Mark helped us twice in two months. The first time we were under contract to buy a house that ended up having more wrong than we were willing to take on (settling foundation, possible asbestos, among other things). As my husband put it, it was the best money we ever spent, because he saved us from getting into something that was over our heads. When we found a second house to buy naturally we hired Mark. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend Mark to any friend, coworker, or family member. He is the best.
- K.B., May 2018
Always Great to have you at a client's home. Thanks for doing a great thorough inspection sir!
- C.Y., January 2018
Mark came very highly recommended and he did a great job with our inspection. He was very thorough and spent a lot of time explaining everything he was seeing. Our real estate agent, Chris, said he would be contacting Mark for future inspections, as he was very impressed with Mark's work. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone. And as an added bonus, he also does repairs to foundation problems.
- P.B., March 2017
Mark was very knowledgeable & informative during his inspection. He did a thorough job inspecting all aspects of our potential purchase. Mark was very personable & did a great job explaining complicated things in a manner that we could understand.
- B.M., March 2016
Mark was fantastic! He did an extremely thorough inspection of the home, and explained things to me as he went along. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection! He was available afterwards via text, email and phone for any additional questions I had. Thanks, Mark!
- J.S., February 2016
Great guy and excellent work! The inspection was done in a timely manner as was the delivery of his inspection report. He had solid and knowledgeable answers for every question I asked. As a first time home buyer I definitely felt like I had my feet on the ground and a very clear image of the inner workings of the property I plan on purchasing. I highly recommend his services, as they go way above and beyond. Who else takes time to call and follow up in the evening (after 7 pm). I also plan on using more of the services offered by and through his company as Mark is an absolute delight to work with!!
- S.S., September 2015
Mark was very thorough and extremely helpful with his inspection and suggestions. We were very pleased with our experience, and feel that we are going into the home buying process much more knowledgable. We will recommend Mark to anyone in need of a home inspector.
- A.L., May 2015
Mark did an outstanding job. He was very thorough and took the time to explain and go into details. I really appreciate the attention to detail on his report, that just proves and shows what type of work and person Mark is. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
- J.A., May 2015
Mark Syster is a fantastic inspector!! He is thorough yet still very respectful of properties. I trust him completely to always give the right advice.
- B.B., Chicago IL, April 2015
Great job Mark.
- H.F., April 2015
I have been working with Mark Syster for over 10 years. He is the extremely professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Mark to other Agents and their buyers!!
- B.B., Chicago IL, March 2015
Mark is the most professional and thorough inspector we have ever worked with and we will use him on every inspection. He actually spent an entire day at the home with me and the homeowner as a major plumbing issue occurred while we were there.He felt the need to aid in the resolution but also to comfort and reassure the homeowner. HE IS THE BEST
- B.K., November 2014
Mark is extremely thorough, competent and professional. we were very lucky to have him on our team in several transactions. Top of the class under all points of view.
- L.S., November 2014
Incredibly thorough and very interactive throughout the entire inspection process. Highly recommended.
- C.B., September 2014
Mark was very professional and extremely thorough. I would recommend his services. Thank you Mark.
- J.H., March 2014
Mark was very thorough in the inspection. I really appreciate that he looks at the home very carefully as if it is his own in order to find anything that would need attention.
- S.D., March 2014
Mark is the best home inspector around. He is super thorough and patient. His reports are very clear and helpful.
- R.B., February 2014
Extremely thorough and professional.
- C.F., January 2014
Mark is very thorough and easy to work with. He takes the time to explain each and every finding on his inspection as you walk with him, and he even provides home care advice throughout the process. It is clear that he not only takes pride in his work, but he enjoys it as well. He made a number of important findings, including a mold issue in one house that kept us from making a big mistake. He also found multiple gas leaks in our current property which could have led to serious consequences if left uncorrected. Mark is a stand up guy and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.
- J.S., November 2013
We hired Mark because of our experience with him when inspecting a townhouse for our daughters consideration. Even though he gave us a discount for being a repeat customer he was still at a higher rate than competitors but we feel we got more than our money's worth and will retain him for any future inspections and have already recommended him some friends who will be needing help soon.MARK IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST!!!
- B.K., October 2013
Mark is a very thorough and knowledgeable inspector. He fully explained all issues in laymen's terms and didn't brush past the small details. He goes above and beyond by also providing preventitive advice. I will highly recommend him to family and friends and he will be at the top of my list when I need him again! - Chris A.
- C.A., Chicago IL, September 2013
Very nice job on the inspection. Thoroughly done. Loved the thermography. Will highly recommend to anyone who wants a thorough inspection especially if dealing with a Relo company.
- M.S., February 2013
I have already recommended Mark. He was very thorough and explained everything clearly so we could proceed with confidence with our home purchase.
- J.N., January 2013
Very detailed and did a Great Job. Thanks
- J.L., September 2011
he is the best inspector i know!
- A.T., March 2011
Mark was great, he was professional and thorough. We had a great experience with both the inspections that we used his services for. He caught things in the inspection that helped us determine that we needed to move on and look at different properties.
- J.S., Chicago IL, January 2011
Very professional and thorough! Highly recommended.
- D.W., Orland Park IL, October 2009