If you're looking for a home inspector, I'd definitely recommend Jernigan Home Inspections. Jody was very helpful with his inspection answering questions I had along the way and the report he provides afterwards is very thorough with pictures and videos of areas of concern you can then use to negotiate with the seller or make improvements before selling yourself. Whether you're buying or selling, I would not hesitate to use his service.
- J.T., Tullahoma TN, November 2023
He was very thorough and addressed concerns that we had from the beginning. Prompt and professional!
- P.C., September 2023
Thank you sir for the home inspection you performed on my clients soon to be new home. We were very impressed with how detailed the report was and the pictures . thank you for addressing matters of importance.
- C.M., August 2023
Jody did a great job and was very thorough. He fully went over any issues of concern and we discussed recommendations. I highly recommend Jody!!
- K.T., Christiana TN, April 2023
- S.N., April 2023
Very professional and thorough.. Appreciated his work!! Saved me from a problem house.
- T.B., Kingman AZ, October 2022
Very friendly, professional service. The report was thorough and easy to understand. Made the process easy and painless. I greatly appreciate the team's help.
- C.H., August 2022
Jody did a very thorough inspection and provided a well written and concise report. I doubt he missed anything. I appreciated being able to be present during the inspection. I will use Jody for my next home inspection!
- K.S., June 2022
Jody did a great job for us. Very thorough and professional. Prompt and comprehensive report.
- S.C., Santa Ana, April 2022
Jody Jernigan was very thorough, with attention to detail. very glad we used him for our inspection.
- D.Y., Tullahoma TN, February 2022
Jody Jernigan is an exceptional Inspector with a keen eye for details. His customer service skills with the ability to communicate with clients is so smooth that the client feels an immediate sense of security, fostering mutual respect and trust. I would not hesitate to recommend Inspector Jody Jernigan services. Thank you, Mr. Jernigan!
- V.P., December 2021
Mr. Jody Jernigan did a detailed report of the home I am purchasing. I was pleased with the timeliness and attention to detail in his work. The photo's he provided made it very clear the condition of the home.
- K.K., December 2021
He was very tedious with his inspection. I would definitely recommend him.
- D.D., September 2021
I have used Mr. Jernigan’s home inspection services on more than one house, and I have always been very pleased with the thorough inspection and report that gives great attn to detail. This provider is easy to communicate with throughout the process. Being confident and comfortable with the home inspection is one less thing to stress about when buying a home.
- M.P., Estill Springs TN, August 2021
Jody did a very thorough inspection and the report was well presented and easy to read. Everything noted was photo-documented so we knew exactly what was seen, and what the issue was. Jody was prompt, professional and courteous, and explained things well. We highly recommend him as a home inspector!
- S.B., August 2021
This is the 2nd inspection Jody has done for me and he did a great job both times thanks again Bill Jones
- W.J., Clermont FL, July 2021
Jody has never disappointed. He is very professional in manner, and is always very thorough in his inspection. I like his transparency, and highly recommend his service.
- E.L., Pulasaki TN, June 2021
He was very professional with his inspection and very thorough . I would recommend him to others.
- J.C., SHELBYVILLE TN, May 2021
Thank you for getting to this so quickly!
- C.L., April 2021
Excellent Service ! This Company save me a lot of future expenses! I will absolutely use this Inspector again with Confidence ! Sincere thanks to Jody ! I have confidence in this inspectors honesty and experience and will use his expertise in the near future ! LavonneYounan376
- L.Y., Riviera Beach FL, April 2021
Great Service! My husband and I arrived a few minutes late for our inspection but Jody was already inside the home working. He was organized and efficient but he also took his time while inspecting. He answered all of our questions, no matter how trivial, and we could tell that he was very knowledgeable and experienced in his field. My husband and I are first time home buyers so it was great that the inspection report was very thorough and concise. 100% recommend Jody for home inspections.
- J.M., February 2021
Thank you for your professional service!
- T.H., September 2020
Jody thank you again for all you do to assist me in my job. You are very professional and truly care about what you do and it shows. I have used you many times and continue to do so. I recommend you every opportunity I get to do so. Thank you again. Torrey Perry Realtor Century 21 Mid-State Realty
- T.P., September 2020
This was my first time using your services and definitely will not be the last! You were very responsive, professional and prompt. Your report was very detailed and thorough. As a realtor, all of these things are incredibly important to me and to my clients!
- B.W., September 2020
Very professional. Quick turnaround of results
- J.L., August 2020
Very professional and attention to detail.
- H.H., July 2020
Jody was recommended to me by my real state agent. Buying a houses out of state sight unseen is very stressful, but Jody has totally put our minds at ease. My husband and I were so impressed at the report he did on our house, pictures and an explanation of each one. He is always there to answer my questions and that means a lot! I am so hoping that the remainder of our house purchase venture is as smooth as Jody has made this part of it. Thank you Jody from the bottom of our hearts and hope to have the chance to meet and thank you in person when we get moved to Tennessee. Daisy and Roger McCarter
- D.M., July 2020
Clear ,Concise, would definitely recommend Jody. Found him to be very professional and polite.
