Inspector was very thorough, professional, courteous and friendly. Over all he did an excellent job.
- K.P., September 2022
I have used Randy for years. I have never had a unhappy buyer using him. Always spends extra time with the buyers and will go back for a reinspection after repairs are made. Very thorough.
- A.B., Las vegas NV, November 2021
Randy has been my go to Inspector for several years now! I've NEVER received any client complaints! Fast, friendly, and reliable, and his name is HOUSE!
- S.J., Las Vegas NV, August 2021
Randy was awesome. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Couldn't be more pleased. All deficiencies were addressed, therefore those items can be taken care. I can honestly tell, Randy is a true professional, came with passion and a desire to do a great job. Thank you Randy, Terry and Pam Roberts 8839 Nolene Stream St LV NV 89131
- T.R., June 2019
Randy was great, very Professional. Identified issues and could answer all of our questions. Would recommend and use again.
- C.S., November 2018
Randy did a great job inspecting and also relaying to me what conditions he found. Extremely polite and informative. I would highly recommend
- I.H., July 2018
Randy is detailed, professional and just as important on time and accurate on his reports. I have used home inspectors for 45 years. Randy ranks right at the top.
- G.E., July 2017
Randy, Thank you so much for the care and consideration you showed while my grand-daughter was sleep. I can't evaluate your work, but I give you 5 stars.
- O.J., September 2016
It was a pleasure to work with Randy on our recent home inspection. Randy took the time to explain why an item was deficient and ways to rectify the issue. The report provided with photographs are a huge help. Thanks again for a thorough report.
- L.D., April 2016
We have used Randy since 2007 WE would never trust any other then his that's why we come back
- N.K., September 2015
Randy is a professional. On-time, had a plan of action, was detailed and structured in the way he went about his business.....and he knew what to look for and understand.
- D.B., July 2015
Thank you Randy. Was a pleasure meeting you.
- J.K., July 2015
Randy is very thorough. He took his time going over the inspection with me, and his report and summary are detailed and complete. I received them within 24 hours. As a first time home-buyer as a newly single mom, I appreciate his patience and attention to detail. I would absolutely recommend Randy House for an inspection to any homebuyer.
- J.S., July 2015
Great Service provided.
- J.R., June 2015
Please continue to be open and forthright, your willingness to explain your every step in the inspection process was very welcome. Thank you.
- T.J., June 2015
It was a pleasure having Randy perform our home inspection. We feel very confident after having the inspection done.
- S.L., May 2015
Excellent work. Thorough and professional.
- L.P., March 2015
Very thoughtful and informative, inspires trust. Thank You
- M.M., February 2015
Hi Randy Thank you very much for your expertise and attention to my house inspection. I have yet to study this report but at first glance seems very thorough. It was a pleasure meeting you and hope to see you sometime in the future. Best Randy Winslow
- R.W., December 2014
Thanks, Randy! Another quality inspection.
- C.T., December 2014
Randy informed us personally, when we arrived, of all of the potential issues with the property. He was very knowledgeable in every area. Thanks Randy.
- C.T., October 2014
Randy was awesome,very knowledgeable on every aspect of the house.. very detail orientated and knew how to nit pic at certain items i was very pleased with his inspection and i would recommend him again.. thank you, sincerely Juan M. Perez
- J.P., October 2014
Your professionalism is very apparent in the manner with which you conduct your business. You were prompt, and in fact, you arrived prior to our agreed upon time and were already working when I arrived. That quality of service is so very much appreciated and not often seen these days. I received a very detailed report from you on the home I am about to own. Your report provided observations about structures, appliances, etc., that I would never have thought about. Your home inspection was the best I've ever been involved with, and I have owned several homes. I only wish I had found you back in 2001!!! Randy, thank you so much for your time and efforts in assisting us in the purchase of our new home/business. We will always recommend you for your expert services. Please let me know how my recommendations can assist in building your business. I will be more than happy to provide the same survey results at any site you can suggest. You are #1 Sincerely, Patti Shay-Dagenais
- P.S., August 2014
Did a very good job. Thank you so much!!
