Michael was a very thorough and professional inspector. He was also readily available for additional questions a day after the inspection. He takes lots of photos that are included in the report, which helps with knowing what the issues are. Highly recommend. - Kim & Scott V.
- K.V., June 2024
Michael was detailed, competent. knowledgeable, friendly, thorough and Highly recommended. Overall Michael did a fantastic job with the inspection. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family if they decide to buy a house and need a home inspection..
- S.C., June 2024
Mick was great and very thorough. He explained things as he went along, answered questions that I thought of later, and made the whole process stress free. I'm hoping I get the home but if not, I'd definitely use him again. Thank you :)
- L.T., May 2024
My home inspector was a true professional , this was the second time we have used him and both times have been outstanding he explaned everything he found, and how to take care of it , he made us feel comfortable and we would use him again if we ever move again.
- J.B., May 2024
Michael Allan did a great job for us and explained a lot of things that first-time homebuyers like us need to know.
- C.S., April 2024
Our Home Inspector Michael Meyer was a pleasure to work with. He is very thorough and detail oriented. He took his time to explain exactly what he was doing and why. Mick willingly gave us advice about equipment that we did not have experience with in our previous homes, such as water well, septic tank, fire sprinklers and water softener. He is very knowledgeable in both Mechanical and Electrical. We felt very comfortable and confident that he was working in our best interest as the home buyer. This is the 2nd home that Mick has inspected for me, and he helped make me comfortable in my last home for the past 17 years. I would highly recommend for you to have Michael Meyer inspect your next home.
- R.M., March 2024
All around great service
- M.J., September 2023
Once again, Michael has risen above to exceed our expectations. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, methodically thorough in his inspection, and acutely detailed in his reports. I will definitely use him again in the future. Thank You
- T.W., July 2023
My inspector was very thorough. He took the time to explain each area that needed potential attention. It was a pleasure working with Mick. I highly recommend him for a home inspection. Thank you
- J.K., July 2023
Professional and knowledgeable. Helped me learn things about my new home and made me comfortable with the process.
- C.B., June 2023
Mick did a very thorough job. He was fast, professional, and explained things well.
- A.C., May 2023
As always, Mick did an outstanding job on my inspection. He's very knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all our questions and suggested possible solutions to any issues he found. He's the only inspector I feel comfortable recommending.
- S.G., Palatine IL, April 2023
The most honest thorough inspection. Nothing is overlooked & Mick does not compromise any findings.
- D.L., February 2023
Very complete. Friendly and reasonably priced.
- S.R., indianhead park IL, November 2022
Michael was thorough and explained all issues in detail. I am confident that as we negotiate through the inspection results if we close on the home I will have no surprises. Michael also identified anything that was not inspected as well.
- M.P., November 2022
Highly recommend! The inspection was thorough, organized, and explained to us in a way that was easy to understand. Excellent work!
- E.D., June 2022
Excellent inspector, very knowledgeable, explains issues. I highly recommend using Michael Meyer.
- D.D., February 2022
Michael is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He was very thorough in his inspection and also took the time to explain things to my wife and I during the inspection process. He explained to us what the issue was, why it’s a potential safety concern, and available remedies to address the issue. I highly recommend him for home inspection services.
- M.S., December 2021
Hope to work with you and your team again in the near future! You were awesome!
- J.W., December 2021
Working with Mick was a lifesaver. When purchasing our first home we had little to no knowledge of potential issues with a property to be on the lookout for. Mick’s thorough work put our minds at ease because his expert knowledge of common, uncommon, code-related, and often overlooked issues gave us a comprehensive view of the property. Mick’s meticulous photo documentation, personalized recommendations, and detailed advice provided the confidence we needed to negotiate the purchase of our first home. Most importantly, at closing, Mick’s report helped save us money on pre-sale repairs negotiation and saved us the headache of addressing these issues alone and years down the road.
- R.B., Rolling Meadows IL, December 2021
Michael Meyer was very patient and answered all my questions. He was very knowledgeable and that reassured me that I was buying a great home :) I would most definitely refer him to anyone! Sincerely, Serena Chapman
- S.C., September 2021
We appreciated the professional nature of Mic's inspection. He was not rushed and spent time to explain his findings and address our concerns. The thoroughness of Mic's inspection resulted in unfortunate findings, which led to our decision to terminate the contract to buy. We are thankful for Mic's diligence which helped us to avoid what could have become a costly mistake.
