It was a pleasure to work with you Jon, thanks.
- S.P., December 2018
It was a pleasure to work with you Jon, thanks.
- S.P., December 2018
You do a great job of showing the buyers any issues/problems with the house, without scaring them. Thank you for another successful inspection!
- A.P., November 2018
This is first time home Inspection by any one and spent the needed time make the info straight and right with me.
- T.S., October 2018
Thank you for all the details. You did a thorough job. :0)
- E.W., October 2018
Very thorough and prompt! Thank you so much for working with us! We will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection!
- J.L., October 2018
Very thorough on the inspection and found many things that I believe others would have overlooked. He walked through the report step by step and answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend!
- D.B., September 2018
Mr. Kline was very clear, precise and helpful. I recommend Jonathan Kline to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- T.G., September 2018
Very thorough. Showed and presented all the issues with the home whether they were small, medium, or large problems. Gave recommendations on how to fix or prevent further damage. Would highly recommend!
- J.S., August 2018
Jon is very professional and thorough. My wife and I were very impressed with the inspection as well as the inspection report. Best money I have spent in a long time!
- T.P., August 2018
Thanks for everything. You always do a great job.
- D.N., August 2018
Thanks for everything. You always do a great job.
- D.N., August 2018
Great attention to detail. Took time to review findings and discuss any questions/concerns regarding the issues found at the property.
- M.K., July 2018
Very thorough. Found a couple issues a previous inspector missed which will save us $$. Didn't just inspect the unit either. Looked at the whole structure.
- J.M., July 2018
Jonathan was a pleasure to work with. He is professional, thorough, polite, and communicative. We especially appreciate his extreme attention to detail. We couldn't be happier with our experience, and highly recommend him!
- B.K., July 2018
Jon is very the very best at his job. Would totally recommend his service to anyone wanting to buy a future home.
- A.M., Crystal MN, July 2018
Jon did an excellent job at inspecting the property we were purchasing. He is very thorough and provided a very detailed report with pictures that shows his findings which helped in working with the seller. He explained each area of safety concerns and reviewed the recommendations. Jon is A+ in my book.
- J.H., June 2018
Very thorough and informative.
- D.C., June 2018
We appreciated the great attention to details!
- C.K., Baxter MN, June 2018
I was hesitant about picking an inspector for our very first house since we?re unfamiliar with the names in the business, but Jon Kline will be recommended by us for a long time to come. He was very professional and thorough, photographed and explained everything that caught his attention, and was able to put any worries we had to rest by bringing us up to date on the condition of our future home.
- W.H., May 2018
Very easy to work with. This guy knows his stuff and is very professional. If you want to know what issues a house might have call Jonathan Kline. He got out to the place quickly and spent as long as it took to get the job done right. I had the report with pictures by the end of the same day.
- S.M., May 2018
Very thorough, professional and personable! Explained entire inspection in 'layman' terms. We really appreciated his keen eye for detail!
- J.I., May 2018
Thank you for a very precise and thorugh inspection. It will make repairs easier to check off of my to do list as we both know is on any used home. We would recommend you again. Again, thank you. Frank & Vivian Hood.
- F.H., May 2018
Absolutely thorough, knows his job. Friendly, professional, would recommend and use Jon again.
- M.M., May 2018
Super thorough and really prompt. Thank you.
- A.B., April 2018
Very thorough and informative.
- J.C., April 2018
Jonathan, Great job. Thanks a lot for the very thorough inspection. Very professional.
- M.F., April 2018
This was the second time we used Jon and Navigator Home Inspections, Inc. for a house inspection. The first one was on a home we made and offer on and the inspection found flaws that made us cancel the offer. We made an offer on another house and that inspection on that house was as thorough. It pointed out items that needed attention and we were willing to be responsible for taking care of them. My wife and I are completely satisfied with Navigator Home Inspections and highly recommend it. Bill & Marlowe Fortune
- B.F., April 2018
Timely, efficient, friendly, trustworthy! Highly recommended!
- C.J., April 2018
We are very pleased with how thorough the home inspection and report was. We were also happy with the quick turnaround of the report.
