Very detailed and thorough! Outstanding job! I would definitely refer and use for any future inspections.
- E.K., June 2023
Great Job
- R.A., Baton Rouge LA, January 2018
Very professional, kind, and knowledgeable! Will definitely recommend Mr. Kary to anyone and everyone needing an inspector! My homeowner was very impressed with him.
- C.W., November 2017
Absolutely! Because he's the best!
- S.D., June 2017
I've been working with Kary for many years now and find he's one of the best inspectors to work with.
- B.A., Gonzales LA, May 2017
Was very informative and Did a very thorough job! Helped us out tremendously
- C.W., January 2017
We are grateful for the time, effort, care and documentation that you gave to the review and analysis of the components that constitute a home. The fruit of your work will be very helpful in the further discussions we're certain to have with sellers. on a side note, I hope that you retrieved the ladder from the back yard. For what it's worth, I found a typo in the boilerplate language used in the description of insulation in the attic (section 1.5). In the second line of text (in green-colored font), the word "there" referring to roof shingles should be replace with its sound-alike word "their". thanks again, Steve Snyder
- S.S., November 2016
Kary did a fantastic job inspecting our future-house! Friends have had inspectors who rushed through their inspection, but Kary took the time to inspected each part of the house, inside and out thoroughly (even though it's the middle of the summer and the air conditioner didn't work). Kary's explanations were all very clear and helpful ? I have a good sense of what needs to be fixed right away and what can wait. The inspection answered each question / concern we had about the house and brought a few other issues to our attention. Every issue was put into perspective and Kary's recommendations are from years of experience and based on having seen tons of houses. I'm more confidant than before that we are making the right decision about the house. I recommend Kary 100%.
- A.W., July 2016
Kary did a fantastic job inspecting our future-house! Friends have had inspectors who rushed through their inspection, but Kary took the time to inspected each part of the house, inside and out thoroughly (even though it's the middle of the summer and the air conditioner didn't work). Kary's explanations were all very clear and helpful ? I have a good sense of what needs to be fixed right away and what can wait. The inspection answered each question / concern we had about the house and brought a few other issues to our attention. Every issue was put into perspective and Kary's recommendations are from years of experience and based on having seen tons of houses. I'm more confidant than before that we are making the right decision about the house. I recommend Kary 100%.
- , July 2016
We have used Kary twice so far. We highly recommend him and his company. Very professional, thorough, and personable.
- M.V., March 2016
I am a first time home buyer and the experience was very rewarding. I was confident that the inspection was thorough and had my best interest at heart. The review was outstanding and I would highly recommend for anyone to use Mr. Stevens.
- C.M., January 2016
My clients were very pleased and you did an extremely thorough inspection. Great job, Kary! Thanks for making me look good as a real estate agent for referring you! Amanda Smith Pro Sold Realty
- A.S., January 2016
I 'm so glad I decided to have my new home inspected. I started not to have it done, since it is new. You guys did a great job finding things that would have cost me trouble and bucks before they would have showed up. Thank you, Kary! It was so good to see you and meet your son. DL
- D.L., June 2015
I believe he did a wonderful job. I wish he was a termite inspector also. This is my second experience dealing with Kary and I would be happy to recommend him. I will use him again in the future.
- E.M., June 2015
Very thorough and informative. Mr Kary provided more than enough information to make an informed decision on both occasions. As a result of his latest inspection, we feel confident of our decision to purchase this house.
- Y.D., June 2015
Kary and his team were extremely thorough and professional. I would recommend their services! Thanks Jess
- J.A., May 2015
I am very pleased with the service provided by At Ease Home Inspections.
- C.K., May 2015
Kary was very friendly and did a great job inspecting our future home. Thank you for the thorough job!
- M.S., April 2015
Kary was courteous, informative and professional. I'd definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
- A.I., March 2015
Kary, I really appreciated the professional way you did this inspection and including my mother and I in every step. You answered our questions thoroughly and I felt like we have a good idea of how well the house was taken care of. Your patience was appreciated. Thank you. Cyndi Jones
- B.M., December 2014
Kary did a very thorough job in my opinion
- D.C., December 2014
Kary Stevens was extremely friendly & professional. We felt completely at ease with him doing our home inspection. We will definitely recommend him to others. Excellent!!
