Alex provided a detailed and thorough home inspection report for a condo I purchased in a new construction project. He arrived early and reviewed the surroundings of the property. During the walk-through of the unit he explained the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and recommended maintenance schedules. There were several items he pointed out that needed to be addressed that I might have missed on my own. I'm very confident that the final punch list is complete. Would absolutely recommend!
- C.F., April 2021
Absolutely Alex was extremely knowledgeable and thorough!
- N.B., March 2021
Alex was a thorough teacher and architectural archaeologist in the inspection of a complex building. He went above and beyond (and below). Bravo!
- W.K., March 2021
We hired Alex to inspect our new home and he did a phenomenal job. We needed the inspection done on very short notice and he did it the very next day. His inspection was extremely thorough, detailed, and easy to understand. He provided us with a report that not only listed everything we should take note of, but also explained why each thing mattered, predicted future consequences, and provided solutions for everything. He also met with us on zoom and was very responsible and accommodating in regards to Covid.
- L.S., February 2021
Alex was thorough and professional. Because of COVID I couldn't be at the inspection but we face-timed. I felt very confident with his work and the report was excellent.
- E.B., February 2021
Alex has inspected multiple homes for us and his process is incredibly thorough and informative. Rest assured you will fully understand the condition of the property and be able to make an informed decision about next steps. The detail and insights contained in his report will make it very easy to proceed with confidence, knowing exactly what there is to deal with in terms of repairs or improvements. You’ll also get a verbal run-through of everything, and it’s fun to learn more about how homes are built and how all of the systems work within them. He’s a great guy and will patiently answer any and all questions you have, we can’t recommend Alex highly enough!
- B.T., December 2020
So pleased, happy, content and confident I made the right decision buying my first home on my own. Alex - professional, thorough, extremely helpful with all of my questions . I now have a total evaluation of my new home - I am fully aware of the things that are in good working order and things I need to take care of now or in the future! He was very friendly and open - I felt very comfortable asking my many questions and very confident with my new knowledge of how a home is run! My realtor was very impressed that he is now going to refer Alex to all his clients with total confidence!!
- K.G., December 2020
I highly recommend Alex and JBS Home Inspections. Alex was beyond helpful and thorough not only meticulously inspecting every item in the home but also just explained to us as new home owners these to look for in the future, when to service various items in the home, how things worked if we did not know. He went around also also took pictures of everything to include on the inspection report so that we could see exactly what he was referring to in his report. He provided us a free book on homeownership 101 that lays out ways to care for your house. He was friendly, prompt and I had full confidence he did not miss anything in the home. Highly highly recommend!
- A.P., November 2020
Alex's service was truly outstanding in every way. His inspection was thorough, and he patiently explained all of its aspects. The report is detailed and fully documented with photographs. He is friendly and easy to converse with. I would gladly recommend him.
- J.R., October 2020
Alex is very professional and dedicate with more than 20 years of inspection experience. He will never miss any details. He is very patient with me and answered all my questions. I am very happy working with him. I will definitely keep his business card and recommend him to my friends.
- Y.J., August 2020
Would highly recommend.
- S.R., June 2020
Terrific, couldn’t be happier with Alex. His explanations were insightful and easy to understand. Would definitely work with him again.
- J.T., June 2020
Alex really went above and beyond all expectations. I feel like I know everything there is to know about our new home. This was by far, the most thorough and professional home inspection I have ever had.
- M.G., May 2020
Alex was diligent, friendly, and informative. He walked me through all the equipment of my new home and how to use everything. He provided a very detailed report after his inspection. I would certainly recommend Alex for my friends and family.
- D.T., April 2020
Alex did a great job for us. He did an incredibly thorough inspection that is an ideal punch-list for work to do on our new home. He was professional, friendly, helpful, and skilled. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
- R.D., November 2019
Alex was excellent. He has a great attention to detail, as well as the ability to explain stuff to a home "newbie." I received my report promptly and it was filled with tons of helpful details. I walked away with a clear understanding of the property. Highly recommend Alex. Will definitely use Alex again.
- M.L., October 2019
Alex inspected the house I was considering buying. Within 14 hours, he submitted to me an online report outlining the items that needed attention. The to-do list was extensive and ranked according to urgency. It was just what I needed. I personally learned a lot from the inspection. Based on Alex?s recommendations, I cancelled my purchase of the two family home. He and his partner Stuart are thorough, meticulous, and professional. I recommend this company highly. In fact, I am hiring them again this next week!
