Thank you for taking the time to explain the details and answer all of my questions. I really appreciate how thorough you were in every aspect of the inspection.
- A.M., April 2019
So detail oriented and thorough!
- K.E., June 2018
Great job. Took time to inspect, answered all my questions, gave good suggestions, good report, you let me use your tape measure!
- C.K., October 2017
Thank you so much for such a thorough and professional inspection. We feel so much more comfortable now going through with the purchase of this home.
- M.C., February 2016
Jan, thanks so much for your help & advice. It feels so good to know I am buying a sound home! Thank you! Jeanne Talerico
- J.T., December 2015
Thank you for being very thorough and teaching me along the way. Your keen eye's make me feel reassured that the house we are trying to purchase is one of high quality.
- M.C., September 2015
Jan is a great inspector. He is very knowledgable and has great resources to make repairs.
- J.W., May 2015
Jan Ode was very knowledgeable and detail oriented. He is very patient and thoroughly explains every aspect of the inspection process. He is an absolute delight to work with.
- M.G., February 2015
Thank you so much for taking the time to walk us through the house and give us advice on how to make the changes ourselves!
- R.M., October 2014
Great job-Thanks!
- C.C., August 2014
Thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful.
- H.R., February 2014
Thanks so much! You were very informative and helped a lot !
- G.L., October 2013
Thank you! Very thorough job. We will use you again!
- J.L., Austin TX, July 2013
Very thorough and helped us to understand the design of the unit and hazardous issues. We would recommend Jan to anyone at anytime at anyplace!! D Y T
- D.J., October 2011
Jan was very hands on. He took the time to go over the inspection report with me and helped me answer any questions I had. I will use him again and will refer to him to anyone that needs an inspector. Satified Customer Marsha Martinez
- M.M., August 2010
Jan was professional and personable. He went the extra mile to explain in detail the nuances of each system he inspected. He was thorough and took the time to re-inspect areas which were less accessable due to a heavy rainstorm. I could not give a higher recommendation to Jan and his expertise. Sincerely , Abbe Jane O'Rourke
- A.O., July 2010
I've never seen anything done in such a thorough fashion. Thanks for your time today, Jan.
- A.G., June 2010
jan was great! i will recommend to anyone in need of an inspection.
- J.M., May 2010
Jan knows his stuff, talked to me about the issues and various solutions. He knew what is important and what isn't. Great thorough report. He is very personable and a great representative for your company.
- J.S., October 2009
Jan Ode was very thorough. He was willing to stop his inspection to answer any questions that I had. He also took time at the end of the inspection to explain everything that he found and allowed me time to ask more questions. I would definately recommend him for another home inspection. Please thank him again from me for all of his help.
- P.S., October 2009
Very professional and thorough report from the inspector, would recommend him to all my friends.
- B.O., October 2009