would like to include the impact section to the report so builder or seller can be persuaded to fix the identified issues.
- Z.U., July 2013
Job well done. Thank you!
- L.C., Franklin TN, July 2013
Very thorough and he did a great job of walking me through the report.
- J.G., May 2013
Very thorough and informative. Thank you very much for your time and assistance!
- D.I., July 2012
Houston let me shadow him throughout the inspection. I was extremely pleased with his attention to detail and his ability to describe in layperson's terms. The detailed report I received + his time = amazing value for my money. I would hire Houston again immediately and will recommend him to anyone needing a home inspector.
- H.R., May 2012
Thanks for great quality service and ensuring my clients are provided assurance in their home purchase.
- D.B., SPRING HILL TN, April 2012
responsive, professional, thorough, at a reasonable cost.
- H.R., May 2011
We appreciate your thorough inspection.
- T.E., May 2011
Dear Houston, Thank you for your professional and thorough inspection. It has been a pleasure working with you and Terri and I will not hesitate to refer family and friends to you! Take care and thank you! Patti
- P.Z., April 2011
Very thorough inspection!
- B.B., March 2011
Thank you for your time and accommodating our schedule! We appreciated you taking the time to review the inspection with us and answering our questions.
- J.T., March 2011
I would recommend Houston Pewett again. Very helpful and kept us inform on what was going on with the inspection. Terri is such a sweet lady. I love taking with her. Answered all our questions we had. Thanks Gary and Kim Schreffler Keosauqua, IA
- K.S., December 2010
The inspection was worth every penny. Thank you so much for preventing us from making one of worst mistakes ever. The house you inspected looked fine to us, as first time homebuyers, but your inspection showed us what truely lies beneath. Thanks again and we will be calling you soon to inspect our next prospective home.
- D.L., November 2010
Very informational report. Well worth the money paid. Would reccomend to friends and family. Thanks Houston
- A.B., October 2010
Houston, I appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness. It was a pleasure to have you work with me on this property. I am particularly impressed with your reporting.
- L.S., September 2010
Always thorough, courteous, professional and eager to answer any questions Buyers may have!
- C.M., Brentwood TN, November 2009
I love calling in to talk with Terri -- she is always helpful and friendly. Houston is professional -- gets in and the job done. He always is willing to talk to my client if they have questions/concerns. He understands the time constraints we are sometimes in and is prompt.
- S.B., Brentwood TN, October 2009
Very pleased with the areas covered and the indepth inspection. Knowledge of various home items very good.
- J.L., September 2009
Great job!
- D.K., August 2009
I very much appreciate Houston's attention to detail and his calm, helpful demeanor. He is the always very professional and doesn't alarm clients unnecessarily, even thought his reports are very detailed and in-depth. Houston has a wealth of knowledge, and he is quick to call back with answers to questions. He doesn't bring his ego to his inspecting job, which is a refreshing change. Over all the inspections he has done for me, I've never had a single complaint! Reports are great, and allowing payment at closing is always a client favorite.
- J.S., Brentwood TN, August 2009