Steve was very thorough and personal. He answered all my questions and listened to my concerns
- T.K., November 2021
Very thorough inspections
- C.K., Des Peres MO, October 2020
Steve's inspection was thorough and fair, noting issues that are important, and also educating me on items to be aware of as a new homeowner that don't impact the purchase but would impact ownership.
- B.S., St Charles MO, January 2020
Steve and his team are amazing! I have been using Steve since 1987 and he has always done a great job! His son Nate has done a couple of inspections for me and is very good as well. I always try to use Candid if at all possible!
- J.H., September 2019
I highly recommend Steve and Candid Inspection. I was impressed with their professionalism from beginning to end of the process. Steve took the time to explain various items of the house during the inspection, was patient with my questions, and ensured I understood each answer.
- C.M., April 2019
Great Job. Candid, professional, thorough, and helpful. Showed and explained items to me. Gave good advice for home maintenance. I?d recommend Candid to any prospective home buyer.
- J.H., November 2018
We were extremely pleased with Steve. He went through each item and explained in great detail. Very professional and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend his service!
- P.T., November 2018
Very thorough. Easy to talk to, friendly, and professional.
- D.D., September 2018
I have been using Candid Home Inspections for 20 years and Steve has always been very thorough and explains things well. His son, Nate has been learning along side of him and is fabulous as well. Helen does a fabulous job coordinating all the inspections! I always try and use them whenever the buyer asks me for a referral!
- J.H., August 2018
It was a pleasure working with you Steve. We will use you again in the future.
- A.S., June 2018
Steve was excellent! He was very knowledgeable, kind and friendly. His inspection was very thorough and he took the time to answer all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Steve!
- A.D., June 2018
Thanks for the through review and answering all my questions.
- R.L., April 2018
Working with Steve was great! He is very friendly and knowledgeable. He worked diligently yet still made time to answer any questions. I would absolutely recommend Steve for any home inspection needs!
- E.B., April 2018
Steve and Nathan are the best... We have used them three times and each time they were so thorough and thoughtful. They answered all our questions and gave us valuable recommendations.
- T.W., April 2018
Friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. It was a pleasure working with Steve on our home inspection.
- J.W., November 2017
Great job! Very thorough. Steve took the time to answer questions and explain how to fix issues that were discovered during the inspection. I would definitely recommend Steve.
- J.W., April 2017
The team at Candid Inspection Service came highly recommended to us and exceeded our expectations. They got us scheduled quickly and made the process very easy. During the inspection they involved us in the entire process, explaining any potential problems or areas of concern and gave us the recommended course of action with a very detailed report at the end. Thanks to Steve and his team for a great home inspection experience!
- , February 2017
He was very professional and knowledgeable. Walked us through everything we wanted to know.
- A.D., January 2017
Steve and Nathan are the BEST!
- C.E., Maplewood MO, November 2016
We have consulted with Steve on each house we have purchased. On more than one occasion Steve Identified a potentially serious problem which upon further investigation became a major repair. Based on this information we were able to make an informed decision not to purchase the those two homes. Steve, Helen and Nate are great to work with as well and make a great team!
- K.N., October 2016
The best!!
- E.R., May 2016
Steve was 100% great! He arrived on time, was thorough in his inspections, and sent me a 35 page report less than 24 hours after his inspection. He was very personable yet very professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- C.B., March 2016
Steve is always on time, very pleasant and non-alarmist with customers and takes the time to explain everything. His professional manner and knowledge always makes customers confident that they are getting a comprehensive report. Thanks for doing such a great job, Steve.
- P.M., Ballwin MO, November 2015
Steve and his team were thorough, polite, informative and overall - brought my wife and I peace of mind. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a quality home inspection.
- C.A., October 2015
Thank you Steve! We thought you did a very good and thorough inspection.
- M.G., June 2015
Thank you Steve for being such an efficient and thorough inspector. You were very nice too and I would recommend your company to others!
- N.L., June 2015
Steve was great. He answered any and all questions we had, many before we even had to ask. He was very thorough, professional and friendly and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- J.R., May 2015
Steve did amazing work and was very detail oriented. Hands down I would recommend he and Nathan for another inspection. They got the report to us the evening the inspection was completed and they did everything we asked of them. 100% recommendation.
- K.W., May 2015
Thanks Steve for all your input on the condition of our new home. Great Job! Thank You, Denny and Lisa
- L.T., May 2015
Steve You and your son were extremely thorough with your inspection and I really appreciated how you took the time to explain the problems identified and offer proposed remedial actions. I now feel very confident that we know the inherent quality of the home we intend to purchase.
- J.S., May 2015
Very thorough! I appreciate Steve's reccs.
