Amazing always! Highly recommended. My go to inspection company!
- N.B., July 2023
Peri is the absolute best at what she does! I always recommend Apollo Inspections.
- T.P., February 2022
Peri and her team were phenomenal! I purchased a home where the original sale fell through for various reasons. As a result, I had the option of leveraging the previous inspection report that was completed as part of the previous sale that fell through. But, the inspection report left a lot wanting. So I hired Peri and her team to perform another inspection. I was blown away by how informative the inspection was--and Peri and went out of her way to explain everything about the home to me. The home I purchased is an older one, so having someone with Peri's knowledge and experience perform the inspection was invaluable. I plan to use Apollo and Peri for all my home inspections going forward! A very great experience, and would absolutely recommend Peri to anyone purchasing a home or needing a home inspection.
- R.I., November 2021
Very good work, far and the way the best I have experienced in this field.
- K.S., July 2021
There is no inspector that I would trust more than Mrs. Peri! She is thorough, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and efficient. She is a genuinely good person and truly cares about her clients. I am so thankful for your guidance and hope you know how appreciated you are!
- E.O., Henderson NV, January 2021
She's the absolute BEST! I'm always appreciative of the level of service, the quality inspection, and the clear and concise information that is provided to me and my clients.
- K.K., Las Vegas NV, August 2020
Thank you for providing a thorough inspection. Your wealth of knowledge and customer service is greatly appreciated! I will without a doubt refer your team to future clients.
- J.T., Las Vegas NV, June 2020
Peri and Billy are very thorough, professional, and are just nice people. They take the time to explain what they do and why. It's an absolute pleasure working with them.
- L.C., Las Vegas NV, June 2020
Peri and Billy were outstanding! They explained everything and were very careful. I will definitely recommend their services. Thank you so much for your honesty and clarity!
- M.G., June 2020
Peri and Billy did an excellent inspection. This is the second time we have used them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a through inspection on any property! You certainly get your monies worth from this wonderful inspection team.
- V.F., April 2020
Peri and Billy were a pleasure to meet and quite competent in their work. All my questions and concerns were addressed in a polite and friendly manner and the analysis of the property was thorough. Highly recommend that if you require a home inspection that you use Peri and Billy!
- T.A., January 2020
Peri educated us on what important details need to paid attention to during inspection. It is very re-assuring to know that "the inspector is working for you".
- W.O., August 2019
If I could leave an 11 for Peri, I would. She's extremely knowledgeable about what she's looking for and why and is extraordinarily willing to have home owners, or potential home owners, observe and ask questions at any point during or after the inspection. She does a great job of explaining why she's pointing out the things she is and how important they are when considering the home. I will be recommending her services to EVERYONE I know, not to mention using her again if I buy another home. Peri - you are amazing. Thanks for being a blessing today!!
- M.M., July 2019
Peri is amazing! I was very impressed!!!!
- D.M., May 2019
One of the best inspectors I have worked with! Clients were present at time of inspection and explained every detail of what was to be looked over. Report was sent very quickly and process was smooth. Thank you so much!
- A.L., Las Vegas NV, April 2019

Peri and her husband Billy are extremely throrough and knowledgeable in inspecting homes. They explain every concern or default found and even make recommendations as to how to have the issues resolved. They are a professional team who I'd work with on every home I'm considering on purchasing!

- A.L., April 2019
Best Home inspectors in Las Vegas Nevada They are always professional and always on-time. The inspectors are very knowledgeable
- H.M., Henderson NV, December 2018
Very satisfied with the level of service and details!
- P.K., July 2018
Absolutely great and thank you for explaining everything in detail and answering all my questions throughout the process!
- N.S., July 2018
Thorough, efficient, understanding and patient! I would recommend Peri and her company without hesitation or reservation.
- ...., June 2018
Peri and Billy the best inspectors i have ever worked with. Just great people and they do a amazing job.
- G.K., Las Vegas NV, June 2018
Very thorough . Thanks. I'm not sure yet what I need to fix to bring it up to VA inspection standards. The ingrown tree I'd like to save if possible. I'll take that up with the fence company I guess. Do you have any contractors who can help with the main issues ie :plumbing and electric, attic inspection ? If the sellers will negotiate cost ? and I still need to talk with my agent Annie about the findings. Thanks.
