Nick was great. Totally thorough and he explained a lot which was helpful to me - as I am a new buyer. His expertise and explanations gave me confidence about taking on the responsibility of ownership. The best!
- K.D., Cranbury NJ, October 2020
Absolutely, excellent work done. In case I will consider another home purchase, He will be the first inspector on my list to contact. Will recommend Him, without hesitation, to anybody needing this type of service. "A+" grades all the way. Thank you, Nick.
- M.S., Princeton Junction NJ, October 2020
Nick was very thorough and informative as he conducted our inspection. He made sure to explain everything to us along the way and point out specific issues he found throughout the inspection. I would 100% recommend Nick for future home inspections.
- J.G., Hamilton NJ, October 2020
Nice was very careful and clear in explaining what was going on with the house. We really appreciated his concern.
- L.J., Evanston IL, October 2020
Nick was very detailed for our inspection. He looked everywhere and gave us the report on the same day that the inspection happened. The report was very detailed which helped a lot. I would absolutely recommend this company and Nick to do any home inspection.
- V.M., Princeton NJ, October 2020
Nick did a great job inspecting my new home. He addressed any concerns that I had about the condition of items in the house and he was very thorough as well. I would highly recommend Nick to everyone who needs a home inspected.
- F.D., Monmouth Junction NJ, October 2020
Nick was thorough and explained everything very clearly. He was knowledgeable and his experience was obvious. He was also extremely nice, which is also a fantastic trait and much appreciated!
- L.P., New Hope PA, October 2020
All my clients think Nick is the best inspector there is! Thanks again!!
- G.S., September 2020
Nick at Vitale Inspections was awesome! He arrived early , and was informative, patient, encouraged questions. Definitely worth the money for a professional and thorough inspection. We would definitely recommend Nick and Vitale to anyone who is looking for an honest, detailed, friendly experience.
- R.L., Edison NJ, August 2020
Nick is superb expert and professional. He has encyclopedic knowledge relevant to all aspects of the inspection. What is even more important, he is readily sharing this knowledge with the customers and provide valuable advises. His inspection report is very detailed and to the point. I highly recommend Nick and Vitale to anyone who needs inspection in this area.
- Y.R., Princeton NJ, August 2020
In short, simmply the best. Couldn't have a more approachable, thorough, knowledgeable, and just all around awesome inspector. Have had Nick twice now and would use hime for every house purchace I make.
- S.L., Pennington NJ, August 2020
Wonderful job. Beyond through and professional! We would highly recommend!
- B.G., Hopewell NJ, July 2020
Extremely disappointed by the service that was provided by Vitale Inspection. I paid over a $1000 for the inspection and felt the inspection was rushed, attention to detail was not there, and multiple things missed out. Luckily I have bought and sold couple of houses, and have had the experience on what to look out for. few examples 1. For an item which seemed like a major fix, on my asking what this was, the inspector feedback was that he did not know exactly what it was but it seems to be working, which I find very frustrating. How can the inspector make the statement that the fix is working without the knowledge of what the fix is and for what?? After the inspection I researched and found what this was. I would certainly expect a certified inspector to be in knowledge of such major work. 2. I was expecting the inspector to climb the roof or have a drone. They did neither, I am not comfortable with a binocular inspection for a major item like roof 3. The inspector conveniently chose not to test the washer because there were clothes in it but did not bother telling me or the seller. Both the sellers and buyers were present during the inspection and it would have taken 30 seconds to remove the clothes. I only found this in the inspection report with the comment "We recommend having a qualified contractor test for proper operation prior to closing." I found this to be extremely unprofessional. This is an extra charge I need to bear now. Several other things were missed by the inspector that I would now have to take up on my own for fixes and makes it hard for us as a buyer. If you are going with this inspection company, I would strongly recommend to check with them and what they do/don't do and make sure you do the research on home inspection and follow the inspector and constantly remind them to include items in the report otherwise you will have an extremely tough time getting those items resolved. The inspector not being able to identify and call out the nature of fixes puts a buyer at a compromising position.
- A.M., Princeton Junction NJ, July 2020
Nick was incredibly thorough and professional. I would recommend him and your company to anyone buying a home.
- W.R., Lumberton NJ, July 2020
Nick was super personable. He talked to my boyfriend and I the whole time during the inspection and explain what he was looking for. He always made sure we understood what he was saying before going to another area. He asked if we had questions during it and really helped us.
- L.D., West Windsor NJ, July 2020
Nick was prompt, knowledgeable, thorough and personable as well. He walked us through the house and did a great job of educating us on the systems that we were not familiar with. We are very confident in his assessment. Thanks Nick
- A.M., Skillman NJ, July 2020
Very thorough and knowledgeable
- D.C., Leominster MA, June 2020
Nick is very thorough and helps educate the buyers on the mechanicals of the home!
- M.K., June 2020
Nick was amazing! As a first time homebuyer this process is overwhelming but Nick made me feel right at home and did not judge me on the questions I asked from my little notebook. I actually learned a ton walking through the house with him and it ended up being really fun for me. I would absolutely provide Nick's name to anyone looking for a home inspector. The report and details he provided were excellent. Thank you, Nick!
- M.L., Chatham NJ, June 2020
On time, professionally attired, clear review of findings, open and honest discussion. Understood my needs when I ask for clarification.
- M.G., Princeton NJ, May 2020
Nick was careful, thorough and and easy to work with. I appreciated the speed in which we receive the report which was very easy to navigate. I highly recommend Nick.