- S.D., August 2021
Mic was a excellent resource and pure professional. He took the time to walk me thru every question and even helped me to ask questions I should be asking but was not. His suggestions made me very comfortable with my new home and his observations saved me alot of headache when dealing with the seller. Do yourself a favor...use Michael Meyer.
- K.P., July 2021
They were very through and informative. They caught foundation issues with a house. Micks inspection stopped us from buying a house that might have cost us 10’s of thousands of dollars to repair.
- J.G., June 2021
Great Job! I have used Michael on a few occasions and have always been very pleased with his inspections.
- J.M., May 2021
Did a really thorough job during the inspection and explaining things in detail. Inspection Report was easy to navigate and the pictures were well marked. Mike also made himself available a few days after to answer a few more questions. First inspector I have gone through but I am very impressed!
- D.T., May 2021
He was very thorough and had a friendly demeanor while he completed his work. He was patient and explained things while we were there in a way we could better understand. He made himself available not only during the transaction process, but afterwards as well. My wife and I were happy with his work, his report, and his timeliness.
- M.B., April 2021
Mike showed us issues as they arose, but also included all of them in his detailed report with pictures. He was very thorough and very prompt with getting us the report. I would highly recommend him.
- M.B., April 2021
I’m very pleased and confident in his inspection of homes. I trust his knowledge and helpful suggestions. He is easy to talk to and explain things. Absolutely recommend.
- C.T., Foxlake IL, March 2021
I would highly recommend using Michael Meyer for a home inspection, he's efficient and thorough providing detailed feedback. He even walks you through terminology and asks what your knowledge level is on terms so he can better explain. I especially like how he handles the reports in an easy to read fashion that even allows you to make a repair request list right off of the form.
- R.M., March 2021
Michael was very thorough and very knowledgeable. I would definitely use his services again if needed.
- B.Z., South Barrington IL, March 2021
Michael did a great job! He was efficient and pleasant to be around. The quality of his work was outstanding. I highly recommend his services and will use him again if the need arises.
- J.F., February 2021
Mick has now done 2 hone inspections for me and he is very thorough and informative.
- E.F., January 2021
Michael did a tremendous job reviewing our future home. The homeowners have done a good job in keeping the house in excellent condition but Michael kept to his checklist and thoroughly inspected all of the key areas of the house including a few safety issues. I would highly recommend Michael again.
- M.R., Palatine IL, November 2020
He did a great job in a very timely manner I would highly recommend him.
- L.E., November 2020
Knowledgeable and thorough, explained issues and possible issues in a detailed and easily comprehendible way.
- K.M., October 2020
Very nice and willing to explain everything, to us... Was able to make objective decisions based on his input.
- A.L., September 2020
Michael Meyer was very knowledgeable and thorough. As a first time home buyer, he walked me through every step of the inspection, answered questions and explained findings with me. After the inspection, I felt very confident that I understood what was happening in the unit. His report was clear about his finding and even included recommendations. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- K.O., July 2020
Thanks so much!
- J.S., Arlington Hts, July 2020
Michael Meyer was very pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough. He answered all our questions, went over his findings with us and he did it all with a great attitude. His report was very clear and easy to follow. It included detailed pictures and recommendations. I appreciated working with him and I was appreciative of the work he produced . I feel confident going into the home fully aware of what is going on with the house. I will easily recommend him for future inspection jobs.
- D.A., chicago IL, July 2020
Very detailed and made sure we understood everything, went above and beyond with our inspection.
- J.C., July 2020
Mike was very knowledgeable about the process, condo inspections and mechanical's. He made us feel comfortable through the process.
- J.M., June 2020
Very patient, thorough, and knowledgeable.
- A.C., March 2020
Mike is very professional and very knowledgeable. He took all the time needed to explain the areas of concern, and he helped us understand the degree to which each finding was a serious or expensive issue. I would recommend his services without hesitation.
- T.M., March 2020
Professional, informative, thorough. A spectacular fine.
- R.S., Hoffman Estates IL, March 2020
Michael was prompt, very professional and very thorough in his inspection. He addressed my questions while also pointing out existing issues. His inspection report was very detailed including pictures. I would highly recommend Michael Meyer when you need a home inspection. MLK 2/2020
- L.K., February 2020
He is very thorough with his inspections and he is very kind to the buyers.
- A.D., February 2020
Very Professional,very thorough.explained every step of the way,addressed any questions I had. Based on his knowledge and experience Definitely recommend Michael Meyer any time you need a home inspection. True Professional.