- J.E., April 2018
Jon was extremely thorough and the prepared a very detailed report for our home purchase. Would highly recommend him if you are looking to purchase a home.
- T.G., April 2018
Thank you again for your thoroughness, timeliness and attention to detail.
- A.S., April 2018
I attended the inspection and was very impressed as to how thorough and detailed john Kline was. He found problems and safety factors I would never thought of looking for. In our opinion “The Inspection Report" saved us from spending many thousands of dollars that would have needed to be spent had we completed the sale. The inspection was well worth the investment. Bill and Marlowe Fortune
- B.F., April 2018
Very thorough and knowledgeable, very nice to work with.
- M.S., April 2018
Extremely thorough- available, and knows his stuff. Will be recommending and using his services in the future!
- G.W., April 2018
Easiest Survey Ever; Quick, Thorough, and Professional! Thanks Jon!
- T.S., April 2018
We were very happy with Jonathan's work and the time he took to walk us through the inspection results. We would recommend him to others. Thank you.
- J.B., April 2018
Great work, Jon. You were extremely thorough and professional!
- N.B., March 2018
Really nice job. Clear, concise, on time and professional. Will definitely use again...
- K.F., Baxter MN, March 2018
The inspection went smoothly and was very informative not just with the problems that need to be fixed, but also Jon explained things that should be watched to maintain to keep the home safe from future problems. Thanks for taking the time to explain all the issues.
- J.H., Foley MN, March 2018
Thank you so much for helping my wife and I assess our new home, we are grateful and will recommend you to all we are able.
- C.G., February 2018
Thank you for your detailed report. Awesome to work with you. Quick and easy to schedule inspection, report received very timely after the inspection. Very good at explaining concerns and positives about the house. Very detailed. Pictures to back up every detail. Well prepared for reviewing with us right away. Thank you so much.
- M.M., November 2017
Thanks for your prompt replies to my initial inquiries, your thorough and helpful inspection report, and your availability to answer questions on the back end.
- B.C., October 2017
Thanks for your work on this Jon! I think you saved us from buying a home that needed more work than we were willing to deal with. Jim
- J.S., October 2017
Two words come to mind, thorough and professional!
- S.S., October 2017
Very thorough inspector. Looked and took pictures of everything notable. Great to work with and bailed me out in a jam.
- E.H., Nisswa MN, October 2017
- T.M., September 2017
My last home inspection I would consider a bad experience. I did some research myself to find you and made the choice off your website. From that point forward I was very impressed with you availability and response time. I appreciated your guidance through the inspection and believed your inspection was detailed and complete. The special tools (infrared and microwave bar) helped show the detail and documented your finding. The most beneficial thing for me will be your detailed report with picture. I love that it is in my e-mail and can be accessed in the future to continue working on the little suggestions you gave that would typically be forgotten. Thanks for your time and professionalism. I also appreciated your response after you left the property and your job was completed. It is nice to know you are accessible even as you move onto other tasks. Thanks Eric and Jackie Sullivan
- E.S., September 2017
Thanks for doing a great job Jon! Our clients decided to not move forward based on your findings. They appreciated the in-depth look and extra time you gave the house. The report and pictures were helpful and informative, not too confusing. We would recommend you to others.
- L.S., September 2017
We had a purchase agreement in place but hadn't ever been in the lake property prior to Jonathan doing his inspection. Jonathan was extremely thorough and very willing to walk us through certain aspects of the report more thoroughly over the phone. I would highly recommend Jonathan for all your inspection needs.
- T.M., September 2017
Thanks for the thorough job. I will be working down the list to make sure all of the repairs and maintenance are done to correct any deficiencies.
- G.S., August 2017
Due to time constraints Jon was able to work with me schedule and ensure I had sufficient time to be informed on items he found. He did a great job of explaining some of the remedies or maintenance items I should be aware of in relation to his final report.
- A.H., August 2017
The inspection was very detailed. Jonathan was very professional and knowledgeable.
