I absolutely recommend Brian Halliday to perform your home inspections. He did two inspections for me in record time while being extremely thorough. He saw things I could have never seen. His report was very clear, detailed and done within the day. In addition to his professionalism, he was super nice to talk to and gave me great advice to improve my house to suit my interests best, from both my personal point of view and as an investment. I will be using him in the future, it was a perfect experience.
- F.C., March 2020
he was awesome open and honest about the inspection and told/showed up everything in the report.
- R.R., September 2018
Very detailed and thorough. Explained everything in easy to understand terms.
- W.H., October 2017
Any anxiet that I had walking into this inspection was immediately gone when I saw how detailed and thorough Brian was. He dotted every I and crossed every T and made sure both me and my realestate agent understood everything that was not up to standard with the property. Thank you Brian for being so diligent and professional, then taking the time to educate me on what needs to be done with the property.
- T.G., March 2017
Please include PDF file of inspection reports
- C.W., November 2016
Brian, Thank you so much for conducting a Home Inspection. I think my clients liked you. I like the program that you use for your business. I don't believe I used this one before. Very friendly and convenient app. Thank you again, Will see you sometimes soon.
- G.A., September 2016
Highly recommend this inspector. He was very professional and took extra time to ensure we understood everything. His expert knowledge was evident during the entire evaluation. Overall I was very impressed and will certainly be calling him in the future. Thank you.
- J.K., Oceanside CA, July 2011
Great job, Brian. Excellent report and easy to read.. Thanks especially for your speedy service. Bountiful Manors Realty
- K.W., Escondido CA, December 2010
Brian took the time to explain the comments he was making in the report which we received within 2 days of the inspection. It was clear, easy to read and reflected the suggestions he made to me in person. Thanks!
- J.H., October 2010