- T.K., December 2019
10/10 for sure. Highly knowledgeable and completed a thorough inspection. In the past I had bad experiences with others and now I know who to call / who to recommend to family. We are thankful for Michael.
- G.M., November 2019
Highly recommend. Very thorough and answered all of our questions.
- T.B., October 2019
Mick's a great inspector. I recommend him to all my clients.
- J.W., Barrington IL, September 2019
Michael is very thorough. He explains his process prior to beginning the inspection, takes the time to point out areas of concern during the inspection, and is happy to answer any questions along the way. His inspection reports are very detailed, enabling one to effectively follow-up on any issues that need to be addressed. I would definitely recommend him as an inspector and plan to use his services in the future!
- J.C., August 2019
This was the first time dealing with Mick and I'm pleased with the service. Mick showed up on time, was very professional and friendly and allowed me to ask questions during the home inspection process. Mick was thorough, detailed and pointed out potential issues during the home inspection process. Would highly recommend his services.
- S.B., August 2019
He was amazing at his job, he really took the time to inspect our home and explain what we should be looking for. He made the process super easy.
- N.G., July 2019
Michael was prompt, thorough, and efficient with our inspection. His report was detailed, concise and easy to understand. Thanks Michael!
- L.L., July 2019
Fantastic inspection saved me from a nightmare! Great observation fantastic eye for detail.
- T.N., June 2019
Mick is very thorough and not an alarmist. Explains not only what is wrong or improper but why. I would use Mick to do my own home inspection. Highly recommend Mick
- W.V., Cary IL, June 2019
Very good Professional.
- A.J., May 2019
I found out about this company when a buyer used them to inspect my home. As the homeowner, I was kind of shocked by the number of things found--but they were so thorough, I knew that I'd be calling them when I was ready to purchase a home. When I called them to inspect a home I wanted to purchase, the inspector Mick was great. He was personable, and let me walk around with him while he explained anything I wanted to know. Mick has a great attention to detail, which I appreciate. He found a lot of great things, and his findings ultimately helped lead me to discovering some vital history surrounding the house. I cannot more highly recommend Michael Allan & Associates.
- J.G., May 2019
Michael is conversant in many areas of the inspection. Very knowledgeable and explains his findings in a way you can understand. Michael was thorough, patient and answered questions with direct answers.
- D.S., May 2019
great job. very professional
- J.B., May 2019
Very professional and thorough. Explained process and offered suggestions. All good.
- J.W., April 2019
Thank you. You were very easy to work with and thorough. I appreciate your expertise, insights and recommendations.
- S.T., April 2019
Mick is great!
- M.S., April 2019
very professional, very thorough, inside and out; explained all issues raised and provided insights on each; would readily recommend him to neighbors and friends
- T.W., March 2019
Extremely kind and knowledgeable. He took time to explain everything to me. Paid attention to every detail and took pictures throughout the inspection. His report was very detailed and included the pictures and summaries of everything he found in the inspection of the property. Highly recommend!
- J.R., March 2019
did a great job and was very through
- J.D., Rolling Meadows, February 2019
He was very thorough, very friendly and answered all our questions. He made it easy for us to be aware of everything that needed to be done before we purchased our home.
- H.D., January 2019
Michael was very professional and helpful. As a first time home buyer, I was very thankful for his thorough inspection and input. Will definitely utilize his professional inspection services again in the future, if needed.
- K.H., January 2019
Michael was a pleasure to work with for both myself, who has purchased a few homes on my own as well as my mother who has never really been involved in that process. He took the time to explain things to her in detail that she could understand and also offered more in-depth and technical explanations to me. Would definitely recommend Michael for a home inspection, complete professional!
- S.M., January 2019
Michael was extremely thorough, made sure I understood the fine details of the inspection and followed through with an extremely well written report. I would recommend him to family, friends and anyone looking for an inspector.
- J.F., December 2018
I was able to tag along during the home inspection. Michael encourages homeowners to do this if possible. During the walk through, Michael was very informative. He pointed out things that can be done to improve the condition of the home and maintenance tips to prevent future issues that could arise. He was friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Michael for any future inspections.
- J.R., December 2018
Mick was patient, thorough and took the time to inform me and teach me about the home. His approach with the customer was both kind and professional. I will definitely refer him to others for future inspections. Thank you!
- K.B., November 2018
I would absolutely use Michael Allen again for an inspection! Michael was very thorough and did an excellent job of explaining his findings and answering questions we had. He was so thorough, even the seller was surprised by some of the things uncovered. Thank you for working in my best interest.