- C.G., August 2017
Very comprehensive and took time to explain things
- D.J., August 2017
A very thorough, straightforward inspection at a reasonable price. It completely puts a buyers mind at ease as to the property they are purchasing. Thank-you Jonathan
- W.S., August 2017
Very thorough, personable.knowledgeable and impressive. Pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend.
- B.O., Brainerd MN, August 2017
Thank You! You were very thorough. Tho we really wanted the house. We decide not to go with it. We will hire you again if we find something. Money well spent. Thank you
- N.H., July 2017
Jonathan was very thorough. He took many pictures that showed us any concerns that he found. Jonathan took the time to explain and show us all concerns with our house so we knew what was going to be repaired before we purchased the home.
- D.R., July 2017
Jon was great! He got us on the schedule and got the inspection done right away, which we very much appreciated! He also was very thorough and we really like the in depth report with pictures. It will help us a lot. Thank you very much Jon!
- T.P., June 2017
Jon was very thorough and gave us a detailed report that we can refer back to which is invaluable. I would definitely recommend Jon to anyone. Thanks, Matt & Sally
- M.W., June 2017
Jon was thorough and explained everything perfect to both my wife and I. I would highly recommend his service to anyone looking at purchasing a home. Thanks for going above and beyond!!!
- J.A., June 2017
Thank you for the last minute home inspection! It was a pleasure working with you! I would highly recommend!!
- A.B., June 2017
He does a very thorough job and is professional.
- J.A., June 2017
Extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Jonathan was very kind, easy to talk to and described things in layman terms that I can understand. I will definitely recommend him to people.
- C.B., June 2017
he gave a very detailed report along w/ pictures. very nice guy as well
- A., May 2017
Very professional and thorough! The report was comprehensive and easy to follow. Would highly recommend to others, great work!
- T.G., May 2017
Thanks for your professionalism Jonathan!
- K.L., May 2017
Jon is a true professional in all aspects of his work. He utilizes all the latest technology in his inspections. His reports are professional and detailed a great tool for both the buyer and sellers.
- K.L., April 2017
Jon was professional and extremely thorough, neat, and organized. The report I received was comprehensive and all -inclusive.
- N.C., April 2017
Again did a very good and thorough job. Will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good inspector. Thanks John.
- S.B., April 2017
Personable and detail-oriented. Very easy to work with.
- P.K., April 2017
Jon was extreamly detailed, professional and timely in his inspection for us. I wouldn't hesitate to us Jon for our next home purchase.
- P.M., April 2017
I was very happy with the thoroughness of your inspection. Very professional and personable. Thank You.
- S.B., April 2017
Great attention to detail and very informative.
- S.M., March 2017
Jonathan was very thorough, excellent explanations and easy to understand notations. Impressive organization. I am very pleased.
- A.B., March 2017
My clients have been very pleased with their Home Inspections services with Jonathan.
- K.L., March 2017
Fast and regular communication from start to finish. Very thorough, great disposition, and explained the report very clearly. Arrived on time and was finished at the time specified. Access to the online report is incredibly helpful. We're very happy with the results and would recommend Jonathan to anyone.
- D.R., March 2017
We recently contacted Jonathan Kline to perform a Home Pre-Purchase inspection. He promptly returned our call, was very personable, and showed up promptly and on time. The inspection was very thorough. He didnt make me feel like he missed anything or rushed through the inspection. When he was finished he took the time to review the inspection report and explain any questions I had. He took very good pictures with notes to explain them. I definitely would use him again.
- S.V., February 2017
Thank you for being so speedy and doing such a thorough job of the inspection on the heritage Road house. Thank you
- D.S., February 2017
Using Navigator Home Inspection was the best decision we made when buying a house. Jon does a fantastic, thorough job and the best part is how easy and comprehensive the report summary is to use and refer too. We had a great time reviewing the report in person with Jon which he does with patience and expertise. We really can't say enough good things! He also gave us tips and recommendations on who to contact concerning some of the points in the report, which all also turned into good experiences as well. Getting a home inspection is essential and we certainly recommend Jon Kline with enthusiasm. - Holly and Steven
- S.M., February 2017
seems to be very organized, very reachable, very prompt, and thorough,keeps you informed unlike 90% of other contractors. great job. thanks.
