Chuck was a great inspector to work with. He is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable inspector we have worked with. He is very professional while still maintaining a friendly demeanor and charisma. Whenever we had questions he was able to answer with confidence and I never felt uncomfortable asking for clarification. I highly recommend Chuck to anyone looking for a top notch home inspector.
- E.S., April 2021
Very good to work with. Went out of his way to give us some advice even beyond the inspection
- B.J., December 2020
Chuck is always extremely professional and through in his inspections. I always recommend Chuck for my buyers and they are always impressed. 10/10!
- K.S., March 2020
Top to bottom, inside and out, did a great job investigating and explaining the whole inspection. Thank you!
- M.S., Rockford MI, October 2019
Thank you for helping my clients on a Saturday for their inspections as time was of essence. Also thank you for not charging them for insect inspections as this was the second house they used you for. They liked working with you very much. I appreciated your cooperation too and thoroughness. Sandy Bodley
- S.B., May 2017
Charles conducted a thorough, comprehensive inspection of the property. Very professional.
- D.L., Belding MI, May 2017
Chuck you have done a great and Through Job and would recommend you to everybody who I know is going to buy a Home,if any I would surely recommendYou.
- M.H., Grand Rapids MI, April 2017
As always, the best around!
- B.D., April 2017
Always a smooth job and good explanations of issues.
- D.D., Grand Rapids MI, April 2017
Have used him on multiple occasions. Very professional and thorough. Took the time to explain and point out all of his findings.
- I.S., March 2017
Great experience! Very knowledgeable and friendly.
- L.B., Greenville SC, December 2016
Chuck was very thorough in his inspection.
- P.A., Kentwood MI, August 2016
Charlie was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable and detailed in his evaluation process. He not only inspected the home, but provided a great deal of home owning knowledge and ideas for items he saw in my home to be. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends and look forward to using him again on any future home / property purchases.
- D.M., Grand Rapids MI, June 2016
Chuck, what was the name of the garage crack filler you recommended ? Dan
- D.T., Ada MI, May 2016
He was super professional and friendly!
- J.V., May 2016
The best home inspector I have ever seen...
- D.A., Ada MI, April 2016
Thorough! Great communicator! Easily reachable! Knows his business! Works well with the buyers!
- J.M., February 2016
Great service. Very informative.
- G.S., Cedar Springs MI, January 2016
Charley did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and took the time to go over every aspect of the inspection and his findings. Thanks, Eric
- E.C., Caledonia MI, January 2016
Our family has had Chuck do four home inspections. He is always professional and personable. Also, Chuck consistently follows industry standards; and just as importantly he is mindful of how complete and accurate he would want the property inspection if he were the buyer or his daughter was the buyer.
- J.B., Wyoming MI, January 2016
I really appreciate how honest, thorough and knowledgeable Charley is. I love how he takes the time to explain things. I've had him do all 3 of mine and he was incredible! Thank you to Scott Bradford for recommending such a trustworthy home inspector!
- M.B., Watervliet MI, December 2015
Thorough and very informative. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
- J.C., owosso MI, December 2015
Thank you, very detailed report and it was a pleasure having you do the inspection.
- C.B., Grand Rapdis MI, October 2015
Charley answered all of our questions (and we had a lot!), and we learned so much from him. His inspection was thorough and advice welcome. Thank you so much for making this part of the process a fun learning experience!
- E.R., Grand Rapids MI, July 2015
Well done as always! (Maybe too well done, LOL)
- M.V., Portland MI, June 2015
Charles was very personable and professional. He answered our questions quite clearly. The report appeared thorough and understandable.
- J.Q., Portland MI, June 2015
Charles was very personable and professional. He answered our questions quite clearly.
- J.Q., Portland MI, June 2015
Charlie was friendly, informative, and very helpful with the inspection. I will not hesitate to recommend him in the future to others.
- S.P., Holland MI, December 2014
Chuck and Charlie are by far the most knowledgeable, informative, thorough inspectors I have worked with and will continue to work with.
- D.B., Grand Rapids MI, October 2014
Well done. Nice report, easy to use web interface. Great pics. Thank You
- C.S., Perrysburg OH, September 2014
Chuck was great to work with! He was thorough in all areas, and also very personable. The only draw-backs were that the inspection took longer than expected (although, it was my first time experiencing one, so 3 hrs might be normal) and it cost a little more than expected. I definitely would recommend Chuck - the time and cost were worth it to me to know I had whom my realtor calls "the best!"
- J.W., Rockford MI, September 2014
Great at his job and all around good guy.
- T.D., Alto MI, July 2014
He was very thorough and I felt he did a good job explaining everything. I would recommend him to others.
