Mr. Wrubel is honest and trustworthy. He spent quite a bit of time going through the house (inside and outside) with me and explaining what we were looking at, how to fix it if needed. He was patient and kind throughout all of my questions. He also came highly recommended from another inspector! If I need an inspection in the future I would go with Mr. Wrubel again, 100%.
- K.L., October 2017
Joseph was professional and did a very thorough inspection. I have had three other inspetions done on properties in the past by other inspectors and this was the best inspection experience yet. Don't hire the other guys. Wrubel is the best.
- B.B., October 2017
Joe is very thorough and explains well
- S.C., Louisville KY, September 2017
Thank you so much for the inspection! You were very detailed and noted important findings throughout your report. Also because the seller had turned off the water to the second floor on the day of the inspection, you were unable to check any leaks, but you were so kind to go back next week without charge to check it out and update your report. You also answered all of our questions and were very helpful. Great service for a great price! I would very much recommend your services.
- I.S., September 2017
Thank you so much for your expert advice and your professional experience. Without you I would have bought a house that I would have put more money into and I would not be happy and enjoy. So thank you again Mr. Wrubel. If I ever need a inspection you'll be the first name I call and recommend. Thanks Again Lolita
- L.S., August 2017
He appears to be very professional. I live out of state and could not be there for the inspection. When his inspection was over he called me to discuss it and allow me to ask any questions I had. The report showed up promptly just as promised. I am impressed.
- B.R., June 2017
His inspection was thorough and detailed. His service sets the standard for other inspectors. I would highly recommend WHI for anyone considering purchasing or preparing their home for sale. WHI was able to identify and discover a lot of minor issues which in turn could develop into major problems if left untouched. Thank you for the quality and attention to detail.
- A.W., Jeffersonville IN, June 2017
We were very pleased with our experience with Wrubel Home Inspections. They were very thorough and professional. They answered all of our questions and our concerns. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a home inspection.
- A.S., May 2017
very professional and friendly,answered all questions and was thorough,we will call them again if we need an inspection done
- R.T., April 2017
You did a outstanding job your inspection. We would gladly recommend you to all of our friends.
- C.R., April 2017
Great work, detailed reports, plenty of photos and awesome customer service.
- S.S., Louiville IN, October 2016
Great all-around home inspection experience!
- T.D., September 2016
Joseph completed a very thorough inspection that managed to identify a significant amount of things that would have been costly for me. I highly recommend him.
- V.P., July 2016
SO nice and friendly! Very good at explaining things I would need to know (as a new home buyer). Thank you!!!
- A.W., July 2016
His team's customer service is second to none. Took time to explain things. Great people!!!
- C.M., Louisville KY, July 2016
Mr. Wrubel was one of the nicest professionals I've done business with in a long time. Obviously he had a job to do and he did it well as much as I can know. But in addition, his demeanor was incredibly relaxed, he smiled more than not, and he very patiently dealt with the seller's young kid who repetitively asked him a thousand questions and tried to follow him around. He seemed knowledgeable about his field, answered all of my questions and even showed me a few things I might not have thought of otherwise. I would definitely be happy to recommend him to anyone looking for an inspection.
- J.S., Crestwood KY, June 2016
Joseph Wrubel is the absolute best! I used him TWICE for a home inspection. This is my first home and he made sure that I understood what it was that he found, and any concerns I had he was able to answer. I know other people that have used him also and they had no complaints. The people that work in his office are also extremely helpful and nice. They worked with me the best that they could with my schedule and called the day after the inspection to make sure I was satisfied and if I had received the report. Being a first time home buyer it was great to have someone so personable and helpful in the process!
- C.C., June 2016
Joseph and his assistant were great. They brought snacks which helped keep kids entertained. In addition, anything that I did not understand they explained the maybe, who, and why. Definitely we will recommend Wrubel to other future home buyers. Thank you for making my home safer!
- Z.J., Louisville KY, June 2016
Professionally detailed and thorough that does not compare to anyone else. Great sticker system to hit all points of inspection during walk through. I would not want anyone else inspecting a home we are about to purchase.
- J.M., May 2016
Thanks Joseph and team. You guys are awesome and I would 100% recommend and use again. Very thorough. Thanks again
- J.F., Shepherdsville KY, May 2016
Great job! All parties who reviewed our report commented how thorough it was! Thank you!
- , May 2016
I would definitely recommend Joseph Wrubel. He inspected and pointed out everything. I will be first time home buyer and I am satisfied with the inspection he did.
