As always, thank you for your prompt response, excellent service, and plain English advice. You are the best!
- G.W., NASHVILLE TN, December 2020
John was able to get us scheduled very quickly and did a thorough job of inspecting and was extremely professional and polite! I will be calling him again for more inspections!
- T.T., Brentwood TN, August 2019
John was outstanding! Extremely professional, very thorough, and also very informative!
- K.I., July 2019
This was a very professional and efficient inspection performed by John. His verbal summary at the end of the inspection was easy to understand and his written report was thorough and also easy to follow. I was very pleased with the way John handled the whole visit. Thank you John.
- G.C., February 2019
Another GREAT inspection by John! Timely & thorough - and does a great job communicating with the buyer.
- t.s., Franklin TN, December 2018
The best and most thorough inspector I have found! John and his son, Adam, are wonderful.
- R.P., November 2018
Thanks John & Adam great job as always.
- T.J., October 2018
I thought John was very knowledgable and through. I was impressed enough to reccomend him to my daughter.
- P.P., September 2018
John is the best! Very knowledgeable and thorough.
- R.P., February 2018
Trustworthy and effective!
- G.R., Nashville TN, January 2018
John did a great job scheduling our home inspection in a timely manner and was very thorough in his report.
- A.R., January 2018
Great service. This is our third time using John!
- J.K., January 2018
John, thank you for being so thorough. We feel incredibly confident in our purchase thanks to your expertise. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Rachel & David
- R.W., December 2017
John provided a very thorough, detailed report, and was a pleasure to speak with when we arrived for the later portion of the inspection. We sincerely appreciate John's attention to detail and availability for questions. Thank you, John!
- M.H., November 2017
Love working with you?you are easy to reach and make always make scheduling convenient. Thanks!
- A.T., October 2017
John was very helpful and unbiased. I would definitely use him again.
- E.B., October 2017
We appreciated his thoroughness in uncovering and clearly reporting all of the issues with the home.
- L.E., October 2017
You were very thorough and timely. You made it easy to pay and receive the report.
- V.K., October 2017
I am glad we got a home inspection report. You were recommended to us by Charlene . I would suggest that you list in order of importance the problems you find in homes you inspect in case there is a negotiation with what must be done as opposed to what is not really necessary. Thank You George & Jean
- G.S., September 2017
It was a pleasure to work with you.
- L.L., September 2017
Mr. Swygert was a very thorough inspector. He was very friendly and explained everything completely. He was a professional all the way.
- D.L., August 2017
On time, thorough, pleasant to work with, would definitely recommend.
- , August 2017
John was very through and professional. This was our second time using him in just a short span of time. On the first house, because of his findings, we were able to avoid some very costly repairs. His pictures and comments were informative and very easy to understand.
- C.M., August 2017
Thank you very much! You were very thorough and there were things I wouldn't have thought of to be checked out. So, thank you!!!!
- M.A., Nashville TN, August 2017
John is very professional, but also has the ability to explain questions/concerns we had about the house so that we could make educated decisions. Very detailed and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend using John for any type of Inspection.
- R.M., August 2017
I was very impressed. John Swygert was extremely thorough, professional, and prompt in having the results for me. The results were accompanied by photos and explanations. Thank you!
- N.S., August 2017
Wonderfully thorough inspection. He worked quickly, was very friendly, and answered my follow-up questions promptly. Could not recommend him more highly
- I.S., July 2017
John was great with his inspection of my new home! He was quick with communication, and his report was very detailed and easy to read. He was nice enough to walk me around to show me his findings and gave me his honest recommendations on everything. I'd definitely recommend John for anyone who wants an honest inspection!
- J.B., July 2017
Amazingly detailed and thorough!
- E.G., June 2017
You were very professional, prompt, and answered all of our questions well. Your turnaround time on the report was excellent.
- R.R., June 2017
John was incredibly thorough, prompt, wonderful to work with, and very helpful. We needed an inspection within a short amount of time and he was flexible enough to make it work. We would definitely recommend him to anyone needed an inspector.
