We hired Aulden Reid/ Border Home & Property Inspections to on do an inspection on a house we were purchasing in Lloydminster. Aulden met with us at the location and immediately explained and started on what he was going to do. He was very professional and seemed to be very knowledgeable at what he does. He was very thorough in every aspect of the inspection. We would highly recommend him to others who are wanting an inspection done towards the purchase of a home. Mr.& Mrs.James Waldron Grande Prairie, Alberta
- J.W., June 2022
Thank you so much for helping us feel more confident with not being able to be on site. Your attention to details and presentation of your inspection was very professional. Your videos and pictures and thoroughness really helped show the home in a better way and we really appreciate all your work. We will continue to follow you on you tube and instagram as your continued videos are extremely helpful and resourceful for years to come! Very very impressed and satisfied with your services! Thank you again!!
- D.F., April 2022
Absolutely would recommend Aulden. Very professional in all that he does and creates an unbelievable inspection report for his clients, with videos, pictures, clear and concise comments. Aulden was responsive to our needs and is likely one of the most knowledgeable out there in the field of Home Inspection. Thank you Aulden! Duane and Gwenda T.
- D.T., March 2022
Aulden was very knowledgeable and thorough with our acreage home inspection. I was impressed with the abundance of pictures and videos included in the inspection as well as inspecting the outbuildings also for a fair price. He let me know of the minor defects that I’ll have to keep an eye on and repair as needed. Gave us peace of mind that our family is moving into a solid house that will not need any major repairs in the near future. Thanks Aulden!
- B.C., March 2022
Great advice and thorough!
- C.S., February 2022
I was referred to Aulden Reid by BioClean. He was very accommodating and fit me into his schedule promptly. His report was very thorough and informative, not to mention very reasonably priced. Highly recommend Aulden for your all your inspection needs.
- J.M., January 2022
This Inspector was very thorough and spent the whole day doing what he's good at...inspecting my home and not sugar coating any problems, concerns or safety issues . Very knowledgable on building codes. Thats the service I paid for "Money well spent"!
- G.G., Lloydminster Alb, December 2021
Great doing business with Mr. Aulden Reid. Was very pleasant from the start, I did call other inspectors but they tried selling unnecessary additions to make more money. He was honest and very thorough. Met with him at the end of inspection, and he briefly walked me through what he thought was outstanding about the house and what needed improvement. He also sent videos and photos with details on his observations so we could review it more carefully to make a final judgment regarding the state of the property. Salamat Sr. Aulden ??
- S.E., November 2021
Very professional. Aulden came out to do an acreage inspection and provided a very detailed inspection report as well as going over any issues with the house with me after the inspection.
- C.B., August 2021
Aulden is a very thorough inspector and I highly recommend him if you want a great job done.
- C.S., July 2021
Aulden is incredibly knowledgeable and professional . He did a thorough inspection on the home we are planning on purchasing (and was able to accommodate us on very short notice ) . Aulden then took the time to answer all our questions to the best of his knowledge and provide us with a summary of the inspection, which included videos/ pictures and detailed information on everything inspected . Truly superior customer service and would highly recommend!
- B.C., June 2021
I highly recommend Aulden Reid's services! I used his services on a potential home I was going to purchase but Aulden found some concerns with the house that would need to be repaired/replaced in the near future. I am super impressed with the house inspection report and how it was emailed me to in a very timely fashion. The report was very easy to understand and I liked that he included videos along with pictures. I will absolutely acquire Aulden to do my next inspection on my next potential home. Thank you, Aulden!
- E.S., May 2021
Wonderful service . Very efficient and very knowledgeable. Aulden really I helped us out and gave us great guidance. Thank you
- E.F., May 2021
As a first time home buyer, this is awesome work. I like the thorough inspection of the home. The report was amazing and well detailed and even has videos. Even suggested what to do to improve on the house. I highly recommend this company. Thank you.
- M.A., May 2021
Aulden was very professional and i was very satisfied with his inspection. The best part is he shared his findings and did not sugar coat what he found. Report was also well done,
- K.H., April 2021
Aulden was great, very thorough and knowledgeable. We felt very informed about the home we are buying
- S.P., April 2021
Aulden was very upfront and explained his findings in a way that was easy to understand. The photos and videos are very helpful. His website is also a great resource for home owners.