- R.T., April 2016
Our inspectors were wonderful! If we ever need another inspection we will definitely use them again. They covered everything and explained all of the information very well. If we ever hear that someone needs an inspection we are definitely going to recommend this company!!! :)
- M.B., April 2016
What a pleasant experience it was to have Joe and Beth inspect my new home. They were very helpful and informative. I give you an A++++++++. Thank you!
- M.M., March 2016
Joseph was pleasant and knowledgeable. Easy to work with.
- N.B., Louisville KY, February 2016
Although I was not present at the inspection, my fiance' was impressed with Mr. Wrubel's thoroughness. The inspection report we received was helpful in determining which items were of most importance and which items were Saturday afternoon "to do" jobs after we move. Thank you so much for your professional inpsection.
- J.W., February 2016
Being a first time home buyer, Joseph and his team, made this part of the process easy, breezy. I'm so thankful for their professionalism, and great customer service. I was able to get scheduled for an appointment right away, including Radon and termite inspections. Thank you! D Hall Sellersburg, IN
- D.H., Sellersburg IN, January 2016
Really liked all the detailed pictures and helpful home owning suggestions.
- T.T., Louisville KY, January 2016
Joe, thanks for your insight and professionalism during the recent home inspection. It provided me with a prioritized "to do" list for when I take possession of the home. Regards, Don Riggs
- D.R., November 2015
Thanks for your hard work!
- L.D., October 2015
Joseph was extremely thorough, even spending a great deal of time inspecting the attic after climbing into it through a narrow access panel that seemed inaccessible to us. He took numerous pictures of the attic, which will be extremely helpful when we need to get estimates from insulation contractors. We recommend him to anyone who needs a careful home inspection done by a knowledgeable and professional person.
- G.C., October 2015
Joseph was very professional and friendly. His report was very detailed and easy to understand. His answers to our multiple questions were answered thoughtfully and with confidence. I would recommend him without any doubt to inspect an old house or any changes made to an old house.
- S.P., Louisville KY, September 2015
Joseph was very thorough and informative. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that asks.
- J.N., Loiusville KY, July 2015
Very pleasant working with you. I appreciate you taking the time to show me the things you were talking about. My son enjoyed the snacks. Thanks alot!
- R.A., Louisville KY, July 2015
Thorough, diligent and professional. Excellent experience!
- R.G., June 2015
You were very helpful, and i enjoyed that you walked me through each aspect of the inspection and discussed the significance of everything. Thanks you!
- Z.B., Louisville KY, June 2015
Thanks so much for your hard work during my inspection. You were very helpful and eased my mind about several issues. I very much appreciated your thoroughness and calm demeanor. You were very patient in answering my questions, and I feel confident that I could call on you with any questions about the house that I might have in the future. Thanks again!
- K.G., Cox's Creek KY, June 2015
Mr. Wrubel is friendly, professional, and thorough. He discussed all points of the inspection in as technical or simplistic terms as required.
- L.Y., May 2015
Joseph was very thorough, obviously good at his job, and you can tell that he has a genuine love for what he does. His enthusiasm is contagious, which is very welcome when you are looking at the opportunities and challenges you might find during an inspection of your new home. He went above and beyond the call of duty by making an additional trip to the home in order to inspect a crawl space area that couldn't be accessed at the time of the original inspection. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- M.F., May 2015
Joseph was extremely thorough, and explained everything very clearly. Was very respectful, and genuinely cared about my understanding of the results of the inspection.
- S.W., May 2015
Thank you for taking the time to be so thorough with your inspection. My wife and I really appreciated the way you would explain things as we went through the house. You helped us to consider the cost/benefit of different things and things to watch for as time goes on.
- R.S., Louisville KY, May 2015
We would recommend Joseph seven days a week and twice on Sunday's! Great guy and great inspector he got into places that I didn't think were possible! He didn't miss anything!!
- C.M., April 2015
Thanks for doing such a great home inspection for us. You really did and excellent job on explaining everything, I would most definitely recommend you to others that I know who are looking for home inspections. Thanks again and have a blessed day!!
- C.B., March 2015
No detail was over looked, awesome!
- E.H., Bridgewater NJ, March 2015
Happy with your work. It was very thorough and he also went above and beyond with the house. Thanks, S. Fuhs
- S.F., February 2015
Joseph Wrubel, was very conscience of making my husband and me comfortable while performing his through inspection! He took time to explain what was involved in his inspection and was very patient when we asked questions. We feel 100% satisfied that he performed a very through inspection and we would highly recommend Joseph and his company to anyone buying a home who need an inspection on their pending property.
- A.R., January 2015
This was my first inspection and I must say he was very easy going, knowledgeable, thorough and gave great insight. I really enjoyed the entire experience and would recommend Joseph if quality is what you're aiming for. Even small details that could lead to possible huge issues were not overlooked. Thank you for your service.