- J.A., June 2017
John is so thorough and also very pleasant. This is our eighth home to purchase, and no one has come even close to being so detailed. We would absolutely use his services again and recommend him highly.
- T.G., June 2017
John was professional in every way. He was on time, thorough, efficient, informative, detailed and quite knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to hire him again. I would highly recommend John to anyone needing a home inspection and radon test.
- T.C., May 2017
John is so thorough and easy to talk to! He's able to explain things very clearly and has a nice, calm demeanor. I recommemd John to all my clients that I represent on a purchase and also used him on my personal purchase.
- R.P., May 2017
Our second home inspected by John. He is very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. The inspection report is comprehensive including helpful pictures on house systems, any deficiencies, and just "good to know" information for homeowners. I've always felt more confident with John's review of such an important purchase.
- R.D., April 2017
Mr. Swygert was very thorough and informative during our inspection. He took the time to address our personal questions/concerns on top of his normal inspection duties. His reports were easy to understand, detailed, and informative. John catches the little things that most people wouldn't notice. I feel safe about our future home, and we have John to thank for helping put us at ease. It was a pleasure working with you John!
- K.L., April 2017
John completed two very thorough home inspections for us and we would highly recommend him :)
- A.H., March 2017
Thanks John for your thorough and detailed inspection and especially for going that extra step to assure our new home's safety.
- G.H., March 2017
Professional and very thorough! This is the second home John has inspected for us and we are thrilled once again with his attention to detail and his suggestions of fixes. We were at the home and he was gracious enough to tell us about some of the issues and answer our questions while making us feel totally comfortable.
- S.B., January 2017
On time, thorough inspection! Thank you
- J.K., January 2017
John was very professional and upfront with issue in the inspection of my new home.
- M.H., December 2016
John did a great job on our home inspection. We felt he was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for helping to make our home buying process as smooth as possible.
- A.Y., December 2016
John is very knowledgeable with years of experience. I have used John for many years. He does a thorough job and is great with clients. I would recommend him for any home inspection.
- M.H., Franklin TN, November 2016
Thanks for your help.
- G.B., Franklin TN, October 2016
Thanks for your timely reports and professional response. It would be helpful if the report would have a couple of categories for 'recommend repair' such as ' must be repaired' and 'should consider repairing ' . It would be helpful in determining what to ask the seller to repair. Thanks
- B.C., October 2016
Thorough, clearly knows his stuff, excellent experience - would recommend to anyone.
- M.S., October 2016
Very patient in explaining the details to my unfamiliar self. Very thorough - was discussing the results with an architect friend and she was impressed at the details that John inspected.
- R.W., October 2016
Very thorough and report was suitable for handing to contractor for repairs to address issues.
- D.C., October 2016
Very thorough.
- S.Y., October 2016
The report was extremely detailed, and was extremely happy at the quickness we got a copy of the report! This has given us sufficient information on where the home poses any weaknesses. Thank you so much!
- C.C., September 2016
Thorough, comprehensive inspections. Genuinely interested in helping others with a very large life event. Kindly offers advice and suggestions. I would highly recommend John for home inspection needs.
- D.M., September 2016
Prompt, thorough, conscientious, and extremely knowledgeable. John's services are much appreciated.
- S.B., August 2016
Extremely accommodating and fit us in his schedule immediately. Very thorough in his work and trusts all of his recommendations for repairs. Highly recommend!
- R.B., August 2016
Professional, polite and thorough!
- V.R., July 2016
Outstanding work, thorough and insightful. Glad John was on my team!! I would highly recommend John and his firm to anyone purchasing a home in Middle TN.