- L.M., November 2018
I thought you did an excellent job on the inspection. Photos were very helpful. Made it very easy to understand what you were saying in the report. Thank you
- R.S., November 2018
Hi, Thank you for your time, it made this phase of my home purchase easy. I was very comfortable with your skills, advice, and professionalism. Thanks for everything! Carl Weber
- C.W., October 2018
Michael - thank you so much for such a thorough inspection. It was a pleasure to work with you and have you find and point out the things that need to be addressed. Neither my realtor, my friend who came with me when I was choosing a house or myself saw the cracked tile in the hallway but you found it right away. Now I can negotiate this with my seller. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection as your services are well worth the money spent. Lastly, thank you for suggesting that I can call you if I have any questions. It's nice to know I can rely on your knowledge of how things work so I can understand how things work. Thanks again for such a great inspection.
- C.W., October 2018
Mick was was on time and extremely efficient. Was very clear in pointing out issues to be addressed and supplied pictures to give a clearer understanding.
- J.C., October 2018
Very thorough and personable
- A.B., September 2018
Very thorough inspection and great explanation on what is recommended to do
- F.D., September 2018
Michael is great! This is my second inspection with him. He?s very thorough and takes the time to explain everything to you. He?s super friendly too! I highly recommend him.
- A.F., Buffalo Grove IL, September 2018
Michael is knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. He educated us regarding home safety and maintenance. He answered all of our questions and pointed to several issues that we overlooked on our previous visits to the home. We highly recommend Michael and HomeGauge!
- J.M., September 2018
Mick was very thorough and knowledgeable. He pointed out many things I missed and explained the importance of each in relationship to heath, safety, and maintenance issues. The final report was extremely helpful for remembering the important details of issues needing attention. I would recommend Mick to anyone in a home buying position.
- N.N., September 2018
Mic is awesome! Top shelf highly professional and His work is detailed. The inspection is a combination of one part detailed analysis and one part education. He keeps you informed of what he finds and his communication skills are exemplary. A true gentleman & scholar. Thanks Mic
- J.P., September 2018
Mick was great and I am very happy that he was referred to us! He was very thorough with the inspection and happy to answer any and all questions that I had (there were a lot!). After the inspection he also took the time to walk me around the house to point out anything that he found, both big and small concerns, and to explain what I needed to keep an eye on. Top to bottom he did an excellent job and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- A.C., August 2018
Mick was very professional and a pleasure to work with while accompanying him on the inspection.
- P.D., August 2018
Very friendly, did a great job explain things, also provided great input on how to correct minor things found durning inspection
- T.D., August 2018
Mr. Meyer was thorough and professional. When I asked him a question he was able to put it into terms that I could understand.
- J.L., July 2018
We are very happy with the overall quality of our home inspection and the Radon testing. Thanks for everything.
- M.B., July 2018
Thanks for everything you have done for us. I really liked that you took ur time to make sure the house was safe for our family. Again thank you.
- H.A., July 2018
Mick did an excellent and thorough inspection for me as a potential buyer of an older home. He explained things clearly and was very knowledgeable. The inspection report was delivered the next day (on a Sunday!), was easy to understand, and provided many pictures to illuminate the issues he had identified. I would recommend him without hesitation.
- N.B., July 2018
Michael did a fantastic job on my home inspection! He went through all of the issues with me on site and the report was very detailed and helpful. Michael was also a pleasure to work with!
- K.B., July 2018
Excellent and thorough inspections. Recommended!
- C.W., June 2018
Mick was great! He was thorough and very patient. He made sure I understood everything he was looking for and answered all of my questions.
- C.L., June 2018
Great inspector - thorough and detailed. Will use again and recommend to friends and family. Thanks Mick!
- C.W., June 2018
Michael did a thorough and professional job while being very easy to work with as well.
- K.N., May 2018
Efficient, prompt, personable. He did a great job, had report to our attorney same day and was very thorough. We would highly recommend.
- C.G., May 2018
Michael was a true professional who took the time to answer any questions that we had before, during, and after the inspection. He was extremely thorough and friendly, and I would recommend his services for any future home buyer.
- G.L., May 2018
Wouldn?t change a thing, very informative and professional.
- D.C., May 2018
Michael was very thorough in his home inspection and did a great job explaining the process and results to the buyer. Definitely recommend his service!
- R.F., Elk Grove Village IL, May 2018