- L.J., November 2014
Very professional and detailed. Would definitely recommend him to others.
- K.P., Louisville KY, November 2014
Very good job. Appreciate the attention to detail.
- T.G., September 2014
This was a very supportive and informative process. Joe Wrubel was attentive, warm, well spoken and incredibly knowledgeable. I greatly appreciated that he was equally inclusive of myself as a female in this process. My husband and I liked him from the moment he greeted us. I cannot recommend Joe Wrubel highly enough. He made an overwhelming process bearable and even enjoyable! We have immense gratitude for Mr. Wrubel's skill and character.
- L.F., September 2014
Very thorough and his suggestions were all in good taste and in the best interest of us the buyers.
- M.S., July 2014
Joseph was great. He took as much time as we needed to ensure all of our questions were answered. He was very thorough, and truly had our best interests in heart -- it was clear that he was not influenced by the real estate agent or the owner. He even offered suggestions about how to fix some of the smaller issues ourselves.
- N.H., June 2014
Great inspector. Mr. Wrubel paid great attention to the details and did a wonderful job of explaining the issues in terminology that I could understand. It was the second time that I used him and I would highly recommend his services and company.
- A.R., May 2014
He was very patient with me and willing to answer any and all of my questions. This really means a lot considering I'm not familiar with with much of anything he was talking about and really needed to feel more at ease. Thank you so much for taking the time to make my home buying process easier!
- K.E., May 2014
Thank you!
- S.H., March 2014
Excellent job! Joseph answered all my questions and was very courteous and professional. I would not hestitate to refer him to someone looking to have a home inspected.
- A.F., March 2014
A great inspection, explained things to me as we went, and answered all my questions. Also gave me some tips and tricks as a first time home owner.
- D.K., March 2014
Ben was very pleased with your work and enjoyed talking with you.. Paula also was impressed !! She said she will remember your name .. Thanks so much:)
- R.W., March 2014
he explained everthing where we could understand it also he walked thru and showed us everthing we needed to know and he was friendly no rudeness like some others we have met ty he was a great help
- V.G., February 2014
Joseph did a very professional and thorough inspection. I would definitely recommend him.
- A.P., New Albany IN, January 2014
Very thorough and goes the extra mile for his clients. We had a couple of issues arise which required extra effort on the part of Mr. Wrubel and he went above and beyond. Thank you!
- J.M., Louisville KY, January 2014
extremely detailed and helpful As a first time home owner I enjoyed the suggestions for improvement and the info on how to operate certain parts of the house.
- C.P., New Albany IN, December 2013
We were told inspectors would be very stand offish and not tell you much but Mr. Wrubel was extremely personable and explained what he was doing and why. He spent time going over a few things he would recommend when he was finished inspecting. Made me feel comfortable with having him in my home.
- C.H., November 2013
Joseph was great. Thanks!
- P.M., November 2013
I would suggest that customers not only be notified via the internet ( because it is convenient ) but also by phone.
- J.W., Jeffersonville IN, October 2013
Overall my wife and I had a wonderful experience with Wrubel home inspections. So wonderful we used the services twice since the first house that we had inspected did not pan out for us. When dealing with Mr. Wrubel he was always professional, accomadating, courteous, polite, and willing to answer questions as we did our walk through of the home inspections with him. His online reports of the information that he assesses is very clear, concise, and easy to follow also. I would have given his serviced a 10 but there was just some small details in the paperwork that needed a little work, but he fixed it immediately when brought to his attention. Like I said, overall we had two phenominal experiences, if we ever get another property, we will most definitely use him again. In addition, I would advise anyone that is in need of a very experienced home inspector, with great customer service skills to contact Wrubel home inspections. You won't regret it. Thanks Wrubel home inspections.
- M.A., New Albany IN, October 2013
He really seemed to take his time making sure everything was checked. We appreciated his attention to detail and willingness to answer any and all questions we had.
- P.E., Shelbville KY, September 2013
Joseph did an awesome job!
- T.S., Louisville KY, August 2013
Mr. Wrubel, It was a pleasure working with you on my inspection. You were very thorough and very knowledgeable. Your report was very detailed and very quick. It would be a pleasure to recommend you to anyone needing your services. Steve Smith
- S.S., Sellersburg IN, August 2013
Our inspector was very nice and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions clearly and even gave us some good tips for around the house. We would definitely recommend him to our friends needing an inspection. Thank you!