- M.R., July 2016
John was very thorough and knowledgeable! Would highly recommend! Very personable and highlighted any concerns that he had. The supplemental report that followed was very easy to read and very professionally done. Has totally put our mind at ease with our home purchase! Thanks John
- S.R., July 2016
I have had a few inspections from buying homes and reviewed a couple from selling homes. I have to say that the thoroughness and detail of the reports has been the best one I have seen. Not only did John notate problem areas, he also took the time to detail important notes about the home. Including how to adjust water pressure, circuit breakers etc etc etc. Great inspection from a family relocating from Phoenix. Thanks John!
- K.S., July 2016
Another excellent performance by John! We had John inspect our 1st prospective home in Nashville. Based upon his great work we decided to pass on that home. John just inspected our 2nd prospective home and gave us valuable information we are using in negotiations. We highly recommend John for buyers of homes and also for established home owners to periodically evaluate their current homes for maintenance needs.
- D.K., July 2016
Always appreciate your ability to talk to my clients & explain in detail any home findings, and accurately assess their degree of importance. Your online reports with full color photos of findings make my job as an agent easier to help share repair items and resolve issues on behalf of my clients.
- H.D., July 2016
John is an phenomenal inspector with expert knowledge, keen insight and due diligence to the prospective buyer. He is a true gentleman who "has the back" of the prospective buyer and who will not let any detail go unnoticed and undocumented. "Caveat emptor" is a latin term for "let the buyer beware." With John performing the inspection the buyer will truly be aware!
- D.K., July 2016
Very prompt and thorough. Helped with getting other contacts for parts of the inspection he did not do.
- D.V., July 2016
John - thanks again for your thouroughness of the report and taking time with Liz and I. I have extreme confidence that if we need assistance in the future you will be there for us.
- D.P., July 2016
John was right on time and so thorough in his report. He doesn't miss a thing which is critical when buying or selling a home and I now know what needs to be addressed on the home I'm buying. I highly recommend John Swygert
- M.S., June 2016
Thank you for your prompt and thorough report!
- E.G., June 2016
John does a really good job explaining to you in detail the things that need to be fixed and why. Very profesional
- G.N., June 2016
Intelligent and professional. Doesn't rush when explaining things.
- A.C., May 2016
Professional, thorough, quick. Can't ask for much more.
- T.B., May 2016
John - thank you for your service. You have done a great job once again.
- K.M., May 2016
Mr. Swygert went really deep into every house detail, providing us with a comprehensive report. The report content was fundamental for our decision on purchasing the property and future maintenance needs we may face in the years ahead. Very friendly and professional.
- D.d., May 2016
John and his son were great!! Super professional, excellent report. Would absolutely use them again and will recommend to friends! Thank you.
- J.R., Nashville TN, May 2016
John & Adam were prompt, professional, knowledgable and thorough. We would highly recommend their services.
- A.H., April 2016
Quick and very thorough. Get a report from John and you can't say you haven't been warned or weren't aware!
- E.H., April 2016
Great report, FAST
- S.F., April 2016
John is the most professional and thorough inspector I have used over my 15 years in the Real Estate business. He brings his incredible ability to tell you what is wrong with a calming and thoughtful voice of experience.
- C.S., April 2016
Having John as our home inspector was a great experience. He took all necessary time to perform the job in the most assertive way possible, I felt like he really put himself in the future owner shoes so he was very detailed and well focus on pointing out the details that matters in the property. Then he was kind and really patience to explain all findings and even suggested the way those details should be addressed and corrected. After the inspection he replied back the same day with the report which was very professional and self-explanatory. I enjoyed working with him and definitely will recommend his services. Thanks
- S.V., April 2016
Really thorough and efficient job, found a couple issues with our house and reported honestly accurately!
- D.D., April 2016
Very thorough, good at explaining critical issues. Would use again!
- A.P., March 2016
John did a very though inspection for our new home and provided a detailed report. He responded to our questions in a timely manner. We are happy with his services.
- W.L., March 2016
John, Thanks again for taking the time to help. I appreciate your detailed report along with your quick turn. Best, Michael Whiting
- M.W., March 2016
John, once again, thank you so much for coming out to do my inspection! You do such a thorough job, are very detailed and quick! I respect your opinion and trust your work! Thanks so much!