- C.R., March 2015
Thank you Steve--Excellent service-very prompt and professional in explaining the process. CR Kersten Executive Director Teen Challenge of St. Louis
- T.O., February 2015
The best
- M.S., St. Louis MO, February 2015
Very knowledgable and personable. He puts clients at ease. Years of experience and very professional.
- S.K., Clayton MO, January 2015
He did an excellent job!!
- G.B., December 2014
Steve was very professional and brought great detail and attention to his assessment. He is very personal and stellar communication skills. His knowledge and expertise is very evident.
- T.G., October 2014
Awesome as always!
- J.H., August 2014
Could not have been more happy with Steve, and his attention to detail.
- J.F., August 2014
He was very knowledgeable and helpful. Answered any question I had.
- B.P., June 2014
Very informative and professional. Provided information at my level of understanding without being patronizing.
- N.K., June 2014
Steve and Nathan were so professional. It was wonderful to work with both of them.
- J.W., June 2014
Steve and Helen, You're both at the top of my list!!!! I think Nathan will follow in your footsteps very well.
- N.H., Clayton MO, June 2014
Thanks for the great service.
- D.M., April 2014
Not only did Steve do a thorough inspection, but the report was back to us within hours including pictures. What I really appreciated about the entire process was Steve answering the myriad of questions we asked to learn about our new house. He is an excellent teacher. It was actually an enjoyable experience! Thank you Steve.
- P.L., April 2014
Steve Shorette was a very nice and thorough inspector. I feel like I left the home and was comfortable with the information. I would recommend him and Candid Inspection Agency to anyone looking to purchase a new home. Alyssa Eddings
- A.E., January 2014
He was excellent, thorough, thoughtful and detailed. He also spent an hour no a Saturday morning walking us through the report. We were very happy and impressed with the service and knowledge. Thank you!
- J.G., December 2013
Steve thank you for a thorough inspection & suggestions for our building. Tom & Barb Kempland
- T.K., September 2013
Mr Shorette, you did a great job! Thank you for the time you took to explain everything to me. I feel like you did a very thorough job, inspecting every inch of the house. Having this inspection done makes me feel like I have a head start on the purchase of this home. Thanks again!
- G.H., September 2013
This mans knowledge of building and general home maintenance is outstanding and unbiased. Steve conducted himself in a kind and professional manner both of o client and seller. Very thorough.
- R.R., August 2013
Steve was very knowledgeable and was happy to answer any questions I had. He was thorough when he needed to be and at the same time the inspection was completed in a timely manner. Couldn't have asked for a better inspection.
- J.M., July 2013
Steve was very thorough and provided alot of feeback on how to maintain the house. I will definately recommend him to others.
- E.D., July 2013
Enjoyed working with Steve. He was very professional and answered all of my questions and concerns.
- T.G., July 2013
As always.....awesome!
- J.H., July 2013
Thank you for short notice scheduling. Very professional inspection and report. Already referring you to sister who is purchasing a new home. Matt
- M.L., June 2013
Steve, thank you so much for a job well done. was a pleasure working with you. Thanks Rick & Joey
- J.B., June 2013
Steve is an excellent inspector who is able to answer any question he is asked.
- D.T., May 2013
Very helpful in answering all my questions. Couldn't have had a better experience.
- J.W., March 2013
- C.Z., March 2013
Steve...sorry it took so long yesterday but Sondra is a nervous wreck with are very patient with clients and I appreciate all you do for them. Hope I can continue to make sales and if I do, you'll be the first one I call. Thanks, Nancy
- N.H., Clayton MO, January 2013
Steve...Don't get the big head but your know I think you're the best!!!!!! Thanks, Nancy
- N.H., Clayton MO, January 2013
You were fabulous! My husband jonathan enjoyed working with you..
- J.Z., October 2012
Thank you for the professionalism and great attitude. When I heard that Steve has been inspecting for a very long time, at first I was worried about lack of motivation and complacency. I found none of that. He anwsered all of my questions and was very friendly. Provided a great service by leaving no stone un-turned. Would highly recommend. - Trevor
- T.E., October 2012
Steve is one of the best inspectors I have come across in this business. I have used him for about 18 years , and highly recommend him to my clients and fellow agents . He is professional and very knowledgeable of the building industry . Skip Eder Realty Executives of st. Louis
- S.E., St. Louis MO, August 2012
Steve did a fantastic job! Highly recommend him for inspections.
- B.W., June 2012
Very thorough, very matter of fact and not an alarmist! Yes, I d use Steve again. Judy Martin CBGundaker Broker/Sales-Associate 314 724 7832
- J.M., April 2012
Hi Steve, You did a great job for us on the inspection. A perfect ten on this rating scale should be almost impossible to achieve, and as former teacher, I'm a pretty tough grader. You got the best score that I give give out. My recommendations will be hearty! Tom Mayer
- T.M., May 2011
Very informative, took his time to explain.