- M.P., March 2021
Excellent knowledge and great to work with! Highly trusted
- D.S., March 2021
Very professional. Was quick to respond by email. Report was excellent with many details, pictures and videos. Report completed and received the same day of inspection. I highly recommend him.
- T.T., March 2021
We have used Aulden previously for home inspections. He always does a thorough job, using the latest tools, and is always quick to offer suggestions on any repairs or updates that a person may want to do in the future. In our opinion, he is definitely the best in the Midwest and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking for the most honest and trusted inspector in the area. Great job, as always !
- K.J., Lloydminster SK, February 2021
I was amazed and pleased by the exceptional level of service provided by Aulden. Quick but very thorough, and an excellent communicator, which made the inspection more helpful to me, both for my purchase decision, and as the eventual owner of the home. Thank you, Aulden!
- C.H., January 2021
would absolutely recommend Aulden to do your inspection... 100% Very thorough , professional, explained anything I did not understand. Great customer service.
- C.L., December 2020
Aulden is an inspector who is very thorough, informative and professional. He gave a very detailed report that most other inspector wouldn't have done. If you are looking for a house inspection and want to have a really good idea if there could be potential problems, use Aulden as he has lots of experience and knowledge and will give you an accurate report so you can make an inform decision. We recommend his services any day and will use him again if needed. Nathan N
- N.N., September 2020
Aulden was thorough in his inspection. He is trustworthy and impartial. We called him last minute and he was able to accommodate us the next day. Definitely would recommend!
- J.B., September 2020
I would absolutely recommend Aulden. He is knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and pleasant.
- B.H., September 2020
I had Aulden inspect a home I was purchasing. He was there when he said he was going to be there. He performed a thorough and in-depth inspection on the property. I received the report in a timely fashion and cannot express at how detailed it was. I was impressed with amount of information he had on it. There were checklists, pictures and videos explaining his findings. He kept in contact with me before, during and after the inspection. The report was outstanding and very meticulous. He definitely has a buyers best interest at heart and comes highly recommended!
- P.S., July 2020
Affordable, thorough and very professional. Highly recommend!! O.K
- O.K., July 2020
We had Aulden do our home inspection and were very satisfied. He explains things so it is easy to understand. The report includes videos and in depth explanations which made us confident in the purchasing of the home. If you are looking for a home inspector that will do a great job at a great price look no further.
- S.B., June 2020
Would recommend to anyone! Very professional and fast. Told me everything I needed to know. Very good at his job. Two thumbs up
- S.C., February 2020
Aulden was very thorough and professional during our recent inspection of a new home purchase. There was more than enough detail to satisfy exactly what I was looking for in regards to information post inspection and he was also very accommodating to brave the elements and inspect all aspects of the home inside and out (mind you it was -40 with the windchill and very windy this day) and that didn’t stop Aulden from inspecting the snow covered roof and eavestroughs. I highly recommend Aulden to anyone requiring a thorough and honest home inspection. The post inspection videos and report itself were immaculate and the pre inspection communication made things so simple and painless for us. Thank you Aulden!
- J.B., January 2020
Being a first time home buyer, I couldn't have made a better decision then to have Aulden Reid perform a home inspection with so much detail, even with winter approaching showed no hesitation to spend the time to make sure that the exterior of the house was well inspected. Gives very descriptive videos and key points about deficiencies and workmanship that was carried out. Overall if your looking for a Home inspector who is going to be on time an willing to get his hands dirty its Aulden Reid
- N.R., November 2019
Second time I have used Aulden and would not question using him again. A very professional valuable inspection.
- R.W., October 2019
Aulden is a excellent inspector and truly cares about insuring the customer gets a product that assists them in making both a financially solid and responsible decision based on a comprehensive inspection and a easily referenced report. Aulden inspected two properties for us and the end result was we purchased the right property for us. I would recommend Border Home Inspections to anyone purchasing a home.