- E.S., September 2019
Alex was a total pleasure to work with!
- J.K., June 2019
Alex was very thorough and professional. He educated us as well. We would recommend him and his company without hesitation.
- T.G., June 2019
Thank you Alex for such an incredibly thorough, professional and cordial inspection experience. We really appreciated how you sought out and found any and all issues, and mentioned general sums for rectification of each.
- P.S., May 2019
You're the Best!
- E.S., May 2019
Alex is professional and very thorough. He is very knowledgeable and does his job very but very well. I would strongly suggest him... We couldn't have been more satisfied with his work.
- U.O., May 2019
Alex is an amazing home inspector. We had just bought an older Victorian and so we needed someone who knew their craft. Not only was he incredibly detailed, but he also approached the job with passion. You can tell that he loves to help people, which is so important. After the inspection he continued to provide expert advice above and beyond. I can?t recommend him enough!
- T.M., April 2019
Alex is an excellent inspector, he is very professional and detailed. He not only did a phenomenal job, but he took the time to explain everything and give me great recommendations. I was lucky to have had to inspect my future home. I highly recommend him.
- C.I., April 2019
Thorough, tidy, professional and prompt.
- A.B., February 2019
Thank you Alex for doing a superb job for my client today at 60 Hamlet Street, Arlington. She really appreciated the extra care and attention you paid to her. You have helped put her mind at ease regarding this significant purchase and step in her life. I really appreciate that. It was a distinct pleasure to meet you and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Sincerely James James Sheils Old New England Properties C: 781-956-0048 E:
- J.S., February 2018
Terrific job. Compressive and understandable.
- R.R., February 2018
Terrific job. Compressive and understandable.
- R.R., February 2018
loved your very thorough report. many thanks for doing it! bill and i will discuss it on thursday nb: "capital" is spelled this way, not capitol. love, dad
- a.S., November 2016
He was very professional .
- F.D., Everett MA, September 2016
Amazing. Alex was the absolute best. Very professional, realistic, and knowledgeable on everything. A welcome addition to our home buying team. I'd recommend him or use him again in a heart beat.
- N.N., Somerville MA, May 2015
It was excellent working with Alex. He's great!
- H.C., Cambridge MA, May 2015
Excellent, intelligent, informative and efficient. I would definitely recommend Alex Steinberg to anyone needing an inspection.
- B.P., December 2013
Alex was thorough and careful. We appreciated hoe well he understood our concerns and the time he took to explain his obsverations as he went through the 1880-era, 4000+sq ft Victoria.
- J.B., November 2013
very through and knew what to look for. used common sense and kept my interests at the forefront. Would use Alex again.
- S.H., June 2013
Thanks for your inspection of 37 Saddle Club in Lexington. Everyone appreciates your expertise and how nice you are to work with.
- D.C., April 2013
Outstanding job, very detailed,clear explanations...Impressive.
- C.W., April 2013
This is my third time through the home buying process and Alex is by far the best inspector I have ever had. Thorough, knowledgeable, and polite. Allowed a nervous prospective homeowner to tag along through the entire inspection and ask questions. Absolutely great home inspector.
- J.R., March 2013
He was very thorough and knowledgable. We were very satisfied with him.
- M.L., March 2013
Alex, You and Margo did a great job. I appreciate your thoroughness and competence. It was a pleasure working with you. I'll definitely recommend you to others. John Robichaud
- J.R., March 2013
Thank you for your extremely thorough inspection, clearly written report, and overall professionalism. This is the second inspection you've completed for us, and we will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for a qualified home inspector!
- R.M., November 2012
Alex wss thorough, helpful and explained everything she was doing. She called us over each time after she examined a portion of the premises and told us what she saw and what we didn't need to worry about. Her report was prompt comprehensible and very helpful
- R.B., August 2012
Alex, it was a pleasure to work with you. I will be writing a more detailed report for Angie's List. Thank you so much.
- J.G., June 2012
Thanks so much to you and Tracy for a thorough inspection I felt you were both very attentive and responsive to questions and were excellent overall. I would highly recommend you both. Thanks again. H Bates
- H.B., May 2012
A completely thorough, professional job all around. Thanks!
- D.S., May 2012
Perfect. Alex is simply amazing (and I am a very high maintenance and tough customer)...
