Steve I was very pleased with your report I have been using to ensure all items have been addressed.
- K.K., November 2023
Steven was extremely thorough, and answered all of our questions. He explained his findings to us during the entire process, which was very helpful.
- M.M., November 2023
As usual, Steven did another great job. If you are purchasing a property I will highly recommend Steven for your inspection.
- M.P., Plantation FL, May 2023
Outstanding job every time!!! Thank you, Steven! Keep up the good work!
- M.P., Plantation FL, April 2023
He was an amazing communicator and he’s very detailed
- J.P., Randolph MA, June 2022
Steve was very thorough and efficient. We were very pleased with his attention to detail and professionalism. Thank you!
- A.C., November 2021
Very complete inspection. Steve is great to work with.
- J.S., Pompano Beach FL, October 2021
Another perfect job !!!
- M.T., August 2021
Steven was thorough and very helpful.
- J.W., July 2021
Excellent, professional, and thorough!
- J.G., July 2020
We had very pleasant and positive experience working with Steve. He was very diligent and competent. He answered all of our questions and concerns, we will definitely refer him to friends and families.
- M.R., February 2020
Great Inspection ! Highly recommend Steve and his company.
- B.S., Boynton Beach FL, February 2020
Steve does one of the best inspection and I have used him for years he really knows what to look for.
- D.M., February 2020

Very maticulous and he explained everything.


- L.S., March 2019
Steve is the best. This is the second house he inspects for me and he is a true professional. I am very satisfied !! Great job Steve !!
- F.A., December 2018
Always On Time, Has A Great Team, Everyone Knows Their Stuff! When he identifies an issue, provides a resolution. He is practical, not an alarmist, always honest & direct.
- M.M., October 2018
Great service every time.
- N.T., September 2018
We are very pleased with the walkthrough process and review that Steven provided about the house. The inspection report on the house was very helpful and through.
- J.V., August 2018
Steven did an awesome and thorough job with the inspection and my husband and I were very pleased with his work and the reports that were sent to us.
- D.A., July 2018
I always recommend my clients use Steve & Reliable Home Inspections. They are always on time, efficient & professional. The inspections are very thorough & the reports are emailed right away.
- G.F., June 2018
Like the report format and in-depth details for repairs or suggested fixes. Nice corresponding photos for each category. Thx.
- M.B., Lighthouse Point FL, May 2018
Thanks for being professional and honest.Thks The Mackeys
- B.M., February 2018
Steve has always been reliable and very thorough!! He explains everything in a manor that clients understand and is honest! I always recommend him to my clients for their inspections.
- G.F., January 2018
Steve has done several of my buyers inspections. Some townhouses, and also Single Family Homes as well as Condos' . He is very thorough and gives an honest and full report.
- E.F., Boynton Beach FL, December 2017
Excellent. Very professional and very knowledgeable
- B.H., November 2017
Excellent work.
- S.M., October 2017
This is the second time I have use your services and I am very happy with your excellent work you and your son as team work. Keep up with your great jobs.
- C.V., Plantation FL, October 2017
I have use twice your services and Iam Happy with your excellent work.
- C.V., Plantation FL, October 2017
- E.F., Boynton Beach FL, September 2017
Steven is great! He is very knowledgeable and detailed. Based on his comprehensive report, was able to make an informed decision to purchase home.
- W.M., July 2017
Steve did a very comprehensive inspection. Thank you.
- V.K., May 2017
Great Job!
- P.H., May 2017
Being a service plumber I meet too many homeowners that find out the hard way their home inspector didn't do a good job. You will not have that problem with Steve, he is extremely knowledgeable and a great asset when buying a home. Thank you!
- L.D., Wellington FL, April 2017
Thank you for being so thorough in your inspection. Pleasure working with you.
- L.D., Wellington FL, March 2017
Amazing job. Thank you. Is it possible to get a total estimate? If all was fixed what would the price range be? Estimating middle range for items like the door and heater.
