Very thorough and knowledgeable. Jonathan Kline is a professional who is very good at what he does.
- N.P., May 2024
Great experience, very knowledgeable and took the time to explain things. Very helpful answering questions and looking seeping into areas of concern and to show what was found.
- C.T., May 2024
Jon did an exceptional job of completing my home inspection. Jon is very professional and does a great job. I am very impressed at the issues Jon found. He does a great job of going over every area of the house. I would highly recommend calling Navigator before making a purchase.
- N.L., April 2024
Jon is competent, thorough and detailed! He is an expert in his field and I highly value his opinion.
- L.O., April 2024
Jon was thorough, diligent, objective, engaged and reached out to make sure I had any questions or concerns answered. I was extremely impressed and would recommend his services to anyone. Thanks again, Jon!
- D.M., March 2024
Jon was great to work with. He was readily available, efficient, and incredibly thorough. His reports are easy to read, user friendly, and make the process of requesting repairs simple. I would definitely work with Jon again.
- E.W., March 2024
Jon does great work. He is very thorough and professional. We will be using him for any of our inspection needs in the future!
- H.B., March 2024
Jonathan was very thorough with his inspection and took the time to go through and explain every detail with me. Not only was he super thorough with his work, he had the inspection report done and sent back to me the SAME day, I highly recommend him.
- A.W., March 2024
Great inspection. We were able to schedule promptly, the report was thorough, well documented, and included a lot of photos. Results were presented concisely in the report, which made it easy to prioritize issues. Jon’s report was particularly helpful as we were unable to visit the property ourselves. We will use again and highly recommend to others.
- J.S., March 2024
Jon did a commendable job. He contacted me the day I sent a message asking about his services. He was available to provide an inspection in a timely matter and he excellent communication about the process. He was respectful to the home inspected and very thorough at the same time. In the end we were provided with a comprehensive report that was easy to follow and can be used for future repairs and guidance in negotiations as we see fit. I would highly recommend his service if you are looking for a very detailed, up to code- guided inspection completed on your future possible home.
- S.G., February 2024
Jonathan did an excellent job. He was timely and thorough! He provided a great report and explained everything very clearly. The buyer received the full report within hours of the inspection. Jonathan was available and responsive to their questions.
- B.S., November 2023
Jonathon has been very professional, prompt, and responsive. Upon calling to schedule an inspection, I was surprised that he answered the phone and dealt with me personally rather than taking a call back number or placing me on hold like other companies did. He scheduled our inspection for first thing next day. Awesome! I absolutely recommend Jonathon.
- J.H., Rochester MN, October 2023
Jonathan has inspected a couple different properties for me and he has always done a great job and is very good at what he does I would recommend him to anyone looking at getting a home
- A.R., October 2023
Jon was very helpful and informative, Enjoyed working with him very much. Thanks for all your help experience.
- P.P., October 2023
Jonathan was very thorough. We have used him twice and we’re very satisfied with the inspection report , pictures and descriptions of any problems . Thanks again
- T.W., September 2023
Jonathan Kline produced the most thorough inspection and subsequent report that I could have ever hoped for. He left no stone unturned while inspecting the property and took so many photos to show the specific issues that he found. We were so impressed with him, his report, and the turn-around time. Thank you, Jonathan, for your service.
- E.P., September 2023
Jon was very thorough in his inspection and discussion afterwards. He was able to describe to me in detail of all items in need of attention and his recommendation. He was very honest and made our decision about moving forward with the house or not much easier.
- J.M., August 2023
As a retired real estate agent with over 25 years in the real estate industry and attended over 1,000 home inspections, Jonathan Kline was one of the best home inspectors I have had the opportunity to work with!! He was extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Navigator Inspections and Jonathan Kline 100%!
- A.V., July 2023
He did a great job going into thorough detail on everything found that was a safety hazard or needed updating within the house! Highly recommending him to anyone else we know getting an inspection in the future here in the Baxter/ Brainerd area! :)
- B.B., July 2023
Talk about thorough! Jonathan did a fantastic job of inspecting a home before we purchased it. He spent several hours in the home, took many pictures, and wrote a detailed report of the issues. He gave great explanations of what he saw, was patient with our many questions, and had a good sense of humor. What you are buying is peace of mind about a very significant investment. Thank you for your home inspection.
