Dave is a great guy to work with. He is very thorough in his inspection paying close attention to every detail. He's very smart and educates us on what he sees needing improvement. I highly recommend working with him.
- K.K., August 2022
Dave was very thorough, professional and polite throughout the inspection process. He answered numerous questions and even offered suggestions on what to buy or who to contact to fix specific problem areas with the house. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection and will definitely utilize his services in the future!
- K.B., August 2022
Highly recommend. Patient, thorough, professional. Best in the business.
- M.R., April 2022
Dave was very thorough, explained the report well and was professional. I certainly will recommend him
- E.B., November 2021
Punctual. Attention to detail. Great suggestions. No complaints!
- J.S., August 2020
Dave has done more than 50 inspections for my buyers over the years. He is the best inspector I've used. Highly recommended.
- R.J., Ann Arbor MI, April 2020
Dave did a very detailed inspection. I was very pleased with the level of detail the report contained.
- C.C., January 2020
Could not have asked for a better evaluation for a house inspection. There is so much information given to you that you just didn't know helping you to make a better decision.
- T.H., November 2019
My realtor recommended Dave and I couldn't have been more pleased! We had a tight time frame to get the inspection completed and he responded right away and fit us into his schedule within 2 days. He was very thorough, answered all my questions and his detailed report, with pictures, was amazing. I now know every little thing that either needs to be done or that I should consider doing at some point. I highly recommend Dave Belisario!
- M.D., August 2019
Dave did a great job explaining to me exactly the condition of the home I wanted to purchase. Highly recommend.
- C.T., April 2019
Very helpful in his findings and also more than willing to give advise and future advise to different areas of the home. Highly recommend, he knows what hes talking about.
- P.V., January 2019
Dave was everything we wanted in a home inspector...professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and reasonably priced. He did a fine job for us and we recommend him HIGHLY.
- R.P., Hartland MI, June 2018
Dave was thorough and informative. He was also patient with our many questions! We are very happy to have hired Dave!
- M.C., April 2018
Dave was very helpful, knowledgeable and informative throughout the whole process in inspecting the house. i would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an inspector.
- C.W., March 2018
Very thorough as we walked around the home, explaining in detail key issues and action plans needing immediate attention, and issues not requiring immediate attention. One of the better/best home inspectors I've had through the many homes purchased. Highly recommend!!! Mike
- M.M., March 2018
Dave is very detailed, thorough, and primary focus is to completely evaluate the property even considering poor weather conditions and extra time required in our case. I was very very pleased in his expertise and detailed analysis.
- J.D., February 2018
Dave was very thorough and extremely professional. He did an excellent job with great attention to detail. He educated us on many systems of the home and how they function including the unfamiliar septic system.
- P.P., November 2017
Dave was thorough was the inspection and took his time to check everything.
- R.B., November 2017
Dave, don't change a thing. You are very thorough.
- M.B., October 2017
Dave has been very thorough with his knowledge and educates you in order to assess better. By the end of the survey he left with an impression of putting the extra bit which we call the personal touch. His explanation and the personal care about little things gives you the confidence which a first time buyer like me needs.
- A.K., September 2017
Dave was very thorough and professional. We were very pleased with his service. Very impressive!
- J.R., September 2017
Dave was very thorough and explained a lot about both the good and bad things he found during the inspection. He was very professional and the recommendations he made used general terms for who should be consulted for additional testing or repairs, such as qualified electricians and plumbers, never plugging any specific companies or individuals. I would definitely use him again and would recommend him highly.
- J.R., August 2017
Dave did a great job inspecting our condo. He was very thorough & detail orientated. The report he provided was very helpful to use as a guide in making the necessary repairs. Also, we can use the photos provided in the report when we submit the work order to the condo board.
- S.M., July 2017
One of the best home inspectors you could ever find. 5 hours of thorough inspection, not many inspectors will take that much time to check each and every detail of the house. Dave is a professional inspector who takes his job seriously, I am lucky to have him as my home inspector. Thank you Dave.
