Lee Kibbe, is a great home inspector.
- L.N., Federal Way WA, April 2020
Great inspection! Very good info. Thorough. Detailed. Just what we needed.
- T.S., June 2019
Great notes and knowledge. Very detailed and gave great advice for routine maintenance to structure.
- J.N., April 2019
Lee was very thorough, friendly, and nice to answer all our questions in detail. Even answered more than required for his job such as possible costs and how to repair many items yourself. His detailed report is very helpful. We need him for 2 inspections this summer and he was always available promptly and gave us the report the same night. I definitely recommend using him for a home inspection!
- H.W., August 2018
I've been using Lee for the better part of 15 years now and he's awesome!
- J.H., Puyallup WA, September 2017
I signed back in to get company information to recomend Kibbe Home Services to a friend that needs a home inspector. Yes, I am recomending Lee.
- J.H., June 2017
Lee was very helpful and informative, I was extremely pleased with his work and professionalism.
- E.W., Normandy Park WA, June 2017
First off: Lee meet me on a Sunday ( willingly ishould add) just because it was one of the only times i had available. So besides his flexibility, Lee is very thorough and professional. He had no problem answering all my questions; he was even able to point things out that I wouldn't have ever noticed. Being in the construction industry I thought I knew quite a bit. This man showed me there is much, much more to a home than meets the eye. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.
- R.B., April 2017

- B.D., February 2017
personable, quick, thorough. Great inspector.
- K.C., October 2016
Thank you so much for these many years helping to my clients.
- M.L., September 2016
You did an AMAZING job, Mr. Kibbe. :) Thank you.
- K.A., Tukwila WA, April 2016
Lee was knowledgeable and professional. He did a thorough, detailed job and made sure to explain it all to us each step of the way. He appeared to be honest and genuine with his assessment and had some very helpful recommendations. We would call on Lee again in the future and would suggest his services to anyone needing an inspector.
- S.B., February 2016
My coworker connected me with Mr. Kibbe, and I am so glad that he did I could not have been happier or more confident in his work. Not only was his knowledge and experience extensive, but his customer service was exceptional.
- S.G., December 2015
I've been using Lee for over 12 years as part of my Real Estate business. He's honest, keeps up on industry trends, and best of all when he finds an issue, he can tell you how it can be corrected. He spent a number of years as a builder and not only can find the issues, but offer guidance. He's great!
- J.H., Puyallup WA, October 2015
Great at his job,very nice guy. Have lots of great pointers and info to help maintain house.
- J.J., June 2015
thank you for the attention to detail, this is the first time I've read one.
- K.A., April 2015
Thank you so much for your work today - this report is, I feel, thorough and easy to understand. Even more than that, the walk-through with you was highly informative regarding the home, its condition, and the maintenance I may be facing in the future.
- M.B., February 2015
Lee did a great job. Knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to talk to. He didn't try to sell us on services we didn't need. He gave us good insight into some issues we would have otherwise found out ourselves the hard way. And I love the style of report, more than easy to understand. Thanks Lee! Worth every penny. - Loren
- L.P., Olympia WA, January 2015
Thank you for a thorough inspection and explanation.
- N.E., January 2015
Thank you Lee for a detailed inspection of our new home. Your knowledge and customer service is excellent. We will definitely recommend your services to other family members and friends if they are considering having an inspection performed. Thanks again! - Alan
- A.P., December 2014
Very good job, thanks for the recommendations.
- N.F., Seattle WA, October 2014
Lee thank you so much! We will definitely be sending our friends your way!
- T.J., August 2014
Lee was very accommodating & professional, He did a thorough job investigating the house , I was very pleased
- C.G., August 2014
very knowledgeable and experienced in his inspection learned a lot very impressed and thank you again
- B.P., July 2014
It was such a pleasure working with Lee. He was able to work with our crazy schedule and fit us in after I got off work. I feel a lot more confident buying a home that Lee has inspected knowing there won't be any surprises down the road. A family member recently bought a home of comparable size and their inspection only took an hour, whereas, ours took two and a half because Lee was so thorough. I appreciate him taking the time to walk us through and explain things that should be taken care of right away and how to do it, also, what he suggests a professional look at and what we should expect to pay. He even took the time to talk with us about a generator we would like to have installed, what size he suggests and how much installation should cost. I would highly recommend Lee for a home inspection!
- J.G., June 2014
Lee was very personable and knowledgeable. Most importantly, his relationship and mutual respect with my realtor was what made me feel comfortable. This is important as my relationship with my realtor has been building over time but I just met the inspector. I would highly recommend Lee! Thank you for making the last leg of this adventure such a positive experience. R Hollenbeck
- R.H., Lacey WA, July 2013
Lee is awesome!
- B.W., Puyallup WA, July 2013
Very thorough inspection. Lee was extremely knowledgable. I appreciate all his efforts.
- M.R., Lynnwood WA, June 2013
Very helpful! Above and beyond what we expected. Lee really helped us learn everything about our home inside and out. Will recommend to friends and family! Thank you!!!!
- T.P., Sumner WA, March 2013
Inspectors are all over the board. Some are not very thorough and some are over the top with the things that they find. Lee is a great balance! Not too much info and not too little. Clients always have nothing but positive feedback when they've used Lee. They appreciate what he does and the manner in which he does it. They like the way his inspection report is formatted and the fact that he is always available to answer questions, even after the inspection. Lee knows his stuff and my clients and I appreciate his knowledge and input.
- S.W., March 2013
Thanks Lee.. Very through in explaining to a new homeowner without scaring her!
- T.O., December 2012
Thanks for doing a very thorough inspection and covering all aspects of the property. I highly recommend Lee for anybody needing a inspection. He won't disappoint!
- W.T., Union WA, August 2012
Lee was highly perfessional and provided outstanding services in helping us understand all aspects of our inspection. We are greatly appreciative of his expertise!
- B.S., May 2012
Lee Kibbe was very thorough and professional. He frequently gave us his opinions and insight, which was very good. He was able to answer every question we had. Lee gave us advice to what we can do and he was able to let us know of anything that we could do to help keep our kids from getting hurt. Very nice guy and very professional.
- C.C., May 2011
Lee is great! We will always use Kibbie Home Services.
- B.M., Kent WA, April 2011
Lee was professional and efficient during the entire inspection process. He provided a valued service at a great price, and we will definitely recommend him to our friends and family.
- K.H., April 2011
Thank you Lee, it was just the information we were seeking. Also the online report / payment system was easy to navigate and allows us to clearly communicate your findings with all involved parties. A+
- G.P., April 2011
Lee is the best. He offers not only a thorough inspection but a calming effect to the whole process. Never a dull moment and never an unsatisfied client. Thank you Lee! Vickie Jennings Windermere RE Puyallup inc www.vickshomes.com
- V.J., Puyallup WA, March 2011
Thanks so much for your helpful advice. We appreciate your professional service, and great price! Daniel and Chrissy
- D.G., February 2011
Lee was very infomative and took his time to make sure that we understood everything that he told us. Additionally, he took the time to give us advice towards future needs that we might have for our home.
- K.S., January 2011
Thanks Lee! My clients were very impressed with your knowledge and patience!
- C.R., Auburn WA, January 2011