- A.M., Rockford MI, July 2014
Very thorough and professional.
- D.K., Dorr MI, July 2014
Very knowledgeable and easy to talk too. He is approachable and explains thoroughly whatever questions clients bring up. He is detail oriented and does an outstanding job.
- J.M., May 2014
The gentelman that did the inspection at 985 W McMillan was very professional and courteous and knew what he was talking about. Very pleasant and helpful. We are pleased.
- B.M., Muskegon MI, March 2014
Charles was thorough and did a great job explaining what he was looking for as he went along. As a first time home-buyer I appreciated his patience and expertise as he walked me through his inspection process and made sure I understood the things that would be important to me in a few months or years. Very knowledgeable and professional.
- J.D., Caledonia MI, March 2014
On time #10 report #10
- D.C., September 2013
Thank you for your service!
- K.H., September 2013
Definately a 10. Very knowledgable and very willing to answer all questions. First thing that was asked was any keypoints or concerns that I had about the house which was a great to be able to have answered right away. The inspection felt very thorough and the detailed report was nicely presented to me. Charles West was great to work with and now I feel I know all that I need to know about the house that I am buying.
- , August 2013
Very professional, very thorough, very personable.
- J.V., Grand Rapids MI, June 2013
I was very impressed with your professional manor and report. Thanks, Carol
- C.W., Hamilton MI, June 2013
Charlie was early and working at home when I arrived. He had all the doors open, all the lights turned on, & was up checking the roof. He was personable, friendly, & knowledgeable. When my client (buyer) arrived, he took client through home rooom by room, had him look in all areas, gave verbal explanations & recommendations; he was quick but very thorough. He answered all questions frankly & honestly. Printed report was clear and professional. Inspector did not pressure us to leave, took all the time required to address concerns. Inspector was positive about the house, pointed out areas & issues to be addressed, and congratulated buyer on becoming a homeowner. A very good experience.
- R.M., May 2013
Charlie I appreciate you taking the time to explain items to me in the inspection. Thanks for the recommendations and the ability to contact you if I need to. Julie
- J.C., Kentwood MI, April 2013
Love having him at the house. Very nice and professional.
- B.P., Greenville MI, April 2013
It's hard to know if your picking the right company to assist you when a service needs to be performed . I was very pleased with the service that was provided. I was contacted the day of the service to make sure everything was still on track and to confirm the address of the inspection. He was very punctual, professional, and honest. At the end of the inspection, I was given a booklet that contained all the information,regarding the inspection including pictures. He also answered any questions, I had and told me not to hesitate to call him if I had any other questions later. Which really made me feel extremely confident that I was indeed a true customer. It also, meant that just because the inspection had been performed his services were not over.
- D.O., GrandVILLE MI, March 2013
Great to work with, detailed, and personable. Would use him again.
- P.Z., Grand Rapids MI, November 2012
Did a great job and was very informative and thorough. Had very good feedback and tips for further home up-keep. Will be recommending to friends and family.
- P.K., Grand Rapids MI, November 2012
Really appreciate your time and thoroughness today! Thank you!
- M.B., Grand Rapids MI, October 2012
Chuck is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Chuck did a very thorough inspection and explained everything he was doing.
- S.B., Holland MI, September 2012
Thank you.
- L.M., September 2012
Going over our new house with Chuck was a pleasure; we're confident it's a good, solid house overall, and he gave several useful suggestions for minor fixes to avoid potential problems from cropping up in the future. I'd give him an 11 out of 10, except it doesn't go quite that high.
- A.M., Holland MI, September 2012
Extremely professional and thorough!
- S.S., Huntington Beach CA, July 2012
Absolute pleasure to work with and a heck of a guy...with incredible knowledge of what he is doing. I would strongly recommend Chuck to anyone and for anything I do in the future will be thru him. Thanks Chuck!
- R.B., Wyoming MI, May 2012
Charlie was friendly, professional, precise and extremely informative. The inspection lasted approximately three hours and we felt he provided us a thorough inspection on the home we wish to purchase. He made several useful recommendations on current and future maintenance on this property. He stated he loved the house and that it was built like most homes in the 50's - above code and meant to last. I would definitely recommend HISM, Inc. to my friends, family, realtor and mortgage professionals. Sincerely, Daniel & Christine Trasky
- D.T., Lowell MI, April 2012
Charles was great. He and his partner were very personable, completely professional and incredibly thorough. The end result was a very detailed description of every room. Colored pictures were included with each description, along with recommendations or necessary fixes. We were completely impressed! Our only suggestion would be to let clients know how long the process actually takes-we were a bit surprised at the 2 1/2 hour time commitment. To be fair, we may have been told this and forgotten. The time spent with these two men is well worth the investment.