- S.D., March 2012
Best home inspector/inspection I have ever had (4 prior RE purchases). He was extremely well prepared and well read. Worked through the property in a logical and exacting manner. I learned a great deal about the property and future maintenance issues, both near and long term.
- M.S., May 2011
Alex: You did an amazing job!! Although I am totally new to the world of home inspections, I can't imagine anyone being any more thorough with both the inspection itself and the writing of the report. Thank you so much for your astute attention to detail; you have helped me greatly! I also appreciate the manner in which you communicated your findings. The descriptions you provided were easily understood. I would gladly serve as a reference to others of the service you provide. You come highly recommended in my book!! Thanks, again. -Ann
- A.B., April 2011
Really detailed and did a nice job explaining things. Would recommend him for sure!
- C.P., March 2011
Alex deos an excellent, thorough job and has a very patient, comfortable demeanor. He is interested in explaining systems to home buyers for their personal knowledge and use beyond the home purchase, i.e. doing more than simply helping the transaction.
- B.B., February 2011
She was terrific. Thorough and professional.
- A.G., Cambridge MA, January 2011
Alex Thanks again for being so prompt and accommdating with scheduling the inspection this week. Tracy was wonderful -- thorough and candid. Please bill me asap (for estate expense purposes) and I'll get you a check right away. Rolf Burckhardt
- R.B., December 2010
- S.C., October 2010
Hands-down the best. Professional, thorough, friendly, and did I mention thorough? Everyone I know who's in the market will use JBS, because I'll tell them there's nobody better.
- G.B., October 2010
she was very thorough and professional.
- U.D., October 2010
Traci was excellent. Very thorough and professional. I'd highly recommend to anyone considering.
- D.F., Boston MA, October 2010
Tracu Litt was highly professional, and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of our potential home. Working with Tracy was a pleasure since she took time to explain every area that she examined. Moreover, her photographs allowed me to see each flaw that Tracy found.The thoroughness of the inspection was far better than any other housing inspection that I have observed. I would recommend Tracy Litt and her organization without reservation and with the highest praise.
- P.G., September 2010
This was a very thorough report. I'm very impressed. I've seen similar reports in the past, and the use of photos, and the clear structure of the report, was very helpful.
- T.R., September 2010
Tracey Litt was our inspector: very thorough, very knowledgable.
- Z.F., September 2010
Alex was extremely thorough and explained issues as he inspected and walked through the house. We are very happy with his work and would highly recommend him. Although we pulled our offer on the house, we will definitely use his service again in the future.
- J.M., September 2010
Thorough inspection coupled with tremendous patience and ability to communicate the issues clearly to a layperson. Totally satisfied with Alex's work.
- W.C., September 2010
It was a joy to work with you! Thank you so much for all of your help.
- C.W., September 2010
Exceeded my greatest expectations. Tracey was personable, thorough, and extremely skilled at explaining technical issues in a way that I could understand them. We had the inspection done to find out what our house needs prior to listing, but we learned that there are a number of safety issues that need to be addressed ASAP. We were also relieved to learn that our house is in better shape than we thought. The 41 page report included everything Tracey talked about on the walk-thru, as she said it would, so I didn't have to take a single note. The many photos enhance the report enormously. I can't say enough good things about this service!
- B.M., Wayland MA, August 2010
Tracey did a great job - thanks for being so thorough and for explaining everything to us so clearly!
- E.H., August 2010
Tracee Litt was fabulous--thorough, personable, and professional. She explained everything as she went, and put each potential problem or repair in context. We were in great hands! I will recommend her and would use her again.
- A.G., July 2010
Excellent, Tracey is great!
- H.F., July 2010
Tracey was excellent. I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to the home inpection but she has a great personality and explained everything in terms that I could understand. It doesn't hurt that she seems to enjoy her job. I would absolutely use her again and I've raved about her at work and to my family. Keep up the good work!
- A.T., June 2010
Thanks so much, Tracey - your availablility, equipment, knowledge, and pace were all excellent. It was very refreshing to get a competent and unbiased oppinion about this purchase.
- G.S., June 2010
Alex Steinberg's partner, Tracey Litt, did a very thorough and efficient inspection of a condo I had offered to purchase and educated me about the property all along the way. She has a background in photography and her pictures accompanying the problems she wrote into the report clearly demonstrate the issues. I would recommend this company without any hesitation.
- L.W., June 2010
We could not ask for a better Home Inspection!