- J.B., July 2020
Jody's inspection and report was amazing. He saved me from falling into a money pit of a home. Not only did he provide a report with photos that pointed out the exact problem, he provided what I may need to do in order for things to be fixed appropriately. I cannot say enough good things about the experience I had with Jody and the inspection he performed.
- R.P., Monett MO, July 2020
I was not there, but my realtor said he did a thorough job and felt comfortable to move forward with the sale.
- S.M., April 2020
Very courteous, professional, helpfully and informative
- S.H., April 2020
Jody always does a great job! He is both professional and personable.
- J.S., February 2020
Extremely knowledgeable, extremely nice. You won't find better than Jody.
- L.C., February 2020
I found Jody to be very thorough with his inspection. He explained all items that could be a concern to me. Also, he made some recommendations that I appreciated. I feel very comfortable with the purchase of our new home.
- A.P., December 2019
I like Jody's reports because the format makes it extremely easy to prepare a repair request list and then send out to appropriate parties.
- L.C., McMinnville TN, October 2019
Jody was very thorough and our inspection was done in a timely manner. We received the report the next day, was easy to read and had pictures to show his findings and recommendations. We would use him again and encourage anyone else to also.
- K.R., October 2019
Jody Jernigan was professional and straightforward in all interactions, from the first phone call to him to the final report. I feel fortunate that his name is the one I chose from the list of potential inspectors.
- J.H., September 2019
This is the third inspection you have done for us and we have been very happy each time you did one. You are through and methodical. You always gave good information so we could make an informed decision on purchasing a home.
- S.S., Murfreesboro TN, September 2019
The professionalism, thoroughness, along with the method of delivery back to the customer is state of the art. The capability of going through the inspection list with the option of adding to a list to negotiate with is a great additional tool.
- E.L., Pulasaki TN, September 2019
I Appreciate his thoroughness and prompt delivery of the inspection report.
- W.S., September 2019
He was very professional and helpful. His report was very thorough and gave me all the things that I needed to know about the house I am wanting to buy so that I can make a list of things that need attending to.
- P.S., September 2019
Very impressed and grateful for how thorough the inspection was!
- K.M., August 2019
Jody was outstanding. He took time to answer all my questions and concerns. His report was extremely user friendly.
- R.R., July 2019
I found Mr. Jernigan to be very thorough. He reviewed many of the items of concern during the process of inspection with me, and pointed out many things of which I would not have been aware. I greatly appreciate his expertise, and would recommend him to others!
- D.L., June 2019
Jody was thorough, professional, polite and courteous. Jody explained the results of his inspection in great detail and provided a fantastic report. His website allowed the creation of a repair list which was very easy to use and automatically sent it to the realtor. Thanks Jody!
- J.H., May 2019
I got the white glove treatment! Thanks Jody for pointing out the repairs and improvements on the home on Central Ave, Tullahoma. Refreshing to see honest reviews. Mary
- M.S., Tullahoma TN, May 2019
Such a professional. And the option to create a repair request list directly from the report is invaluable.
- L.C., McMinnville TN, April 2019
Very professional. Gave a very detailed inspection and report. Would highly recommend.
- C.B., April 2019
Thank you so much, I knew there was some things but didn't know it was as bad as it is.. Thank you again..
- K.R., April 2019
Great job Jody. Very thorough, observant, and fair. Safe protection for a buyer and fair representation to the seller. Will use again in this region of Tennessee. Thx
- L.F., April 2019
Thanks for being so prompt and thorough. Your report was very professional and the clear pictures point out all problems/concerns very well.
- S.N., March 2019
Did a wonderful job with the inspection! Very thorough. Liked the ability to view report and to generate a repair list online from the report. We also liked that it just pull from the report the things that we thought needed to be fixed and it showed his comments and pictures for those items only. We will definitely be using Jody again for our next home inspection!
- J.B., March 2019
Thank you so much for your quick response to get our home inspection done. You made it so easy to do online with the paperwork, and knowing everything is ok with the house, is peace of mind goining in. Your service was very much appreciated. Paul and Debi Williams
- P.W., February 2019
Excellent, professional work.
- M.M., December 2018
Very thorough. And being able to create a repair list directly from the report makes my job much easier. I use Jody often and would certainly recommend him.
- L.C., McMinnville TN, December 2018
Very professional and thourogh. Helped me make decissions about what we could fix ourselves and what we needed sellers to fix before our purchase.
- M.M., November 2018
Thank you Jody for the thorough home inspection that you provided. I was extremely pleased and will definitely use you again! Angela Jennings
- A.J., October 2018
Excellent report. Clear and concise. Good follow up, too.
- L.C., McMinnville TN, October 2018
Excellent home inspection! I have worked with Jody before, and he's very good at what he does. Will definitely use him again!