- D.E., February 2017
Steve was extremely professional he was by far the best Home Inspector I've ever used. Would not hesitate to use him again and would certainly recommend him to family and friends. Thank you Steve great job
- R.V., January 2017
affordable, efficient, professional
- K.S., January 2017
Thank you very much are so knowledgeable, kind and have much patience while explaining what the issues and/or no issues with my home inspection today. I understood everything that you that you explained, pointed out and know exactly what needs to be done! I would recommend you to everyone. WOW!!!! *****
- A.G., December 2016
Thank yo for your service. I found relief in how knowledgable, professional and thorough you were. I appreciate your time reviewing results in detail. The report was easy to read and software platform is great for tracking check list for repairs.
- D.F., July 2016
Steve from Reliable Home Inspections is the best inspector in the market. I have been using his services for almost a decade on multiple purchases and always refer him to anyone in need of a reliable and professional inspector.
- A.M., June 2016
Great experience. Steve was able to catch issues that I would have never been able to see, some minor and some extremely costly. Overall, I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- W.P., June 2016
Mr. Boyd was very professional, thorough, and responsive. Report was great. Very detailed with photographic evidence of needed fixes. His team left no stone unturned. Highly recommended to meet your inspection needs.
- M.C., April 2016
very careful looking for any and all issues home buyer may find
- J.M., April 2016
Steven was very detailed in his report and took the time to show me all of the areas that he recommended for repair while on scene. I would highly recommend Steven to others for home inspection.
- N.P., February 2016
Steven Boyd is very pleasant, professional and thorough. I would absolutely recommend him for an inspection.
- K.D., January 2016
Steve has an eye for the smallest detail!
- K.M., July 2015
Very nice and very clear when informing me verbally item by item. The report was received within 6 hours from the time the inspection was finished. Very detailed!. thanks.
- G.A., June 2015
Steve was very thorough and responsive. I used him on 4 consecutive inspections and felt very confident that he covered everything.
- A.P., May 2015
- D.P., Miramar FL, February 2015
very Professional and customer centric. Thanks!
- K.L., January 2015
Excellent job and reports
- G.G., January 2015
Thanks for your help!You did a great job!
- G.G., September 2014
Steve, After 11 years in the Business I am confident to say, "Your are the Best Inspector in South Florida". Thank you so much for all my clients. Abbie
- A.K., July 2014
I have been working with Steve for over ten years and he has always been very thorough which my clients have always been impressed. I have never had anyone come to say he missed something. I always highly recommend him
- A.B., March 2014
Very thorough! Excellent job!
- T.P., February 2014
Steven was professional and thorough throughout the entire inspection process. He promptly responded to phones calls. He arrived early and was prepared. He made arrangements for specialists in other relevant and important areas of expertise to accompany him. They were also competent, thorough, timely and professional. I recommend Steven if professionalism and accuracy are important to you. His review of the results was easily understood and his report was promptly delivered and consistent with his onsite inspection. I highly recommend Steven's professional opinion.
- R.A., October 2013
Steve is just great (no other words to describe him!). This is the second house we used him for, and we really appreciate his attention to detail. Our first house fell through because of Steve's findings, and thanks to him we walked away from a potential money pit. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection team.
- N.P., August 2013
I Highly Recommend Steven Boyd for your building Inspections. Good building experience,Honest,very cooperative and a Men of is word. Thank you Steven Luciano Romiti
- L.R., June 2013
As a realtor of 27 years, I am very happy to have recently found Steven Boyd. I have worked with dozens of inspection companies over the years and find him to be one of the most professional I've worked with. His report format is user-frirndly and thorough, with photographs to document. I have found him to be very accesible for follow -up questions after receiving the report ( though the report is extremely self explanatory) I will certainly continue to use him!
- L.B., June 2013
Hi Steve. I'm very impressed with the way you accomplished the inspection and the way you presented the reports. I put nine points only because you wasn't able to check the home appliances. At the moment of the inspection they wasn't in the house. Ajd if I will consider to buy the house in this area in the case of engeneering inspection you wil first I will call to. Thank you very much.