- J.P., September 2019
Thank you Aulden for doing such a great job of inspecting this installation. I'm very impressed with your professionalism and will recommend you to others.
- T.I., August 2019
Excellent detailed inspection on very short notice; Highly recommend Aulden Randy Darr PMP,PMI Principal R.L. Darr Project Consulting Ltd
- R.D., August 2019
Thank you Aulden for all the helped from the day you inspected our house :) and for always being available whenever we have questions or problems in our house.. Thank you,thank you and God bless you more😊!
- R.D., July 2019
Aulden Reid was very professional. His inspection was thorough . The pictures and voice videos were much appreciated as they helped to understand and see what was a possible issue or a positive in the house.
- D.A., May 2019
Very good job. A lot of explication. I like the video you take, it help a lot.
- A.C., March 2019
Aulden was very thorough with his inspection. He got into great detail about the home and explained why certain parts of the home were the way they were. He didn?t try to scam me on info of the home either. I also like how he gives you a link to see your home inspection and adds comments of what needs improvement etc. Aulden was super friendly and honest. I would definitely suggest him to all my friends and will be calling him the next time I buy a home! Keep up the great work!!
- Z.F., November 2018
He was willing to do the inspection the very next day, even though he was extremely busy. Thank you for that. I have never had a home inspection done before but the job that was done seemed very thorough. I am now very confident that I am taking possession of a house that will last a very long time. Thank you for all your hard work, Darren
- D.H., October 2018
I am completely impressed by Aulden's thoroughness both during the inspection and with the written report. It gives me a great deal of peace of mind as a buyer to see such complete information. I would definitely recommend him.
- D.H., August 2018
Because I was so impressed with the thorough inspection on my first home, I had no hesitation in requesting an inspection through Aulden for the property I was looking to purchase. He has saved me a huge amount of money and time with his thoroughness.
- A.B., Paradise Valley AB, July 2018
Aulden is very thorough without being invasive and destructive. He is informative and freely advises as to the remedial solutions. Good tips provided in the report. I will return to view the report to ensure I have followed his advice.
- L.D., St. Paul AB, June 2018
Auldren was very informative and thorough, one bonus is he does pipeline snaking for the inspection which helped a lot to know the condition of the pipes. He was very informative on things that would need improvements as well.
- N.D., May 2018
Thank for your thoroughness! Your expertise and your eye for detail are much appreciated! The purchase of a home is a major financial investment for anyone, so making an informed decision is crucial. Thank you again for guidance and feedback.
- D.S., April 2018
Thank you so much Aulden for your time, we are extremely happy with our choice to have you inspect the home. Aulden was extremely thorough and gave us suggestions and recommendations along the way. His website is easy to use and very useful to view your inspection report and to create a request list for the seller. I would absolutely recommend his business to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a home. Thank you again!
- T.M., April 2018
Home Inspection was very professionally done. Report was very detailed and clear. Appreciated the videos regarding things that may require some attention. Also appreciated the time frame in which the report was sent to me for my review. I was extremely pleased with this inspector's expertise in home inspection.
- B.G., March 2018
I had Aulden do a home inspection last week on our future home. He was super friendly, very thorough and would answer any questions I had. My boyfriend couldn’t be there for the inspection, but Aulden had taken videos throughout different places in the house and I was able to show my boyfriend the videos which answered a lot of our questions and was nice to see the different areas of the house he looked at. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Great customer service!!
- M.N., November 2017
Great guy. Really friendly, detailed and knows his job well.
- P.A., Lloydminster Alb, October 2017
honest He paid attention to every little problem that could cause unpleasant and expensive repairs in the future. He advises meticulously responds to questions I sincerely recommend that inspector
- N.D., October 2017
Nice Job. Very thorough and took the time to answer a few of my questions.
- R.H., September 2017
Very good inspector!... always accomodates my queries..
- A.K., July 2017
Great Service! Even on route back from holidays Aulden was great about setting up an appointment to do the inspection in a time crunch - I would recommend him anytime.