- G.J., June 2023
Jonathan did a great job. He was very thorough with his inspection. The inspection was done on things I would not have looked into. He took the time to explain everything to me and gave me ideas on what to look for in the future. Was definitely worth the money to have him come out for an inspection!
- K.R., March 2023
Jon was very friendly and incredibly thorough in his work. I would absolutely go back to him for future inspections.
- Z.H., February 2023
We needed a thorough review of a property pretty quickly. Jonathan responded the same day and scheduled an inspection with the seller. Jonathan is very knowledgeable and went through the property in detail. The final report was very helpful and easy to understand so we could make a decision quickly. We highly recommend Jonathan!
- S.B., Nisswa MN, February 2023
Very likely to use again myself!
- J.B., December 2022
Jon is a pro. He is good at his job and very accommodating during his inspections. I like to tag along during and ask questions and Jon goes out of his way to educate and assure you where he can and recommend the services of other professionals in areas that are outside of his expertise. He has the heart of a teacher, takes pride in his work and operates with integrity. We have used him for several inspections and will continue to use him in the future. Thanks Jon!
- N.D., December 2022
Very please with the detail and high quality inspections performed by Jon!! Highly recommend.
- C.V., November 2022
Thank you for you yet another great inspection of a property. You do a great job of being thorough and yet not scaring the buyer. Much appreciated!!
- A.P., Baxter MN, September 2022
John, your service was outstanding. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me and my contractor to discuss in detail the 100+ times that need attention. Your expert experience as a former contractor was invaluable for me and my team. Always nice to run into a true professional.
- C.K., August 2022
Very detailed
- J.M., July 2022
Very Thorough, very informative. Far above and beyond what i was expecting. Extremely easy and pleasant to work with.
- T.L., July 2022
Jon did a great job and is worth every penny. He was able to point out numerous important items in my home and did not leave out any details. I would highly recommend him for any home inspection needs.
- N.C., July 2022
I appreciated Jon’s experience and clear/concise statement of the issues he found. He was thorough with the photos and explaining the potential or real risks associated with the findings. I found him to be professional in his demeanor and communications. Price was fair and I would hire Navigator again.
- M.P., July 2022
Jon is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I have really enjoyed working with him.
- T.P., June 2022
As always Jonathan was Professional, Prompt, thorough, and pleasant to work with. I have no reservations about recommending him.
- K.O., April 2022
I’m 100% great full form Jonathan this was the first time I have had to call and have someone do a home inspection for me. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but Mr.Kline is and absolute perfectionist at his craft and one of the most patient business men.I have ever dealt whit on a Professional and personal level did a above and beyond job and didn’t make me or my wife fell like any of are questions were dumb, the price is very fair for how much insight and fine detail Jon puts into his work. Highly recommended
- R.H., April 2022
Very thorough and did a nice job reporting his findings back to us. Would definitely recommend.
- c.d., April 2022
He is very thorough, professional, and pleasant to work with.
- G.M., January 2022
Jon was very thorough; complete with a lot of pictures and/or videos to demonstrate the points he was making. When reviewing his findings at the property that was inspected, it seemed to be important to him to make sure that I could understand each point he was making by using language that made it easy to follow and allowed for any questions after it. I did appreciate that. I felt very well informed about all areas of the home that were inspected and also felt that I was then aware of issues he had found, no matter how minor it may have seemed. He also spoke with me about findings from the inspection that were not things I had even thought about. The report given to me after that were very detailed and concise; again, complete with pictures to help demonstrate. I would highly recommend Jon Kline to anyone!! You will feel that he has inspected all areas of a home and provided you with a complete list detailing his findings.
- L.T., January 2022
Jonathan was very thorough. He was able to explain everything he found and answered all of our questions. His website helped us to easily create a list of fixes to give to the seller. We were even able to email it from the website. I would definitely recommend Jonathan.
- C.P., January 2022
I am very happy with the service I got from Jon. He was professional, prompt, and very thorough. I would say it was the best money I have ever spent. Jon did a great job inspecting a home I had just put an offer on. My offer was contingent on inspection. I had ten days to get the inspection. Called late on a Friday and had the inspection early the following Monday. He was in constant communication with me. Jon wrote a very thorough inspection report that was full of very detailed photos. I could not be happier. Made my decision on the property very easy. Like I said money well spent. Would highly recommend to anyone or use again in the future.