- O.H., May 2018
Although Peri and Billy are friends of mine, I thought who better to do an inspection. I found them to be extremely thorough and professional. They took their time an looked at everything. If you are looking for a home inspector, I highly recommend Apollo Inspections. Darron
- D.H., March 2018
Apollo Inspections are extremely thorough and professional.
- T.G., Las Vegas NV, March 2018
They were very thorough, polite and friendly with the inspection. They explained all the items that were found and made sure I understood them plus recommened steps to correct. I would highly recommend this team to anyone needing a home inspection done right.
- S.J., February 2018
Great company to work with. Love the attention to details. I?d love to recommend this team to anyone in need of an inspection, or questions. This is the A-Team!
- J.C., November 2017
Very helpful and willing to explain
- D.G., November 2017
I really liked Peri and Billy. They did a home inspection for me yesterday and I am more than happy with their work! They were extremely thorough with their inspection and they emailed me the full report within hours of completing the job. Their prices are reasonable and they were extremely professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a home inspection.
- C.T., October 2017
Peri McCulloch and her team are the best! They were extremely thorough and completely professional. Having their knowledge and experience in our corner was an absolute blessing. I would highly recommend Peri McCulloch to anyone who is looking for a home inspector.
- R.G., June 2017
I absolutely love Peri and Billy. They are so thorough and my clients feel safe and secure knowing they know what they are doing and take care of them. They do such a great job. I would never think of using anyone else!
- M.B., North Las Vegas NV, May 2017
Batman and Robin knows what they're doing professionally. They get into details and inspect the house thoroughly. Good job you guys and keep up the good work. Thanks Arvin Mitchell
- A.M., April 2017
I highly recommend Peri and Bill for any inspection. I have never seen any inspector be so thorough and knowledgeable. I recommend them at every inspection because I know they will do a great job every time. My buyers and sellers deserve to have an inspector who will go through the issues and even explain why the items are important. They not only tell you what the issues are but also point them out while taking the pictures. They will tell you about safety issues and what needs to be addressed immediately. If you want a great inspection, call Peri and Bill.
- M.B., North Las Vegas NV, April 2017
Awesome and thorough job - thanks!!!
- P.S., March 2017
Peri and bill was extremely GREAT!! Very knowledgeable and helpful !! & I highly recommend them freinds ,family or YOU!! thxs!! Peri and Bill you guys are GREAT!!!
- M.N., December 2016
Peri and Billy were absolutely amazing. They did a very thorough inspection and answered all the questions I had. I highly recommend them. - Dipika
- D.D., October 2016
We were blessed to have Peri and Paul to be our home inspectors since this is our first home purchase in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their works were very detail orientated and we've learned so much from the cute, yet professional couple. If we are planning to purchase more houses or if any of my friends are planning on getting one, I would definitely refer them so that we all know we will be in good hands. Thanks again, David & Victoria 09/28/2016
- D.W., September 2016
I am an old man that has been involved with both home and in my profession, inspections of this type over many years and this survey by Peri McCulloch is of a quality that I have seen only a very few times. I don't expect perfection but do want hard-nosed, well organized and strongly held opinion and judgement on each issue presented. I think that is what I received on this report and I commend Peri McCulloch for her work and I also commend our Realtor, Jason Mattson of the Orange Realty Group for recommending Ms McCulloch for this project. My thanks to both!
- E.K., August 2016
If there was one inspector/company to trust as well as working for you the home buyer, it is Peri. Besides her great personality and assertive ways, when she performs inspections she does not leave anything out. She will take pictures and explain in detail what she is doing step by step. Even a person that does not have any knowledge, will come out of the inspection process with some idea of whats really happening. Her expertise shows both in person and in her reports. It is hard to find a team that will go the extended mile to accomplish the task. She is very motivated and passionate in doing the ethical thing when it comes to protecting the home owner's investment. She is like an investigator when it comes to finding out why the flaws are there and have the mechanical knowledge to make good sound recommendations if needed. If not she has a library of resources to assist in solving and repairing the problem. I am very satisfied with her service and will recommend her team to perform a home inspection for anyone looking to buy a home. Thank you again Peri.
- J.H., June 2016
So thorough and detailed without "big dealing" things. Knows her stuff. Always my first choice!!