- I.J., June 2017
Dave - Phil and I thank you for your professionalism and knowledge and, wisdom, upon inspection of our home-to-be. We know that the time and care you spent with us during inspection and your reports was of excellence. We highly recommend your home inspection services! Lynda and Phil Mullally
- P.M., June 2017
Very thorough. Thank you
- J.H., May 2017
Dave was very informative, very professional. Explained everything in detail.
- W.M., April 2017
Inspector Dave Belisario very knowledgeable and experienced in home inspections.Highly recommended absolutely a 10
- D.L., March 2017
Dave did an outstanding job with our inspection! He was extremely thorough and took the time necessary to closely assess all aspects of the property. He patiently answered all our questions and helped us understand our options for needed repairs, including what was most important and what were simply considerations for the future. His report was excellent and he turned it around within 24 hours as promised. I would definitely use Dave again and would highly recommend his services. Thanks Dave!
- K.D., February 2017
Dave did an amazing job! He was very thorough and did a great walk through. Explained everything to me and my husband because we had no clue. Dave was very polite and professional! I highly recommend using him for any future house inspections! I know I will. Thank you very much Dave Belisario!!
- A.S., November 2016
Dave did an amazing job! He was very thorough and did a great walk through. Explained everything to me and my husband because we had no clue. Dave was very polite and professional! I highly recommend using him for any future house inspections! I know I will. Thank you very much Dave Belisario!!
- A.S., November 2016
No doubt; David was able to keep me from making a couple of the worst investments I've ever made. As I watched him; he was never in a rush and caught the smallest of flaws in both houses he inspected for me. Thanks again, Dave. Russell Pryor
- R.P., October 2016
Scheduling the inspection appointment online was effortless and truly a major selling point for me. Dave was thorough, informative and pleasant.
- K.L., Hartland, October 2016
I appreciate how careful and thorough Dave was in completing his inspection. He took the time to explain his findings and recommendations for items needing attention. I rarely give full ratings when filling out surveys. In my mind, Dave was just that good. The report is easy to read and clearly spells out what we need to address immediately and what items should be addressed, lest they lead to bigger problems down the road.
- J.F., September 2016
Dave did another fantastic job!
- K.S., Novi MI, September 2016
Dave did a great job and was really thorough. Sadly we ended up retracting our offer after the inspection but will use Dave again on the next one. Thanks again for everything!
- K.S., Novi MI, August 2016
Dave Belisario was extremely thorough during our home inspection. He took the time to explain everything he was doing and finding as well as answering our questions. I was very pleased with the inspection and will be recommending Valuespec in the future.
- T.C., June 2016
Dave, Thanks for taking the time to explain in detail the key findings during the inspection. The walk around was very helpful. I appreciated your professionalism and how well organized you were. I thought the inspection was thorough and I especially appreciated the helpful tips you provided along the way for future maintenance and repairs. The report is a very good summary of the inspection day and the key findings checklist is a useful tool to refer back to once we move into the new place and want to start fixing things up. Thanks again for your time and your experience.
- D.R., Westland MI, June 2016
Dave was recommended to me because of his thorough inspection record and I can certain say that is true. Dave explains things in details and provides honest feedback. Dave takes the time out and go into details on each of the findings. Dave gets an "A" plus more.
- C.B., May 2016
Very thorough, explained things as we went, available to ask questions after the inspection.
- D.G., May 2016
Dave, I would like to thank you for such a in depth inspection. My last inspection I had on our current house took less than 40min. Your reports are clear and understandable. Thank you again Jeff kostusyk
- J.K., May 2016
I appreciate your attention to the small items as well as the big items of concern and that you take the time and not hurry through the inspection. Your findings and or there the lack of issues made the final decision to proceed with the purchase much easier. Thank you. Ruth Haddock
- R.H., May 2016
He was great and so thorough and so patient!
- J.A., May 2016
Pleasure to work with you Dave. Very thorough with great knowledge in all areas. Detail oriented even on the small items. I would definitely recommend your company..