- H.P., La Grange KY, July 2013
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions as we walked through the inspection together. You were very approachable and made a stressful, yet necessary, part of the home-buying process much easier. Your report was thorough and very detailed. I'd be happy to recommend your inspection service to anyone.
- S.C., July 2013
You did a wonderful job answering any questions or concerns we had!
- M.G., New Albany IN, July 2013
The only thing i would say is that. When viewing the thumbnails online the picture is clear. but when you expand the picture, it gets blurry to see. I would add maybe making the size photo on the camera a size up, that should help. But overall you did a great job.
- C.S., Louisville KY, July 2013
Very knowledgable and helpful. Very thorough report with documentation and great pictures. Thanks for all your help Joseph!
- J.K., Louisville KY, July 2013
Joeseph was very thorough in his inspection of a house for us. He thought of and suggested things we never would have considered. He saved us thousands of dollars in repairs by discovering major problems in a house we almost bought, and so he was worth every penny!
- H.A., July 2013
Very professional, his inspection was very thorough and he explained all findings good or bad. We had our reports in less than 2 business days. Thanks Jeff
- J.W., Louisville KY, June 2013
Mr. Wrubel I thank you for the excellent service you provided. You were extremely thorough and professional. I'll recommend you to any friends or family in need of a top notch inspection.
- E.M., Memphis IN, June 2013
You were very thorough and thoughtful in every aspect of the inspection.
- K.T., June 2013
first time i ever had an inspection done, i was kept informed during the whole process and will recommend to anyone in need of an inspector
- J.M., New Albany IN, June 2013
He did a very thorough job and I was very impressed with the quality. The homeowner without our asking improved and corrected several of the items on the list. My wife and I would recommend him to others. Thankyou Joseph.
- J.M., New Albany IN, June 2013
Thank you so much for taking the time to walk me through the inspection, giving me expert advice and repair tips, as well as generally educating me on home care maintenance. Your time and advice was greatly appreciated!!
- R.B., Louisville KY, May 2013
He was very down to earth, friendly, helpful, answered any questions, very thorough and checked everything.
- J.R., May 2013
very helpfull and professional. We feel he did a complete job.
- J.D., May 2013
Thanks for taking your time and conducting a detailed inspection.
- S.A., Mt Washington KY, May 2013
Joespeh was thorough, prompt, and explained everything along the way. I would definitely recommend.
- T.S., Greenwood IN, May 2013
Extremely kind. Performed a very thorough inspection at a very reasonable price. Certainly recommend!
- A.N., May 2013
Inspection was very professional like. Inspector seemed very knowledgeable in all aspects of inspecting the house and had recommendations for anyhing that was out of the norm.
- R.S., April 2013
Joe just wanted to take time to say thank you for coming through so quickly for my home inspection. You were very professional and answered any questions or concerns I had. Thanks for being understanding and considerate that this is my first experience buying a home. Thanks so much Joe.
- S.S., Louisville KY, April 2013
I used Wrubel Home Inspections and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism, courtesy and experience of our inspection. I would not hesitate to use them again. Thank you.
- M.M., Jeffersonville IN, March 2013
your are great and i will tell all my friends about you. wish i had though to had ask you if you had cards with your name on them. will us you again if i ever buy another home. THANKS AGAIN MAY JEHOVAH GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND WATCH OVER YOU AND THEM. BARBARA DENNISON
- B.D., Mt Eden KY, March 2013
I appreciate Joe showing me items of concern and explaining anything I have questions on. This is my second time using him and it is a pleasure to do business with him.
- C.T., Louisville KY, February 2013
A very thorough and useful inspection with many suggestions for future homeowners. It is a valuable and worthwhile service. Have used this service twice and will do so again if needed.
- D.R., Versailles KY, February 2013
Very detail, we love the service,we are very happy for this.
- D.E., January 2013
Mr. Wrubel was very efficient and took extra time to explain everything to us, as well as answering any questions that we had. I would definatley recomend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- R.S., Marysville IN, November 2012
Thank You Joseph ! You did a fantastic job !!
- L.W., June 2012
Wonderful job! Fabulous presentation of results.
- J.S., June 2012
Joseph was very informative, and very helpful
- J.V., March 2012
thank you , wonderful job
- M.B., New Albany IN, February 2012
Thank you for a professional, detailed, and accurate assessment of our future home. It was a pleasure working with you.
- V.A., January 2012
He was very knowledgable and nice. Gave me a nice brouchure on how to keep my home well maintained. The report was also very professional and showed many pictures of the house. We went room by room and discussed the home. He also showed me how to look for termites in the future and how to notice potential problems that may occur in the future.
- J.M., Jeffersonville IN, August 2011