- J.D., November 2014
I have been in the Real Estate business since 1993. Kary Stevens is excellent at Home Inspections and works well with the Buyers in the whole process.
- K.G., October 2014
very professional helped anyway that he could answered and explained any and all questions
- D.A., October 2014
Great job, appreciate all your help.
- D.A., September 2014
We made two purchase agreements. The first home was a money pit and in need of massive repairs. Kary was professional and even offered to return to free to reinspect. You do not get that often. Fortunately, my hub and I were able to make an educated choice to move on and find another home. Without Kary, we would have probably continued on with the offer and bought the "fire hazard" home. He was punctual, and generous with his time. He even gave my hub repair tips for small things on the second home. If I ever buy another home, he will be the first person I call without reservation.
- W.J., May 2014
Incredibly thorough inspection and he explained everything he found very well!
- L.W., May 2014
This is my first time buying a house and he had no problem explaining things to me.
- S.M., April 2014
Friendly and courteous. Very helpful and took the time to explain and show any issues found. I would definitely recommend him. Great job!
- K.S., February 2014
Kary, you were very professional and knowledgeable in your field. I enjoyed seeing how thourogh you were and observant. I will highly recommend your services to anyone else. It was a pleasure meeting you.
- M.K., November 2013
What a wonderful and comforting feeling that everything and I mean everything is being done right!! This is a wonderful and honest person, which is why I called on him for a second inspection. Thank you so much!
- , October 2013
Professional, informative and an overall good experience . I got the impression that Kary is a thorough and reputable inspector.
- , September 2013
Thank you for doing a great job
- A.J., September 2013
Thanks Kary for the thorough inspection and quick turn around on the report. Good Job!!! Andrew Grippo
- M.G., September 2013
thank you so much
- A.H., August 2013
I was very pleased with your inspection and I am very confident in your work. The inspection report that you drafted and sent to me exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a home inspection. Thank you for a job well done!
- B.L., June 2013
Kary is extremely thorough.
- C.C., June 2013
Great job! Very thorough. We appreciate your attention to detail. We felt like you took a personal interest. Thanks Kary.
- M.M., May 2013
Great job. Thanks! Mike Hunter
- M.H., May 2013
Very professional, honest, and informative! Thank you for your service.
- N.C., March 2013
EXCELLENT SERVICE! On Time, Very detailed in checking, took time to explain the process and review what he found or was checking. VERY KNOWLEDGABLE OF CONSTRUCTION OF HOME. Used him on my home I was selling and booking him for the one I am purchasing!
- J.S., February 2013
Kary - i appreciate how quickly you responded and got the report to us. First rate and i will recommend you if and when i am asked about it. Barry Ward
- A.W., December 2012
Excellent inspection report. Detailed and documented. Photos were perfect.
- C.A., December 2012
Kary was easy to get in touch with, punctual, and very thorough.
- R.K., November 2012
Very thorough and incredibly knowledgable. Of the 3 home inspections I had in my life-time as a home owner, Kary was by far the best inspector! Will recommend to anyone and will definitely call Kary if I need another inspection
- N.S., November 2012
AAAA ++++ Would recommend to anyone !!!
- C.H., September 2012
Thanks Kary! You are a great inspector!
- C.W., August 2012
We hope to not have to move again; but we can't say enough about Kary's professionalism and the detail he instills in his work. His reporting and the report he submits to his clients are outstanding. We have purchased 8 homes (counting 39420 Germany Road)and we have never received an inspection report such as his. Harold & Maudie Lewis
- H.L., August 2012
Kary lived up to his company name - he put my mind at ease. As a first time home buyer I've been very apprehensive about the whole process, but he has been easily accessible on the phone any time I had a question, he was early to the inspection start time, and more importantly, he was very thorough. It's probably a strange thing to say about a home inspector, but I felt like my dad was checking out my new house for me. Two inspections had been done prior to Kary's (I am buying from an individual who is working with a relocation service), and while I didn't mention any issues to him, he found and noted each issue they came across, as well as 3 others that hadn't been discovered. I highly recommend that you consider Kary Stevens before you purchase your home.