- B.A., April 2013
My 1st and last home inspection as nerves as I was I am hoping all comes out well in the end. Thank you for your instant response to my need to have the inspection and being so thorough. Sincerely. Sylvia Lenox
- S.L., March 2013
How much extra is it to get a hard copy with pictures? I do not have print capability. Thank you, Charlotte
- R.N., February 2013
I found Steven Boyd to be a seasoned professional inspector, who performed a complete and thorough home inspection. I am impressed with his work and would definitely recommend him to others.
- L.W., February 2013
Steven is a good profesional, he realy now his work. The inpection on the house was more than I expect, a lot of details and observation, only a profesional can discover. I will recomended the services of Steven Boyd and his company by a 100%. Regards, Rafael Rodriguez
- R.R., January 2013
Thanks for a great Job.
- E.G., December 2012
Thank you.You were very professional and timely.
- L.R., August 2012
Awesome Inspector
- J.C., August 2012
Very thorough, professional, personable, kept me informed all through the process. I recommend him highly.
- S.C., May 2012
Excellent job, very thorough
- L.J., January 2012
Steven is extremely thorough. He notices even the smallest details, and is easy to communicate with. He is punctual and courteous. No stone was left unturned during the inspection, and he exceeded my expectations of what I thought an inspection should be since this is my first home purchase. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an inspection.
- M.T., September 2011
Steve did an incredible job. He even impressed the sellers realtor! Thank you for your are the Mike Holmes of S. Florida!!
- C.B., August 2011
Steve was quite professional/knowledgable, very thorough, and extremely patient in explaining what was found.
- W.G., July 2011
Thank you Steven for your clear and honest report. We like the lay out of the report with all the pictures. This gives clear information. We would definitely recommend you to everybody.
- S.V., May 2011
Very professional
- F.S., April 2011
There is no doubt the Steven Boyd conducts the most comprehensive in depth inspection....definetly leaves no stone unturned....would highly recommend him. Steve tells it the way it is.
- R.S., February 2011
Steve, What a professional, clear and responsible inspection and report! It was a pleasure to meet you and watch you work! I will definitely recommend your services and, if the market improves and I get back into it, I will request your services when I need a property inspected! Thanks so much! Roni Lefcort Lenson Realty
- R.L., January 2011
Great job as always! Thorough, patient, detailed, and able & willing to explain/show issues to lay person. Excellent reports with pictures, arrows, descriptions, and costs. Great value for money: licenced & certified general inspector, roof inspector, and termite inspector for 1 price all 3 guys at once. :)
- R.M., January 2011
My realtor Ana Benitez recommended me to do an inspection in the apt that I'm buying, also she told me that she knew Steven Boyd and if she want me to call him to do the job. Now I advice to everyone that needs to do a home inspection to call Steven, you want regret ir. Steven is very professional , excellent communication skills and a friendly guy, and goes detail by detail to explain to you and advice what will he do if he is in your shoes. Thanks Ana for recommended Steven and thanks Steven for a great job
- A.N., December 2010
Very thorough. Does an exceptionally good job. Would recommend Steve to anyone requiring this service.
- H.G., December 2010
I will recommend Steven to anybody buying a Home. He is really good.
- J.I., November 2010
Very detail work, easy to understand.
- R.W., November 2010
I have used Steve 3 times to inspect properties that I was interested in. I am very impressed with the thorough and detailed inspections he did for me. He came with a crew including himself, a roofer, and pest expert. There was no area or aspect that was not inspected in detail. Because of this detail, I was able to make a well-informed decision concerning my possible purchase. In all three cases, I decided not to purchase because he was able to point things out that I didn't even think about when I first looked at the property. I am so grateful to him for saving me from a bad and costly investment.
- B.M., August 2010
Very detailed and great to work with!
- V.F., August 2010
Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection.I have had other inspections done before I met you but now you are the only company I will ever use. Thank you, Barbara Collette
- B.C., May 2010