I am new to this process, and James Horres made the inspection process extremely easy. He was very thorough in explaining everything, and I would highly recommend using his services. Direct Quote from my Dad: "Best inspection process I have ever gone through"
- A.G., July 2021
James was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and pleasant. He explained all of his findings in a way we were able to understand. If we find ourselves needing an inspection again in the future, we will definitely requests James again!
- C.W., July 2021
James was very professional and well versed in his craft. I appreciated how thorough and competent that James was throughout the process. Thanks a bunch James.
- D.H., July 2021
James does great work and was very helpful in explaining the results of the inspection.
- B.B., June 2021
Excellent service, friendly and very knowledgeable. James took his time to explain all his findings and listened attentively to my concerns. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE! So glad I found this company.
- S.A., Crosby TX, June 2021
James did a great job reviewing my inspection report with me. This is my first home purchase and he explained everything and answered all questions. I would definitely recommend James and HG Home Inspections.
- D.R., Houston TX, June 2021
James did a great job. Very thorough and made sure all of our concerns were addressed. I would recommend him to family or friends.
- K.F., June 2021
James was very thorough and was available for any questions that I had. I would definitely recommend him.
- S.R., May 2021
My husband said James did a great job! Best inspection we have had done on a house and the turn around time you can’t beat! Would and will definitely recommend!
- T.R., May 2021
Great inspection highly recommended thank u for all the pictures.
- M.S., April 2021
James was great and very thorough with my client.
- C.H., April 2021
He was great to go through everything with me and point out certain areas of concern, being a first time buyer. Very calm and laid back...thank you
- R.F., Houston TX, April 2021
James was very professional, very thorough and explained everything perfectly. I will definitely continue to recommend HG Home Inspection!
- F.P., April 2021
Great detailed report. James explained everything in very good detail. My client and I appreciate it. Thanks!
- C.P., March 2021
Very professional and very detailed. Would definitely recommend him to others.
- M.F., March 2021
He was through and took time to explain all of the problems. Very professional.
- R.M., March 2021
Absolutely recommend great work thanks.
- M.O., February 2021
He was very friendly and knowledgeable. James took the time to walk the property with the buyers to explain his findings. I would gladly use James for all my home inspections!
- G.M., February 2021
We really enjoyed how James explained our inspection (on the spot) in simple to understand language. He also answered the simplest questions with a professional attitude that was appreciated. Understanding all the issues can be nerve-wracking...but James spent the extra time to explain what he found.
- C.R., January 2021
Excellent!!!!! James was very patient in his explanation and knowledgeable.
- B.J., Cypress Tex, January 2021
Super professional and yet very personable!! The inspection was extremely thorough and well done.
- T.W., January 2021
James did a thorough job and is very experienced. I appreciated him taking the time to provide me with a good review after the inspection was completed. He also took the time to physically show me items when I had questions. The office personnel were very helpful and scheduling the inspection was extremely easy. The entire process went smoothly. Thank You!!
- G.S., December 2020
James did a great job. Very thorough and detailed report.
- D.T., Houston TX, December 2020
James was very through and explained any questions we had. He was very patient and knowledgeable.
- N.A., December 2020
Excellent and professional job. Very quick to respond. You all are my favorite and 1st to go to Inspection Company to go to now! Will highly recommend!
- P.T., December 2020
I felt that James was on my side and made sure I was getting the best of what the house was offering me. I will most definitely use him again in the future.
- K.V., December 2020
James once again did a very thorough and complete inspection. He worked very well with my clients and explained things clearly without scaring them.
- C.S., December 2020
Great attention to detail and very thorough in his communication. Thank you, James!
- S.G., November 2020
Awesome work! Every time I use HG Inspection I specifically ask for James
- J.H., November 2020
We are very happy with our inspection and inspector. The whole process from beginning to end was great. From making the appointment to the inspection report everyone has been super helpful. James was so wonderful, super helpful, he explained everything great, and answered all of our questions. I will definitely be recommending this company in the future.
- A.G., October 2020
You guys were awesome! Very professional and quick to set me up with an Inspection even when I reached out on a Sunday evening! Thank you!
- A.A., October 2020
James was very thorough and I appreciate the level of detail even with a new construction property.
- S.V., October 2020
Very patient and professional, explained what he saw and made suggestions. I really appreciated the time he spent with us.
- A.C., October 2020
Very likely, I stopped by the inspection and James was very professional explaining the details of the inspection and recommendations. We went by all area and showed what he was done and responded to all my questions and doubts in detail. Thank you for your professionalism
- F.G., October 2020
This is my second inspection with HG inspections from the time I call in to set appointment till the end of process. I always like how inspections are done. James was very detailed on inspection and answer all of my concerns. He was aware of a big investment I was going to and the safety of my kids was a priority with house. I wanted to enure house was inspected properly and exceeded my expectations. Afterwards, he went over report with me which I understood house a little more of what was going on with it. Thanks James.