- J.M., Grand Rapids MI, April 2012
Chuck was great to work with, very knowledgeable, and realistic in his assesments and recommendations.
- T.V., Grand Rapids MI, March 2012
Great to see you again, Chuck. Always appreciate your thoroughness, and the high quality of your work and report.
- R.M., November 2011
Very professional and had a great deal of knowledge. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.
- L.P., Grand Rapids MI, May 2011
Thank you!!! Excellent service rendered, prompt and and prepared!
- L.S., Grand Rapids MI, April 2011
Thank you for taking the time to inspect this home. I am very happy with the report and the thouroghness you put into the inspection. I will definitely recommend you and Dan for future home possibilities for myself and anyone I know.
- J.S., Cadillac MI, March 2011
Charles Wiersum was a great inspector. He was very friendly and gave us great information on what they were doing to the home to inspect it. He also gave us knowledge on the standards on things that would allow them to be legal in the home with some of the things that needed to be replaced.
- A.M., Gowen MI, February 2011
Thanks for your thorough work and answering all our questions! We have a lot to learn in this whole home buying process! Your expertise is much appreciated!
- M.M., Grand Rapids MI, January 2011
We loved working with you and will most definitely recommend you to others!!!!!!!!
- M.R., Oak Park IL, January 2011
Chuck is the most thorough home inspector I have ever met. He came highly recommended by a family that used to him to approve a new home after they lost their home and all possessions to one of the worst black mold cases in U.S. history. They trusted Chuck with the lives of their children and I sooned learned I could too. His inspections last at least 2 hours and he walks you through every step and procedure. The amazing thing about Chuck is that he is so personable. He treats you like he has known you his whole life and has an interesting story for just about everything. While professional, Chuck knows how to make you feel valued and understands the importance of getting the job done right. He is brutally honest about any flaw in the house no matter how small and knows all of the regulations and relays to the potential buyer what will need to be done in the future to maintain the home and provide adequate safety to you and your family.
- J.G., GrandVILLE MI, December 2010
I am very impressed with Mr. Wiersum's services. He has done multiple home inspections for me. I really appreciate his attention to detail and the thoroughness he provides with every home. He shows me things that I missed when I initially look at the homes and also provides several suggestions regarding things I can do to avoid problems later. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- G.N., Grand Rapids MI, November 2010
Chuck, You always do a great job. The truth hurts but somebody has got to do it and I do appreciate it. It is so much better to hear it now and solve the problem rather than hearing it later along side a law suit. You are the best.
- G.B., Holland MI, September 2010
We appreciated his thorough inspection and helpful advice. His verbal and written commments about animal odor were, however, inappropriate and slightly offensive (he was standing 3 feet from the litter when he noticed any odors). Furthermore, as soon as this litter was removed the odor was gone and needed no professional treatment as he suggested in this report. Overall, we were happy with the inspection.
- K.W., Grand Rapids MI, July 2010
We appreciated his thorough inspection and helpful advice. His verbal and written commments about animal odor were, however, inappropriate and slightly offensive (he was standing 3 feet from the litter when he noticed any odors). Furthermore, as soon as this litter was removed the odor was gone and needed no professional treatment as he suggested in this report. Overall, we were happy with the inspection.
- K.W., Grand Rapids MI, July 2010
I recommend Chuck Wiersum for home inspections because he finds things others might miss. This reduces my concern that the buyers will find them later. The buyers appreciate his vast knowledge and his ability to communicate with them.
- C.K., July 2010
Chuck is the most the most knowledgable, detailed and mostg professional inspector I have known in my 30 plus years in the real estate business.
- D.S., Holland MI, May 2010
Charles, You were prompt, thorough, informative and very professional both in how you conducted your inspection and in the multi-page report you assembled and printed out on site, complete with detailed descriptions and photographs. I'm pleased and impressed. Roger Gould 4/19/10
- R.G., Grand Rapids MI, April 2010
I was very happy that we chose you for this inspection. You made this an enjoyable experience and I feel confident in the results. Will not hesistate to recommend to others.
- A.H., Kentwood MI, January 2010
I would like to thank you for your timely manner in your reply for our inspection. This will help us schedule our closing. You're a peach
- N.C., STEVENSVILLE MI, November 2009
Thank you for doing a great job!
- M.B., October 2009
Professional, experienced, and friendly.
- J.S., Grand Rapids MI, September 2009
I would highly recommend Charles. We were in a time crunch and he was able to work us in with 24 hours. Very professional and pleasant to work with. My customers were very satisfied with his work. Patricia Dunn Beyer Realty
- P.D., August 2009
***** thanks
- C.C., Allegan MI, July 2009