- K.T., August 2018
Jody id a top notch guy, very good at his job, and provides speedy service. We have used him twice now, and will do so again if the opportunity arises! MM, Tullahoma TN,
- M.M., August 2018
Jody is a pleasure to work with. He is efficient and does such a great job I always recommend him!
- S.D., July 2018
Thanks for the great job and Professionalism
- D.B., July 2018
I appreciated your attention to detail and your knowledge of "what it should look like".
- J.C., July 2018
I was very impressed by how thorough the inspection was, many issues were found that i never would have even looked at, I highly recommend his services.
- J.L., July 2018
We were very impressed with the inspection Mr. Jernigan did for us. It was very thorough and he saw issues that we did not know existed. I will ALWAYS get a home inspection from now on. It is well worth the money.
- T.B., June 2018
Very thorough, definitely won't disappoint. Would recommend to anybody and everybody. Thank you yet again for a job well done!
- K.M., June 2018
You did an amazing very thorough job that probably saved me thousands and a headache in the future. Looking forward to working with you again. Thank you so much!
- K.M., May 2018
Great job.
- S.P., Lawrenceburg TN, May 2018
Jody always does a great job providing inspection services!!!! Very clean and detailed reports provided in a timely manner.
- E.F., Tullahoma TN, May 2018
Thank you you did. Great job and I would recommend you
- J.A., April 2018
Jody and Tyler did a great job being thorough throughout the inspection process and explaining every issue to my wife and I. I will certainly suggest Jernigan Home Inspections to friends, family, and customers within the future.
- J.D., April 2018
Very glade we chose you to do our inspection. We will be using you in the future,as well as recommending your company to others.Thanks
- C.D., April 2018
Great job on the inspection.im having trouble viewing the inspection the photos are not coming up
- D.F., April 2018
Jody did a wonderful job of inspecting the property we requested. His report came back quickly and was thorough. The photographs he took detailing his finds were very clear and helpful. We would use Jody again and will recommend him. Thank you.
- J.T., Manchester TN, April 2018
Thank you for the detailed report and the pictures. It will help me re-negotiate home price based on the things that need to be corrected. It will give me peace of mind that problems can be addressed before they become serious issues. I also appreciate that you fit in my inspection so quickly!
- C.M., April 2018
Would just like to say thank you for a prompt thorough inspection at an affordable rate.
- O.L., April 2018
Thanks so much. This gave us so much more insight on the property we are looking at. Great job!
- R.P., March 2018
Jody was extremely pleasant to work with. He was flexible in meeting with me, and very courteous in explaining his summary. He brought to my attention the things that needed addressing, and shared helpful information in my pursuit to purchase my home! Would definitely request his services in the future!! Thank you so much for your help. It truly is appreciated!!
- A.S., March 2018
We were very pleased. It was quite obvious that Jody had our own best interests, and not our sellers, at heart and in his mind as he did the inspection. Attention to detail and buyer loyalty. That?s what I?m talking about.
- D.M., March 2018
Inspection was great. However, My home inspection required a follow up inspection ( due to crawl space not being large enough) and I would have appreciated it if I didn?t have to pay extra for this ( since it was out of my control).
- C.D., March 2018
Jody is very thorough and professional in his home inspections and provides a detailed report with great photos. He is the best you'll find in this area.
- B.R., November 2017
Your inspector did a fantastic job. Thank you
- M.H., August 2017
You were great. Thanks so much
- D.B., June 2017
He is very efficient and explains things very well.
- T.H., June 2017
Jody was thorough, efficient and professional. His knowledge and expertise was invaluable.
- D.P., April 2017
Jody is a professional inspector. I trust his recommendation.
- B.D., August 2016
- A.D., June 2016
Very precise and informative.
- S.B., May 2016
We are very happy with our inspection. Mr. Jernigan worked very hard and was very detailed. Our inspection was very professional and he wasn't on the seller or the buyers side. He found all the issues and got us the report very fast with a very detailed report.
- A.G., April 2016
Thank you!
- D.T., April 2016
Very thorough inspector! Professional, on time and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
- M.C., March 2016
Will highly recommend to everyone. Incredibly nice and very knowledgeable!
- G.B., January 2016
great job
- B.C., July 2015
Very friendly and professional. He did a good job and didn't mind answering my questions. Thank you!
- M.N., June 2015
Thorough and well-documented
- G.L., Estill Springs TN, April 2015
- Y.C., January 2015
Thank you for a prompt and thorough inspection, despite all of my questions.
- B.F., Pulaski TN, November 2014
Mr. Jernigan, Thank you so much for the professional quality work. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a home inspection. Bernadette Selph Farm & Home Real Estate Fayetteville, TN 37334 931-205-3866
- B.S., October 2014
Notified me promptly that he would be running a few minutes late. Very thorough with assessment and took time to answer questions i posed.
- K.A., Decherd TN, October 2014
Jody has also showed professionalism and provided quality service. My clients have never had any issues with his service.
- C.W., May 2014