- R.M., May 2011
Thanks, Steve! You did a thorough inspection and was very honest and provided a lot of information for us. We will definitely use your service again if necessary in the future and will also refer you to others. In addition, thank Rick Beyer for the termite inspection. He was thorough as well. We truly appreciated that, and will also refer his business to others. Thanks again!! Mary and Michael Buck
- M.B., May 2011
Steve not only inspected the house, but also made recommendations on how to best maintain the house once we purchase it. It was above and beyond my expectations.
- M.M., April 2011
Thanks for your thoroughness and time! I felt like you did a better job than could even be expected. Thanks again!
- E.F., April 2011
His inspections seem to be very thorough. Very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend him.
- A.W., April 2011
Very helpful. Thank you!
- K.M., April 2011
I liked the fact that Steve walked me through the inspection. He was professional and honest in his findings. He took his time and didnā??t rush through the job. Good Job.
- K.S., April 2011
very pleased with service received.would recommend Steve to friends (if we had any)..Thank you very much for the service you performed. very imformative . Best money$$$$$ we spent Thanks for taking the extra step going on our roof and finding the premature wear on the shingles.. Jim & Diane Ball
- J.B., March 2011
- B.H., Ballwin, MO, March 2011
Steve was great to work with and very informative and made great suggestions about the work we could and should do on the property.
- D.S., February 2011
Steve was great. Explained what he was looking for as we walked with him. Made suggestions for fixing minor things. He took his time- 2.5 hours.
- H.P., February 2011
very knowledgable and thorough
- S.K., January 2011
Steve... Thanks for the thorough inspection, and of course we would recomend you HIGHLY to anyone purchasing property. We thought you did a great job on my daughters condo, when Barb Dionne recomended you to us some years back. We're very confident in your service... Ralph & Noi Thole
- R.T., January 2011
We greatly appreciated your thoroughness, observations, suggestions and frank comments Steve. Thanks, Kathy and Mike
- K.L., October 2010
Steve did an excellent job. He is very meticulous and takes his job seriously. You don't see that very often so much appreciated! Thanks!
- S.D., October 2010
Steve Shorette was a fantastic inspector. Very thorough, explained various things and made helpful suggestions. I would definitely recommend him to others.
- E.H., July 2010
You're great. Thanks for always doing such a great job for me. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone.
- T.T., July 2010
Thanks for being so informative and walking us through the inspection process! We appreciate your attention to detail and conversational style. We understand purchasing a home is a giant step and a home inspection plays a major part in the purchase. Thank you for answering our questions and sharing your knowledge. Jim & Fern Wagstaff
- F.W., July 2010
Steve is very personable and does a great job explaining any problems and also how to fix them. He's totally unbiased and simply tells it like it is. You can tell he really cares about doing the best he possibly can. I would absolutely refer Steve to anyone and everyone.
- F.W., July 2010
Thank you...You impressed me with your knowledge!!
- C.G., June 2010
thanks for being so thorough and so easy to talk to. malinda christ
- M.C., June 2010
Steve, thanks again for coming on such short notice. You were very patient when showing and explaining things so I could understand them.
- D.P., June 2010
Steve Shorette was recommended by my real estate agent, Darby Seymour, and I can see why. Mr Shorette was extremely competent and knowledgeable, professional and thorough. He explained issues clearly and was very patient with all questions. I would definitely use him again and would recommend him for home inspections without reservation to anyone.
- B.E., May 2010
Very courteous and thorough
- A.A., May 2010
Thank you so much for being so informative with me, in reference to the home inspection on Eichelberger street. Thank you again. Rosanna Bodine
- R.B., April 2010
It was great working with you again.
- R.C., March 2010
We love Steve!! Thanks for all of your great inspections and customer service.
- L.A., Ellisville MO, March 2010
Steve helps you understand the inspection process. He helps you understand what are items that need to be addressed as soon as possible and what can wait until later. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
- R.F., February 2010
Steve helps you understand the inspection process. He helps you understand what are items that need to be addressed as soon as possible and what can wait until later. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
- R.F., February 2010
This is the second time using Candid Home inspections, if I move again I will call on this company. Ron and Steve where very knowledgable and pointed out items I would have missed. Thank You. Keith Ketcherside
- K.K., January 2010
Very thorough and easy to talk with....Thanks for a job well done and documented!!! Rich
- R.D., January 2010
Thank you so much for the time you spent explaining items and giving direction on maintenance in the future.
- P.B., December 2009
Steve, Thank you very much for your patience, thoroughness and expertise. I will definitely recommend you to others. Tom and Carrie
- C.I., October 2009
Mr. Shorette was very knowledgeable, professional, and thorough in his inspection. His explanation of code requirements and recommendations were extremely valuable.
- K.P., October 2009