Larry I just wanted to thank you for the prompt turnaround time on our inspection report. The inspection and report were very thorough. I felt like you took the time needed to give us the knowledge to make an informed purchase decision. Photos were very helpful to explain to seller the needed repair items. Thanks again.
- D.H., June 2019
Very quick turnaround. Larry not only found the items that needed fixing, he also pointed out things of interest (elect, gas, water shutoffs, etc.) with photos and text
- S.B., June 2019
I have used Larry twice. I would highly recommend him for inspections. Too many inspectors make items "dooms-day" events. Larry is good to separate serious issues from cosmetic ones.
- D.M., Hurricane UT, May 2019
Larry was absolutely amazing. He took the time to talk to us and explain everything he was doing. The inspection was very thorough and the report was very straight-forward and easy to understand. I will definitely recommend Larry to friends and family in the future. Very glad we went with him for our inspection!
- T.F., April 2019
Larry - thanks very much for the thorough job! Enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the quality of your work!
- G.M., St George UT, March 2019
Larry is the bomb. Super efficient, incredibly thorough.
- J.L., St George UT, January 2019
Larry is so detailed, competent in so many technologies, and thorough in his inspection. He takes the time necessary, communicates completely and the report is full of pictures, descriptions, predictions, and recommendations. I have had him do two homes and would use him again and again. Thank you!
- C.F., Ivins UT, December 2018
I LOVE THE VIDEO!!! Your reports are THE best and the most agent friendly. You defiantly provide top notch service and technology in the field!
- B.W., August 2018
Larry did a thorough job and responded quickly to calls, questions, email, and all else.
- R.H., Hurricane UT, July 2018
Larry was fantastic! We hired him to inspect a home we wanted to purchase. We were on a time crunch and he was able to fit us into his busy schedule. I was really impressed by how thorough he was at inspecting. I felt like we were aware of every detail of the home and could feel comfortable buying it without any surprises. The inspection report was detailed, organized, and easy to understand. It included pictures for greater detail. The best part about hiring Larry was how personable he is. I never felt dumb for asking questions. He was professional but approachable. I would highly recommend him for inspections.
- R.W., July 2018
I was very impressed with the level of the inspection. You found things that I had missed. Glad that I contacted you.
- K.G., August 2017
Larry was very knowledgeable and the inspect went seamless. The report was detailed and professional. Thanks so much Larry!
- N.L., St. George UT, May 2017
Extraordinarily detailed report delivered on time. Would be a bargain at 3X the price.
- D.W., May 2017
Thanks for being so thorough! Well done. Highly recommended.
- M.J., St. George UT, April 2017
Larry provided a thorough report of the condition of this "As-Is" home. He inspected every area, both inside and out, capturing the most important issues that need attention. An objective assessment was very helpful in determining the true value, and the investment needed to restore it.
- S.F., St. George UT, December 2016
Very thorough inspection and explanations. Thank you!
- W.T., Washington UT, June 2015
Thorough, professional and goes the extra mile for my buyers- thank you Larry!!
- N.M., June 2015
I appreciated Larry's professionalism and thoroughness.
- H., St. George UT, December 2014
Excellent service. Very knowledgeable and thorough. I would highly recommend Larry Morrison to anyone needing a home inspection.
- K.B., LEEDS UT, November 2014
Very thorough and very timely. Reasonably priced. Great report with description and phots.
- R.O., Washington UT, September 2014
Thanks Larry for being so professional and supportive.
- G.J., St. George UT, April 2014
Great Report thurough inspection Thank you
- L.M., October 2012
Thanks for a good job.
- R.T., Hurricane UT, August 2012
Thanks for the great inspection. After you found that there was no insulation behind the bathtubs, I was able to negociate a couple thousand off of my purchase price.
- L.M., St. George UT, November 2011