- D.B., October 2021
Jonathan was both extremely knowledgeable and thorough, as well as very personable and relatable. Since we ended up retracting our offer, we are still looking to buy and will definitely be using Jonathan for our next inspection.
- A.H., October 2021
Jon's attention to detail is second to none - nothing gets missed in his inspections. Home inspections are a very important part of the home purchasing process, you want Jon to be your inspector.
- S.P., Baxter MN, October 2021
Very professional, prompt and thorough.
- M.L., September 2021
- A.K., August 2021
Jon, was very thorough, knowledgeable, organized and excellent communicator. His written report with support pictures was invaluable. Highly professional. Will use again and recommend to others. GA August 2021
- J.A., August 2021
If you want an inspection done the right way choose Navigator Home Inspections, Inc. We can't imagine that there is anyone out there that is as thorough as Navigator. He is very detailed and knowledgeable. The final report we received was informative with pictures and idea's on how to replace or repair. We would definitely recommend his service to anyone that wants honest and accurate information about the property that they are trying to purchase.
- P.B., August 2021
Very thorough inspection. Jon was very knowledgeable through this home inspection. He attached diagrams explaining certain situations and gave suggestions that were super helpful for someone who is not savvy in this field of work. Would recommend to all looking to find a home/property. Thank you Jon!
- A.S., July 2021
Was willing to make an appointment over the weekend to do a Monday morning inspection. His inspection report is very thorough and completed right away after the inspection. Would highly recommend using Jonathan!
- P.M., Brainerd MN, July 2021
Jonathan did an excellent job for inspecting a cabin I was purchasing. He was very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. He spent about three hours doing the inspection and uncovered some issues of concern that ultimately led to my decision to cancel the purchase. I have resumed looking for a cabin and will definitely call Jonathan for another inspection when I find one.
- P.P., July 2021
We would definitely use John again if needed and will also recommend him. We love how detailed his inspection was, how well he explained his findings and his final report. He is very professional and efficient!
- E.A., May 2021
Jon is great to work with! He is a very thorough inspector! His reports are so easy to read and follow, with clear and detailed narratives with accompanying pictures for clarity! Super helpful! The home inspection checklist made available through this program made listing my concerns and forwarding them to others so easy!! Very thankful for that feature! Jon is an excellent communicator and promptly responded to me as needed! Definitely highly recommend him if you need to obtain a home inspection!
- K.H., May 2021
Worked with us on a quick timeline. Communicated severity of any issues he noted which was very helpful to understand what needed to be done immediately and what could wait. Thorough report and appreciated being able to review/participate his walk through of the property remotely.
- R.C., April 2021
Jonathan was easy to work with and he provided a very thorough, valuable report.
- R.K., March 2021
We have been absolutely blown away by how impressive and detailed Jon's inspections are. He explains everything so well and goes into great detail on his reports. It left us feeling very reassured and confident moving forward.
- C.C., March 2021
We would refer him to any and all of our friends and family if they ever need a home inspection done. John was honest and easy to work with. John was able to get to us quickly and get the inspection done and the report returned to me all in the same day.
- J.L., February 2021
Jonathan provided us with a home inspection that was thorough and professionally done. We especially appreciated his professionalism when we met with him to review his findings, including the fact that he was very careful to follow CDC safety guidelines for COVID19. A written report was generated within 24 hours of the inspection, which we greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.H., Naples FL, February 2021
Jonathan provided a detailed report in such a timely matter, with excellent communication. The website was easy to navigate and user friendly as well.
- H.B., January 2021
John is a very thorough home inspector. This is my second time using him and will continue to choose navigator with every home purchase as long as he's still doing them. Always very punctual, lots of detailed photos and descriptions. I have zero recommendations to make it any better. 100%
- T.G., December 2020
John did a great job giving me details of all he reviewed. He was very knowledgeable and communicated well the areas of both concern and items found that we in good shape. I would certainly use him again to assist me.
- K.M., December 2020
Jonathan Kline’s expert inspection helped us see just how much work we’d really need to put into a house we were interested in. I trust him to serve us well.
