Awesome inspector! Thanks Troy!
- E.R., December 2021
FANTASTIC WORK. Finding items on a level that pleases my own OCD. This gives me tremendous peace of mind. I will spread the word to my coworkers and friends about this company. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
- A.M., April 2020
Wow, so impressed with Troy?s thorough and meticulous inspection. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an inspector who makes sure all areas are covered professionally, as well as efficiently. Wanda Elkins
- W.E., July 2019
Troy was punctual, and an extremely thorough inspector. He had a wealth of knowledge that he shared with my wife and I throughout the day, making sure we understood every detail and the significance of any issue he came across. I highly recommend Troy for any home inspection!
- J.T., May 2019
very professional at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. He is also very friendly.
- G.D., January 2019
Troy performed an excellent professional home inspection for us Really got into the details and knows his stuff!
- A.P., December 2018
My husband said Troy was awesome and very thorough. We would definitely recommend him to anyone!
- A.P., September 2018
Troy has an immeasurable amount of experience and charisma that shines during inspection. He was kind, yet firm about or steps forward as home buyers. We are confident in moving forward into our new home. Thanks to Troy and Delta, we are in a good position to do so!
- J.P., Clayton NC, June 2018
Thank you Troy for taking the time to explain to me everything you inspected and what needed to be fixed! You are Awesome!
- K.T., August 2017
Thanks again! I have worked with Troy for several transactions. He is professional, thorough, knowledgeable and brings a great wealth of home repair background and knowledge to the table!
- T.H., June 2017
Troy, It was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciated all your time and attention during our inspection. I especially appreciated the thoroughness of your report and your taking the time to help me understand what needed to be fixed. I will be recommending you to everyone needing a good home inspector!! Thanks again, Kelly C. Cary, NC
- K.C., Morrisville NC, January 2017
Great down to earth guy I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. He truly looks out for his client and what the home needs. His expertise in being in the business for so many years is something you can't pass up. He is always willing to help and go the extra mile.
- B.W., October 2016
Appreciate your time to review the items that need to be addressed.
- d.B., September 2016
Troy was incredibly professional and thorough during the entire process. As a first time home buyer, and someone who has no family or mechanically inclined friends around, I was put at ease by the nature in which Troy and his team spoke to me. They never spoke down to me, but rather explained and answered any questions I had. Growing up in a blue collar family, with parents who were custom home builders, I came with tons of questions, and not once did Troy make me feel as if I was an annoyance. I would definitely recommend Delta Residential to anyone from first time home buyers to experienced home buyers if you want to feel at peace about the home you are purchasing.
- D.R., August 2016
Troy is very professional and does a VERY thorough job. I recommend him and will use him again in the future. He also has a great personality and he is very knowledgable.
- A.S., May 2016
Troy was absolutely fantastic. He took the time to go through the house and talk through everything with us. He was thorough and I felt very confident that he was enabling us to move into a home in good shape.
- C.B., May 2016
Having never gone through this process before, I am quite positive that not all inspectors are this professional, knowledgeable and prideful in their work. I found out that there is so many components to a home inspection and Troy shared with me not only what he was looking for, but how to use the report to resolve any matters and care for the property (fingers crossed...) in the future. Thanks and grateful!!
- K.M., Chapel Hill NC, May 2016
Professional and comprehensive. Willing to answer all your questions and concerns. Thorough and complete home inspection.
- J.B., April 2016
Troy was recommended to us by our realtor. What a guy! He is personable, extremely knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to provide us not only with a comprehensive inspection of the home we are about to purchase, but ALSO provide valuable tips and information along the way. Follow him around during your home inspection and he will not only point out all of the things you need to know about the house, but many more practical tips and facts that come from his years of experience and insight into how homes are built, and fixed! Thank you, Troy, for providing us with a thorough home inspection and for so much fun along the way!
- G.R., March 2016
Professional, knowledgeable, prompt and friendly. Will most definitely recommend to others and work with again.
- b.t., July 2015
Great work.