- D.S., March 2016
Peri & Billy are AMAZING!!!! I just relocated from California and this is my 1st home purchase here in Nevada. I have had several experiences in CA with Home inspection but this was the best by far. Everything was explained thoroughly and the knowledge obtained was very informative for my home buying decision. I will highly recommend Peri to everyone I know. Simply the best!!!
- H.H., March 2016
Amazing! Very thorough. Would highly recommend!
- H.A., January 2016
Peri was absolutely amazing! She was SUPER thorough/detailed, prompt, and friendly (everything you'd hope your home inspector would be). She was able to accommodate our limited schedule just before a holiday and in advance of our due diligence closing period. She answered all of our questions and gave us the long list of concerns about the home in a way that was not overwhelming to first-time home buyers. I would recommend her to anyone needing to get a home inspection.
- K.W., December 2015
Always does a great job and her delivery of information is easy to understand and presented on a positive manner to make all parties feel at ease.
- C.S., Las Vegas NV, December 2015
Always does a great job and her delivery of information is easy to understand and presented on a positive manner to make all parties feel at ease.
- C.S., Las Vegas NV, December 2015
I was so happy to have been recommended Peri for her home inspection service. I asked for assistance for a home inspection and within three days the inspection was done and with great detail. Peri was able to help me greatly by completing the inspection with a very short notice given. The report was very meticulous and detailed, reporting areas very minor areas which the average buyer might miss. Highly recommendable home inspector and would definitely hire Peri again for my future home purchasing needs.
- A.T., December 2015
Did a great job! Very thorough and easy to follow along.
- W.G., October 2015
Peri and Billy were most professional and answered all of our questions without hesitation. They were extremely thorough and did not miss any items in the home. Their attention to details is what sets them apart from the rest. M&M Sept 1 2015
- M.M., September 2015
Very nice meeting you and your husband. I want to personally thank you for doing a great job inspecting
- A.C., August 2015
I was more than pleased with the thorough job this inspector did, and appreciate her friendliness and being just down to earth! And also thank you for taking a couple pictures of us in front of our soon to be new home!!
- R.D., July 2015
Thanks! The pictures were great!!
- R.D., July 2015
Peri is great. She takes her time to explain the inspection to the buyers so they always feel comfortable with the information.
- C.S., Las Vegas NV, July 2015
very professional. highly would recommend.
- B.K., May 2015
Thank you so much Peri! You and Billy are so knowledgeable and provided good information in an easy to understand and straightforward manner...although it was a lot of information, you helped us feel comfortable and not the least bit overwhelmed. We have a good handle on what we need to take care of. We appreciate you!
- F.S., May 2015
Everything went well answered all questions.
- M.G., April 2015
Thanks for your time and expertise!!!
- T.E., April 2015
Know-how, Open to Questions & Thorough ! Also Most Reasonable, Pricewise. Would recommend this Company to anyone. Ken Voss
- K.V., HENDERSON NV, April 2015
Been in Real Estate 22 years, have had 500 plus inspections by far the most professional company I've ever used. Thank you. Sincerely, Andy Hitchcock,CRS Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
- A.H., April 2015
Superb inspection. Like your personality a LOT. Jean Salazar
- A.S., March 2015
Outstanding inspector! Thank you Jason.
- P.M., Henderson NV, February 2015
We were 100% satisfied with the inspection and report on the home we are planning to purchase. It was a pleasure working with Peri. We walked through with her and she explained things to us as we went through the property. She sent us the inspection report on the same day that the inspection took place - so efficient! The report was easy to understand (with photos and clear descriptions) and extremely thorough.
- J.R., September 2014
I am a single female looking as a first time home buyer. This process is exciting, but somewhat overwhelming for me to tackle on my own. Peri was amazing and went outside the scope of her duties to explain each of the items she was inspecting, along with proper maintenance of everything in the home once I gain ownership to help prevent any future mishaps. I never once felt rushed and she was available for all my questions.
- K.B., August 2014
Peri and Billy are the best inspectors in LV. I have been using them for ten years and they are very knowledgeable and consistent. Always on time and very efficient.