- K.B., December 2020
Very accurate description of problem areas and also recommended repair solutions. Was able to inform HOA of problems found on the outside of the dwelling so they could monitor and repair when scheduled.
- M.K., Brainerd MN, November 2020
Jon was able to squeeze in our home inspection when we had a tight deadline and provided a very detailed report that caught several issues that needed to be addressed by the seller. We appreciated his attention to detail!
- J.K., November 2020
As a retired realtor, Jonathan did the most thorough inspection I have ever seen. Unfortunately, we couldn’t proceed with the purchase because of the extensive corrections that needed to be made. I had visions of the repairs that would have come up in the future due to the nature of the building construction. He saved us from buying a headache. Thank You, money well spent. He will be doing the next inspection as well, when we find another property. Melanie & Bob
- R.D., October 2020
Jonathan is extremely thorough and informative. We went into our new purchase knowing everything we needed to know about the new house, areas of concern, and things to remedy immediately?complete with specific photos and detailed descriptions. Would definitely hire Jonathan again. Money well spent!
- A.K., October 2020
Kline was extremely thorough. He uses the latest technology to complete your home inspection. He provided insight from the smallest of problems, to the most major of issues. The final report was most appreciated, as it is served as a custom home-care guide specific to your home’s needs. Kline’s rates are reasonable for the amount of time he dedicates the the inspection and final report.
- A.K., October 2020
Excellent service! Will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- D.W., October 2020
He was great, incredibly thourough getting into every aspect of property
- K.I., October 2020
You did a great job of balancing the reporting/explaining of any issues with the home, to a first-time home buyer, without scaring them away from home ownership. Thank you for taking the extra time to answer his questions.
- A.P., Baxter MN, September 2020
Exteremely thorough, amazing how the reports are not only detailed but also have pictures to see what is there. Excellent reports,Excellent Inspector.
- D.K., BRAINERD MN, August 2020
Jon is very thorough, which we appreciate in the homes he has inspected for us. He takes the time to walk you through potential concerns at the end of his inspection which is helpful as well. He does a nice job.
- L.S., August 2020
Friendly, informative and helpful!
- J.K., August 2020
Worth every penny. Jon is an amazing inspector that goes through everything with you and recommends what to do to fix every issue encountered. Very thorough inspector.
- J.A., August 2020
Jonathan was very thorough and had suggestions on how to fix some issues and recommendations on who to help with repairs. We would highly recommend Navigator Home Inspections.
- J.R., July 2020
We were very impressed with the thorough job that was done in inspecting the property we were interested in. The information provided was easy to understand and backed up with photos. Based on the inspection we chose not to pursue our purchase so we are extremely grateful since it saved us from future expenses and issues. We will definitely be using Jonathan in the future.
- L.T., Brooklyn Park MN, July 2020
As a Buyer I was present during the inspection. Very organized & thorough. Was willing to take time to answer my questions during the inspection. The Inspection report was provided the next morning, allowing time for the Buyer to make a decision how to proceed. The Report is very detailed, with many photos taken during the inspection to show the various issues. The Report also very descriptive & had back round info related to the issues mentioned. Inspection saved us from making a possible very costly mistake. I will absolutely recommend Jonathan Kline for an inspection.
- J.S., July 2020
Jonathan did a great job with our inspection, he was quick and extremely thorough and very detailed in his comments and write up for the final results. Extremely helpful. Thank you Jonathan.
- D.S., July 2020
Jon was fantastic. On time. Thorough. Clear in his writing and overall review of the inspection. Took the time to review the report page by page and answered all my questions. Also took me to a few areas of the home to specifically point things out. Additionally, his report was very well written and he provided me with names of firms to help me fix a few things on the punch list. Very pleased with Navigator and Jon. Thanks. Scott Olson
- S.O., June 2020
Jon is very professional and knowledgeable about conducting house inspections. He was punctual and supported me following him around and asking questions. He made recommendations on what to do with items that were found. He would even take a second look at something if I thought it may be an issue. Jon did not gloss over any areas, he examined everything and had the right tools on hand to do so. The report was completed within the same day and was extremely thorough. In the end, we were able to make an educated decision as to whether we should continue with the purchase or not. Jon was a real asset and I recommend any buyer to utilize him.