- B.P., May 2015
Thanks again for all the help...we really appreciate it...thanks for taking the time to show us all the little things that can make a big difference, also for all the good ideas you gave us for our future home.
- R.W., April 2015
It's always GREAT to have you on the job!! Thank you for your expertise and terrific report! Dru McClelland
- D.M., Raleigh NC, April 2015
Very nice and knowledgeable. Covered everything and took the time to explain things to me. Very pleased with the home inspection and the person who did it.
- R.P., March 2015
Mr. Richardson, It was our pleasure to meet and work with you. You gave us knowledge that we may not have known if not for you. Your sense of fun is infectious.
- W.H., January 2015
Thank you, Troy, for many, many years of excellent inspections for my buyers! I know they are getting the very best service possible. Your reports are very easy to send and to open and read. you're the best!!! Dru McClelland, CBA
- D.M., Raleigh NC, January 2015
Excellent person to work with. Went out of his way to explain the inspection along they way, and help us have a clear picture of what we were getting into with our house. Thank You.
- A.C., January 2015
You were very professional and informative. I really appreciate your thoroughness and promptness in making the report available to us.
- C.N., June 2014
Very professional and helpful to the client. He makes the client feel comfortable and answers all their questions.
- A.B., June 2014
Mr. Richardson is a very charismatic fellow. He was very informative in all aspects of the home inspection process. He was honest and straight forward during the assessment of the home and made it very enjoyable. I would recommend his services to any and all who may need it. -DR
- D.R., March 2014
The most thorough, knowledgable, and friendly Inspector I have ever worked with. His previous experience as a contractor is invaluable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an inspection.
- C.K., February 2014
Troy was excellent. As a first time home buyer, he explained things to me well and made sure that I understood. I felt that he was very detailed in his inspection of the house.
- A.E., February 2014
Troy was very thorough and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family.
- C.P., Creedmoor NC, February 2014
Troy was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough and detailed. He went out of his way to make suggestions on how to keep the house in great shape. His advice is something I will always remember and am very thankful for. I will be recommending him to anyone looking for a great inspector.
- R.A., Morrisville NC, December 2013
Troy was very thorough, informative and professional. He was very friendly and pleasant to be around. It is obvious he not only knows his trade well, but he also enjoys and takes pride in his work. He invited us to share our questions and concerns and took the time to address those questions and concerns so that we were confident in our understanding. It was a pleasure to work with Troy, and I definitely would recommend him to others. Thanks Troy!
- S.S., October 2013
Hi Troy. Great meeting you today, and thanks for the info and advice. If all home inspectors in the world were like you, the world would be a better place. You certainly have made buying a new house less stressful. Thanks again!, -Jason
- J.K., September 2013
It was an absolute pleasure working with Troy as its not to often you meet a inspector with builders experience, which in turn helps find problems that are possible cover ups. I would highly recommend Troy for his knowledge of home systems and down to earth personality.
- T.D., April 2013
Thanks so much for your time and attention to detail yesterday. I certainly appreciate your efforts and the education I received.
- K.B., February 2013
Wonderful professional service. I did not feel like he was rushing thru the inspection. He took the time to explain things. Would recommend and use your company for all future inspections or work.
- R.Z., February 2013
Hello Mr Richardson, Thanks so much for your diligent work. I missed so much of what you found. So pleased there are no major findings. I appreciate your rapid response.
- A.S., December 2012
One of the most polite people in the contracting field I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He was extremely personable with my wife and I, as well as the realtor. He let me tag along throughout the majority of the inspection process where safety would permit, pointing out little things along the way. Not only was he showing me the things that were in need of repair, he was explaining to me the best way to go about doing it. Not telling me "how", but just pointing me in the right direction. Will definitely use this inspector in the future.
- J.S., Garner NC, December 2012
It was a pleasure to meet Troy and I will use him again
- K.R., garner NC, December 2012
Very thorough inspection. Thank you, Kim Price
- K.P., August 2012
Troy has always been very thorough and informative! My buyers love his expertise and his great reports and photos!