- C.C., July 2017
Very professional and did a very thorough job inspecting this house… And another great thing about him is that he leaves little details in your report giving you ideas on how to fix the issues that he finds! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks for a house inspector
- C.D., July 2017
Great inspector, very thorough, and professional I would definitely hire him again or recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.A., July 2017
Aulden was very thorough and professional. He was easy to contact and prompt with his responses. I received my report very quickly. The report itself was professional with photographs, videos, and suggestions. I would absolutely recommend him.
- J.J., July 2017
Very good experience you explained everything clearly and it helped that you let me follow you around so I could see what you saw it made the report so much easier to understand
- J.S., June 2017
I am very thankful Aulden was recommended to do my home inspection. It was a very thorough inspections and I was impressed with the Sewer scope and the details of the report. The pictures and videos attached to the reports were above anything I have ever seen from an inspections. I would highly recommend Aulden to anyone looking for a home inspection. Very professional and wonderful man! Thank you!!
- D.B., May 2017
Aulden was very thorough and honest in doing the house inspection. All levels of the house were looked at in detail, including attic and the condition of the roof. He also gave some good advise on things to fix around the house to prevent future issues, not just the minimums to meet codes. An all around friendly and professional inspector, I would recommend Aulden to friends who are thinking of buying homes in Lloydminster in the future.
- G.J., May 2017
Aulden did an exceptional job with our home inspection. He is VERY thorough and took the time to go over everything after he was done, we even had the report back the same day too! Would definitely use him again! J & V Reid
- J.R., May 2017
Very pleased with the inspection that Aulden provided, covered everything and was very polite and treated us like family,
- J.B., May 2017
Very professional and thorough. He had the proper equipment and took the time to explain everything. The final report was very informative and we received it the same day! Would definitely recommend Mr. Reid.
- T.C., May 2017
Aulden did a very good job he explained everything very good that was wrong with the house and what could be an issue in the future. He did an awesome job and we would highly recommend him to our family and friends. Thanks Brian, Maegan and Aubree
- M.G., May 2017
He is good, easy to talked with and has a very good price.
- D.E., April 2017
Awesome job on the inspection! It was thorough and very well done, very down to earth fellow and i would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection hands down! Thanks for your insights sir as it gave me the boost i needed to sign off on the house! Hope to see you around in the future Thank you!
- Z.F., April 2017
Aulden gave a great thorough inspection which was needed at a home I was looking at purchasing. When it comes to price this could be, in my opinion, your best money spent as a home purchaser. If it wasn't for Aulden, there were a couple of points many inspectors may have missed due to Aulden having the correct tools for the job such as a sewer scope that most inspectors do not do. Do not hesitate to get him in for your home inspection. This is a very in expensive rate for what is most likely to be the largest purchase of your life.
- W.B., April 2017
I would strongly recommend Aulden Reid to do your home inspection, he knows what to look for and he's very thorough, we couldn't have picked a better home inspector.
- C.J., April 2017
Very thorough inspection and gave very good advice.
- P.L., March 2017
Very thorough and went above and beyond to help us make sure that everything was taken care of! Definitely would recommend to anyone who wants a very thorough and professional home inspection done!
- E.K., February 2017
An absolute pleasure to deal with, and the inspection was second to none. Highly recommended.
- J.K., January 2017
Thank you for the prompt inspection and report!
- B.G., December 2016
Thank You Aulden for your excellent service! Your detailed reports and videos were exceptional and your knowledge of your trade goes beyond words.
- D.T., Lloydminster AB, November 2016
Thorough, informative, and prompt responses to my questions through texting were all very much appreciated. ??
- P.N., November 2016
Recommend to anyone needing home inspection of any kind.
- A.L., October 2016
Aulden completed a very timely through report /wet inspection on my stove and surroundings.He gave very clear recommendations to bring it up to really safe standard.He made time to incorporate the new revisions in his report and followed up very promptly by sending the report to the insurance agent.Thank again Aulden for you time and the very professional work you did for me.
- C.F., October 2016
Thank you for such a great job done! :)
- K.Q., September 2016
extremely happy with the thoroughness of the inspection and suggestions for future updates are greatly appreciated
- D.F., September 2016
Moving from another town where I had bought and sold a few different houses, I was amazed on the detail, knowledge and professionalism that Alden brought to the home inspecting. The report that I received was very informative and detailed especially the short videos explaining some of his findings. Thanks Rees Lusk
- R.L., September 2016
Very informative, definitely will recommend to others
- W.M., August 2016
thank you for doing an awesome job ....really appreciate it. the price is worth to pay.