- N.L., July 2014
Very thorough, great job on reports. Thank you Randy!
- B.C., Las Vegas NV, July 2014
He is always very thorough on his home inspections. Also, he is very professional and friendly.
- A.J., Henderson NV, June 2014
Thank You.
- K.R., Las Vegas NV, June 2014
Thank you Randy for being so thorough and having the report done so quickly. I will definitely refer you to anyone in the market.
- T.M., March 2014
very helpful and friendly
- V.H., March 2014
This is the second time we have used Randy as the inspector. He is highly qualified on all aspects of home inspection and takes time to discuss all aspects of items he is inspecting with suggested comments in regards to reasons for a certain condition, cost estimates for repairs and projected life expectancy for used or worn items. If you need a home inspector....get Randy House.
- D.M., January 2014
Thanks F+N Sears
- F.S., January 2014
Thanks, Randy!
- D.S., Las Vegas NV, May 2013
Thanks so much for being so thorough!
- J.L., April 2013
Randy House was very plesant.I felt very comfotable and he was knowledgable. He gave me and my husband tips about the house.He was the best, there should be more people in customer service like him.
- M.L., March 2013
Every question asked, was answered honestly and without hesitation. If he was unsure of something, he would say he didn't know -- though it was rare ; he clearly knows what he's doing. His report was filled with often unintelligible legalese, but not his personal, in-person responses. I never once felt misled, evaded or misinformed.
- J.A., March 2013
Thank you for a job well done...again!
- P.M., March 2013
Randy, As a first time house buyer, I am so grateful for the information you shared with me and the time you took to explain what was going on. Your kindness and patience made me feel much more comfortable with the whole process. thanks Janice Quintero
- J.Q., November 2012
You Rock as usual!!!
- S.H., June 2012
Thank you Mr. Randy.
- J.O., February 2012
Thank you much for your expert opinion. My client love how you operate.
- S.C., January 2012
It was a pleasure meeting you!!!! Great job on a thorough inspection and a fast report provision. Thank you Randy!
- M.J., November 2011
Randy, I appreciate your quick and thorough inspections. Thanks for doing such an awesome job!!!
- S.M., Las Vegas NV, September 2011
Randy was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. By far the best home inspector we've ever dealt with. We truly appreciate his courtesy and professional advice. I wish all home inspectors were like Randy!
- B.R., July 2011
Randy thank you for taking care of my clients. You were highly recommended by Michael Caballlero. Thanks again.
- C.G., May 2011
Randy is very thorough, honest and up front about the home. Had a different inspector on my first home purchased and realized what a poor job he did after watching Randy's inspection. Would definitely recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.
- T.C., April 2011
Thank you so much, Randy! I appreciate you for being so thorough and knowledgeable! It was a pleasure meeting you!
- J.J., March 2011
I found you to be very thorough with your inspection. You are very knowledgable and I found it easy to trust in what you said. Would highly recommend you. Thank You, Debbie Smith
- R.S., February 2011
Randy, you inspected my condo in a very professional manner, and you covered every detail. I would be ready to recommend you to any of my friends, if they need any home inspections.
- N.U., January 2011
Randy, we appreciate your attention to our concerns and for sharing your knowledge with professionalism and patience during the inspection.
- P.S., December 2010
Very professional ~ highly recommend! Arrived on time - everything was inspected - report came right after for review.
- M.T., December 2010
thank you for coming out on such short notice.!. Appreciate your thoroughness in the inspection process. True professional...
- P.H., November 2010
Thanks alot for your work on the house we're looking at purchasing. We were very happy working with you. Jim
- J.H., September 2010
very professional
- M.N., August 2010
Randy appeared very professional and did a thorough inspection.
- B.D., June 2010
I will always use Randy because he shows up on time (usually early), gives me full explanations of any issues and takes as much time as I need to help me understand the condition of the home. He is always available to speak directly to my Buyers, particularly if they are out of town and returns to the properties for re-inspections and walk-through support if necessary.
- K.H., Las Vegas NV, February 2010