- M.S., May 2016
Dave is a wonderful inspector. He took the time to walk us through every detail and was extremely thorough.
- N.L., April 2016
Dave, Thank you so much for doing this for me. All went well at our meeting Tuesday. And a suggestion? My only suggestion is next time we do this in the summer!!! Thank you again April Lorente
- A.L., March 2016
Very thorough inspection. Goes above and beyond. Spent triple the amount of time compared to other inspectors in my experience.
- S.H., January 2016
Dave You have taken the most minute details during inspection and helped us dealing with the house rates. We would recommend your services to anyone
- P.J., October 2015
Thank you again for returning my call quickly and making the whole process very easy.
- D.W., South Lyon MI, October 2015
Dave was fantastic. He had a very open dialogue with me while he was completing the inspection. He was willing to show me anything he came across and take the time to explain things.
- K.S., September 2015
Thanks Dave! Job well done! We will be sure to pass your name around as our friends and family need inspections!
- R.B., May 2015
He is very good. He explained a lot and caught even minor things. Highly recommended to first time buyer like me or any one.
- S.C., May 2015
Very thorough and professional. Absolute pleasure to work with Dave.
- K.A., April 2015
Dave, Thank you so much for your help with all 3 houses. 3rd times a charm when it comes to you inspecting the homes I was interested in. Thanks again Dave
- S.L., April 2015
Dave did a great job of explaining any issue that he found. He took the time to fully inspect each room and the findings in each.
- B.S., March 2015

- C.C., July 2014
Great job. Very thorough. Thank you.
- R.M., Troy MI, May 2014
Very detailed with the inspection. All of my questions were answered with great detail. I recommend using Dave for future inspections.
- J.W., March 2014
Dave Belisario is very thorough and extremely detailed. He took his time looking around the outside several different times and went back to explain everything to us. He allowed us to follow him around and ask questions. He explained everything and what needed to be done. He is very reasonable but yet the money is so worth the price. We ended up walking away because of everything we found out. Dave is a professional inspector that I highly recommend!
- J.W., March 2014
DAve did a fantastic and very thorough job. He took the extra time to explain and teach me about my new house. Laid back guy and very professional! A +++
- T.W., February 2014
Thanks Dave
- C.d., October 2013
the best.
- D.R., Brighton MI, September 2013
I would really like to thank you for your professional expertise and taking the time to answer in detail our very numerous questions. I would absolutely recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you!
- T.K., June 2013
Good job and very professional inspection. Good complete report
- D.P., June 2013
Thank you for your time and your professionalism, and taking time to answer my questions and concerns. I would be happy to call on your services again in the future and refer you to someone needing a Home Inspector. Thank you, Ruth Haddock
- R.H., June 2013
Dave did a fabulous job inspecting our house. He was thorough and took the time to kindly answer our questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will pass his name along in the future. Thanks Dave, we appreciate such great work!
- A.P., May 2013
Dave was fantastically thorough and explained everything as needed. At no time did I feel like I couldn't ask a question or that I couldn't understand what was happening. Great service!
- M.M., February 2013
Mr. Belisario arrived prior to the agreed upon meeting time. As punctuality is important to us, this was a plus. His inspection technique was very thorough and in-depth. Mr. Belisario was very attentive to our questions and answered them all in detail. The inspection report was head and shoulders above what we had experienced in the past. Mr. Belisario was a delight to work with, and we very strongly recommend him to any party that finds themselves in need of a home inspection.
- M.O., February 2013
Good!! We didn't get to check the roof as it was covered with snow.
- V.S., February 2013
Thanks Dave, nice job on the inspection. We will recommend you to others.
- M.H., October 2012
Thank you for your dedication to our difficult inspection! You were flexible despite the many obstacles we ran into. You were great to work with and a true professional. I would highly recommend you to friends and family.
- D.B., July 2012
Dave is very good! Highly recommend!--Jessie Huang
- J.H., July 2012