- D.D., Henderson NV, July 2014
Great job. Thank you for your quick response time in arriving at the property. You and Billy were very professional and did a great inspection. I appreciate the extra effort you put into getting the report to me so quickly. Your customer service goes above and beyond. Thank you again. Theresa Osburn Neighborhood Realty
- T.O., April 2014
Very comprehensive, thorough, and professional, Peri and Billy! I am impressed! Just hope we have not scared off George & Lisa! I really do believe these items are "addressable", don't you? And the interior house itself seems good... I am letting the L.A. know that we have some 'issues'... Will wait to discuss further with Lisa & George as to how we go forward. Let me know if I need to know more... Thank you again! - Deanna Ponting
- D.P., March 2014
Thank you Peri, you are always the best. When I call you for inspection, then I have nothing to worry about.
- Y.R., November 2013
Thank you again, Peri! You did a great job.
- M.H., Las Vegas NV, July 2013
I am a first time home buyer and honestly had no idea what to ask in a home inspection, other than the questions that google had told me to ask. When I met with Peri for my home inspection she was punctual, thorough, and very knowledgeable. What I appreciated the most was how patient she was with me and how she allowed me to follow her during the inspection. What was more helpful was the way she explained everything she was doing. She told me what she was looking for and what red flags to watch out for. She had vast knowledge about the type of material used and the quality of the material. I appreciate all her efforts because not only am I confident in the house that I am buying I am also more knowledgeable and a more competent home buyer from the experience. Thank you Peri for all your help!
- I.N., March 2013
great company
- R.L., January 2013
Keep up the great job in 2013!
- C.S., Las Vegas NV, January 2013
Excellent service!
- J.S., November 2012
I can not possibly imagine anyone that could provide a more complete inspection. Peri's inspection far exceeded my expectations. Her follow-up after the inspection was professional, helpfull, and above and beyond anything I expected. I hope to never have to purchace another property, but should I find myself in need of an inspector again I would not agree to use anyone except Peri McCulloch. Bernard "Mitch" Harrison
- M.H., October 2012
We were very pleased with our inspection and the way it was presented to us. Everything was explained to us in a concise and timely manner. We are very pleased,Thank You!!!!!!!
- D.K., July 2012
Very personable and helpful. She answered all of our questions and explained everything in detail. I would definitely do business with her again.
- V.M., July 2012
Absolutely wonderful from start to finish. I was an out of state buyer and Peri took care of everything for me I dodnt have to worry about a thing.
- A.E., June 2012
Fantastic! Very thurough.
- D.E., January 2012
Thanks for everything
- M.B., December 2011
Peri not only are you and your staff the most professional and best, you have the unique ability of making our buyers feel great about their purchase. Thank you for always being there when we need you. CMF
- C.F., December 2011
Thank you for your inspection it was very professional and it confirmed what I thought about the condition of the home. it was good for my piece of mind. Dennis S.
- D.S., August 2011
Peri and Billy were very helpful!! they were very professional and detailed. we were very impressed with their help! I would definetly recommand their service!!! thank you so much !!
- L.K., May 2011
Thank you for the GREAT job!
- J.A., May 2011
Very thorough and personable.
- J.T., April 2011
We thought it was wonderful that you walked us thru the entire inspection of the home. You explained everything that was found to be not satisfactory, and what was needed to make it correct. I would recommend your service to anyone buying a home.
- T.K., March 2011
Great job as usual. Thank you Helene Moore
- H.M., November 2010
Thank you for being prompt and for the very profesional inspection. My client was very pleased with your work. Matthew
- M.D., September 2010
peri and his wife do an extradonary job on home inspections. this is the second time we used them and were very satisfied with their work.
- L.S., September 2010
Peri and her "helper" were great! She really knows her houses. Would use her again and again.
- C.S., Las Vegas NV, May 2010
Peri, You and your staff were outstanding as usual. The detail of this report was amazing. Thanks again and I will be recommending you to all of my fellow real estate agents.
- A.H., April 2010
Extremely thorough! Very professional!
- M.H., Henderson NV, April 2010
Fantastic !
- M.A., March 2010
Peri, thanks for giving our client the care and attention we would .Love your report and we will be using you a lot more.
- L.F., January 2010
Thank you for such a detailed inspection and for showing us what needed to be done to make our new home a safe and happy one.
- B.P., December 2009
Peri you were absolutly wonderfull. Thank you for walking me through everything step by step. -natalia light
- N.L., December 2009