- F.H., September 2020
Thank you James for the Great detailed report my buyers and I appreciate it.
- E.G., September 2020
We were very satisfied with James. He was very knowledgeable and thorough with our inspection. His professionalism and excellent quality work was definitely noticeable. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.
- J.L., August 2020
James did a great job! He went over the entire inspection and stayed a little longer to walk through the house and answer any other questions we had. He was a very nice guy, highly recommend this company!
- E.M., August 2020
Very helpful, answered all my questions and described in detail what was inspected. I would recommend him to friends and family.
- H.P., July 2020
James did a great job looking at everything in the house and providing a detailed description of each of the items he found. We are glad he helped us in this project. I will definitely recommend your team.
- C.A., June 2020
Great service. James answer all of our questions and was extremely knowledgeable. Thank you James!
- A.M., June 2020
James was great. We are first time home buyers and he was thorough and explained everything. He walked us through the next steps and reviewed the inspection with us.
- M.P., June 2020
James was great. We are first time home buyers and he was thorough and explained everything. He walked us through the next steps and reviewed the inspection with us.
- M.P., June 2020
James was great. We are first time home buyers and he was thorough and explained everything. He walked us through the next steps and reviewed the inspection with us.
- M.P., June 2020
James was great. We are first time home buyers and he was thorough and explained everything. He walked us through the next steps and reviewed the inspection with us.
- M.P., June 2020
James was great. We are first time home buyers and he was thorough and explained everything. He walked us through the next steps and reviewed the inspection with us.
- M.P., June 2020
James was great. We are first time home buyers and he was thorough and explained everything. He walked us through the next steps and reviewed the inspection with us.
- M.P., June 2020
James was very thorough in his work and explained the process and items very well. Any questions I had, was answered. I would most definitely work with him again.
- S.M., Pasadena TX, June 2020
He was knowledgeable and very detailed
- S.W., June 2020
Pointed out lots of expensive potential problems!
- W.B., Walpole MA, June 2020
Great communication, explained everything in very good detail. Answered any and all questions I had. Would definitely recommend or reuse James.
- J.N., June 2020
- R.H., June 2020
He was great. Took the time to thoroughly inspect the home and explain it all in plain English for us. Very personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a comprehensive inspection.
- L.B., June 2020
James' breadth of knowledge around inspections was extremely helpful during the buying process for us considering that we were first time buyers. James uncovered some hidden mold around a home we put an offer on. Had it not been for James, we would have possibly moved into a home that could have created some major health concerns for our family..we were grateful for his insight. Thanks to James, we were able to make an educated decision on whether or not the home was fit for move in.
- E.T., Houston TX, June 2020
very good and thorough
- J.T., May 2020
My client has used James on her two home inspections and he is wonderful! He is very thorough and includes important details in his overview and reports. I would highly recommend James and the Hilsher Group Inspection Team!
- C.K., May 2020
He did a very thorough job and was very timely. He also followed up and was available for any quetions the client had.The software that he uses for his inspections is great.
- G.J., May 2020
James did a great job - very professional. He answered all of our questions and he identified several areas of concern that we were not aware of. James is the best inspector I’ve ever worked with.
- K.G., May 2020
The inspector did a great job in a professional manner and we received the report as soon as he completed the onsite inspection. Very impressed!
- D.W., April 2020
Strange circumstances to do an inspection ( corona virus ) James made me feel comfortable with the operation and his report was well done. James was nice and friendly. He is a good representative.
- J.M., April 2020
Mr. Horres was very diligent with his inspection even in my presence. He was very thorough and explained every detail clearly and precisely. Buying a home is stressful enough. It is good to know that professional inspectors like Mr. Horres lessen the burden of homebuying. I will most definitely recommend to my friends and family. Job well done!
- M.R., March 2020
Did a very great job, very detailed and very nice
- T.G., March 2020
James did a wonderful job. He arrived on time, took his time, and provided a detailed inspection. He also reviewed areas of concern with us before he left. We backed out of the purchase of this home based on his inspection and will definitely use him when we find another house. I’ve worked with many inspectors and James is at the top of my list of inspectors.
- K.G., March 2020
Very detailed report and very helpful answering questions.
- S.V., February 2020
James did a fantastic job! He saved me from making a huge mistake. He was very professional and knowledgeable about today's standards. He answered all of my questions and was very polite. I am still looking for a home and will use your company on the next prospec and, most definitely request James. Thank you, Paul Cook
- P.C., January 2020
Very knowledgeable and a good communicator. This was a very through inspection with my best interests in mind. All potential items were pointed out with an appropriate level of severity. I would highly recommend James for Home Inspection.
- B.N., January 2020
James was awesome! It was a rainy day and when I arrived he was on the roof! He was polite and thorough. He went over everything with us in person and sent a great report through email. We would definitely use his services again.
- J.L., January 2020