- D.M., Raleigh NC, July 2012
Being the first home inspection with which my wife and I have been involved, we were uncertain of what to expect. Troy was extremely knowledgeable and thorough with his inspection of our home. His delightful personality, charisma, and willingness to answer any and all questions went above and beyond anything that we could have expected. I would recommend Troy to anyone seeking the services of a qualified inspector. -Dan (Cary, NC)
- D.S., July 2012
Very thorough. Extremely knowledgeable.He was very happy to answer any quetions the client had. He has certainly earned all my business. Thanks again, Tom Sievert Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston
- T.S., July 2012
I was very pleased with the level of professionalism that he exhibited. His level of expertise was second to none. I would definately recommend him to another home buyer.
- Z.C., April 2012
Troy Richardson has been my "go to" inspector for many years, and I highly recommend him for his thoroughness, knowledge of the role of the inspector, and very quick turn-around of the report. He's just the best!
- B.H., January 2012
Troy was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and thorough; he's North Carolina‚??s Holmes on Homes.
- H.M., July 2011
Troy was wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. He took the time to answer every question and made great suggestions for improvements and fixes. The final report was clear, detailed, and concise. We would highly recommend him!
- D.E., April 2011
Troy was great!
- T.G., April 2011
Very thorough inspection of house. explained all discrepancies and the best way to resolve them. Very friendly as well, easy to talk and work with.
- G.W., April 2011
Thorough, professional, yet willing to make simple low cost suggestions for ways to correct minor problems. Changed this into a pleasant experience. John Hilpert
- J.H., January 2011
Really good to meet you buddy! Very informative as well.
- J.W., January 2011
Hi troy- While the inspection was completed and thorough I found the turn around time to getting this report out a bit long. I had the inspection scheduled three days ago and I am now just getting my first look at the report. Also I see from the report that you only did the standard minimum and didn't go the extra bit that I had emailed to ask for. Thanks for the professionalism in the inspection though it would have been nice to have a contractor that went above and beyond.
- E.M., December 2010
So far I'm pleased with the home inspection services.
- A.S., December 2010
Thank you for taking the time to do such a detailed inspection (and for explaining things to Randall & I each step of the way.) We would highly recommend your services to others. We are so glad that Chad suggested we use your services.
- R.L., October 2010
Great seeing you again Troy, I have forwarded your inspection on to Mark Smith to get a quote on repairs. Thanks again for everything!
- T.M., GARNER NC, September 2010
Mr. Richardson turely inspects the home as if it were one his family was going to live in. You can not beat that top notch quality! T.Davis
- T.D., September 2010
Troy is thorough, friendly and detailed oriented. Absolute professional. Inspection report was promptly published inside 12 hours.
- J.V., Raleigh NC, September 2010
As a first time buyer, Troy made this experience easy for us. He was very professional and knowledgeable able his work. My husband and I would highly recommend him and reuse him in the future!
- T.W., August 2010
Troy was very attentive to detail and took the time to explain his procedures and findings.
- J.Z., July 2010
I thought that Troy was very knowledgable and insightful when inspecting my property.
- R.J., May 2010
Thanks for the additional time spent with our clients to ensure they have a better understanding of their new home.
- T.B., May 2010
Troy, you have provided a very thorough and detailed inspection report, which is extremely helpful and appreciated. I will definitely recommend you to others! Thanks so much for your good work and suggestions.
- H.E., Raleigh NC, April 2010
Troy, Great job, you know your stuff and have great way with people. Keep up the good service you do for home-buyers! Jeff
- J.S., March 2010
Troy was great. He did a great job of explaining issues. I was very pleased with our inspection. Rick Matthews
- R.M., February 2010
Thanks, Troy. It felt like my home was in excellent hands.
- P.K., January 2010
Troy, nice to meet you Sir, look forward to much business with you and Delta in the future.
- J.B., Raleigh NC, October 2009
Hello Troy, Thanks for such a great job.
- J.I., August 2009
Thanks for the inspection Troy, we really enjoyed working with you!! We learned and laughed - what more can you ask for?!?
- J.C., July 2009