- J.M., June 2020
Very thorough. Very detailed. Love the web based app... one of the most helpful inspections we have ever had.
- S.G., June 2020
Jonathan was the consummate professional. His attention to detail is second-to-none......he clearly knows his trade! He was available to speak with us in detail and had a very friendly manner. I highly recommend him with no reservations whatsoever!
- G.G., June 2020
Although we did not meet in person due to the COVID stay at home order and precautions, Jonathan was very fast and thorough. The inspection was scheduled immediately and the report was produced within 24 hours of the inspection. The 55 page document gave us a great deal of information to work with on knowing what we were getting into with a property that we knew would need some work. Immediately after sending us the report, Jonathan got on the phone with us and went over every detail. I would highly recommend him as an inspector. Thanks, Jonathan!
- M.F., CARVER MN, May 2020
- J.J., May 2020
Jonathan was very thorough and very helpful answering all my questions and was very prompt with his inspection and results.i would highly recommend him
- F.D., April 2020
Very thorough. We really appreciate his report with pictures and detailed comments.
- J.R., April 2020
Extremely thorough and friendly. Took photographic evidence of any minor/major detail noticed during inspection and explained them in an easy to understand way. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- J.K., March 2020
We will definitely be recommending Jon for any inquiries about home inspections. He was very thorough and detail-oriented.
- A.B., March 2020
Inspection was quick and VERY thorough. Jonathan identified several areas of concern that were not identified previously. This permitted me, as the potential buyer, so go into this deal with my eyes wide open. I will use Jonathan on all my home inspections in the Brainerd lakes area.
- K.O., March 2020
Jon is extremely thorough. I had seen a previous inspection Jon had done for my Granddaughter. I had full confidence in his work. He found many things that I had missed. I would fully recommend Jon to anyone wanting an inspection. Worth every penny.
- J.O., March 2020
John was very thorough and professional. He explained things well and was open to questions we had.
- P.S., March 2020
Jonathan was professional and knowledgable. His report was thorough and comprehensive. It was a pleasure working with him.
- O.G., March 2020
Jon Kline is the best inspector we have ever encountered. Jon's report is amazingly thorough with photos clearly showing what he found along with reference material explaining the issue. My wife and I have purchased many homes over the years and because the home was fairly new, we felt that with our experience we probably did not need an inspection on this home. We are so glad we had the inspection. There were literally dozens of significant issues Jon found that we had completely missed. The modest inspection fee more than paid for itself many times over. We highly recommend Jon Kline.
- E.L., Brainerd MN, March 2020
Jon is very thorough in his inspections! Reading through his final reports, with the detailed descriptions and abundance of pictures, it feels like you are literally walking in the inspector's shoes! Cannot recommend him highly enough!!!! If you're buying a new home, he's your guy!!!
- Z.K., Brainerd MN, March 2020
Great to work with! Jon was extremely thorough in his inspection and made everything simple for us to understand in regards to his findings. Very funny, too!
- J.B., February 2020
Jonathan is very thorough, and does a great job of explaining the inspection results to clients. I gladly recommend Jonathan to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- A.H., December 2019
Very good! Jon was very simple, to the point about any issues or concerns. Told us in details how to fix, or maintain any problem areas. Will reccomend!
- A.W., October 2019
Jonathan was very thorough in his inspection. His report and explanation of things in the report was very thorough and well put together! Excellent job!
- S.H., October 2019
I am impressed with how well you inspected and reported on every area of the house. The report is very easy to read and understand. The pictures attached to each item clearly showed what the issue is, as well as where it is. Each issue has a notation to make it clear as to whether it is a safety issue, an informational point, or anything in between. Your website is easy to access and download my reports. Thank you again for your help in my homebuying process.
- H.H., September 2019
Very thorough. Friendly and professional. A real expert.
- E.L., Minneapolis MN, September 2019
Very thorough. Did a great job explaining inspection and how he went through photos/videos. Would definitely recommend!
- B.C., August 2019
The inspection was very thorough and detail oriented. The added pictures and videos that were included in the inspection report were also very helpful in making our decision. You saved us from buying a money pit. Best money I have spent in this process by far!!
- T.U., August 2019