- G.P., March 2016
Very thorough! Thank you and we will definitely be using in the future.
- J.F., February 2016
We had to reschedule the inspection as the builder had not completed the home as expected when our scheduled time came up. He was able to reschedule and produce a detailed, informative report in a quick time frame (same day). We were able to get these to our builder to correct prior to the close of the sale. Without the flexibility or timely turnaround, we would have run into rate lock issues with the mortgage. We greatly appreciate the efforts John made. The report itself was great too as it provided insights beyond home deficiencies. Identification of important shut offs provided additional value beyond our expectations. We are glad we could work with John.
- P.W., February 2016
John was very professional and knowledgeable . John arrived on time, and performed a very through inspection and took the time to explain any problems to me.
- D.H., February 2016
My home inspection was done on time and it was as thoroughly done as possible. John and his son are really professional and knew what to look for. They identified things in our new home construction that we would have missed. I am so glad that we used this company.
- R.A., February 2016
John, Thank you for your professionalism and your very thorough inspection. Your report was timely prepared, incredibly detailed and easy to read.
- P.S., January 2016
Great Job! Very friendly and informative with thorough and fast inspection results.
- P.H., January 2016
He did a very thorough job and has been very professional.
- D.B., January 2016
John was very thorough in his inspection and his report was top notch. He took the time to walk us around and point out any concerns and explain the steps for repair. He answered all our questions. Again his report was top notch - with pictures showing the areas of concern, and detailed descriptions that anyone could read and understand what needed to be done. His professionalism left me feeling confident. I will be sure to recommend Home Inspectors of Tennessee to anyone needing said services in the area. Top notch!
- G.B., December 2015
John - you had the heart of a teacher through the whole process. From the minute I called you to the inspection day, your patience and follow-up were so appreciated since we had to reschedule. Thank you for your very detailed inspection report, including the example pictures. You take great pride in your work and clients and we are so thankful to have found such a great inspector. Thank you!
- L.O., December 2015
Ive used John on every home ive purchased and highly recommend him and his team. Very gracious, kind, and helpful and extremely thorough. Couldn't more highly recommend someone for this job!
- J.S., December 2015
Very comprehensive, detailed report.
- J.F., December 2015
I felt the survey was very thorough and detailed. The report was very easy to follow and understand. Mr. Swygert was very easy to work with and talk to. He was very helpful and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend having him do any home inspections.
- S.H., December 2015
Very professional and thorough...will definitely recommend and use his expertise again...
- H.S., November 2015
John at H.I.M.T. is professional and thorough, has excellent detail on inspection reports with clear pictures that detail any findings that need attention on our home purchase. I have used H.I.M.T. in the past and highly recommend John to inspect your current or future home.
- B.H., November 2015
He always is on time and sends over a complete report in a timely manner. It is my experience that he is far more detailed than other inspectors I have used in the past which is very helpful. Moving forward he will be who I use and go to every time.
- B.L., November 2015
We really appreciate your level of thoroughness and professionalism. Thank you for helping us out during this long drawn out procedure of buying a home. You helped make it easier. Thank you!
- M.M., November 2015
John was great. He was extremely thorough, and that Is exactly what we wanted when we purchased our home. He was also experienced with our neighborhood, and talked us into getting a radon test, as the levels tended to be high in our area. We are very glad he did! As he expected, the level was elevated. The cost of a mitigation system then fell to our builder. Using John was a choice that paid for itself several times over.
- P.B., November 2015
Excellent job and very detailed inspection. Really gave me peace of mind buying a new home!!
- K.B., November 2015
This is the second time we have used John. We do it because not only does he find EVERYTHING, he is also very good about taking a step back and letting us know what things are absolutely necessary to fix now, and what can be left off. he even gives us info about where things shut off and turn on, like an owner's manual for our new home! Worth every cent!!
- R.W., October 2015
Great inspection! Thank you so much.
- B.B., October 2015