- J.S., August 2012
Thank you
- P.W., August 2012
Kary, Will and I appreciate the excellent inspection service you provided. The report was very detailed and informative. It was nice to work with you and I will definitely recommend your services. Cristy
- W.M., July 2012
kary, great job for me both times, you saved me from a serious mistake in buying the first home i was going to purchase. i am a project inspector for a local engineering firm -PEC-and have been for 18 years. thanks for a great job.if you ever need references or whatever from me consider it done. randy middleton
- R.M., July 2012
Thanks Mr. Stevens, Your knowledge and inspection was much appreciated! Your report and inspection is very thorough and easy to follow. Thanks for your time as the inspection cost was money well spent as a home purchase is a 30 year investment. This can easily be an American Nigtmare of Home Ownership, instead of the American Dream of Home Ownership! If this home purchase do not work out, I will use you for future home inspection. As the safety of my family and I are high priority!
- T.H., June 2012
Thank you so very much for all you help and constructive comments. Will reccommend you to anyone needing your service. Couldn't believe how quickly you got all the information to me. Once again "Thanks" for such great service!
- G.F., March 2012
Thank you for your response time and great job.
- S.D., March 2012
Very thorough, and inspected the home as if he were going to live there.
- C.S., March 2012
Kary was very thorough in his inspection. We were very satisfied with his skills as a home inspector. Kary was very prompt with the final report. The inspection was very professionally done. I highly recommend Kary Stevens as a Professional Home Inspector.
- W.W., March 2012
Kary did a great job with the inspection, was very flexible with scheduling and his insight was outstanding. Thanks again.
- C.M., November 2011
Very thorough and methodical! Thanks Kary!
- T.H., October 2011
He was on time and very professional. He was recommended by a collegue at work and I would definately recommend Mr. Stevens to any friends and family.
- C.B., July 2011
THE BEST !!!! Misses NOTHING. And a nice guy to boot! Would recommend without hesitation. Andy & Kathy Miner
- A.M., May 2011
Thanks Kary, as always you did a great job!!! Mr Tarver was thrilled with your professionalism and your knowledge. Thanks to you I now know what a post tension slab looks like.
- C.A., May 2011
Excellent job! I would highly recommend Mr.Kary Stevens for all of your inspection needs. Very professional and detailed. Didn't miss an inch!!!
- D.R., May 2011
I would highly recommend Kary Stevens to anybody that wants an 100% inspection of their home. Great job Kary, keep up the good work!!!!
- M.G., May 2011
Kary is very professional in his approach to examining my future home. I highly recommend Mr. Stevens. Richard
- R.G., April 2011
Very thorough and informed report. Suggestions obviously come from someone with a lot of experience and training and practicality as well. Courteous and helpful. Recommend HIGHLY. Thank you Mr. Stevens!
- M.F., April 2011
Thank you for the thorough inspection on our house. We will most definitely give our family, friends and co workers your name. We can readily see why you were highly recommended to us. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Carlino
- S.C., March 2011
Personable, professional, and willing to talk through his assessment as it is performed.
- D.G., March 2011
Dear Mr. Stevens,i really appreciate the inspection you performed on the house my wife and i are buying. you really gave us an eye opener on aluminum wiring. We are very fortunate to have had you inspect our home. If in the near future we are asked to refer someone as a home inspector, you will be the first person I will tell them to call. Thanks for everything. Sincerely Mr. and Mrs. Moore
- R.M., March 2011
Thanks for a very thourough job Kary!
- T.N., March 2011
Thanks for all your help!
- K.G., March 2011
Kary, Great job explaining the process, problems and recommended corrections. You were very professional and we really enjoyed working with you. I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank you, Brooks Roy
- B.R., March 2011
Kary did a great job, very thorough and prompt!