- R.P., June 2010
Tracey was outstanding - very professional, knowledgeable and thorough.
- B.B., June 2010
Prior to this experience, I thought home inspection was a scam. But this has changed my mind. The inspector was very knowledgeable, extremely thorough, and produced an easily readable and valuable report. I will heartily recommend them.
- F.H., May 2010
Tracey is extremely thorough and very easy to work with.
- D.H., May 2010
Alex, Was very good and extremely detailed in his inspection, while at the same time with a good sense of humour. He also is able to explin things in a very simple way.
- M.N., May 2010
Alex, Was very good and extremely detailed in his inspection, while at the same time with a good sense of humour. He also is able to explin things in a very simple way.
- M.N., May 2010
Alex you are the best. So thorough and complete. Honest and realistic. Michelle and Joe
- M.G., May 2010
Alex was very thorough and very patient in explaining the systems, issues and solutions to us. We are first time home buyers, and would recommend him to any who needed a home inspection.
- K.P., March 2010
The report is thorough and easy to follow, and the pictures are a great and necessary addition (It's shocking this isn't a more standard practice). The inspection itself was educational, and you made it easy to understand problems and areas of improvement without making us worried. Worth every penny, and we will recommend you to anyone we know who is in the market for a new home.
- J.M., March 2010
Tracy did this inspection and she was absolutely fantastic. I was a nervous wreck and she was incredibly patient in answering all of my anxious questions. Her knowledge and thoroughness put me at ease. I chose JBS because of the excellent ratings on Angie's List and you definitely earned all of those high marks. I can't thank you enough for being so thorough and focused and detailed in the report.
- M.M., Charlestown MA, February 2010
Alex, Your report was thorough and made things clear and understandable. I appreciate your quality of work and service. The level of professionalism and attention to detail was remarkable. Thank You. Monika
- M.B., February 2010
As first time homebuyers, we highly recommend Alex Steinberg and Tracy Litt without reservation! Having the opportunity to tag along with Alex and Tracy during the home inspection was a rewarding education, not only for the information as it pertained to the home, but the historic relevance as applied to the architecture, process, and materials. Their personable approach/disposition and sense of humor made complicated (to us) information accessible and understandable. The recommendations and report were thorough, well qualified, and offered great insight to the long-term trajectory of the home. Our affection for antique homes has provided great challenges and the inspection is a critical component to insure not only our peace of mind, but our investment (psychological as well as monetary) when pursuing a property. We happily placed our trust in Alex and Tracy because of their knowledge and integrity. Thank you, Thomas, Emily and Gabriel Gustainis.
- T.G., January 2010
Alex was very systematic and thorough. I really appreciated that he was willing to go anywhere and crawl everywhere to make a complete inspection.
- M.R., October 2009
Thanks Alex. Another fine job of helping clients know what they are buying.
- J.F., October 2009
Tracey Litt was our inspector. She was thorough, detailed and took the time to explain everything and answer all of our questions. She was easy to work with, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. We were able to approach the home buying process with a lot more confidence thanks to Tracey.
- J.K., October 2009
Alex, your colleague Tracy did a great job. Please keep it up!! She arrived on time, meticulous in her work and sent me the inspection report as promised on the same day of inspection. Please convey my comments to her. I will recommend you to any one without any reservations!! Thanks Guys.
- D.E., Chestnut Hill MA, October 2009
Alex, thanks so much!!! I am so impressed with you and would highly recommend you!!! I'll let you know when we are a week away from closing. Very impressive!!! The builder's agent remarked how impressed she was with you as well. Thank you. Sari Rapkin
- S.R., September 2009
Thank you, Alex, for another informative home inspection and report. You've assisted us with purchase of 2 homes and both times, you were professional, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough. We will continue to recommend your services to anyone buying a home.
- S.H., August 2009
Alex, You did an absolutely fantastic job! Your inspection report was entirely comprehensive and easy to understand. Working with you was an absolute joy. Tim Lay
- T.L., August 2009
As I said before, very pleased with the quality of the service, the use of photography and notes, the website access to reports and Inspector Tracy's thoroughness including taking the time to educate me as she went along.
- E.T., Belmont MA, July 2009
The inspection was conducted by Tracey Litt. Tracey was professional, thorough and systematic in her assessments. Her communication was clear. The illustrated report conveys every issue uncovered and will be an easy reference tool while owning the property. Thanks very much.
- S.A., July 2009