- H.S., Belle Mead NJ, May 2020
He is great! Knowledgeable. Thorough. Helpful. A pleasure to work with
- K.F., Princeton NJ, April 2020
Nick was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to thoroughly review our report on a Friday night, which we greatly appreciated! We highly recommend Nick and the Vitale team.
- J.D., Ewing NJ, April 2020
Nick Dogias was very thorough. We were satisfied with his findings and would definitely refer him to friends and/or use him again during our search for a new home.
- M.F., Hamilton NJ, April 2020
Clear, thorough, knowledgable, accessible, experienced, accomodating and pleasant. I would use Nick again and would definitely recommend Vitale Home Inspection Services to clients as well.
- L.E., Maplewood NJ, April 2020
Nick Dogias performed a thorough, professional inspection, contacting me as he was going into the home and reporting initially on a concern that I had mentioned about the home prior to his inspection. Later, after viewing the inspection report I felt as though I had walked through the home with him. I especially appreciated the pictures he took of the HOT BUTTONS in the house e.g. main water shutoff, gas panel and electrical. We scheduled a phone conference in which Nick answered all of the questions I had from the report. I feel confident that I will be going into the purchase of my home with a full knowledge of issues to be addressed. Nick was very professional and thorough as mentioned but I also want to add that I trust him and would recommend him and your company to anyone who needed your services. Many thanks for your help.
- C.O., Allentown NJ, April 2020
This was the second time we used Vitale Inspections. Nick was amazing. He went through the home with a fine tooth comb and reviewed everything with me in detail. He explained how his report would be broken down and delivered the report by the end of the day. I would absolutely recommend Vitale for anyone needing a home inspection.
- G.C., North Brunswick NJ, March 2020
Nick was extremely professional from the start of the process through to the end. He is very detail oriented and was thorough when reviewing the property we were looking at. He didn't just make notes and move on to the next item, he took the time to let us know why his observation was or was not something to be concerned with. He picked up on things that we never would have noticed, like a "bubble" in the water supply line to the washer machine. If we ever buy another property in their service area, we will only call Vitale Inspection Services and will request Nick Dogias to be our inspector. Very pleased with the entire experience.
- T.C., Palmyra NJ, March 2020
Very thorough, and tireless! He moves so quick around the house. He is very knowledgeable and answers all your questions.
- R.G., Princeton NJ, March 2020
Nick was very professional, informative and friendly. I was impressed that we could follow him during the inspection as he would point out items in question and answer any of our concerned questions. He appeared thorough and did not rush us through at any time during the inspection. Nick's mannerism was warm, personable and very helpful. Yes, we would highly recommend Nick and the Vitale company to all. D and L Thompson
- L.D., Mount Holly NJ, March 2020
My experience with Nick was wonderful. He arrived early which means everything. He walked us through the entire home explaining everything in detail. Nick is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. His suggestions were helpful and useful. Nick is the only inspector I'll recommend. Thank you for a great first time buying a home experience.
- J.J., North Brunswick NJ, February 2020
He was extremely thorough and very educational. He also was very personable.
- R.W., Ocean CIty NJ, January 2020
Nick was great, he was answering questions as I was thinking of them. Very thorough explanation of everything.
- D.G., Plainsboro NJ, January 2020
Nick did a terrific job. He was very prompt, courteous and professional. Nick laid out the whole inspection from the outside of the house to the crawlspace. He gave very specific recommendations for what was needed and how we should remedy each item. We could not have been more satisfied or pleased at the whole experience with Vitale inspection and would highly recommend them.
- J.R., Manahawkin NJ, January 2020
Nick was great. Really personable and made everything easy to understand. He took the time to explain everything and answer all of our questions. We had the written report back in less than 24 hours.
- T.R., Hamilton NJ, December 2019
He is always on schedule and very thorough for his inspection. I use for myself and recommend for my client all the time.
- I.W., Princeton NJ, December 2019
Nick was AWESOME!! He made sure I understood the process and how to properly interpret the report. From scheduling to reporting, everything was handled with top notch customer service that’s rare to find! THANK YOU!!!
- K.L., Lawrence NJ, December 2019
Excellent Service
- N.M., El Paso TX, December 2019
Without a doubt, Nick was one of the most knowledgeable, helpful, thorough, friendly, and efficient people i have ever worked with. He was professional, honest, realistic, and got our report to us within hours. I would recommend him to anyone before they even finish asking if i know any inspectors.
- S.V., Monmouth Junction NJ, December 2019
Nick was very knowledgeable, thorough, timely, and helpful all which are key during the inspection process. He made the inspection process go smoothly for us and made himself available for any questions that we had. I would highly recommend him!
- F.P., Scottsville AZ, December 2019
I have been working with Nick for quite a few years and think he is knowledgeable, thorough, efficient, patient and courteous. Whether the clients are buying a multi-million house or an affordable housing, he treats everyone with the same level of respect and professionalism. I would highly recommend him.
- N.M., Princeton NJ, November 2019
Our inspector was great! Nick was very thorough. He took the time to answer and explain any questions we had about his findings.
- K.K., Hamilton NJ, October 2019
Since I am an engineer myself...I am very tough on inspectors... Nick Dogias is my absolute top choice for my buyers and sellers ingela
- I.K., Princeton NJ, October 2019
We thought his inspection of the property was very thorough!
- C.A., Yardley PA, October 2019