- J.K., January 2017
Jon does an excellent job both in identifying issues for my clients as well as explaining the significance of the concerns. He represents the buyers well but is at the same time not an alarmist. Just very black and white with a real background in the construction industry.
- T.G., Nisswa MN, January 2017
Jon was extremely thorough and has a sharp eye for detail. He is also very knowledgeable about home repair and whether or not something may or may not be a big deal. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
- T.M., January 2017
John is very professional and knowledgeable. He did a great job sitting down with my wife and I to explain the findings from his report. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- R.S., January 2017
I really appreciated that he was very thorough and went through things with me so I would understand even to the length of what I would need to do in the future to keep things working and in good condition.
- L.S., December 2016
Jon did a great job sharing his expertise in detail above beyond the standard inspection checklist!
- J.D., December 2016
Jon, was very thorough and his reports are very detailed and well laid out. He does a great job of telling what is normal aging vs what are real issues and how to fix them. Honestly the best inspector compared to my previous experiences. Would definitely hire again!
- D.E., November 2016
Jon was a pleasure to work with on our new home inspection. He was responsive, thorough and provided a very detailed report. I would definitely recommend hiring him if you need an inspection. Thanks!
- B.B., September 2016
Jonathan did a very though job & was well versed in his knowledge. Explained to us areas he located that were concerns and the degree of issue. Well organized-we had our printed report by the end of the inspection. He communicated with us when our radon report was submitted for testing & when the results were back. We would highly recommend Jonathan Kline for your home inspection needs.
- K.B., August 2016
Jonathan Kline was very efficient, thorough and timely in completing the inspection. He then took the time to walk me through his report. Highly recommend.
- S.R., August 2016
Jonathan Kline Did a very thorough inspection on the property we are interested in purchasing.
- G.B., August 2016
Jon did an excellent job inspecting a property we were considering for purchase. After receiving my call, Jon committed an appointment the next day to do my property review. He arrived on time, did a very thorough inspection and provided a extremely detailed report of his findings. Jon is very professional, he digs into the details, communicates very well, and provides a comprehensive report. His pleasant demeanor makes for a great working relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend Jon to anyone contemplating the purchase of a home. Jon gets five stars for a job well done!
- R.T., July 2016
Jonathan you are extremely thorough from roofing to foundation, from what some might not report on, you were professional and informative down to the minor repair items. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, recommendations and walking us through the unknown. D & E Johnson
- D.J., July 2016
Very thorough inspection. Took the time to review and help understand the detailed, easy to read report. Thanks!!
- J.S., June 2016
Jon did a wonderful job. He went through the property with a fine tooth comb and identified the potential safety issue, potential code issues and potential large money output issues with the property we are looking at purchasing. I am very pleased with the results of his inspection and would definitely ask for him again if need and recommend him to anyone!
- C.S., May 2016
Thank you Jon for your quality, thorough inspection. As a consumer, we rely on your expertise, experience and opinion to help us make the best decision possible when purchasing property. You noted many items we would have not seen and were in need of repair.
- C.E., May 2016
John did a great job going over the details with us during the inspection. The report is very easy to read and detailed. Money well spent. I allow my comments to be published without the use of my last name. Thanks Sean
- S.L., May 2016
Jon was very detailed. We received pictures and descriptions on each area of the cabin. He provided specific details both for bigger issues and the little things he saw. We were very satisfied with the inspection. Thanks
- E.S., May 2016
Jon was very detailed. We received pictures and descriptions on each area of the cabin. He provided specific details both for bigger issues and the little things he saw. We were very satisfied with the inspection. Thanks
- E.S., May 2016
Jon is incredibly thorough and professional with his home inspections. He provides detailed explanations of his findings and provides reports that are easy to comprehend. Jon is prompt to respond to any follow-up questions and will provide additional reference materials to help understand your questions. I highly recommend Jon and Navigator Inspections!!
- M.M., May 2016