- C.S., Lloydminster SK, July 2016
Greatly appreciate your total honesty during the inspection of my home. As the home owner, it can be very important to get a professional inspection(s) that could help identify any safety issues, repairs, modifications or any recommendations that may assist the owner to better make decisions as to what should be a priority repair or basic maintenance repairs. The inspection and cost(s) are well worth it and could help to save some possible unforeseen more costly repairs later on that the home owner might have overlook or just didn't know! It could also help protect his property and investment in the long term or should he decide to sell his home later on. Thanks Again!
- , March 2016
I think Aulden conducted a very thorough inspection...I am happy with his results. He is very professional but at the same time very personable. Thank you Aulden ??
- M.D., March 2016
Thank you Aulden for the wonderful inspection, and peace of mind that photos provide. Plus the excellent recommendations of what can be done to prevent future issues from arrising is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being friendly, personable and straight forward.
- S.O., October 2015
Aulden was very thorough and inspected every part of the house from top to bottom as well as the detached garage. The thermal imaging and sewer scope scope put to rest or confirmed any concerns we had concerning the property inspected for us. His final report is excellent and easy to understand and accounts for all his findings during the inspection. I have accompanied several home inspectors through home in inspections over the years, this was the most inclusive professionally done inspection I have ever seen. Barry Sallstrom St.Paul
- B.S., July 2015
You are very thorough! I am happy to know that when the upgrades are done, we will have a safe stove.
- J.B., Fort McMurray AB, July 2015
good job!!!!
- R.W., May 2015
Its been great being able to have Aulden as my consultant in the home buying phase.. Thankfully he helped me avoid a disaster buy buying the first property we looked at as some of the things we though we could over look he revealed were actually more serious and expensive then we first thought.. Very thorough and honest. Also no sugar coating and gives scenarios when he feels there may be an issue and what to expect in the future.. Highly recommended!!! Thanks again for your great work and help on our purchase.. Freddy & Beverly Sears
- B.S., April 2015
Great professional job, very detail inspection.
- B.P., October 2014
- S.M., July 2014
Thanks for your professionalism and timeliness. The information provided will serve me well when I correct the items you have noted in your report.
- A.L., June 2014
We really appreciated the videos and pictures. They helped to make the comments from the inspection report clear and understandable. Thanks for doing a great job!
- G.S., April 2014
very thorough and reasonably priced
- A.H., March 2014
Very pleased with the inspection of our home. We appreciate the thoroughness and honesty and professionalism.
- D.G., March 2014
I found Aulden to be professional, very through, and honest in the inspection process. I would recommend Aulden Reid to anyone looking to get an inspection of their home. It brings great peace of mind that everything was carefully and professionally inspected for our investment.
- D.G., March 2014
Love the videos, great to hear the assessment and comments at once to live video. Keep up the awesome work.
- M.G., February 2014
Absolute pleasure to deal with. Aulden was professional, accomodating, and very friendly. I will be sure to recommend Aulden to anyone requiring a home inspection.
- G.N., February 2014
Very honest and straightforward. Extremely personable. It was a great pleasure meeting Aulden.
- S.C., February 2014
Thanks for the detailed inspection report. It gives us comfort knowing that it was inspected thoroughly. This gives us a great starting point on what to repair first, especially with the more severe safety concerns around the electrical issues.
- R.D., August 2013
Wow. What a thorough professional inspection. Pages and pages of report, everything from top to bottom including the kitchen sink. The video Aulden provided was fantastic as well, perhaps the best part of the inspection as it made it very easy to understand what he discovered. The information provided made it easy for my son to make his first home purchase with confidence. Thank you Aulden. Truly a great experience.
- B.H., July 2013
very thrall, personal and profession.world recommend to any one.Thank you alden for inspecting the house and helping me understand problems and positives about the house. Mallory Charbonneau
- M.C., June 2013