Great inspector with attention to detail. I appreciated him taking time to answer my quesitons and clarify some points. Thank you!
- L.H., January 2021
Great job on the home inspection. Buyers were very pleased!
- S.J., January 2021
Ivan was awesome and will gladly use him again for my next buyers home inspection.
- A.P., December 2020
I've never thought of purchasing a home inspection, until I was in the process of selling my home and saw how detail oriented GoPro was. Ivan was meticulous with every segment of my home, including the roof, attic, electrical outlets, temperature of the air output from the a/c, wind mitigation (helpful for property insurance quotes), even the output from the microwave. When we found "our home", I immediately called GoPro and requested Ivan for a home inspection. He not only found a small impairment on the roof, but other issues the seller refused to correct. We decided the repairs would be to costly and it was in our best interest, not to purchase the home. We found another home and hired Ivan again. This home was in great condition and now we are waiting for a closing date. After my experiences, I encourage everyone to obtain a home inspection and know the condition of their future home.
- R.O., October 2020
Ivan was very informative and explained in detailed manner what his findings where. Very professional and detailed report.
- H.L., October 2020
Extremely likable guy, he walked us through the house and was very helpful and attentive to any & all of our questions. Very easy going and fun to talk to! I'd highly recommend Ivan to anyone!
- N.H., July 2020
- S.S., June 2020
Very polite and informative thank you
- W.B., Winter Haven FL, June 2020
Ivan is great as always!
- B.W., June 2020
Ivan was very easy going and pretty detailed with his explanations. Very professional and truthful. Thank you Ivan.
- F.C., June 2020
Ivan takes his time and is very patient with my buyers. He explains everything in detail and the report is extremely detailed.
- D.H., June 2020
Ivan was very Polite and Professional. Completed Our Inspection and sent the Report Same Day! 10 out 10 for GoPro Home Inspections !
- A.C., May 2020
Excellent and very thorough and answered any and all questions without hesitation!
- M.M., April 2020
Very informative and helpful. Assisted in any questions I had and found many repairs I would not had figured to look at or for.
- E.H., April 2020
Very tedious in his work and took the extra time to hop on a conference call to explain the good and the bad of the inspection to my buyers! Highly Recommend!
- B.W., March 2020
Very professional and informative
- B.W., March 2020
Thorough inpection, great customer service and professionalism.
- C.G., March 2020
Ivan was a great inspector. At a great and fair price, Ivan provided an extremely detailed and thorough inspection. Definitely will use him in the future if needed!
- K.S., March 2020
Very knowledgeable and friendly! Even stuck around to wait for the buyers since they were running late. Thanks Ivan!
- B.W., March 2020
Ivan is awesome. Very professional and very calming to clients.
- P.W., Winter Springs FL, January 2020
He was very courteous, thorough and professional.
- M.I., January 2020
Good job ! Ivan I may have overlooked the termite inspection (WDO}. I couldn’t see any mentioned of it on the report. Thanks, Ivan Toro Morales
- I.T., December 2019
Thank you Ivan for a great first impression with GoPro Home Inspections. I am a new agent and my client is a first time homebuyer. You were more than kind to allow our group of people attend the inspection, provided thorough answers to all of our questions, AND gave a final report the same day! Wow!
- C.D., December 2019
Very professional and thorough.
- C.P., November 2019
Ivan performed our inspection with great care and completeness. He took us around the home and explained his findings, giving us tips for taking care of our home. We noticed when we got the inspection report that a photo was taken and commentary provided for each repair that was needed. This attention to detail increased our confidence in purchasing the home and making our list of items that need to be completed before purchase. Ivan is very friendly and we would call him again and/or have no hesitation in referring him to others.
- M.B., Saint Cloud FL, November 2019
Love how he explain to me everything in words that I could really understand. No rushing, took his time. Every ques6I have he answered. Thanks for your service. Very pleased
- L.M., Winter park FL, November 2019
Ivan is very detailed and professional. Even my clients (buyer) are saying his level of professionalism is great. Very communicative and answers any question you may have.
- L.C., Orlando FL, October 2019
Good job.
- D.H., October 2019
He is very polite and professional. He did take his time to assess the whole property and did not rushed it. Ivan, thank you for your awesome service!
- L.C., Orlando FL, October 2019
Ivan was really knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions with patience and thoroughly. He was able to find many things that were wrong with the place, even things that were out in plain view. Definitely likes his job and does it well.
- I.P., October 2019
I think Ivan did an excellent job on inspecting the new house and I would highly recommend him for anyone. Thank you!!
- T.G., October 2019
Great Job
- R.P., September 2019
Excelente servicio, puntuales y lo mejor que nos comunicamos con el porque habla espanol muy buen trabajo muy profesional
- A.O., September 2019
Very professional and through
- M.T., September 2019
Great job overall, but you missed a broken cold water faucet in the Landry room. I realized it but I forgot to tell you earlier.
- M.L., September 2019
Ivan did a great job. His walk through showed me problem areas that I might have missed myself. It was very helpful.
- C.H., September 2019