- J.W., February 2011
Kary was methodical and detailed in his inspection of our soon-to-be home, and he has nearly two decades of past, hands-on homebuilding experience to enhance his credentials. That knowledge and experience was immediately apparent. He coordinated with his wife, who was scribing his comments in real-time, via mobile phone to expedite the process. Where there was an issue, he took the time to show me his concern and provided further explanation as needed. The report and its layout on the HomeGauge site is organized well and is easy to read. I would highly recommend Kary Stevens for your inspection needs.
- A.S., Baton Rouge LA, February 2011
Very thorough and explains everything! Will always use Kary Steven for future needs. We also Highly recommend his services!
- C.H., January 2011
It was truly a pleasure to meet and do business with you Kary. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone, please feel free to use me as a reference
- D.H., January 2011
You are the best. Kary is your guy if you want the most thorough unbiased opinion with knowledge of construction from the ground up. Always there when you need him. Janie Fowler
- J.F., December 2010
We were very pleased with his prompt and thorough service! Very pleasant to deal with throughout this process!
- C.P., November 2010
I thought you were very thorough. I liked how you explained everything in detail. I would recommend you to everyone. Thanks, Crystal R. Manuel
- C.M., November 2010
Great job Kary. Thanks for taking care of us so quickly. Trula Miranda Keller Williams Realty RED STICK PARTNERS Office: 768-1800 cell: 276-2163
- C.M., November 2010
Thank you for doing such a thorough job. The inspection you performed was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much. We'll certainly be using you again as the project progresses.
- A.S., November 2010
A through and excellant report done by a knowledgable inspector. Higly recommend!
- T.L., October 2010
Very thorough would recommend to everyone I know who would be in the market for buying a house. veronica terrio
- V.T., October 2010
Very precise and will take time to answer any questions you might have.
- G.P., September 2010
It was a pleasure working with you again! I love the availability of the photos in the reports. Very thorough. Will definitely recommend you to anyone I run across in need of your services. Great job.
- A.R., September 2010
Kary-You did a very good job, keep up the good work.
- T.M., September 2010
Thank you for doing a great job inspecting my future home,I enjoyed meeting you.
- L.W., September 2010
Kary, Thanks for spending the time to explain everything to us.
- S.N., August 2010
I have worked with Kary for over 6 years now and would still highly recommend him for your inspection. He is very honest and straight forward with his advice to buyers regarding what he has found during an inspection. He will not nit-pick a home for minute findings which usually tend to alarm a buyer. His knowledge of building homes benefits a buyer to show them how to repair and maintain the home they are buying.
- S.A., August 2010
Thanks for your prompt attention to Melanie's request for assistance. Tim Tullos
- M.G., July 2010
Thanks for checking everything so closley. Tami
- T.B., June 2010
Thank you so much for being so accomodating and thorough. I will definitely recommend you in the future. Thanks again!
- A.K., May 2010
Thank you so much for your complete attention to detail. You have truly put my clients "At Ease" when they are making one of the biggest financial investments in their life.
- L.S., Baton Rouge LA, May 2010
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend Kary to anyone who is buying a home.
- K.D., April 2010
Great job Mr. Kary. Very thorough inspection. Thanks again.
- B.N., April 2010
You always do such a great job. I really appreciate your thoroughness.
- D.P., Zachary LA, March 2010
Very thorough inspection. Can't imagine anyone else doing a better job. Would recommend very highly. Thanks.
- T.L., February 2010
Provided a great service to my clients and went above and beyond to work them into his schedule on last minute notice. His inspection is by far superior to any other home inspection I have come into contact with during my career thus far. He will be highly recommended and used again for all future work. Thanks again for a job well done!
- K.L., Baton Rouge LA, February 2010
Kary Stevens was very thorough in his inspection and was sure to answer all of our questions when we asked him. He also took his time and made sure we understood the areas of concern. I was very happy with his overall service and felt that he really did his best to help us.
- C.K., February 2010
Kary's done a knock-out job on the couple of inspections that we've had. I'll be recommending him to anyone I know needing an inspection without hesistation!
- M.R., November 2009